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Naegiri Week Day 7: Tradition

After the stress of the final killing game, Makoto didn’t care where he slept, all he wanted was to rest. He finds himself falling asleep lying on Kyoko in some way. It’s now tradition that whenever the couple have time to relax, Makoto will lay on her and more than likely fall asleep with a smile on his face.

Driven Mad

Requested by: bmthxnjh

Words: 1,434

Prompt: Hello love can you do an imagine where reader is dating Peter Pan and he gets jealous of a lost boy(same age as him idk?) and can it be with lots of smut.😶

Well as you can see…

It was a lovely day out. The sun was shining brightly over the forest, making the leaves on the trees look like glittering emeralds. There were small rays of light that managed to find their way around and past the thick leaves, illuminating the dark forest.

Without a doubt you wanted to spend the day enjoying such a beautiful scene, and with none other than your boyfriend Peter. Shortly after getting ready for the day you headed out of your hut and went straight to his, to ask him about spending the day with you. To your dismay he wasn’t there, or anywhere in the camp for that matter.

You shrugged to yourself. It was too nice of a day for you to let it pass just like that. With or without Peter you were going to make the most of it. On any given day the weather was stuffy and hot, but not this time. This time is was a dry but bearable heat, so you thought the best way to take advantage of it was to take a dip in the lake. That idea would be pleasant on any other hot day, but when it was humid instead of helping it just made things worse. Adding water to humidity wasn’t such a good idea.

Quickly grabbing your towel from your hut, you headed out towards the lake. It wasn’t that far from the camp, maybe a mile away towards the cliff. It would be a quick walk, and considering you were a fast paced person, you would be there in no time. That would have been correct if it wasn’t that you bumped into a fellow Lost boy along the way. You often spoke with him while everyone else danced around the fire at night. He was just like the other Lost boys, but just a tad less crazy. You enjoyed his company, and as you rather have someone to talk to you invited him with you to the lake. There was no harm in inviting a friend to swim with you.

The thing is that for you there might not be one, but for someone else…

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ffxii week
 ↳day five // favorite quote

I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to post this for the last week or so, because I am not very happy with how it turned out, but since the owner of the wonderful photos I used for reference, vampyin, was very nice about letting me use their photos and requested to see the finished product, I decided to post it! Thank you very much for letting  me use your amazing pictures for reference!

Done in ink and watercolour