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How to know you are INFP

-You often feel like an alien on earth.

(INFPs are one of the rarest types. Even though we can find a lot of us chatting on the internet, it can be hard to find other INFPs in “real life”, because we tend to avoid unnecessary attention. Therefore, we can sometimes feel very alone and different.)

-You feel sorry for the last cookie in the jar.

(A lot of INFPs have a great sense of empathy. We understand other people and their feelings. In some cases, this sense of empathy can even lead us to project feelings onto inanimate objects. I once apologized to a chair for knocking my foot on it.)

-Your room or apartment is full of random, more or less useful stuff.

(Our Intuitive side mixed with our perceiving side makes us idea machines. We are interested by everything. We start tons of projects we won’t finish right now, but maybe later. We keep stuff just in case. We also keep stuff because of sentimental values. Our mind is always rolling and exploring and creating. Our space is representative of our mind.)

-You can’t put your music library on random.

(INFPs are very curious and open-minded. We understand and love many different things. If you are INFP, chances are you like a lot of different kinds of music too. So you need to make playlists unless you want to hear a piano jazz instrumental song right after some gangster rap, followed by an obscure indie band from the 80s.)

Since April is coming up I think I’m going to do some posts talking about how bad of an organization autism $peaks is.

First hardly any of the money they raise goes towards helping autistics. The majority goes back into funding even more fundraisers and research into a “cure”. Second they don’t listen to autistics. Unlike other organizations there are no autistics in autism $peaks and they refuse to listen to the voices of autistics.

Third autism $peaks really dehumanize autistics in the way that they talk about autism. They’ve been known to say stuff like “autism ruins marriages” and have constantly referred to autistic children as being “missing”. They talk about autism as if it’s a cancer, a disease that needs to be eradicated. If you want a clear picture of how autism $peaks views us autistics then you should watch their 2009 awareness ad titled “I am autism” though I warn you the video is disgusting in how it talks about autism. The video makes autism out to be a creepy stalker that will steal children away from their parents. The whole video is really sickening and I warn you to only watch it if you think you can handle it, maybe read a transcript of it instead if you’re really curious.

Finally they have funded some really terrible things such as the Judge Rotenberg Center which used electro shock “therapy” on autistics. They abuse autistics to stop them from doing things that are normal autistic traits such as stimming. This place needs to be shut down and I’m amazed that it hasn’t been yet. I’ll probably make another post talking more about this place later.

So in conclusion, this April do not “light it up blue” as that is an autism $peaks movement. Autism $peaks us a horribly ableist organization that is practically a hate group. If you support autism $peaks then you are not supporting autistics!

The ultimate list of Falsettos headcannons

Some of these are stolen from @falsettosheadcanons

- Can play 3 instruments: trumpet, piano, and guitar
- is very bad at the trumpet (but played it all through middle school and a little bit through high school ), can play a few songs on the guitar, and is very good at the piano. But he is mainly a GREAT singer (he joined choir when he quit band in high school)
- Is addicted to coffee. He will slap a bitch if they talk to him before he drinks coffee
- As we know Marvin is very smart. He reads all the time and Whizzer practically has to tear the book he’s reading out of his hands. But some people may not know he especially excels at math, and can do almost any math problem in his head.
- One time: He got in a fist fight with a Trump supporter (he is VERY invested in politics)

- Is a musical ho and sings them VERY loudly in the shower
- When he was little he always tried out for the school musical, but the poor kid is practically tone def. he treasured his parts in the chorus though.
- Not only is Whizzer an amazing photographer, he’s also a great drawer. He particularly loves pointillism
- He has invested his life to those BuzzFeed personality quizzes. He not only takes them himself, he will take them on behalf of Marvin (because he refuses to do it) and see what they get.
- One time: he almost became a model. But he was still in high school at the time and his parents said that was “too gay”. Boy, did his parents have a surprise a few months later when Whizzer came out.

