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an imp and her wolf

Run. - Dennis

Continuation of Run. Or my take of the fusion xyz swap AU. Leo set up his base in XYZ instead of Fusion. Academia is the Resistance. 

This isn’t necessarily compliant with everyone else’s headcanons. 

Dennis centric, sfw, gen, angst

“From now on, we will be using code names!” Dennis exclaimed, both arms in the air, “I shall be referred to as Eagle One!”

Grace was the only one who clapped politely.

“Yuri, you will be Rose, because Lily is too obvious, but a rose is just as beautiful,” Dennis winked, conjuring a fake rose from his vest and tossing it to Yuri’s direction. Yuri caught it with a snicker.

“Serena, you can follow each of your message with a ‘Nyan’, so we’ll know it’s you!”

Serena responded with a middle finger.

“Gloria, Grace, you two will be Beauty and Wonder, because you fill all our hearts with awe.”

Gloria smirked, Grace giggled.

“Commander Asuka-“ “If this is your excuse to flirt with everyone in the room, Macfield-” “-You’ll be called The Brave, for what better name is there for our fearless leader?” “Well, thank you…”

“Sora-“ “What?” “-You’ll be Eagle Two.”

“Oh thank god,” Sora rolled his eyes in relief.

“What about me?” All heads turned to Edo Phoenix, Fearless Leader #2.

“Hmmm…” Dennis considered for a moment. “How ‘bout… The Ultimate D!”

Grace laughed until she fell out of her chair. Asuka face-palmed.

Edo stared at the screen before him.

There’ll be an attack at South Dock, 2PM.
- Eagle One.

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