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I’ve been watching the Achievement Hunter gang for just over a year now (and still have a ways before I catch up to current videos), sooo here’s the Fake AH Crew as I know ‘em~ Goddamn heists are the best. <3

Catalan words for fairytales and legends

Sant Jordi is coming, so here’s a list of Catalan words about legends and fairytales.

Hi havia una vegada…: once upon a time…
Conte: tale/story
Llegenda: legend
Mite: myth
Fantasia: fantasy
Aventura: adventure
Fada: fairy
Bruixa: witch
Bruixot: warlock
Màgia: magic
Cavaller: knight
Sirena: mermaid
Princesa: princess
Príncep: prince
Castell: castle
Vampir: vampire
Fantasma: ghost/phantom
Ànima: soul
Home-llop: werewolf
Desig: wish
Maledicció: curse
Benedicció: blessing
Drac: dragon
Enamorar-se: to fall in love
Lluitar: to fight
I van viure feliços i van menjar anissos: common sentence to finish the story. Literally, “and they lived happily and ate sweets.
Vet aquí un gat, vet aquí un gos, aquest conte ja s’ha fos: another common sentence to finish the story. Literally, “here is a cat, here is a dog, this tale has already melted”.

And some names of famous tales/characters:

Ventafocs: Cinderella
Blancaneus: Snow White
Caputxeta Vermella: Little Red Riding Hood
Rapunzel or Repunxó (depending on the version): Rapunzel
Bella Dorment: Sleeping Beauty
Rínxols d’Or (i els Tres Ossos): Goldie Locks and the Three Bears

And talking about Catalan fairytales and legends, don’t forget El Patufet, El Timbaler del Bruc and, of course, la Llegenda de Sant Jordi!

some AUs to consider

“We ended up paired together as contestants on ‘Soul Mates’ the game show and we kind of hate each other but we both really want the $100,000”

“My friends convinced you and I to go on a double date but we just want to be friends and it turns out so do the other two… but now I’m falling for one of them and you’re falling for the other”

“We were best friends when we were three but you moved away and I forgot about you”

“Hello please let me in I left you a message at two in the morning and I was very drunk and please let me delete that”

“That field trip totally sucked and now the whole school bus is stuck in many miles of completely unmoving traffic. So… hi”

“I got mugged but you saved me with a can of pepper spray and some pretty impressive sweeping kicks… except you saved me with a CAN OF PEPPER SPRAY and my face feels like it’s on fire”

“It was really hot and I got heat stroke on the Tube and passed out in the station, thank god you’re a doctor”

“We’re stand partners in the orchestra and we’re constantly arguing or talking during rehearsal and the director hates us”

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ngl I'm starting to feel iffy about the whole "punch and doxx Nazis" rhetoric. Not because I care about the Nazis or think it encourages them, but because I get the sense their response is to bring guns and wear masks at future rallies. I don't think they're going to stop because of it, I think they're gonna keep going and violently clashing with Antifa, and peaceful protesters will get hurt in the mix.

The thing is that there really aren’t that many white supremacist/nazis even around these days; despite what the media and blue checkmarks on Twitter say, Nazism is both extremely unpopular and less than less than a quarter of a percent. Like, they’re not even .000027th of the country. When that’s said and done people will eventually forget about this like they do with everything else, so I wouldn’t expect it to last very long

That being said, people should be able to defend themselves from a genocidal ideology that would kill them, however, I would say the most practical and long standing solution to effectively removing bigotry from society are things like refusal of service, shaming, exposing, things like that

There’s been a lot of really great private solutions of recent; Discord is refusing to host alt-right content, GoDaddy shut down Stormfront, and even Richard Spencer had to hold a press conference in his own house because no business would let him rent out their places. Consistently refusing to give a platform to bigoted people and their organizations through citizens and private businesses is critical

So while I don’t personally fault people for being violent towards people who would given the chance, try to kill them (I.E I’m not going to feel the least bit sorry if some Nazi fuckwit gets punched), I think that we need to keep the more effective tools that we have in mind going forward

What I find really interesting in Little Witch Academia are the parallels between Chariot and Akko, but also between Croix and Diana.