- Is actually a great dancer
- She used to do competition dance for tap and ballet and still does dance moves from time to time.
- Is very addicted to Candy Crush
- LOVES cats. Much to the dismay of Jason, she will foster stray cats for a few days and let them back out into the wild (Jason: What if they have rabies?!?)
- One time: she was on Cutthroat Kitchen. She was not afraid to sabotage anyone, so much that she went a little ~overboard~. She spent all her money in the first round, and got all the sabotages in the next round. Mendel was still very proud of her anyways even though she lost.

- Will wear a Snuggie un-ironically
- He loves all infomercial products. He owns 3 Shamwows
- His favorite animal is a goldfish and he will go to the fair and win 10 goldfish.
- He has an ever growing Pillow Pet collection
- One time: he took Jason and Trina to an amusement park to go on this all-new-very-VERY-tall roller coaster. Mendel, is terrified of heights but wanted to be a good sport. Needless to say, it did not end well.

- Is a straight A student, but barely scrapes by in gym
- He actually was supposed to earn a C in gym because of his lack of physical ability, but many angry phone calls from Trina and Marvin later, he managed to get extra credit to get an A.
- Like Whizzer, Jason is also very good at drawing. But he draws cartoons.
- Hates public speaking. Every time he has to speak in front of the class, he gets all nervous (poor bby ;~;)
- One time: in class when he had to write an argumentative essay he wrote “why chess is better than checkers.” Which seems stupid, but not only did he get an A+, his was used as an example in front of the whole class

- Actually has two degrees: one for being a doctor and one for pre law
- She decided she wanted to be a doctor instead because she wanted to save people. Not send someone to prison
- Has a very weird taste in music. She has a Spotify playlist with half rock music and half classical music. She puts it on shuffle to “get some variety”
- Charlotte & Marvin are bffs and totally watch Jeopardy and play along together with no shame.
- One time: in middle school she tried to prove she wasn’t a “goody goody” by pulling the fire alarm. It did not go over well.

- Is VERY accident prone
- That’s actually how she met Charlotte. Cordelia broke her arm and went to the doctors office to get it looked at, and met her.
- Loves the snow. She grew up in Southern California (where they obviously don’t have snow) although she’s been living in New York for quite some time, she still gets a kick out of seeing it
- Also loves bubbles. Will buy 20 of those $1 bubble wands just for no reason.
- One time: she tried to make Charlotte cake for her birthday solely based on instructions from Pinterest. Just,,,,,, make of that what you will

Feel free to add :)

Dont teach Keith internet slang
  • Lance: look Hunk! I taught Keith internet slang! Keith, show 'em
  • Hunk: oh no
  • Keith: um well.. the word 'nut' certainly makes more sense to me.. also slay, which, speaking of, Hunk slays.
  • Hunk: aha thanks, maybe this won't be so bad
  • [later]
  • Hunk: guys come try the cake I made!!!
  • Lance and Keith: *come flying downstairs and begin to eat vigorously*
  • Hunk: do you like it? I put some extra nuts in there.
  • Keith: *stops eating and drops his fork*
  • Hunk: what's wrong Keith
  • Keith, with wide eyes: Hunk
  • did u
  • ..cum inside of this cake?????
  • everyone: *silent*
  • Lance and Hunk: *realization*
  • Hunk, ignoring a distressed Keith: Lance
  • Lance: yea
  • Hunk: ..
  • Hunk: ur not aloud to teach Keith anythInG ANYMORE
  • Lance: Fair.

So Night in the Woods is rad. Thought I’d make some human-ish designs of the characters for fun. Maybe I’ll do more in the future? Probably.

You’re My Favorite

In honor of H’s 23 birthday, enjoy this little one shot! :) 

Plot: What to get to the man who has everything?

Warnings: None. 

Three weeks to H’s Birthday:

“Baby,” Harry groaned exasperation. His eyes rolled back and he let his head drop for a moment, appearing to be completely and utterly done with the subject I had been bugging him with for a few hours now as well as over the past days.

Harry’s birthday present.

