maybe i'm too harsh

I’m not sure if I particularly enjoyed Eileen Myles’ reading a few weeks ago although I was really looking forward to it. In response to a question about the election, she bemoaned the public reception to Hillary’s campaign and called it a tragedy. And she kept making quips about people leaving and entering, making her seem insecure as if she were a new poet at her first public performance. I’m sympathetic to her nervousness (which is what it came across as) but she also put people on the spot, who more likely than not were hurrying to catch the bus since it was a college campus. And when I went to get my book signed and talked with her for a few minutes, it was such an awkward encounter, not warm or gratifying at all. Meeting Claudia Rankine was daunting because she had such a stately presence but I got a sense of her warmth, the thrill of meeting a poet, if just for a few seconds. Maggie Nelson and Leslie Jamison also had a way of being that indicated they were comfortable in their skin and accustomed to meeting and talking with people. And I didn’t feel that Eileen Myles was comfortable at all.

Ya know what’s great is that Varric is the reflection of every novelist who got lucky even though their writing is shit and now they think they’re a fucking gift to the world and just the biggest creative genius when honestly they piqued at one or two good sentences out of the most awkward and unreadable work ever created

Getting hella fed up with tumblr. Why?

Probably because everyone takes everything way too fucking seriously, and get fucking offended by the most menial shit. I think 90% of this website needs to get their heads out of their collective asses. The ignorant are attacked to such a point that the attackers themselves have become ignorant of what offends them. Take a fuxking load off and smoke a joint or something jfc.

In all seriousness, I understand that there are issues in our world that are actually dangerous to the lives of humans. You all need to realize that sitting around and being angry on your blogs isn’t going to change ANYTHING. I’m sorry but running a blog isn’t being an activist. People who are vocal about real world problems and are passionate about them are people I admire very greatly. It’s just disappointing to see all that passion wasted on a couple of lines of text on a blog. Go out and actually do something about it. That’s how you change the world and make a difference. Blogging angrily changes nothing.