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Planet Lance

An Emperor kidnaps Lance to test and see if he is fit to be a paladin. The test inflict pain on Lance while at the same time testing his character.

-The first test is he has to stay underwater or they will hurt a little girl. (This idea comes from a fic I read but can’t remember the name to where Lance grows gills after he’s pushed in a lake and told if he comes back up they will kill Keith and Shiro)  

-The second test is he is whipped until he passes out or tells them the weaknesses of Voltron 

_He impresses the guard by continuing to tell jokes the whole time and by never showing he was in pain more than a small grunt or wince. The guard stops because he is starting to feel bad for hurting Lance and Lance comforts him and tries to make him less guilty

-The third test is he can escape or he can save the little girl from his worse fear. (Idk what his fear is going to be yet. Probably something to do with small spaces)

-The people of the planet are watching and recording the whole thing. They start to fall in love with Lance as he comforts the guard and then the girl by talking about how he has to make Keith and Pidge eat and sleep and how he helps Hunk when he has panic attacks and how he helps Allura and Shiro after their nightmares

-After the test the Emperor tries to apologize but before he can Lance says he understands and then he thanks the Emperor for looking out for Voltron

-The planet is smitten with the brave, and caring young boy

-He doesn’t tell the rest of the team. They just assumed he was with a cute alien

-They go back to the planet and its basically a shrine to Lance

-They sell Lance merchandise, have statues of him and even have a holiday celebrating him   

-The planet has advanced tech so they even have websites dedicated to Lance 

-Everyone is cold to the rest of the team because they think that they don’t appreciate Lance enough 

-The team is confused until Pidge stumbles upon a video of Lance going through the tests and what he said to the Emperor 

-Lance has been hiding in Blue and isn’t used to all the attention so he keeps crying because hes overwhelmed, happy and grateful

-The team buys as much merch as they can and surprise Lance

-The team wins the planet over by giving them pictures of Lance and telling them stories of all the times he’s saved them or just been awesome in general 

-The team starts taking care of Lance just as much as he takes care of them

-Everyone is happy

(I have been told the story I mentioned is called Fighting the surface)
Other ways TRR could have ended
  • rmb that diamond scene where that reporter noticed that the Beaumont family is poor? Maybe that could have reached the news (especially since i did not buy that scene) making the Beaumont family too controversial for Liam to pick without the queen trynna interject or something
  • Or maybe that money scene (that i also did not buy) comes back to haunt us? Maybe the brothers Beaumont are shady af (like drugs or something lol) and that reaches the news, and maybe cliff hanger then so that Liam isnt picking the snake in the green dress
  • Savannah comes back and calls the Prince her baby daddy
  • Maybe the traitor should have been revealed & cliff hanger on that  (looks like the queen was in on it tbh)
  • The prince picks MC, and they live happily ever after
  • The prince picks MC, who slips out the backdoor before anyone notices and runs away with Hana or Drake
  • The horse finally runs MC over and kills her
Okay so...

I wont be on Tumblr and DA for one week (or 10 days..) ^^’…

i’m going to visit some people i didn’t see for a looong time ^^, aaand i don’t think they have internet x)… (maybe they do?) anyways… i’ll go out everyday and i won’t have so much time for drawing or posting :3.. but i’ll take my computer with me just in case ^^…

I’ll try to aswer the asks i forgot to aswer x), and post some drawings before leaving ^w^! (i hope i’ll have internet ;w;)

See ya everyone :D ~! 

(sorry for the english mistakes xD..) 

  • someone: Hey, you're pretty cute! Wanna go on a date?
  • me: I... I'm sorry. It would be a waste of time. I don't think I can be with anyone after what happened with him.
  • someone: Who?
  • me: Maybe you've heard of him...
  • me: His name is Sasuke Uchiha.
  • me: When he was a kid, his brother murdered his entire family. A few years later he took the chunin exams and a guy bit him or something and then his brother came back and a bunch of other stuff happened.
  • me: One thing lead to another and Sasuke left the village...
  • me: I wanted him to come back but...
  • me: Anyway, everything's fine now. We won the war and he's on a journey of redemption or something, but I know he'll come home soon. If he doesn't, I'll find him and bring him back myself. Believe it.
  • me: My name's Naruto Uzumaki, by the way.

anonymous asked:

How would the creepypasta gang react to their s/o walking in on them in the middle of killing someone. Like, 'hey do you want to do something later' and then walks out immediately saying 'I can see that you're busy I'll just come back later'.

