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Quicky comic of midnight birthday skype dates… souji got yosuke the feeling of smug superiority for once in his trash life.

For my bro Kelly and her amazing work escaping from the coding hell that is Persona 4: New Days. SOOO GOOD. You are a champion and I cannot wait to see and table with you in NINE DAYS!!

late night [connor m. x reader]

me: im gonna write jared x reader and evan x reader

also me: but connor murphy.

warnings; none??? as of rn

        There were a couple of things that came with dating Connor Murphy. There were the quick kisses between classes, the way his hand would find its way to your hip when you two sat together, the times you’ve stolen his hoodie before he finally ended up telling you to keep it saying that it “looked better on you than me” with a small smile. The little times where his hand would find yours and his fingers would intertwine with yours as if it was second nature, or the times where those same fingers would find their way into your hair - whether it be while your lips were locked with his or whether he’d be distracting himself by playing with the soft locks, they always found their way into your hair one way or another.

        But there were the other things that came with dating Connor Murphy.

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the time and distance of freckles

summary: killua is distracted because gon has freckles now. it’s been years–should he be surprised?

notes: whooooo wants a reunion fic? it’s still technically killugon day in this time zone! kindasorta a follow-up to this drabble I wrote a few weeks ago. (serious internet cookies should be sent in the direction of @wuzzyletoastermac for helping get this thing done!!!)  killugon, gen, 1300 words.

Killua tries to not not think about the length of time between the last voicemail he leaves and when he sees Gon again. He carries on with his life and avoids the thought of how his phone weighs more than ever, how every dark-haired stranger makes him pause for a moment and hope. So he’s not at all prepared when Gon finally tracks him down in a run-down bus shelter, Killua halfway between visiting Alluka and starting a new job with Ikalgo and Palm and Gon looking like he’s been on the road for weeks.

Somehow, it’s not the fact that Gon shows up out of nowhere that shocks Killua. It’s part of what makes him so interesting, after all: Gon makes doing the impossible not just seem possible, but inevitable. Instead, it’s the smattering of freckles across his nose.

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Kpop AU: Debut Teaser pt.2

Join me on a journey of my first AU. KPOP AU.

Pt. 1

RFA subunit: Dusk

Stage Name: V
Full name: Kim Jihyun
Position: Leader, Singer
Age: 22
Birthday: 9th September 1994
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 179cm (5′9″)
Weight: 70kg (154 pounds)
Blood Type: O
Likes: Photography, caring for the members, listening to problems.
Dislikes: Bright lights, sudden loud noises.

Stage Name: Jumin
Full Name: Han Jumin
Position: Main rapper, Dancer
Age: 22
Birthday: October 5th 1994
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 184cm (6′0″)
Weight: 78kg (172 pounds)
Blood Type: B
Likes: His kitten, reading, being productive
Dislikes: Obnoxiousness, wasting time

Stage Name: Unknown
Full Name: Choi Saeran
Position: Rapper, Dancer
Age: 20
Birthday: June 11th 1997
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 173cm (5′7″)
Weight: 59kg (130 pounds)
Blood Type: AB
Likes: Peace and quiet, his brother.
Dislikes: Loud people, annoying people, talkative people, his brother.

okay so i was thinking about the arclights, and each of their individual biggest strengths and weaknesses

for Michael, his biggest strength is his kindness and loyalty. He’s soft, he’s caring, and he’ll protect the people he loves. Obviously he’s not WEAK, since he fights viciously against Yuma and he’s pretty darn serious when he fights that bug guy and Mizael in Zexal II. but for as strong as he is, he always fights for reasons he believes in- for the people he cares about. but sadly, this is also his biggest downfall. he’s so trusting, he’s so loyal, he’s easily manipulated. He was possibly the hardest of the brothers for Tron to manipulate, because of his resistance to doing bad things, but once he had him, that was it. during the duel with Yuma he had so many chances to back down before the end, and each time he resisted. He refused to do what felt to him like betraying his family. This also goes in line with his deck, a deck of artifacts, which symbolize how he’s stuck in an idealistic past.

