maybe i'll colour this in


Yes I am Steven Universe trash and man I want more SU nOW.

so to soothe myself I decided to design a Lapis/Peridot fusion.

Honestly this isn’t my first attempt at drawing a fusion between the two but this is the design I chose after actually reading about the Chrysocolla gem (as well as my brother telling me that my previous designs shouldn’t look like Peri or Lapis but something entirely new bc hey fusions are supposed to take some characteristics from their parent gems but not all).

But basically what I seen about the Chrysocolla gem was that it was known for peace and love. It’s a soothing gem that was gifted to those whose suffered through abuse and is found alongside Malachite. So idk, I thought that it being a soothing gem known for love/peace, would be a happier fusion for Lapis if she ever did decide to fuse again and peace/love made me think of the song Peridot sang with Steven. Plus the colour scheme looks like a good fusion for them??

I honestly imagine they fused when both try to save Steven at the same time, by accident, similar to Ruby and Sapphire. First seeing Chrysocolla, she’d be unstable and panicky bc of Lapis and Peridot’s feelings on fusion. Their first fusion would be like Garnet’s fusion -a mixture of Ruby/Sapphire’s clothing and colours. However the two would become friends and fuse to save Steven again and they would become the image above.

(Why does Steven need so much saving in my explanation of lapidot fusing?? I guess bc Lapis and Peridot would bond over their platonic love over Steven??)