And still, he was being close to no help. His eyes met mine and I whined, wanting him to take me seriously, because even though we (admittedly) had been discussing this topic a bit too long now, he somehow still didn’t understand my point.
Birthdays were something I took very seriously, especially Harry’s. It was the first time for me to celebrate his birthday with him given that our relationship was only a few months old and all I wanted was him to be showered with love and spoiled silly. I wanted to make him happy.
Planning his day wasn’t the problem, it was easy. I would spend the night before with him, mainly so I could make sure him being spoiled would start early in the morning already (breakfast in bed, maybe some sex) but most of all I wanted to stay with him because I knew how Harry didn’t like having to sleep and wake up alone. It made my heart ache a little bit and fall even more in love with his sensitive and gentle soul and so I liked the idea of him not having to do that on his birthday, too.
Later, we would have lunch with his mother, sister and step-father so we would be able to exchange gifts quietly and just in the presence of his immediate family. Harry absolutely adored them and I knew he’d love being able to be with just his family for a while, before his friends would join us for a dinner at his favorite restaurant. It was a simple plan and wouldn’t entail too many surprises for him, but I knew that would be what Harry enjoyed most. All of his life was always extravagant and a big deal, so I imagined him having simple family time would be just what he’d need.
What had been giving me a headache for a while now was the most difficult question I’d ever had to ask myself. What makes a good present to a person who could buy the world?

“You are so difficult sometimes,” I argued quietly, nudging Harry’s hip with my own.

We were standing in my tiny kitchen and cooking dinner together, well, less cooking and more arguing about his upcoming birthday. The pans were still empty and the table wasn’t set either. Three weeks. I had three weeks left to get him the perfect present and I was absolutely clueless.

Harry laughed. “Says the one who’s been worrying herself silly over a present for a birthday who’s almost a month away.”  

I rolled my eyes. “Maybe I just shouldn’t get you anything then. If I’m just being silly.”

My body turned and I went to reach for two wine glasses, almost dropping them when Harry startled me by wrapping both of his arms around my waist. His chest hit my back and I squealed when his head buried itself into my neck, releasing puffs of hot breath, making me squeal.

“You wouldn’t do that,” he murmured quietly, sounding like a little boy who’d been denied… well, his birthday present.

“Oh wouldn’t I, Styles?” I giggled, squeezing his wrists through the thick material of his grey jumper.

He shook his head, lips ghosting over my skin and I relaxed into him. “Don’t think you would.”

And of course I wouldn’t. But I really was lost. In my imagination, I could see his face lighting up with that beautiful smile of his and his pretty eyes would sparkle in surprise and happiness. I wanted that image to be reality, had seen him wear the expression on other occasions before and I wanted to be the reason why he wore it on his birthday. And the one bloody thing needed for that to happen was missing. An idea.

Two weeks to H’s Birthday:

In my desperate situation I’d called up the only person I could think of, who knew Harry better than anybody else did. His mother. Anne and I were sat in a small cafe just around the corner of where Harry lived. I held my mug of hot chocolate tightly and listened eagerly to the stories Anne had to tell, all of them involving a much younger version of Harry. Anne waved her hands in the air, mimicking Harry’s desperate attempt of rollerblading and I laughed out loud.

“He sounds like he was an incredibly clumsy child,” I giggled.

“Oh he was,” Anne smiled with a nod, “Still is, really. You’ve seen how he used to stumble around on stage. Even broke his foot once, the silly boy.”

“Oh right, I forgot about that!”

Anne chuckled and kindly offered me some of her cookie, which I happily accepted.

“So,” she began, handing me a piece of her desert, “I’m sure there’s a other reason behind you summoning me, other then hearing stories you can mock my son with later.”

I laughed gently and nodded. “Though, I could listed to those stories all day, I did call because I have a problem I was hoping you could help me with.”

A small frown took over Anne’s kind features and she set down her cup. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing too serious,” I quickly assured, not wanting her to worry, “It’s going to sound silly to you, I’m sure. But I just can’t come up with a good idea for a gift for Harry.”

My eyes met hers and I sensed that she was about to ask if I was kidding, because of course it sounded stupid to anyone else, and so I carried on quickly.

