maybe i'll never be a licensed driver but at least i can do other things

this morning i cried on the bus (living that massively reblogged text post out . see its tru). well not cried bc I never really like, sob, in public bc that would be embarrassing but there were tears that i kept tryign to conceal but i’m srue if i saw someone doing the same thing i was doing, i probably wouldn’t be fooled (i tried not to think about that). anyway i was tears bc on the way to the bus stop i was thinking abt being a failure of an adult and like, basically the opposite of what i’ve been feelling for the past few weeks (positive thoughts about getting things together by the end of june)

buT HEY GUESS WHAT i’m waiting for work to start and i got here an hour early bc bus so i brought my laptop with me, got something to eat, sat here and finished a short reading and did a quiz and so i’m done w homework for one class, and now i’m going to work soon


look at that, adulthood, managing my time, dealing with my life, etc

yknow, driving managed to be both easier and harder than we expected it to be. easier because we didn’t really expect to be able to do it at all (before we finally got on adhd meds that work at least), and we’ve made an amount of progress that’s really worth being proud of, but…

harder because even with all that, due to spacial issues, processing delays, trouble generalizing, and other issues like not-infrequent dissociation… i’m starting to think we may never be able to be safe enough driver to get our license .-.