maybe i'll do a part 2 at some point

Let It Out

Part one of a two part fic. In the weeks after Legacy, Riley is reaching her breaking point. 

Notes: Thanks go to @sand1128​, who was an excellent sounding board and motivator during the writing process for this when I was feeling negative. Part One is the break down, Part Two will be the repairs. 

Riley Matthews is tired.

She’s tired of sharing beautiful, warm, butterfly-inducing moments with Lucas and having to feel guilty immediately afterward. She’s tired of going about her day, just doing whatever it takes to get through, and turning the corner to find him sharing mirrors of those moments with Maya.

It would hurt no matter who it was, but she thinks it probably hurts more because it’s Maya. Because Maya deserves every happiness in the world. Because Maya is her best friend and practically her sister so who is Riley to be getting in the way of that and potentially taking it away or to protest Maya finally knowing what she wants and actually being willing to try and get it? Because Maya is her best friend and practically her sister so who is she to decide that what she wants is the very same thing that Riley has?

OK. So Lucas wasn’t hers. But they had something. Something that was real and mutual, and yes, Riley got scared and pulled back a little and she can own her responsibility there but she knows roughly when Maya figured out her feelings for Lucas and it was almost certainly when Riley and him were still close and in their unofficial bliss.  It hurts that Maya would do that to her. And she can’t say anything because  Maya has every right to feel how she feels, and now Maya has every right to act how she wants to with Lucas.

After all, Riley got scared.

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