“His birthday, is coming closer and closer and I can’t figure out what to get him! That man has everything and if he doesn’t, then he buys it the next day. And even when I finally find something he hasn’t seen before but would love, it costs so much more than what I have! It’s so frustrating ‘cause all I want is to make him happy and surprise him with something nice but I can’t even get him something as simple as clothing! He came around with a cardigan just yesterday that cost £5000! I don’t even own anything that expensive! That piece of clothing he loves, is worth two months of my rent.”

Anne bit her lower lip, her expression serious again and I sighed. I felt so whiny and like an uncreative child, but I really was at my wit’s end.

“It’s the first birthday I get to spend with him and I’m going to fail him completely.”

My eyes lowered to my mug and I tapped the porcelain lightly, feeling defeated.

“Sweetheart,” Anne said kindly, “Harry will love whatever it is you get him. He adores you.”

A small smiled tugged at my lips and I blushed at her words. “I don’t want him to like it simply 'cause it’s from me, though.”

I raised the cup of chocolate to my lips and took a sip, then decided to just come clean with my greatest worry.

“The women he’s been with before me,” I began quietly, avoiding Anne’s patient gaze, “were rich enough to get him the world. What if he realizes that I’m just not… I don’t know. Suitable for his standards?”

The worry sounded stupid when it’d come to my mind the first time, but it’d stayed. Kendall Jenner, the last girl Harry had been involved with before me, was probably just as, if not even richer than he was himself. Same counted for Taylor Swift. They could go wherever he wanted to go, dress just as expensively and rent entire venues for him to host his party. Me? I had to scrap anything I had together every single month so I could afford my tiny apartment in London. Harry of course was aware that I couldn’t afford the same lifestyle as he had, but sometimes, especially when he came around with a £5000 cardigan, I wondered if he was aware how much money he actually had compared to what ordinary people earned.
When I dared looking at Anne again, she surprised me by wearing a bright smile. Both of her hands reached over the table and she took hold of my own, squeezing my fingers in a comforting gesture.

“Him thinking you aren’t suitable for him is absolutely and a hundred percent impossible, Y/N. Believe me.”

“You think so?” I asked timidly.

She nodded, still smiling confidently.

“The women Harry was with in the past,” she shook her head, pausing for a moment, then she continued, “were lovely, sure. But they never stayed around long. They never mattered to him as much as you do. He never brought one home, only introduced them casually over a dinner or sometimes not at all. Trust me, sweetheart, you are the first one he’s let get close to his heart and I can see it every day. You might not notice it because you’ve never seen him without it, but since you’re in his life, there’s an extra sparkle in his eyes and his smile is just a tiny little bit wider. He told me he’s been getting more sleep and that he even learned how to cook. That’s your influence on him, I know that. You’re taking care of him and that means the world. So trust me on this, you give him enough of what he couldn’t get himself every day. No birthday present could ever make you a failure to him.”

“Oh, Anne,” I almost squealed, blinking away the tears forming in my eyes. I squeezed her fingers in return and sniffled, trying to calm my rapidly beating heart.

She squeezed my hands once more and just like her son, her comforting aura was enough to ease me.

“And besides,” she continued in a giggle, “if he thinks I’m getting him anything even remotely close to £5000, he’s gone mad.”

H’s Birthday:

My lips lingered on the warm skin of Harry’s cheek and I giggled when I felt his smile beneath my lips. Harry’s hand found mine on his knee and he interlocked our fingers, humming quietly in appreciation. I could hear Gemma snicker at our interaction and I pressed another kiss to his jaw, then I withdrew. Harry’s eyes found mine and I could read his surprise in them. Normally I wasn’t as touchy feely with him when his family was around, but today I couldn’t help myself. My Harry was officially 23 years old. I couldn’t believe it.
We were sat on the couch in Harry’s living room, Gemma, Anne, Robing, Harry and me. There was cake and coffee on the small table along with the presents we’d bought for him. So far, the day had gone neatly and after the chat I had had with Anne, I felt confident about my choice of present, too.
Harry seemed so happy, relaxed and like he was enjoying himself. Just like I had intended to do, I’d been showering him with love all day long, waking him up with kisses and embracing him every few minutes. For breakfast I’d made him pancakes, bacon and eggs, making sure that the only healthy thing he got was a smoothie. And the sex well, had been mind-blowing.  
I squeezed Harry’s fingers tightly and blushed when he pressed his lips to my own cheek for a moment, as he wasn’t too much into PDA himself either, then he turned to engage in the conversation his family was leading.

