maybe i'm obsessed with this song

consider this: sugar pine 7 band au


What is Sonic trying to imply?
Also, have I mentioned before that I am Hamilton trash???

I always imagine Amy being the only person Sonic actually talks to in Boom and the conversations get really deep, so this had to be done~ maybe expect more stuff like this????

The song is Satisfied from Hamilton the musical, and you can listen to the song here:

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phantom of the opera au rusame because why the fuck not

ivan - dancer (closeted singer because he’s a castrati*)

alfred - the phantom of the opera

*castrated countertenor (i’ve been seeing aph russia as a baritone but in the anime, his voice is usually high-pitched)

> alfred didn’t know he’s a dude because he’s a castrati and he’s usually called “vanya”

> alfred would be like “you’re a dude??? since when vanya’s a guy’s name???”

> ivan was like, “wow you’re the one who’d been teaching me how to sing?? your speaking voice is really annoying???”

> this all happened during the ‘music of the night’ aka the love scene song HAHAHA

> alfred (thinking): fuck it. fuck gender. i’m still obsessed with vanya.

> alfred tries to make ivan the main character of every show (if the director/impresario didn’t comply, he’d kill some people in the cast)

> ivan: “alfred, i appreciate you making me the star but pls don’t kill people”

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What ARE your other fandoms? I've been dying to find out!! From checking *cough*stalking*cough* your blog everyday, I know that you like Harry Potter, and maybe also Miraculous. Anything else? (I'm also the same anon who asked for that Starset song list - Thanks a MILLION for that!!)

Oh boy. I have a lot of fandoms. Part of the problem is that right now I’m too deeply obsessed with Star Wars to much pay attention to the others, and I pretty much only follow Star Wars blogs, so anything I reblog from my other fandoms has to come through one of the Star Wars blogs I follow. And I’m not very (read: at all) active in most of these fandom communities.

Let’s see… I’m just going to start listing them as I think of them, so in no particular order: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, (I’m about a season or so behind each of these), Castle (I just haven’t seen the finale episode), Danny Phantom (first got me into fanfiction), Firefly, Leverage, Gravity Falls, Miraculous Ladybug, Trollhunters. Lord of the Rings, Narnia, How To Train Your Dragon (also a fan of the “Rise of the Brave Frozen Tangled Dragons” crossover ridiculousness), Pirates of the Caribbean, Marvel (it’s getting a bit overwhelming, so I’m not following updates and new releases very closely, though I believe I’ve seen all the movies except Deadpool, which I don’t plan to see, and the second Guardians of the Galaxy, because it just came out), Star Trek (original series and new reboot movies only), the Bourne movies, Disney. Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts. As far as books, I love The Name of the Wind, among many others, but that’s the biggest one right now. I’m also something of an anime fan, and I was big into the Black Butler fandom about a year ago, active on the forums and such. Ciel Phantomhive was my first cosplay.

Umm, that’s all I can think of off the top of my head right now. Like I said, I’m not very active in most of these, and I’m behind in a lot of TV shows that I used to watch. If I had to narrow this down to my biggest ones, or the ones that I have been most active in during the last few years, it would probably be Doctor Who, Supernatural, Danny Phantom, Gravity Falls, HTTYD (and crazy crossover), Miraculous Ladybug, Final Fantasy VII, and Black Butler.

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It's obvious it's a lie because he says he says her name but it's also where she's from? I mean what are the fuckin odds of that? I'm not saying that's not possible but I minute it's about a girl from Carolina and the next it's about Carolina, the girl. You see what I'm saying? It's been a tad confusing tbh.

So, say I like cocaine and I like rock music. Somewhere along the way I searched out or noticed that a lot of singers write about cocaine as a woman. Hmm, I think, as a young man obsessed with male songwriters and writers who channel their angst into archetypes of women, there’s something there. Maybe someday I’ll write something like that. Then, I randomly meet a girl whose name and place of origin manage to reference at least TWO of those songs. 

