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Epiphanies {Gruvia One-Shot}

Hello! So this is my very first Fairy Tail fanfiction! So I’m sorry if it’s not the best! But please tell me what you think, I’ll take any criticism.
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Gray was never one for epiphanies. Lucy always told him that one day he would wake up and realize something he hadn’t realized before. Like that he was in love, for example. But he always rolled his eyes and told her she was being stupid. She had always been more hopeful and romantic then him.

When he told her that he felt dizzy when he saw Juvia dancing by herself, Lucy told him that he was adorable.

When he told Natsu that his chest hurt whenever he saw Juvia laughing at something her best friend, Gajeel, said, he only said that he was stupid.

When Erza saw how mad he got at his cousin, Lyon, for flirting with her, she just laughed and said he should tell Juvia the truth. But what truth?

When his head hurt when her old friend, Totomaru, told Gajeel that he was close to finally getting her to bed with him, Mirajane said that he needed to get his act together fast.

When his mouth went dry when he saw her in her bikini, Loke told him that she was a ‘total babe’ and that if he didn’t swoop in now, someone else would.

Gray stopped telling people what he was feeling.

But he still wondered why he chest tightened when she went on a long mission with Gajeel.

He wondered why she was the only thing she thought about when the mission was taking so long. She used to be a S-Class mage back at Phantom Lord, she could take care of herself. On top of that, she had Gajeel with her. But why did that thought make him worry even more?

Why was he so relieved when she returned? Why did he feel like he could finally breathe when she saw him and squealed?

Why did he get so mad when her face turned red when she was asked about Lyon? She could be with who she wanted to be with, why should he care? Lyon is a disgusting pervert, that’s why. No other reason why he should care, he told himself. He was only looking out for his comrade.

Juvia is his comrade, that’s all. Sure, she was beautiful, and adorable, and funny, and kind, and sweet, and amazing, and strong, and…

She was his comrade, that’s all. Erza was those things too! She’s strong and strong… And strong… And sometimes she was pretty! And…. And Lucy is those things! Lucy is a total cutie and strong and sometimes kind and… All of the girls in the guild were those things! And they were all his comrades! Like Juvia! So of course he was worried about her!

But then why doesn’t he feel dizzy when Lucy dances?

Why doesn’t his chest hurt when Mirajane laughs at something funny?

Why doesn’t he get mad when Erza is flirted with?

Why doesn’t his head hurt when someone makes a comment about Lisanna?

Why doesn’t his mouth go dry when he sees Cana in a bikini?

All of those questions suddenly disappeared when he saw Juvia. The guild was having yet another party and Lucy has coaxed her into dancing.

All of his thoughts disappeared when he saw her dance.

All he could feel was sudden restlessness.

All he could think about was how much he wanted to dance with her.

Beautiful Lies Sentence Starters Pt. 1
  • “Trying to change your mind is like the weather.”
  • “And you don't make my heart beat like you used to.”
  • “Maybe one day we'll fit back together.”
  • “I've been waiting for a sign
  • “We could save each other for the better.”
  • “And when you say my name I'll be a memory.”
  • “This is more than we had planned.”
  • “I find it's too hard to breathe.”
  • “Just say what you want to say.”
  • “Time to learn from our mistakes.”
  • "Only you ever make me scared."
  • "So wherever you go, I'm your shadow."
  • " I know every way you move."
  • "You stay, you go, you change I am far too."
  • "I've seen you lose your way, you're not in control and you won't be told."
  • "All I can do to keep you safe is hold you close."
  • "Let go of all your haunted dreams tonight."
  • "Everyone keeps a darker place to lose control."
  • "I know your soul; I'll be your home."
  • "I would die a thousand times to ease your mind."
  • "I don't know if you mean everything to me."
  • "I wonder, can I give you what you need?"
  • "Can we just pretend that we're not falling into the deep end?"
  • "You've gone quiet, you don't call."
  • "I'll keep trying to help you heal."
  • "How do we mend?"
  • "I didn't choose to depend on you."
  • "It's out of our hands."
  • "Maybe it will work out in the end."
  • "This can't be love if it hurts so much."
  • "I will survive and be the one who's stronger."
  • "I will not beg you to stay."
  • "I will move on and you should know I mean it."
  • "I remember how we danced so close, I would stand on your feet."
  • "And the phone calls that would last all night, they were lifeboats to me."
  • "Our human hearts forget how strong they are."
  • "It's not giving up, it's letting go."

The second part to kiwiitin‘s prompt about Rhys being a disaster in the kitchen! This time it’s in quid pro quo verse, set about 2 years after <:

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Summary: Rhys tries to make pancakes. It doesn’t go well.

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