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Learning a foreign Language
  • Expectations: It's so fun, yeah, maybe it's hard sometimes but I am really learning a lot and everything is going fine! :) *insert random sentence in a foreign Language*
  • Reality: what the fuck is that
  • what does that mean
  • why do u use *this* word in this case and *this* other word in this other case don't they mean the same? Where's the difference?
  • wat
  • *Google Translates a word* oh so that's the meaning yeah okay I'll keep that in mind
  • *three seconds later* No wait what the fuck did that mean I forgot
  • WAT I wanted to write *pure innocent word* but I got one letter wrong and I accidentally wrote the most sinful word ever.
  • WTF this word sounds like something dirty in my language how can I say this with a straight face like srsly

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Are you still taking prompt requests cause I would sell my soul for more hurt fake chop Aleks. He could get hurt anyway, I just need more of the crew freaking out (especially Brett n James) over him almost dying.

Anon, I am happy to oblige and you don’t even have to give me your soul :P

James jerks awake, coughing, his ears ringing. Slowly, he picks his head up, looking around at the chaos around him, coughing again. Three burnt car husks block the road, several more vehicles scattered around, abandoned by their owners. People are screaming, someone is crying nearby, and he hears sirens.

He pushes himself up to his knees, body protesting the sudden movement, and drags himself to his feet. He stumbles forward, fascinated by the fire. He hadn’t meant for this to happen, they’d been trying to get away from a rival gang, but he’d miscalculated his aim, hit somebody’s gas tank, nearly blew up a street corner.

He forces himself to look away from the mess he made, staggering towards a prone figure laying on the ground. James rushes forward when he realizes it’s Aleks, limping heavily on his left foot, kneeling down next to the his friend.

He has blood in his hair, more covering the visible side of his face, and his arm is torn up from skidding across the sidewalk. He’s not conscious, but he appears to be breathing, and James lets out a shaky breath.

“Aleksandr. Hey, Aleks, wake up.” He reaches out, nudging Aleks’ shoulder, but he doesn’t respond. “Come on, wake up.”

James looks around, the sirens getting closer, and shoves himself to his feet. They have to get out of here. The LSPD can’t find them, not after the incident in Rockford Hills a few weeks ago. They still have a warrant out for their arrest, and James isn’t 100 percent convinced the fuzz won’t shoot him on sight.

Hoping he isn’t doing any irreparable damage, he crouches down to turn Aleks over, finding even more blood seeping through his t-shirt, a jagged piece of glass sticking out of his side. Ignoring his injuries for now, James stands up and grabs him under the arms, dragging him towards a nearby alleyway.

“Goddamn, you heavy mother fucker,” he grumbles, voice strained. This isn’t helping his back, but neither is blowing up a street so he has no right to complain.

He stashes Aleks behind a dumpster, dropping down next to him, and digs his phone out of his pocket. He sighs in frustration when he finds the screen broken, throwing it at a wall. He glances over at Aleks, whose head has somehow ended up on his shoulder, and wonders if his phone is intact.

Before he can check, Aleks stirs, rubbing his face against James’ t-shirt. His body freezes, eyes snapping open, and he immediately sits up only to slump against the wall.

“W-what the fuck, dude?” he asks, blinking blearily. He mutters something in Russian, slowly moving his head back and forth, hands curling into fists. “Where are we?” He sounds impatient, and James wonders if that’s what he had said before, but he doesn’t ask.

Instead, he says, “Behind a dumpster in some dank ass alleyway.”


“You hear those sirens?”

Aleks stops moving, listening hard, nodding his head. He tenses up, memories of an irate cop and a taser haunting him, and he tries to stand up. “We have to get out of here.”

“I know.” James isn’t sure moving Aleks anymore is safe, but he’s not about to put them in danger again by sitting here, so he pushes himself to his feet and helps Aleks up.

They’re mostly leaning on each other, staggering like two drunkards out of the alleyway. They duck into a nearby alcove when a cop car drives by, putting their heads together, waiting a beat before continuing on their way.

James waits until they’re several blocks away, both panting and sore, before stealing a car. The moment he’s in the passenger seat, Aleks leans his head back and closes his eyes, squeezing his arm rest so hard his nails bite into the fake leather.

“You okay?” James asks, fiddling with the steering column, trying to find the right wires.

“Yeah,” Aleks lies, but James doesn’t call him out on it. There’d be time later, right now he has to get them out of here.

He gets the engine running, does a quick u-turn, and drives towards Brett’s apartment, knowing he’s not going to hear the end of it, shooting furtive glances in Aleks’ direction the whole way.

“You die, I’ll kill you.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.” Aleks waits a few seconds before quietly adding, “I won’t.”


