maybe i'll do it then

Things I Do Instead Of Writing
  • Daydream about my story
  • Daydream about writing
  • Read posts about how to write well
  • Make an incorrect quotes blog for my story and post stuff to it
  • Try to plot and then get distracted
  • Try to worldbuild and then get distracted
  • Stare at a blank page
  • Think about AUs for my story
  • Tell my friends about scenes that are cute or funny or intense and not actually write them
  • Draw maps for the fantasy land
  • Take notes on characters
  • Take notes on setting
  • Try to organize said notes 
  • Daydream about becoming a bestselling author
  • Who should I cast in the movie
  • Should I even let Hollywood make a movie or will they screw it up


so, this is a redraw of my old Cream drawing, and I loved how it turned out tbh. I hope you guys like it! :3

(and please forgive me for being inactive, I’m slowly becoming VLD trash and there’s sO MUCH TESTS AAAAAA)

Cross!Sans by @jakei95 and Dream!Sans by @jokublog

AU Idea:

Adam Birkholtz grew up knowing he has an arranged marriage to the Prince of Canada. But his betrothed has never allowed his face (or name) to be known by the public, so he has no idea who he’s actually engaged to. In the mean time, he can’t help but start to fall in love with his best friend.

Prince Justin adopted a fake last name and has hid himself from the public for so long because he wants to live his life like a normal person. He just wants to go to college, make real friends and play some hockey without the pressures that come with having the Royal Name. He wasn’t expecting to meet his fiancé along the way. He definitely wasn’t expecting them to become best friends. And he most certainly wasn’t expecting to fall in love.


“That’s brilliant, and I’m not just saying that because of the massive blood loss! …But maybe we should try it on Rohan, first.”

(The text in the first panel reads “take care.”)

The last(?) in a series of comics about stands and friends etc.  Also the last thing left in my scraps folder dating back to–yikes!–September. Time for new ideas!!

look dear anons you don’t come into my inbox and talk to ME about a red riding hood au and not expect me to get both nasty and thirsty enough to stay up late to scribble a wolf!JJ before bed