“Harry,” Robing began, “I know you’re not a kid anymore, but do you want me to initiate that it’s time for you to get your presents?”

“That would be great,” Harry laughed, letting his arm rest around my waist in a loose hold.

I smiled at him lovingly and felt my stomach flutter when Harry pulled me even closer into his side, sharing his warmth with me. How did he always smell so good?
The first present he opened was Gemma’s. He let go of me and got up to hug her in thanks and joked about how it was the exact same thing he’d been thinking of getting her only weeks ago and she giggled, muttering a “liar” under her breath. Next came Anne and Robin’s present, then came mine. My fingers itched and I swallowed. Though I wasn’t worried about Harry not liking my present, I was very eager to see the excited expression on his face.

“S'big,” Harry said, giving me an impressed glance when he picked up the box I’d wrapped neatly with blue wrapping paper.

He carefully began to pull at it with care as if the paper wasn’t actually meant to be ripped apart and I giggled, resting one of my hands on his shoulder to squeeze it. He was so adorable.
Once finished, he began to tap the cartoon box as if expecting a noise and I giggled at his comedic and silly behavior. Anne shook her head at him but the smile plastered on her face was a big enough sign that she was just as delighted to be here with her son as I was. With careful fingers Harry continued to open the box and my heart squeezed when he smiled instantly.
Since I hadn’t been able to decide on one present for him, I’d gotten him several.
The first item Harry revealed was a bottle of massage oil, his favorite with the soft smell of almond mixed with vanilla. I’d remembered the many evenings where I’d found him on his couch, face a grimace of pain and exhaustion where he claimed nothing could ease and soothe him better than my fingers massaging his tense muscles. Though I was tired on most night when I came home after a long day, I’d always given in. Seeing Harry unhappy was enough of a persuasion to make me help him.

“For when your back is acting up again,” I murmured quietly, allowing my hand to run down Harry’s back in a soothing gesture, “Won’t even complain about it, I promise.”

He chuckled and nodded, setting the bottle to the side before sticking his hand back into the box in search for the next item I’d gotten him.

“Oh I wanted to get that one myself!” Gemma exclaimed when Harry held up the navy blue nail polish.

“Do you think I can pull this color off?” Harry asked me, a smile on his face. “S'a bit flashy, don’t you think?”

“It’s blue, Harry,” I laughed, “Pink would be flashy. And of course you and pull this off. There’s nothing you couldn’t, really.”

The next and last item Harry pulled out of the box was a small journal, similar to the one he already owned.

“I saw yours is almost full,” I explained when Harry smiled at the new journal.

It had the same leather cover as his other one did and since he’d decorated it with small stickers and words, I’d allowed myself to leave my own small message to him. A tiny inscription saying you’re my favorite right at the bottom of the right corner. I’d scraped it into the leather, making it a permanent decoration so he’d have something to remind him of me when we were forced to be apart.

Harry actually blushed when his thumb stroke over the words and he momentarily leaned into my side. My heart hammered in my chest.

“Open it,” I whispered quietly.

He glanced at me briefly, then he opened it slowly. At first he didn’t see it, but once he turned some of the pages he noticed that some of them were already used. And once he began to read what I’d written, he teared up. The grin on his face grew, revealing his loveably dimples and his widened.

“Y/N,” Harry sighed and shook his head.

His fingers kept on running over the paper and he swallowed visibly. He looked as if he found it difficult to believe what his eyes were reading and one of his hands found mine.