I waffled back and forth on whether to make this post or not mainly because there are so many posts like this floating around on Tumblr and I’ve honestly probably reblogged all of them but… 

I am very sensitive to feedback? I haven’t been getting many comments at all and they’ve definitely slowed so I was just looking at my AO3 stats (I know, bad me; it only ever makes me feel worse) and I realized seven people are subscribed to my one-shot collection. I smiled and felt good for a second before realizing that I definitely didn’t feel like that many people cared about whether or not I was updating anything. The last two I’ve posted have 0 comments and the one before that has 2 (from dear friends who get to have me talk their ear off about my fic all the time anyway).

Y’all, if you care if I update I need to know that you care. Please, please, please leave comments. Especially on fics like these because I can’t tell which chapter made you slam that kudos button.

I have another full length fic 90% planned out that I have been completely unable to find the energy to write because I feel like no one cares. And these fics are exhausting and taxing to write (I mean, I do enjoy it or I wouldn’t do it but an aromantic writing over 39k of romance… it’s a lot) so why do it if nobody cares, right? 

Fic writers write content for everyone to enjoy for free. We write without asking for money. I think it’s fair enough to ask that we get paid for in positive feedback. It takes 30 seconds to leave a “wow I really liked this and would love to read more!” If you want to get more specific, great! If not, that’s also okay.

Just. Comments are everything to me and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Sweet Tea Kissing (All Over Your Lips)

Summary: In which Dan and Phil meet in the summer, and everything takes off from there.

Genre: Teenage!phan / Fluff / Songfic

Song: 19 You & Me

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 2.8k

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imagine the real percival graves as a lawful good, maybe harboring some doubts regarding the statute of secrecy and what it means for the wizarding world. this percival is idealistic and honorable, has vowed to defend his community and fight for the greater good, as long as he believes he’s doing the right thing. he probably didn’t agree with tina being demoted after that accident with the second salemers, but had to leave for europe before he could openly oppose the decision. he respects life, believes in justice and has a special consideration for the underprivileged.


So remember when I said I was going to make some Ranger’s Apprentice motivational posters for finals? Well here they are…a week after finals week…and I only did two…oops…? Anyway, I had a lot more planned but never actually did them… Maybe I’ll do the rest for next semester… Anyway here they are and good luck to anyone who still has finals!!

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I ended up picking the first one. Maybe I’ll do the second one later on, but here you are for now. It’s been ages so I hope you enjoy!

Naruto can’t focus.

Sasuke’s lips move and Naruto doesn’t hear what’s coming out of them. He can only focus on the way Sasuke’s lips form the letters or how he has to wet his lips after he explains something particularly long and tedious. There’s even moments when Sasuke is working through a problem himself and his tongue will slip between his lips, concentration clear in the set of his eyebrows.

It just makes it really hard to focus on the homework at hand.


The words bring Naruto back to earth, eyes blinking and Sasuke’s annoyed face clear in front of him. He smiles cheekily, rubbing the back of his head.

“I’m assuming you can’t tell me the answer to this question then,” Sasuke sighs, shifting so his body is facing Naruto now, defeated look setting into his features.


Sasuke rolls his eyes and Naruto’s own slip down to Sasuke’s lips. The only thing he wants to do right now is kiss him, long and hard. He wants to move to the bed and kiss down Sasuke’s neck and take off his shirt.

“Naruto!” Said boy is so rudely drawn back to reality, eyes snapping back up to meet Sasuke’s. Naruto can tell he’s done with this whole thing. If Naruto’s mind wanders one more time he was walking out the door.

“But Sasuke,” Naruto whines. “You just look so sexy when you’re talking about this kind of stuff.”

“You’re the one with the test. You’re going to fall the class if you don’t do well, Naruto.”

“Maybe just one kiss.” Which will hopefully turn into two and then three until the homework is forgotten and Sasuke is under Naruto, moaning his name and begging…

“Stop that train of thought right now!”

“But Sasuke!”

Sasuke sighs and Naruto knows he should shut up. Sasuke only puts up with his antics for just so long when he gets annoyed like this. He’s right too. Naruto needs to pass this test or he’s screwed. It’s the only way he’ll pull his grade up enough so he won’t fail and have to take the class again next semester.

“Look,” Sasuke’s voice is calmer now, more focused. “If you can get the next few answers right then we can take a break.”

Naruto knows said break will include kissing and clothes shedding and Naruto can’t say no to that. He likes being rewarded by Sasuke when he gets the answers right or does well on one of his tests. It isn’t just the sex or the blowjob he usually ends up getting, but that proud smile that tugs up Sasuke’s lips. That little glint in his eyes that says how proud Naruto is. That kiss on the cheek to hold Naruto off until they get back to either one of their dorm rooms. It’s a nice feeling having Sasuke proud of him

“I like that idea.”