We already know that Chariot was as bad as Akko in class and that, just like Akko (or rather Akko is like Chariot), she wants to bring smiles to people’s faces with her magic. But since Croix appeared, we also found similarities between her and Diana : both are talented witches, prodigies their teacher praise and see as the school’s pride and hope. It also looks like Croix was pretty stern when she was younger, like Diana is today, never showing her feelings (aside from when Akko is involved), even when she wins prizes. But at the same time, we can also notice some differences between them that are very important to the story :

I think it was Croix’s dream to become the best witch in the world and that she thought that getting the Rod and becoming the one who will revive magic was a synonym of being the best. So when Chariot was chosen over her, it was like the Seven Stars told her “You’re not good enough, this girl is better”. The Rod shocking her when she tried to touch it only made this rejection more real. Croix tried to get over it : the Rod chose Chariot, as her friend she should support and help the redhead. And so she did. She told Chariot not to worry about her, helped her find the Words, saved her from the pollen… But while she did all that, she couldn’t help but wonder “Why her and not me ?”. She couldn’t help but think that she could’ve revived the Words too. She couldn’t help but feel bitter that Chariot, who couldn’t cast a spell right in class and had such a childish dream to make people smile, a dream so less important than hers, than reviving magic, got the Rod, was chosen over her. So, when Chariot ended up being unable to revive the last Word, Croix got enough and decided to do it anyway. The Rod didn’t chose her ? So what ? She WILL release the Grand Triskelion and become the best witch ever, no matter what. And so, she started creating her own key to break the seal on the Grand Triskelion.

But Diana is different. Diana’s mother wanted her daughter to mix traditional and modern magic to bring new glory to the Cavendish name. Diana did the first part by helping Akko to revive the 5th Word. Now, to bring glory to her family, she must work hard, just like she always has. Plus, her personality is quite different from Croix’s : I think she’s this rare kind of person that won’t hold a grudge against someone who did better/was chosen over them, but will work harder than ever to become the best. Because Akko was not chosen for her abilities, but for her heart and personality. I think Diana understands that, unlike Croix, and will continue to work hard to achieve her goal of becoming a great witch and bring back glory to her family.

Little Witch Academia does a great work at making parallels between these four characters while still showing their differences. Diana and Akko are not Croix and Chariot, they have personalities of their own and, even if their situations and goals might look similar, in the end, history won’t repeat itself because, unlike Chariot and Croix, Akko and Diana will work over their differences and jealousies, on both sides, and work together.

Salvation | Sanity

A/N: Here’s my final contribution for Royai Week for the prompt ‘Incendiary.’ This one was also a challenge, and for whatever reason I gravitated to a very anime trope for the first part, though I hope it wasn’t too terribly cheesy. This is a fic exploring one of the first times Riza encountered Roy’s temper after he had given his back to her. 

Counting cobblestones had become Riza Hawkeye’s salvation.

Every stone counted was another step closer to him, she reasoned, as she stumbled hastily through the labyrinth she found herself lost within. A mismatched stone caught her foot and she faltered, slamming herself to the wall to preserve her balance. The brutality of her desperate movement jettisoned a wake of pain from her side and through her body. She hissed through her teeth and pressed her hand more firmly over the wound on her side. Her fingers slipped clumsily across the blood that continued to spew and soak her blouse, and a wave of nausea overtook her senses. She fell into the wall and squeezed her eyes shut, sucking in a deep lungful of air to try and bring herself back to a reasonable state of being. She gritted her teeth as her breaths became more rapid, trying fruitlessly to suppress the revulsion that would not disappear.

She had no time to waste fighting against her body. Not when there were numerous lives at stake. A nearby blast reached her ears and she braced herself against the wall when the inevitable rumble that followed shook the ground beneath her feet. Every explosion she had felt since the moment she heard the first had grown more violent and desperate with every succession, further reaffirming her need to hurry. Her head bobbed forward as another bout of sickness churned her stomach and she swallowed to keep it contained, reminding herself that her death would only result in more lives lost.