“What?” Anne asked, leaning up so she could catch a peek as well.

“They’re just some notes about us,” I explained.

But they weren’t really, not just some notes. I’d filled the pages with small texts and short sentences, all of them about Harry and me. They were tiny stories about us, remembering our first kiss, the one we’d shared standing on Jack’s balcony while all of our friends were celebrating and partying indoors. The second paragraph I wrote about how I’d felt when I’d first met Harry, how excited I’d been and how I hadn’t stopped thinking of him since then. I even admitted that I’d fallen a tiny bit in love with him already.
Harry’s eyes were still teary when he read a few more pages, then he closed the book.

“I love it.”

The words were whispered to the journal, his head held low. His hands clenched around the item and he sniffled noisily. My fingers squeezed his hand and I pressed another kiss to his arm. This was better than having wearing a wide grin. The present, one that I’d gotten him for a reasonable price, had actually made him speechless.

“I’m glad, Harry,” I giggled.

Hope you enjoyed it! Thank you to every single one of you who takes the time to read my one shots! I’m so excited and happy about every note I get. 

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What if—-
I loved the idea of Prompto betraying his friends way more than I thought I would. A comic inspired by this comic over here! I took a crack at using screentones this time instead of just the standard black and white cell shadding and I fell in love with this! Man, one day, one day, I’ll take another crack and maybe write up a story board for some Promptis doujins.

spoonie spell for energy

i’ve been veryvery low on energy lately (hello depression or autistic burnout), and when i spontaneously tried this yesterday, it had surprisingly effective results. (ofc, with the ingredients used, it can probably be scientifically/biologically explained, but it’s so much more rewarding to think about it in a magical way tbh, so why the fuck not, u know?) so i thought i’d share with my fellow spoonie witches.

you’ll need:

  1. mug
  2. teaspoon
  3. instant coffee (i use espresso)
  4. boiling water
  5. sweetener or spice of your choice (i use honey, but you could also use sugars, cinnamon, whatever else you enjoy putting in your coffee and associate with energy)

how to do it:

  1. put appropriate amount of instant coffee in mug (i use one teaspoon)
  2. add boiling water
  3. stir clockwise while chanting (in your head or vocally) the word “energy”
  4. add sweetener or spice
  5. repeat step 3

the fifth ingredient, and also step 4 + 5, is of course optional, i’ve just found that i’ve had greater success when i’ve added some honey. this is incredibly simple, but i’ve found it to be surprisingly effective. i usually stir quite fast, and more times than what’s simply needed to stir out the instant coffee and sweetener/spice.

and yes, i know i should add correspondences, but: i’m low on spoons. obviously. and i didn’t do any research on the ingredients before making this, i just went with my intuition and what i had available to me. maybe i’ll add correspondences later, or if someone else feels inclined: please go ahead.

anonymous asked:

sanvers + kisscam au

alex danvers is bored. which on a date on a friday night? nothing new to her. she continuously tried and tried before and it never felt right, but with kara in the happiest relationship she’s ever been in with james, alex feels this need to try one more time. to maybe hope to excel at this one last time.

it’s going about as well as it did the last time she had tried this. horribly.

so far internet dating has resulted int four of terrible dates. two she left before they could even hit the first hour, this one she promised she would at least try and stop to enjoy it. 

yet, it hasn’t been working. alex feels like she would rather her drown herself, physically in the beer in her hand than continue to sit here and drink it and pretend that she’s enjoying the guy’s arm around her shoulder, or his stupid scruffy face or god, the way he keeps shushing her when she goes to say something. 

this baseball game would be much more enjoyable if she were allowed to have an opinion, but this guy hasn’t once asked if she even knew the teams, or anything about the game, he just assumed she hadn’t. assumed she was oblivious and stupid, and so inherently female that she didn’t understand a simple game.

a game she played as a kid herself, when she wasn’t surfing. a game she gets to play sometimes with kara on a larger scale when they hit up the desert and they see how far she can hit it. 

