maybe i'll make part 2 one day!!!


six selfies of 2k14 (pt. 2) tagged by keisuk3 (and florescka)!! i ran out of my normal selfies so these are all from snapchat

i tag antoniocesaros, pinatakun, -jenjam, galaxiaskykloz, classyknb, and any of my friends/mutuals that want to do it! (you don’t need to if you don’t want to)

The second part to kiwiitin‘s prompt about Rhys being a disaster in the kitchen! This time it’s in quid pro quo verse, set about 2 years after <:

ps sorry!! I was gonna do the loader bot/claptrap thing today too but reading Ulysses has turned my brain to mush, so I’m prob just gonna stick to writing one thing a day ahsfjlakdj

Summary: Rhys tries to make pancakes. It doesn’t go well.

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