An hour later Naruto has answered more than half the questions right and the ones he didn’t, he tried and Sasuke smiles, all proud and shinning and Naruto dips his head in embarrassment. “I knew you could do it,” Sasuke says, leaning forward to press a kiss to Naruto’s lips.

Naruto gets his reward, all breathy moans and fingers running over skin. When the afterglow wears off they work through the problems Naruto got wrong earlier and it starts all over again.

luke is the kind of dad that would be so excited about his baby girls fifth birthday party he would have it planned out to the minute with all these different games and when every girl got to meet the pretend princess he hired he would even go out of his way to dress up like a prince and even bribe the rest of the boys to dress up he would take so many pictures of his little girl and his beautiful wife but soon enough he would get pushed into the pool by all the little girls

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Tomorrow I'm going to meet someone I haven't known for long and all I can think is that I'll lose my virginity for him. I know this is wrong but I can't stop myself. Will God stop me? I don't think He loves me enough to stop me doing this thing which I know I'll regret later. I know I'm going to hurt my feeling&maybe my future husband's feelings, and God's too. I'm looking for someone to talk about this but I don't know where to find one, til I saw your post and decided to ask. So,please? :( -s-

You wrote a second message which said:

I’m looking for your answer for the next 3-4 hours. If I don’t get any answer from you, or anyone, I’ll take it as a permission and I’ll surely do it. Thanks before. -s-


First of all: No. As in, no, you do not get to hold me hostage with your demands to absolve your irresponsibility with my permission.

Second of all: You know perfectly well what you’re doing and you can’t blame God or anyone else for what you’re about to do.  So honestly, I don’t believe you believe what you’re saying about God, because none of that has to do with God.

And third of all: It usually takes me a few days or a few weeks to reply to a message, but since no one has ever loved you enough to tell you the cold hard truth, I’ll be the a-hole to do it, and it will be the hardest rebuke I’ve ever given.  I’m sure some will unfollow me, so okay.  Normally I’m all about grace and nuance and thoughtfulness, but your messages were so outlandish that I’m going to give you my backhand. 

In the last few weeks: I tried to talk a girl out of slitting her wrists (I was too late), I had coffee with someone who just got out of jail, I consoled my mom while her schizophrenic brother was being arrested for trying to stab her with a piece of glass, I consoled another girl for her eating disorder and suicidal thoughts, I prayed for a homeless guy at the local homeless ministry who will probably never quit his drug habit, and I’m helping a friend whose friend just died from cancer.

And you: You’re struggling with the decision to lose your virginity.

By your carefree nonchalant rationalizing tone, I’ll tell you a few things about yourself.  You’re most likely a bored, over-privileged, entitled, spoiled, selfish zombie.  Some of this is not your fault.  You’re a hollow shell enslaved by your emotions and the cultural cesspool around you.  You’re a copy of some lyrics you heard or a movie you saw or some crappy book you read.  You’re a symptom of a world where people act destructively on impulse without caring for another human being in order to gain maximum pleasure as a constant consumer removed from the needs of society. 

Again: some of this is not your fault. But that does NOT mean you’re outside a responsibility to your own dignity.  It doesn’t mean you get to live a selfish life where the only struggle you have is whether to have sex with someone.

Listen: Our American culture is entrenched in a self-centered epidemic of careless stupidity.  I don’t say this with relish or anger.  I say all this with total heartbroken grief.  I say this damn near in tears right now.  Because you could be so much more and actually help people and serve God and do what you were created for, if you could just snap out of it long enough to quit thinking of what you can get for yourself.

This is not even about the “sex” or anything.  This is about the way you asked me that reeks of a serve-me mentality, and something about it is just killing me.  It’s making me feel absolutely sorry for you, because you’re blind to your own value.


So here are the ways you can react.

1) You can get mad at me and call me a real mean jerk.

2) You can cry about this and call me a real mean jerk.

3) You can make another demand, which I will ignore, and then call me a real mean jerk.

4) You can can still call me a real mean jerk: But you can use all the energy you want to use against me and instead take a long serious look at your own life and how you got here and figure out why you think the way you think and get to the bottom of who you are.

My guess is, you won’t do Number 4.  Most people never do.  I mean I hope you wake up and walk out of your own self-slavery — but I hardly ever get surprised this way.  So maybe, you know, surprise me.  Take a look at yourself.  Take a look at what Jesus did.

I’m sorry if I misinterpreted you; perhaps you genuinely want me to stop you.  But even if I did stop you — then so what?  What about the next time and the time after that?  Maybe it will take you sleeping with this guy to realize how vapid and empty your soul is, but I hope it doesn’t come to that.  I hope you don’t need some blogger to tell you what to do.  I hope you fall on your face and repent and cry out to God in a slobbery mess and look at what Jesus did on that hill.  I hope you figure out you have a purpose beyond getting pleasure for yourself.  I hope you see how much He loves you, because that’s the only thing that will ever set you right. 

— J