Jeff the Killer

Jeff would probably be the most chill in these kind of situations. I mean come on, the dudes a killer. He’s had to deal with worse shit than this before. He wouldn’t even stop what he was doing either. He’d just casually start up a conversation like, “Oh no, I’m not too busy right now. Maybe we could just go grab a bite to eat or something? I’m really in the mood for some Mexican food though,” all while carving a smile into the victim. 


Ben would probably might freak out at first. He’s never felt comfortable with others watching him while he kills, especially if it’s his S/O. That’s not to say he’s going to openly freak out in the act. He’d probably finish up his work before chasing after his S/O. Whenever he does manage to catch up with them and wrap an arm around their waist. “Next time you want to do something, text me or something like that. Can’t have my princess/prince getting mixed up with these kind of things.”


Trust me, you would never catch Slender while he’s working. He’s a real stickler for these kind of things. Slender is just always one step ahead. After all he is an omnipotent. That isn’t to say he can’t be reckless from time to time. Likely if you were to catch him while he was in the middle of a killing, it’s because he didn’t even trying hiding it. Most likely he’d just teleport away before his S/O could actually say anything. He just can’t let his S/O see these kind of things since it’s not healthy for the human psyche. 

Ticci Toby

Due to Toby’s mental state and issues, his reaction would be pretty inconsistent. He might welcome his S/O and offer to let them help with the process or he could be pissed with the whole situation and wind up hurting his S/O, or worse. He’d most likely to apologize to them for making them witness/take part in his crimes or for hurting them in any way, shape, or form.


Panic mode has engaged for the poor man. He’s probably scrambling around the room trying to hide all of the evidence even after his S/O had already left. The dude is pretty secretive about all of this, since his “boss” is very strict. If word got out about all of this he’d probably have his ass handed to him on a god damn silver platter. 


He’s probably really calm throughout the whole encounter. He doesn’t really mind that his S/O had barged in at all since they guy is going to wind up dead. Hoodie might even let his S/O stay so they can discus their plans for later on. After all, this is just business as usual. 

Jane the Killer 

“Well shit-” Seriously, that’s the only reaction you’d probably get from her. She’s pretty much a stone cold bitch, nothing can phase this woman. Jane probably just continue on with her work for the time being. All though she’s secretly dying on the inside. 

Eyeless Jack

He doesn’t even care that his S/O barged on in. Seriously, it’s not that big of a deal to the guy. The victim is probably already dead by now or will soon be dead. Plus E.J. actually enjoys company whenever he kills. Just one of the many perks to having a S/O to the guy. 

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Zen react to MC calling him in the middle of the night bc she saw a spider in her apartment and freaked out and had to leave bc she's really scared of them, and she didn't know where else to go bc she was panicking. Thanks~~

Ah anonny, I always seem to write so much with these singular person request so I hope that’s alright! I have so many spiders coming into my apartment through my windows and I now wish I could have Zen come to my rescue! This one was a lot of fun to write so I hope that you enjoy!! ^^