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i don’t know ‘bout you, but I feel better when i’m dancin’ [x]

For @carryon-countdown Day 9: Music

I decided to share with you all a playlist I made inspired by this wonderful book (: Click on the title to find it on spotify! (Below are some, but not all, songs included)

Carry On, Simon

Golden Boy - Natalie Merchant

Candle In The Wind - Elton John

Blue Eyes - Cary Brothers

Call Me Maybe - Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox

I Put A Spell On You - Alice Smith

Push Me Down the Stairs - Nanami Ozone

Basil - Jeremy Loops

Light A Match - Marigolds

Fire - Louis The Child

Vampire - Nitemayor

Lucy - Trampled By Turtles

BITE - Troye Sivan

The Chosen One - Bread

Carry On - Norah Jones

Music time!!!! 🎵🎶🎵

I was tagged by the amazing @bummeraftersummer to write down my current musical obsessions, so here we go!

The Rules: ten songs that are 👍👍, then tag 10 people to also fill it out

1. Palette by IU feat. G Dragon, my alarm for the past 3 months
2. I Love You, Maybe by Dan Rodriguez, wishing I could’ve gone to Summerfest to see him
3. May I Have This Dance by Francis and the Lights and feat. Chance The Rapper, Chicago rep ✌
4. So Here We Are by Gordi
5. Forest fires by Axel Flovent
6. Sunday Candy by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment
7. The Lullaby by Roy Kim
8. Calypso by J. Hardin, who married my old babysitter and just had his first kid
9. Cold Sweat by Tinashe
10. Come Back Home by BTS, aka a flippin great cover that gets me pumped

I tag @turnoffthestars , @sulidaebae , @erlynntheemerald , @myopic-magpie , @michellashamella , @lovethyspektor , @no-longer-humann , and anyone else who wants to fill it out!!

Also my Spotify is @schnobawl if anyone wants to see more of what I listen to 😎

“Maybe I should think before I talk
I get emotional and words come out all, wrong
Sometimes I’m more honest than I want
So maybe I should think before
Maybe next time, I’ll think before

I know that I should think before I speak
‘Cause I’m saying things that I don’t even mean
Maybe I’m more honest than I wanna be
So maybe I should think before
Maybe next time, I’ll think before I talk”

Greatest Love Triangle - Part III

Part 1/Season 8 is here.

Part 2/Season 9 is here

I’m gonna admit something before you start diving in here: season 10 was much harder to write about than I thought it would be. I’ve been sitting on this for a few days now, and I’d really like to get to season 11, so I’m just… gonna post this and run away, as usual. K? Good. 

Season 10 reminds me of season 6 of Buffy. The main antagonist is more abstract than tangible. “You are your own worst enemy.” Sam and Dean are at the lowest point they’ve ever been in their entire lives. At the core, the antagonist of season 10 isn’t the Mark of Cain; it is the codependency. After half a season of Sam insisting that he would not make the same kind of sacrifices for Dean that Dean has made for him, Sam falls into the same codependent behaviors that Dean has exhibited his entire life.

When it comes to the love triangle, Sam continues to not exhibit jealousy over Dean and Cas, but instead uses Cas’s care for Dean. Instead, Dean shows some jealousy when it comes to Cas and Sam. We also get see the difference in how Sam and Cas deal with the MoC!Dean, as well as the differences in how Dean reacts to each of them.

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The extent of my obsession with The Phantom of the Opera:
  • Me: Hey where's (*inserts name of friend*)? She's pretty late...
  • Other friend: I don't know, maybe call her?
  • Me: *calls her*
  • Friend: *does not pick up despite my several attempts of calling and messaging*
  • Me: You know, I actually know a song that suits this moment...
  • Other friend: Oh no.
  • Me: I gave you my music, made your song take wing and now how you've repaid me...
  • Other friend: *stares at me with the look of "hOE DON'T DO IT"*
— text ; open.
  • Kasey: Okay.. So I know my obsessions switch very fast, but I've been binge-watching Hannah Montana for the past three days and I'm not ashamed.
  • Kasey: However, besides that, I also ordered a blonde wig because I got curious.. Maybe I actually am a bit ashamed about that part.
  • Kasey: The moral of this story; if you hear me singing Hannah Montana songs.. or songs of fetus Miley.. or songs of Billy Ray.. Or anyone from that show.. This is why. Oh.. And the Pokémon theme song.
  • Kasey: I'm a kid at heart.

