maybe i'll draw the other characters someday.

This is the original sketch w/o the inverted colors of this one I posted earlier, coz my linework is clearer here. Noct’s suit lacked the fine details, coz my plan was to paint those digitally. This is still a work in progress, so I didn’t bother to clean the sketch… Hmm, maybe I’ll finish this someday! 

This is also my first FF15 fanart, rather, Final Fantasy fanart…ever! I think I’ll draw characters from other FFs too sometime…^_^

I’ve been seeing a lot of those emoji/facial expression memes going around, so I decided to make my own, using the original Umineko VN sprites (I like Ryukishi’s blob people and I WILL FIGHT YOU FOR IT). It has the classic Beato and Battler expressions, among some others that I like (and there are a lot of them that I like; it’s a good thing I decided to limit to one per character, otherwise there would be 10 different Beatos).

Anyway, choose a letter and number combination and tell me to draw whatever character with it (fanart, my own characters, your own characters, whichever) OR you can reblog it and share in the joy of drawing some marvelous original Umineko faces.