  • The flashing spotlight shown brightly on Zen’s perfect body, his voice singing a tune that could only be described as pure harmonious joy
  • You stood next to Zen, pressing yourself into his arm as you complimented his stellar performance, asking if you could treat him in his private room
  • He licked his lips and just as Zen was about to say yes, a loud ringing snapped him back to reality
  • Zen let out a yelp as he looked around the room, realizing that he was dreaming
  • He groaned as he heard his phone blaring his ringtone, which is a song that he’s personally singing swiping the screen to see that it was 3:07 am and that you were calling him
  • Even though he would do absolutely anything for you, calling him in the middle of the night was pushing it but nevertheless Zen answered the call and before he could even greet you, you yelled to him
  • “ZENINEEDYOURHELPRIGHTNOW!” You screamed as Zen winced, pulling his phone away from his ear to try and stop the ringing that had started
  • The panic in your voice made Zen go tense as he started rubbing his sleepy eyes with his one hand and calmly asking “Slow down MC, what’s going on?”
  • “There’s no time to explain Zen, it’s in the apartment!” You exclaimed to a still very sleepy and confused Zen
  • “Wait a minute, what exactly is in your apartment? Is someone there MC?! Are you alright?!” Panic and adrenaline started to flow within Zen as he shot out of bed
  • “No no no not someone but something Zen!” You exasperated, the more you talked the more out of breath you sounded
  • Zen rubbed his temple with his free hand as he took a deep breath to calm himself down, saying to you “Okay MC tell me exactly what’s going on.”
  • “I woke up a little bit ago to get some water and when I walked into the kitchen, there was a huge spider there. I’m terrified of spiders so I couldn’t stay there and I’m currently walking around outside. Please help me Zen.” You explained as you bit your bottom lip, shuddering at the horrid memory
  • Zen was already pulling on a jacket and wrapping his hair up into his signature ponytail as he grabbed his keys to motorcycle
  • “Tell me exactly where you are MC. Make sure to stay by someplace where there’s a street lamp and keep your phone on. We’ll keep this call going and if anything happens, scream. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Zen stated determinedly as he hopped on his vehicle
  • Luckily, you were relatively close to Zen’s home and he got to you within ten minutes
  • Zen breathed a huge sigh of relief when he saw you shaken up but unharmed as he peeled his jacket off and put it on you
  • You pressed yourself close against Zen’s back as he rode the two of you back to his home, feeling your anxiety start to vanish with his presence
  • He sat you down on his couch and poured you some tea as you curled up into his strong chest, still slightly shivering from the cold air
  • “Listen MC, we can wait until you warm up and then I can take you back to your place. Don’t worry your knight in shining armor will slay that villainous spider!” Zen dramatically said with a dazzling smile
  • But you clung onto Zen’s arm and shook your head rapidly from side to side and with tears threatening to spill as you said “B-but what if you kill that spider and there’s more! I don’t want to leave, can’t I stay here and sleep with you for tonight and tomorrow we can go kill that spider? Please Zenny?”
  • Zen saw genuine worry in your eyes as your buried your face in his chest, sighing because he knew he could never say no to you
  • “Alright MC you win, you can stay here for the night. We’ll wake up early tomorrow to kill the spider okay?” Zen said with a smile and you nodded in agreement
  • The next day your knight managed to kill the spider and bought some bug repellent to place near the windows
  • You gave Zen a hug as you expressed your gratitude to him saying “You’re the best Zen, thank you so much for helping me!” And sealed those words with a sweet kiss
  • Zen smiled bashfully and gave you a quick kiss back, saying “It was nothing MC, let me know if you ever need help again.“
  • As Zen was about to exit, you grabbed onto his hand looking shyly at him telling him “Um, what if more spiders come inside? Maybe you should stay with me, you know, to help protect me from the spiders!”
  • From that day on, you and Zen lived together as you payed Zen for his spider-killing services in exchange for kisses
I’m so scared that I’m going to get out of this town and break free of all the people and the past that’s been holding me back and then, maybe five years later, maybe ten, come back. I’m afraid I’ll escape only to realize that I’m comforted by the locks on my windows and this inescapable feeling of being trapped.
—  Journal Entry; 28 July 2017
Padawan - Anakin Skywalker

Prompt #2 of the Hamilton fics.
Song: Aaron Burr, Sir

“Pardon me, are you Anakin Skywalker, sir?” you asked hesitantly, walking up to the tall man who had a eerie scar across his eye. He looked over at you and raised an eyebrow from that side of his face.

“That depends, who’s asking?”

“Oh well, sure, sir, I’m Y/N Y/L/N. I have been looking for you.”

“I’m getting nervous,” he said with a smile, making you laugh nervously.

“I’m a Jedi, too. I heard your name at the Jedi Temple.” He looked at you curiously. 

“You seem pretty young to be a Jedi master,” he said. You laughed.

“Well, I’m still just a learner, but I did move on sooner than most. I was a little enthusiastic.” He raised his eyebrow and again and tilted his head. “I may have forced punched someone, way before we had even learned how.” He laughed wholeheartedly this time. 


“I wanted to join the fight. I wanted to be a part of the Clone Wars. I was inspired by everything that happened at Genosis a few months ago.”

“Can I buy you a drink? Or are you not old enough.” You laughed and shook your head.

“No, I’m old enough. A drink would be nice.” He nodded and started walking in step with you towards the nearest club. 

“While we’re talking let me offer you some free advice. Talk less. Smile more.” You did a little, but looked at him curiously. Usually when someone told you to smile more, it was a creepy old man who had only known you for a second. Technically, Anakin wasn’t that much different. After ordering, he looked back at you again. “Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for.”

“You can’t be serious?”

“You want to get ahead?” he asked.


“Fools who run their mouths often wind up dead,” he said seriously. 

“You did,” you said. He looked over at you and you giggled. “I mean, you’re the one who went to Genosis, stopping the dark side from killing your master, Obi Wan Kenobi.”

