maybe i'll tag people in this that i think would care

  • Me: So, i know it's deadline time, but can you maybe chill with the constant anxiety?
  • My brain: Yeah, okay, i am getting pretty tired
  • Me: Oh thank god
  • My brain: Yeah, i think i'm gonna shift to focusing on what a massive failure you are instead. Do you know other people actually do shit with their lives that actually fucking helps people? Why don't you actually do some volunteering work you lazy shit? You think anyone actually cares about your writing? You were the bottom of the boring barrel in your fanfic days, why the hell would that change now? And look at you trying to film a vlog, you fucking egotistic little shit. No one cares about anything you have to say, bitch. Hey, remember that time you dated a guy you didn't really like for a whole year because years of bullying brought your standards down to "not a total creep"? Yeah, you're never gonna improve on that you fugly little shit.
  • Me: ...This is not an improvement...