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fuck this i’ll stan every single character in check please and none of y'all can stop me

jack zimmermann? a comedic genius, an icon for the ages, biggest heart in the world

shitty knight? truly the definition of a bro, always has your back, while somehow managing to give off hot dad vibes

eric bittle? actually the softest boy to ever exist, sweeter than the pies he bakes

justin oluransi? ride or die, 10/10 would recommend being his friend, too beautiful to comprehend

adam birkholtz? terrible table manners, flawless manners in all other areas, jaw cut from marble

the zimmermanns? love their son unconditionally, are invested in his life, obviously learned from their past mistakes

larissa duan? no judgement ever, fully supportive, ring leader of the chaos that is samwell men’s hockey and somehow manages to be graceful while doing it

I did it. I signed up for lessons and I got on the ice today.

My legs were a little shaky at first but I quickly got used to it. I thought I’d be horrible after being off the ice for so long, but I was able to skate quickly and slow down, I had good control and was able to weave between people, I worked up to do some simple turns and spins. My balance was good, I could skate on one leg for a short time. And most importantly

I didn’t fall once.

“So my residence here has finally been established. It’s missing something, but I can’t put my finger on what…hm. Oh well. I’ll make use of what I can for now.”

Krul Tepes has been added to the repertoire!




Happy Birthday, Audrey Hepburn! (4 May 1929 – 20 January 1993)

“Audrey was known for something which has disappeared, and that is elegance, grace and manners … God kissed her on the cheek, and there she was.” (Billy Wilder)

Fashionista adventures featuring Freya and Olivia!

Water Lilies: 4/11

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Sunny!!! The welovefine store updated its weekly new stuff, there are a bunch of your art prints, they are amazing!! Do you get commission for them?

omg did it? I haven’t gotten the email yet

thanks a lot! <3

I’m glad they’re up at last and yes I do 8′)

(oh I just checked, they’re the scroll ones, technically they’re 2 pics but the format was not supported so they’re divided in 3 and 2 parts respectively haha)

for who wants, you can find them under “load more” from my wlf profile!