“Okay, firs of all, I think you know too much about me, second of all, what did I say about talking too much?”

“Sorry.” He smiled and sighed.

“Why did you even come find me?”

“Because I had a question.”

“Okay,” he said, looking at you nervously. 

“Well, you told me not to talk so much.” He laughed and seemed a little annoyed.

“Just tell me.”

“I came to ask if you would take me on as a Padawan.”

“You’re kidding.” This time it was your turn to laugh nervously.


“I’m still training myself-”

“I know, that’s why Master Yoda thought we would make a great pair.” He sighed.

“Master Yoda sent you?”

“And Master Windu, yes.” He took a drink and pondered for a while.

“Hell of a time to send a new Padawan.”

“So you’ll take me?” you asked excitedly. 

“I didn’t say that.  I’ll have to ask Obi Wan first.”

“But it’s a yes from you,” you said, beaming.

“I didn’t say that either. You’re putting words in my mouth.” You laughed, knowing that he had already decided. That was the thing about being a Jedi, your impressions of people were nearly instant and unwavering. Anakin had already made the decision to teach you, and you could see it in his eyes.

A week later, you were traveling on a ship to Coruscant, next to Anakin, and Obi Wan. Like you expected, Anakin gave you a fabulous review, and Obi Wan agreed you would make a great addition to their little team. Since you had only been with them for a week, you weren’t exactly sure how to follow them, but were slowly catching on.

You and Obi Wan would tease Anakin quite a bit, and you and Anakin would talk about Obi Wan when he was’t paying attention. It had only been a week, and the Clone Wars were coming to a close. You knew you should have been happy about that, but you didn’t want to lose your chance to learn with Anakin and Obi Wan.

When you stopped day dreaming, you looked over at them, and noticed that they were discussing what would happen when the war was over.

“The revolution is imminent, Anakin, what do you stall for?”

“If you stand for nothing, Obi Wan, what will you fall for?” A silence fell over the men, and you felt a presence you hadn’t sensed before. Anger, maybe. Jealous? Fear? Something. Something wasn’t right about the way that Anakin was fiddling with his hands, or the look that Obi Wan had on his face. A moment later it was gone, and you forgot about it entirely. But that feeling would come back again, and the same confusion and worry would wash over you.

Some news...

… well basically I just wanted to apologize for the lack of art !! Life happened, and lots of things got in the way ! I’ve been overwhelmed with school since september and didn’t have much time to draw.
This is the reason why I won’t be doing anything for the 1k followers eventually ! Sorry about that, I wanted to organize something nice with prizes and everything, but I don’t want to rush any drawing, sooo … looking forward to the next stage ?

I’m afraid I also won’t be able to get through all of your Sweet Moments requests, though I’ll try to draw as many of them as possible !! I’m filled with determination and positivity.

Now, real news :

As some of you might’ve noticed, I’m a voice actress. And just so you know, in France it’s quite rare to dub in animes. Most of them are dubbed in Belgium, so I never got to dub in an anime before.

And now you might’ve hear of this movie that tops at the japanese box-office… it’s called “Kimi no Na wa” (Your Name) and it’s the latest Makoto Shinkai’s Breaking Point.

(I mean serious business here m’kay?) 


As soon as a french trailer releases, I’m sharing it here ~ Tbh I don’t want to annoy anyone with my life but I couldn’t not scream my delight here.

(I’m a fan of Makoto Shinkai’s work, and Mitsuha was such a pleasure to dub !! If you haven’t seen any of M. Shinkai’s movie before, then what are you doing ? Come on, you can still fix this. I’d recommend 5 centimeters per second, Journey to Agartha and The Garden of Words first ~)

And if you’re ever curious about voice acting, I’ll be happy to chat with you about this wonderful job !! Feel free to ask anything !

Ok i’m done screaming about my life now. Thank you for reading, I’ll try to update new drawings asap (expect some Amedot content) !! ❤

How I wish that Isayama had never publicly said that Eren and Armin wouldn’t always be friends/would drift apart. It’s not the idea itself that’s so bad to me, it’s just the fact that it was openly stated so early on

How old is that interview now? At least 3 years old? 

I have no idea how the popularity of eremin as a ship changed over time, but I get the feeling that interview played a role. 

For so long there’s been this assumption that Eren and Armin wouldn’t even be friends by the end of the series, and that’s had an effect on fans. It leaves a sense of dread in a way. It skews the way people view their relationship in general. Less people are willing to give it a chance because of that, I think.