now onto the biggest mess in history, Thomas Arclight. His faults are pretty obvious right from the get-go. he’s arrogant, he’s antagonistic, he’s sadistic and cruel and rude and just an all-around jerk. Except… he’s not really any of those things, I don’t think. I mean, yeah, he’s a jerk, but there’s so much more to him than that too. he might seem selfish, but when you think about it, he does everything he does out of love for his family too. most of all, his desire for attention. He’s the type of person who wants to be the center of attention all the time, but the thing is, no one gives it to him. Tron is a manipulative hearless father and Chris is too cold and distant to give it to him. there are only two people who ever come remotely close to acknowledging him: Michael, which is likely why they seem to be somewhat close (as seen by the tag duel), and Ryoga. Ryoga gives IV negative, antagonistic attention, but he loves it. He feeds off that and keeps being worse and worse and acting up so that someone shows him that he exists at all. he’s been ignored, and the most crushing blow is losing Tron’s trust. when he finds out he was manipulated and used, his heart breaks. he did so much for Tron because he thought that for once he was FINALLY being acknowledged, SOMEone cared enough about him to ask for his help, so he did it wholeheartedly. to see Tron toss him aside just demolishes him, and so he willingly submits to losing to Ryoga without even putting up much of a fight. Again, this is why his deck fits him perfectly- he plays puppets because that’s all he ends up being, with Tron pulling the strings

And then there’s my beloved Christopher Arclight, the oldest of the kids and the one who probably felt the most complex emotions when his father left. There’s a lot of apparent good and bad with him: he’s calm-headed and tactical, but he’s also cold and uncaring, even cruel enough to dismiss his brothers’ suffering. But there’s so much more when you look deeper at the same time. Chris acts as Tron’s right hand, always right next to him, always just calmly watching as things happen. He’s the closest one to Tron. i’ve always thought that on some level, Chris knows how terrible Tron is and that it’s not the man his father used to be. But he doesn’t want to believe it, because if he does, then everything he is becomes irrelevant. he practically threw away all of his meaningful relationships when Tron left, trying to get revenge and take out this anger. But the problem is, he knows his motives are hollow. He knows the story of what happened to Tron, but he doesn’t truly blame Kaito. Maybe he did at one point, but during their duel it becomes apparent that Chris isn’t into this. He gets angry because Kaito keeps dragging it out, forcing him to face the reality of what he’s sat idly by and allow to develop. He doesn’t mind that Kaito antagonizes him because I’m pretty sure he antagonizes himself more. By the time both of his brothers are gone, he’s glad to lose to Kaito so that he can just die (or enter a comatose state, whatever) along with them. But when he comes back in Zexal II I love him so much because of how he’s changed. he’s become a leader now, his own kind of leader. he’s distanced himself from Tron and he’s no longer just quietly acting as his servant- he’s a cool-headed and intelligent leader who will protect his brothers at any cost. the amount of internalized emotion in his character is what really gets me- the guilt, the depression, the self-antagonism are all coded, but they’re there for sure. and it reflects in his deck: a space deck to reflect his cold and distant personality, and an ace monster that’s a satellite, just like he’s a satellite to Tron (thanks to @yugiohlesbian for making me think of that one). But at the same time, his number card, Dyson Sphere, is based on an actual concept which is the idea of harnessing a star’s energy to power a colony. And if you look at Number 9, that’s just what it is- it has buildings and cities on the panels. he may have once been cold and distant, but now he’s able to use his talent to bring life to the people around him. he’s still surrounded by the coldness of space, but he’ll keep the important people close to him alive

and Tron plays Heraldic Beasts because he’s a herald who brings the news of what a shitty person he is everywhere (jk)

“Maybe I’m the sun and you’re the moon, and we were never meant to collide. 

But wouldn’t it be spectacular if we did?”

I adore @beanpots au, and I’m sure this same sort of image has been done countless times already, but I couldn’t resist.

Wanted to animate it but heck am I lazy. 


Lins notebooks look like mine lmaoooo
Maybe it’s a songwriter thing ???

smallbeanstudies  asked:

Hi Seo! I just wanted to recommend the book Small Great Things for you! I think that it would really be nice for you to read it! I really enjoyed it, but it gets a little intense! Anyway, I wanted to thank you for all that you've done for me! You've answered every single questions I've asked, you gave me some much motivation and inspiration, and lastly you've gave me some much advice for high school! I'm going to 8th grade, but you've made a huge impact on my life! Thank you for being you!! :')

thank you for the book rec + i’m glad that i’ve managed to help :’)

i downloaded musescore yesterday and this was the first thing i did

@mryddinwilt I did enjoy 6x20, and I could probably pick moments/specific scenes from almost every ep in S6 that I enjoyed, particularly at the time it aired. But while I enjoyed the novelty of 6x20, when I think back on the storytelling to get there - engaged in 6x17, put the wedding on hold indefinitely in 6x18, decide the wedding can go forward tomorrow in 6x19, huge lavish wedding in 6x20 - it’s the inconsistencies that disrupt my overall enjoyment.  

