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it could happen either way, but more than often sam is more likely to remember someone by face than name — sometimes he will remember the name but wait for you to introduce yourself just to confirm it. faces are usually more memorable to him than someones name ( considering he makes eye contact with the person he speaks to ; he’s not alway repeating someones name in a conversation. ) he thinks its better to remember the faces — theres nothing to put the name to if you cant remember the face of the person.

he studies the faces of people he meets, or bumps into just to remind himself of who they ( whether they are dangerous or not )

ernst and the terrible horrible no good very bad day

(flowernst!!!!!!!!! also mentioned pirate queens)

Ernst had never had a worse day in his life.

He was currently stuck as a customer yelled at him, when all he was trying to do was sell flowers.  I mean, come on.  It really wasn’t that difficult to understand – the roses were $1 only if you bought 12 or more.

And yet, here he was, standing there like an idiot as a customer screamed at him about how he was charging her $12.50 for her 5 roses.  First of all, $1.50 wasn’t even that big of a difference, and second, who buys 5 roses?  Who are you getting these for that you say, “Oh, you’re special, but not special enough for a full dozen”?

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Has there been a fic with pining roadhog and oblivious junkrat? I mean I bet there’s variations of that idea but I’m thinking something a little more domestic, maybe they’re in overwatch and it’s just little drabbles of everyone noticing how bad roadhog has it for junkrat except junkrat