I’ve lost count of the times people bring up, “oh so THIS must be the thing that causes Eren and Armin’s falling out!” All the time. 

That expectation was planted early on, and now fans just can’t pry themselves away from that. There’s less focus on their actual relationship. The positive aspects are pushed aside in favor of what negative things may happen in the future. It’s like the majority of fans are just anticipating the moment Eren and Armin go through some dramatic fallout. 

That’s aggravating.

It’s fine to me if Isayama plans on the two drifting apart or have a major disagreement or whatever, I just can’t help but think how different the fandom’s perception of eremin would be if he just never made that intent public. If that interview never existed, if he never alluded to it, how differently would fans look at their relationship?

Consider his interview regarding EMA from the recent guidebook, where he hints even Mikasa will separate from Eren as part of her growth. If Isayama had said that 3 years back, would people perceive Eren and Mikasa’s relationship differently as well?

It just seems like eremin always comes back to that interview. You might have people discussing their relationship, only to end it on, “but Isayama said they won’t even be friends in the end anyway,” and that’s that. 

Maybe that’s part of why this ship isn’t terribly popular. People think it’s already been sunk by the author himself.

The night you cheated on me, I was about two beers down already and I didn’t cry when she sent me the picture of you two. I laughed and said “fuck you. Who cares?” Your two best friends texted me for 2 weeks after that, checking up on me. Telling me I was prettier than her. Asking if I was okay. I never really got sad about you though. I never really hurt when you left me. Maybe I knew it was coming. Like a stalled car on a train tracks. Knowing I can get out anytime but maybe I just didn’t want to. Maybe I’m still drunk. 18 days later. Maybe I know you. I know when you’re done with this one, you’ll come back to me. You always do. And I hate you for that.

Because honestly you’re my one weakness. I would let you destroy me time and time again because, well, you’re you.

—  Feb 19, 2015 2:06am

Last night I dreamed Dipper in his mid-to-late 20s had to take care of Mabel’s 1 and ½ year old daughter after she died in an accident.

Mabel was never married, the baby’s father walked out on them, the Stans were old and still sailing the 7 seas, and Dipper didn’t want his parents to take custody of Mabel’s baby nor did he want her to end up in a foster home, so he impulsively offered to take her in–despite knowing next to nothing about child care.

He moves to Gravity Falls after that. His childhood home. I know Soos and Melody took over the Mystery Shack but for some reason it was vacant and dusty, like someone hadn’t lived there for a few years at least? Maybe Soos and Melody moved somewhere else to raise their kids? I don’t know.

Dipper opens the front door and it’s a sad sight, to see the Shack so dull and dusty. Empty. He walks over to a shelf of pine tree hats and plops a dusty one on his head, admiring himself in the mirror with a small smile that quickly falls. The desolate state of the Shack reflects his grief after losing his sister.

But over time the Shack gains life again, as Dipper and the toddler bond over a series of parenting misadventures. Dipper is always internally panicking and worrying that he’s raising her wrong. He’s alone and he has no idea what the hell he’s doing, but he does his best. For Mabel and her daughter.

Mabel’s baby brings happiness into Dipper’s life. She brightens it in a similar but still different way than Mabel used to brighten it. She looks so much like Mabel. She reminds him so much of Mabel. And it hurts, but it also stirs a need to protect and take care of that he always felt towards Mabel. He wants to see this baby smile. He wants to hear her laugh.

That’s about as far as the dream went, but I’ve got this other scene in mind, of Dipper unpacking boxes shortly after moving into the Shack. Mabel’s daughter is seated on the ground, fiddling with a piece of cardboard. Dipper’s talking to her about how much she looks like Mabel:

“You’ve got her hair, her eyes. Even those weird little hairs that stick up in the back. We could be siblings…except for the incredibly huge age gap between us. That’s kind of out of the ordinary. I could be your dad, but that’s even weirder. Alright, so maybe I’m like an uncle/brother/father hybrid. Yeah. Good thing we live in Gravity Falls, huh, kid? This place is like the island of misfit toys. The home of all things fucked up. Shit, I mean ‘messed up’. I mean, not ‘shit’, crap! I mean…Oh, you know what I mean.”

I also love the idea of Pacifica still living in GF and her and Dip reconnecting after years. They’re both pretty clueless, but Paz helps Dipper be a parent. She brings some happiness into his life too. It doesn’t have to be shippy either, like they could just be friends (but its kind of funny to imagine Mabel matchmaking even in Heaven).

Anyway I thought this was a really heartbreaking/heartwarming idea I’d share with you all.