maybe i'm way off base

I can explain (no I can’t)

Am I the only not bothered by what GN said? Didn’t he direct the reunion hug in No Sanctuary? And, in fact, Carol and Daryl don’t share the light-hearted banter they did at the beginning of Season 4. Not sure how the stress of the past few weeks in their lives wouldn’t cause tension/stress/introversion of everyone, frankly, not just those two.

And remember–we were told by tptb how Carol’s banishment was weighing on Daryl in 4b, even though we never really saw that on screen. I’ll worry and fret when I see how things play out–ON SCREEN.

Captain Swan Foreshadowing

So aside from the obvious events that are going to happen next week because Emma’s in serious shit, and Killian’s freaking the hell out about it and he’s going to save her by giving her a TLK….

That line Killian gave Emma? You know, after she said, “Be patient.” ???

What did he say? He said “I’ve got all the time in the world. Unless another monster comes and kills me (or to something of that nature).”

The writers NEVER create throwaway lines. They never have. Everything is for a reason, and I think something (if not way down the line, or perhaps sooner) will happen to Killian and then Emma will have to give KILLIAN True Love’s Kiss.