maybe idek anymore

                            the woods are supposed to be peaceful , so would you mind being quiet ?  or at the very least , speak softer ?    his voice was as polite as he could manage , his eyes narrowed slightly as he looked over his shoulder at his companion. it was difficult to enjoy the sounds of nature when someone was speaking or stepping on a branch every two seconds.

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So...if gao!Felix would meet headcanon!Felix... Would they compliment each other how beautiful they are or would they fight over this? x3

110% certain they would fight.

but then…

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you’re just too GOOD to be true, can’t take my eyes off of you. you’d be like HEAVEN to touch, i wanna hold you so much. at long last LOVE has arrived, & i thank god i’m alive. YOU’RE JUST TO GOOD TO BE TRUE. can’t take my eyes off of you  

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I love you. I have always loved you, and I will always love you.