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I'm a huge Michael Jackson fan, it ridiculous how obsessed I am with him since such a young age. But idont ever know how to defend him when people come and tell me that he didn't even write half of the songs off of Thriller, his biggest selling album. When people tell me this I let it get to me and I just wonder maybe he wasn't that creative but I do know he was but idk sometimes. Like Why didn't he write his own songs from off the wall and thriller?!

Songs MJ wrote in Off The Wall and Thriller:

  • Billie Jean
  • Beat it
  • Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
  • Get On The Floor
  • The Girl Is Mine 
  • Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin
  • Working Day and Night

And if you notice, the songs he DID write for those albums went to number 1 on the charts and a few of them won Grammy’s too (DSTYGE,Beat It, and Billie Jean)

Also, Michael was very creative. He wrote songs all the time AND he wrote a ton for other people too! And he wrote a shit load of songs that never even made it to albums! Sometimes he would just create a song out of thin air in like 3 minutes, then sing it/play it on the piano and then forget about it. THAT’S how creative that man was.

Also, why does it matter if he didn’t write all his songs? What artist do you know writes ALL their stuff? Even if they write MOST of their stuff, someone else writes at least one of their songs. And might I add that it doesn’t matter if someone else wrote his stuff, what REALLY matters is how he executed said piece.

Take Human Nature for instance. Michael ain’t write that and the fans know this and acknowledge it. But he DID sing the SHIT out of it. THAT’S what matters. Not everyone could have delivered Human Nature the way Michael delivered it vocally and THAT’S what matters. Creativity doesn’t stop at writing; how you deliver a song is also just as creative and he delivered the hell out of Human Nature. His vocals were effortless and I dare anyone to say otherwise.

Sure I recognize that some artists were stronger at song writing than MJ was and that perfectly fine. But him not writing all his material doesn’t make him any less great of an artist. He’s called a musical genius for a reason. And MJ wrote almost everything for Bad except Man In The Mirror and Just Good Friends, and that album did pretty well too.

So people trying to make it seem as if MJ wasn’t that great or was “overrated” just because he didn’t write all his material can miss me with that lmfao. How you deliver a song matters just as much as you actually writing the damn thing

paralyzed// a shuuneki fanmix

This fanmix is a progression of tsukiyama’s feelings towards kaneki: the initial desire to eat him, the obsession mixed with lust, and finally, realizing he’s head over heels. 

listen: ( x )

01. a formidable marinade-mikelangelo and the black sea gentlemen (i’ll feast on your body if you’ll feast on mine/‘cause blood is thicker, and redder than wine/oh, lay ourselves out, upon the table/ravish each other 'till we’re no longer able)02. Come on closer-jem (sweet sensations/hot temptations/coming over you)03.ultraviolence-lana del rey (he hit me and it felt like a kiss)04. Tear you apart-she wants revenge (it’s only just a crush, it’ll go away/it’s just like all the others it’ll go/or maybe this is danger and he just don’t know/you pray it all away but it continues to grow)05.howlin’ for you-the black keys (i must admit i can’t explain/any of these thoughts racing through my brain/it’s true that baby, i’m howlin’ for you)06.beating heart baby-head automatica (you, you want nothing to do with me/i, I don’t know what to do with you/ cause you don’t know what you do to me)07.i wanna be yours-arctic monkeys (secrets I have held in my heart/are much harder to hide than I thought/maybe I just wanna be yours)08.paralyzed-mystery skulls (i’m feeling so obsessed with you/you’ve left me paralyzed/and now i’m stuck/you’ve got me stuck)