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Old Gray Ghost picture/fanfic I never finished.

Trapped in the Ghost Zone, lost beyond measure, Valerie stumbles across Clockwork’s domain. What she finds there is almost unimaginable–Portals through time.

With a touch of a button, Valerie is able to undo what she believes is Phantom’s greatest evil.

But changing time, even a little, can change everything…

aka an AU where Valerie stops Phantom from taking the ecto-skeleton in Reign Storm, and winds up in a different timeline where Ghosts rule the World.


Resbang 2016: Wish you were here
Author: redphlox
Artist: swordbreaker

First of all, I wanted to apologize for not doing things as planned. My laptop broke down and I wasn’t able to retrieve my files. I had 6 colored and 2 lined arts for this and well… it’s all gone.

Good thing I got some saved on my e-mail and on my partner, redphlox’s chat box on discord. Today’s the 23rd and I only got the new laptop 21st and finished setting it up with sai, etc on the 22nd. I tried my best to finish yesterday and decided just to do lineart for the pieces that I’ve saved.

Sorry about this, Julie. But thank you for being the most supportive resbang partner ever. Sorry that I am not that reachable now because of work hours and other stuff. I love your writing so it motivated me to finish again. Thank you for everything!

Thank you also for the mods for being very understanding during the check-in dates. u da mvp <3

So now, I’m finishing resbang with kinda a heavy heart but hey, at least I didn’t give up.


i’m not sure if this calls for an ‘i’m sorry’ or a ‘you’re welcome’ so let’s just go with both??


Silence. Darkness. A vast underground cavern. Prince Rin watches from the side as a young man with dark hair and a serene face steps forward out of a small group of people clad in white. The light of a few candles is illuminating his figure, black bangs of hair falling over his face, a huge scarf wrapped around his neck and shoulders covering his nose and mouth. His slight frame moves gracefully towards the center of the cavern, looking young and delicate but at the same time there is a strange air of power about him. Kneeling at the sandy ground he puts his hands down, closes his eyes and time seems to stand still.

Rin can’t take his eyes away. He’s never seen anything like that before, so this is what a water ritual looks like. Energy seems to flow through the lithe body of the dark haired foreigner, through his fingers and out into the sand. His eyes are still closed and his brows narrow in concentration. Rin watches in complete and utter awe as the sound of water rising from the ground breaks the silence. The sound is distant but grows louder every moment until droplets of clear water begin to form on the ground. Water is being brought forth from the depths of the earth by the astonishing power of the young mage. A few more seconds and the water is already shooting from the ground full force forming a fountain. The dark-haired boy finally opens his eyes and their gazes meet for a few moments. Rin feels as though an electric current runs though his body as he finds himself staring into clear blue eyes. He’s not sure anymore about the reality of what’s happening, it might be just a beautiful illusion, it might as well be a dream.

The blue-eyed mage stands up slightly staggering. The ritual must have been extremely exhausting, he looks very tired. The water is now completely drenching his clothes. The prince sees a look of pure bliss pass the other’s features as he watches the water droplets run down his face. Ethereal. That’s the only word that Rin can think of to define the boy in front of him who now seems to be in a world of his own, completely ignoring his surroundings. Rin breathes out, he realizes only now that he’s been holding his breath. The sight is sending shivers down his spine. And for the first time in his life he finds himself completely captivated. Nothing else matters, only the marvelous being in front of him. Thoughts are racing through his head, ‘Want him. I want him. I want. Him.’ Like rain on thirsty land. Dive into him like the sea. Drink him like water.

recently wanted to try my hand at drawing a bit more realistically, so naturally i had to practice on this beautiful man 🙏 ohm face reveal confirmed u guys


I’m glad you all like my new little Glen icon~ Here’s the original picture I took and my edited icon, as requested.

(It is indeed not Guren/グレン from ONS, but Glen/グレン from Pandora Hearts)