maybe i'll just make my art tag 'art'




This was a wip for so long and now I finally found the time to finish it.

My stupid big messy tribute to Akira and Hikaru, probably the most perfect pairing ever to exist.

anonymous asked:

hi! 1st of all: your art is lovely. 2nd of all: do u have any fancasts for the x-men? i want to make a thread on twitter and i trust your input

Aw firstly thank you so much!!!! ️:D <3 Secondly ABSOLUTELY YES OF COURSE AND I AM SO (embarrassingly) FLATTERED YOU ASKED! I most have face casts though- not so much acting casts so I am sorry about that!!

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It took me lots of courage to post this…it is very embarassing… ///////

did i mention that i’m finally free?


So I really like making those pixel things :3 

Now Undyne: the first one represents different areas in the underground (snowdin, waterfall, hotland and new home/ the throne room)

 the other one is just undyne in waterfall, but she smiles :D

There doesn’t seem to be a way to get my old tumblr back so KUDOS TO YOU HACKER MC BUTTFACE!

So! I’ll start off with a fresh start here. Hopefully you guys can spread this around. I’ll post art and fix up my theme. I’ll make this blog kickass yo.

Until there’s an actual way to get my tumblr back…I’ll just stick to this one. I just forgot where the hell I put my theme code….I really liked that old theme I had….BLUH