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blease,,,,,,,MiriTama first date/first kiss.......I need 2 know how u feel abt this in fiction form. Pls

If there’s one thing Togata Mirio is certain of, it’s that Amajiki Tamaki will always come through in a crisis, despite any fears or insecurities that might try and stop him.  

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Starter Meme/List - TFLN Edition
  • [Text]: Dumbass I drove... you sat in the passengers seat and steered with a paper plate.
  • [Text]: My girlfriend/boyfriend/partner went down on me and as she/he/they did she/he/they hummed the theme from star wars and pretended my dick was a lightsaber...I'm buying the engagement ring tomorrow
  • [Text]: Why did i make a hit list last night containing only McDonalds?
  • [Text]: I 'm gonna go stand naked in the kitchen with a knife
  • [Text]: Maybe we should try and tone it down a notch. The neighbors changed the name of their wifi network to "i can hear you having sex".
  • [Text]: You got cut off last night after a stripper bent over in front of you and you screamed very loudly 'I can see your soul from here'
  • [Text]: A lesson I learned in the hospital....when you masturbate while attached to a heart monitor, it scares the nurses a lot.
  • [Text]: So, apparently a side effect from having sex on the beach is now i have a tan line shaped like your sister/brother.
  • [Text]: Why do I always miss the parties you're naked at?!
  • [Text]: So his/her mom/dad walked in the kitchen while I was sucking him/her off and just casually suggested that "I'd need a glass of water after that"
  • [Text]: We need large glitter to throw at people to signify our mystic nature.
  • [Text]: If I come back tomorrow to find a certain football player tied up and locked in your closet, shit's gonna get real.
  • [Text]: Dude. I've never been with a guy/girl who just wanted to go down on me all the time including while I'm shooting zombies on call of duty. My life is complete.
  • [Text]: Apparently while i was high i thought that putting a dinosaur temporary tattoo on my inner thigh would keep me from taking my pants off and having sex with him/her...
  • [Text]: Fuck you. I've got onesies to keep me warm at night. And this bottle.
  • [Text]: I remember eating bacon bits off your chest that night... I'll never look at bacon pizza the same way.
  • [Text]: We are all done wearing pants today.
  • [Text]: So apparently dinosaur erotica does, in fact, exist.
  • [Text]: I don't think it counts as a booty call at 6:30 pm.
  • [Text]: I'm sorry I tried to stab you. I just really wanted those mozzarella sticks.
  • [Text]: If you get me a sex toy for Christmas everyone in my family will question our relationship.
  • [Text]: Did you send me a cake saying 'Happy 1st One-Night Stand Ever'?
  • [Text]: After last night I never want to be in the back of a cop car again. No leg room.
  • [Text]: I have never lost more friends than while playing Uno drunk.