maybe i'm the one who's nuts


Louis Tomlinson, famous pop star, participates in a round of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets. 

Kimmel’s staff is going nuts trying to figure out who was able to switch the tweet that went to air. Harry the PA assures everyone it was a harmless mistake.

20 minutes earlier:

(Inspired by this ask @smittenwithlouis got)

Scourge: the guy who kicks a Metal Sonic in the nuts and expects it to work


anonymous asked:

✘ People come in a group. If I were to look on your blog, who would I see you interacting with the most?

Questions for the mun - accepting

Oh goodness, when it comes to shitposting, @brntiides and @imhohenschloss hands down with @soldiersdate being mom and telling us to calm down.  Um, but otherwise… I think it’s pretty even?  Like… no one sticks out in actually rping as that.  Obviously, the WWII and TMITHC, all of them, plus Demi’s blogs maybe are the most?  Oh, and @watsonofagun … something like that.