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If someone guesses who the giant is gonna be, I’ll complete this and post it. Read the tags if you enjoy late night blabbering. Also, @sviolet13 this is your fault ;-; your art tempted me and look where it got me

I hope you have a better day tomorrow and for each day after that. I hope that you’ll be doing better one day even if it’s far from now. I hope that you’ll be happy and bettering yourself. I hope that your life is good and full and you live for yourself. I hope you sleep well and that tomorrow’s sun washes away all of tonight. I hope sometimes just maybe, you’ll think of me even though I’m not around. I hope you know I love you, even still.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
274 100x100 Icons of Margot Robbie
  • 84 icons from About Time, 190 icons from The Wolf of Wall Street.
  • Credit is not necesarry (but appreciated!).
  • Do not edit or alter these in any way - if you would like customized icons for your character, just message me (off anon!) and I’ll make them as quickly as possible.
  • Please like and/or reblog if you use these!
  • You can also message me (again, off anon) for a zip of either both sets, About Time icons only or TWOWS only. Please specify which zip you’d like!
  • I tried to make these super pretty and organized in rows of four icons but apparently tumblr hates me.

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Dere types (and a few others)
  • Tsundere: H-hey! Don't get the wrong idea, you got it? I-it's not like I'm doing this for you or anything! It just can't be helped!
  • Yandere Type A: Hey, you're not looking at anyone else, are you? I'll have to get rid of them if you are~
  • Yandere Type B: I saw you with that other girl. You really won't love me? Fine, if I can't have you... *pulls out knife* no-one will~
  • Kuudere: Hey. I'll go out with you if you want. I don't really care though.
  • Dandere: (after months of silence) I was just wondering... maybe we could... hang out... or something...
  • Deredere: Aw, you're so sweet! I had a great time today! See you tomorrow! I love you!
  • Himedere: Hm! You'll have to do much better than that if you want me to go out with you! *noblewoman's laugh*
  • Hajidere: Oh! *blushes* I'm so sorry! Um... uh... D-do... Do you... Do you... N-never mind! *runs away*
  • Shundere: Look, you're really sweet but I don't want to bring my problems into your life. Please just leave me alone. Besides, I don't feel like going out.
  • Ojoudere: Hm, you have proven quite impressive. I'll happily date you if you wish.
  • Yangire: Oh, hi! Tell me, do you want to FUCKING DIE?! :)
  • Tsunshun: Idiot! *starts crying* D-don't look at me! Just go away! I SAID GO AWAY!
Day 2: Confessions

Rapunzel: I refuse to believe a have lisp.
Jack: I love your lisp.
Rapunzel: Sure you do…
Jack: What do you love?
Rapunzel: About you?
Jack: Not necessarily. In general.
Rapunzel: Well… I love paints made of white shells. And your voice, especially. Oh and Hazelnut soup! What about you?
Jack: hm… You.


Mark, you brought happiness to a lot of people. You put love on them too and so SO much joy. I am one of these people.

i had tears in my eyes while watching the video for the 3 million, it’s amazing how caring you are. thank you for being awesome and


Title: winter falls and warms the heart
Recipient: demonfoxgirl
Summary: Carmilla, bless her, decides to choreograph the opening dance to Silas U’s annual Winter Festival. (Prompt: Laura and Carmilla dancing the waltz in Victorian costumes.)
Notes:  For tumblruser demonfoxgirl! A Carmilla Holidays 2014 production.

I promise, I’m going to finish this, within the next three weeks (although hopefully sooner!). Wasn’t able to write sooner, what with hell month, and then finals week, stressing over NMAT, and travelling for like two weeks. (Sorry!!!)

Anyway, I hope you like it yo.

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