This, of course, is down to being in a position now to look at the S6 as a whole, and I had fun watching live and didn’t get too arsed about the narrative until 6x10-11, and then progressively more toward the end of 6b.  For instance, looking back, I think that 6x12-6x17 would have fit better in the first half of the season when the EQ was working to split the heroes apart from the inside. We had the set up of the coin in 6x02(?), the set up in 6x03 that Killian and Henry were the two who could talk Emma out of her tremors, the set up for the shears in 6x05/06, so why not have the payoff in 6a instead of putting it off to 6b? 

Having the EQ be the one to set up Killian’s disappearance in 6a would have made her more of a threat, and it may have made Emma’s reaction to his disappearance slightly more plausible. Plus, that could have woven in hints about the BF into the storyline earlier to underscore the reveal in 6x09 that the BF was Rumple’s mother. Instead of focusing on those shears, there could have been discussion of the BF wand, maybe the thought that her wand could undo the magic of the shears or to break the curse on Snowing?  

They could have avoided that entire Golden Queen thing if she had been focused on breaking the heroes in 6a, and it might have been a way for the narrative to temper certain actions taken by Gold in 6a against Belle that were, frankly, way too hard to swallow. Honestly, looking back, why didn’t Blue say a word about the shears during 6a (or did she? I’ve blocked a lot out)? Did we need that much of Jasmine and Aladdin to figure out that the shears remove a savior’s magic, but it is your choices that shape your fate? Why not have Jasmine and Aladdin be the parallel story, have an actual savior storyline in the present and in the past, showing how the different choices by each savior when confronted with the shears either change or do not change who they are fundamentally?

I just think that S6 could have been more layered if there had been more allusions to the BF in 6a, if the thread of the EQ attempting to break the heroes from the inside had played out without interruption, and if there had been an actual arc to the savior mythology. It would have tied into the finale and given weight to the threat of the BF showing up in SB, and would have served as a prelude to the reveal that Rumple was born a savior and had his power taken from him as an infant.

tryna juggle multiple long overdue WIP fic chapters like

small list of aus i have yet to write down:
• mad king!au
• medieval/before-death!au
• insane asylum!au thanks to someone who sent me an ask regarding this a long time ago
• highschool!au
• zombie apocolype!au
• some war!au since i’m a total sucker for war movies and shit
• castaway!au side-eyes @ toby tbh dsfhkladsff

Silicon Valley AU where Gilfoyle isn’t Gilfoyle, not really. He’s sharing a body with a demon he made a deal with for protection reasons (due to some traumatic event when he was younger? Idk). After some sort of horrible thing happens, the demon takes full control to protect him, until one day it decides to let Gilfoyle take the wheel for awhile, because it’s been like 20 years holy shit man you need to get ahold of yourself.

The real Gilfoyle is less scary, more free with his emotions, and…doesn’t seem to remember much from the past few years. The guys don’t think much of it until a week later, Gilfoyle talks to whoever you’re shipping him with and apologizes for being rude because “when I tell him to insult you I don’t mean…actually insult you, I only mean it jokingly, but I guess he has a hard time with humour”.

At this point whoever it is is like what the actual hell and expresses his/her concerns to the group.

And it’s revealed that the demon hasn’t just been in Gilfoyle, it’s been screwing with everyone in the house. Richard’s excessive bed sweating? The demon. Jared yelling things in German? The demon. Dinesh never being able to get a girlfriend? The demon.

Everyone freaks out until they finally figure out why it was there in the first place. Also, they take some time to get to know Gilfoyle, who isn’t the Gilfoyle they really know.

It’s kind of messed up but idk it seems like an interesting concept

Okay, so, you have a short story from The Door about Grillby, a random short story that was part of an awesome collaboration, and now a chapter of False Hope. That’s enough productivity for one week. If anyone needs me I will be curled on on my hoard pile sleeping. 


I remember in 2011 I had the urge to start an askblog about nyotalia girls as magical girls (madoka style) but I didnt have the patience or the time to do so I never did. I did find my skecthbook with their designs tho, so I redrew them! Here’s the axis girls. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