( not how hard, kara! how far. )

and boy is this grinding on her nerds. she goes to speak once more but the just a second babe. gives her enough response to decide that within the next inning she was going to excuse herself, and leave. she was just waiting for an acceptable moment. 

there’s a lull in the game, and alex thinks this might be her moment. josh, the idiot she decided to go out with tonight, has turned to some guy next to her, and has spent three minutes ( she knows she’s counted on her watch - deo grade and all. ) talking to him about the third baseman. 

her eyes dart up to the large screen, she thinks it was more out of a small habit of trying to find somewhere to look, that wasn’t leaning closer to his horrible breath, but when she does she gasps.

a large intake of breath happens, and she’s not even sure that that she’s seeing correctly until people are cheering and she can feel the pit of dread in her stomach. it settles like a bad night with too much alcohol. 

national city’s kisscam! in bright big letters that alex danvers thinks about smashing into little itty bitty pieces.

she turns to josh because she expects - even though the screen shows differently - that he’d be waiting for her to well, kiss him. but he’s not, he’s still engaged in whatever stupid conversation he was having, his arm wasn’t even around her anymore she was completely disentangled form him. and though she should be grateful right now she’s mostly mortified and annoyed.

for fucks sake.


one achingly long beat.


another beat.


a sharp intake of breath.


“babe, listen, give me like five fucking minutes and we’ll go get something to eat alright? chill out.”

he didn’t even turn around, or stop talking to the other oblivious and clearly there by himself idiot.

she’s about to handle this alex danvers style. with finesse. with anger. with god damn pride, and stride off camera. 

she blindly reaches for her jacket behind her when she feels a tap next to her.

she goes to snap. she goes to say what the hell do you want? she goes to say anything but instead, she lays eyes on the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. with the softest eyes, and a large and nervous grin. and alex swears that her stomach both swooped and got butterflies at the same time.

no way.

she doesn’t even realize that the other woman is talking, until she realizes that she’s waiting for a response.


instead of an explanation she gets a laugh and the other woman must have made an executive decision. one because she would guess later, the camera was going to move very soon if she didn’t.

it takes literally three whole seconds for her to realize the woman is kissing her.

before she can even realize what’s happening her hand is reaching out to fit along the jaw of the other woman. the mystery woman. trying to pull her closer.

she mentally makes a list of the first three things that can come to her mind clearly. 

one. she’s kissing a woman, a woman!! 

two. said woman’s kiss has to be the best kiss she’s ever gotten in like forever. possibly in the entirety of her whole dating life. possibly in the next forever as well. she may never get kissed this well again.

 three. the crowd is cheering, the world is moving on, somewhere behind her she hears josh’s loud what the fuck! but none of that matters because three, oh three. this woman has the softest lips alex has ever kissed and she doesn’t want to stop.

she unfortunately does though. only when said woman pulls away, dimple worthy grin on her face, glancing behind alex with a flush.

alex is dazed, and confused, and so, so, so wanting to kissing her again, which is confusing, but very much an impulse she’d give into. 

but she’s enough put together that she knows to glance behind where ever the other woman’s gaze is. it turns out its on josh, who’s stomping his way through the aisle. throwing things as he goes. screaming still. and alex can’t help but laugh loudly.


“yeah, oh. you were pretty into that for a straight girl.”

“um -” alex feels her face heating up and she doesnt know what to say, how to move, to say she’s not gay. because she’s not right?

“i see. how about this…” the brunette raises an eyebrow and alex feels herself listening even closer.

“i’m maggie. maggie sawyer. i’m ncpd outside of this bad atmosphere.”

alex tries not to look so disappointed as to where that sentence went.

“i’m alex danvers. alex. i work - um, well, i’m a bio-engineer.” 

real smooth, she thinks to herself. she’s never stuttered so easily over that.

“well miss bioengineer who is clearly straight, and in no way gay, whatsoever. how about since my very, very gay date stood me up, and yours seems to be a massive prick, we get out of here and grab something to eat? i know this great place that has veggie burgers and -”

“oh my god, gross.”

“if you had let me finish, and normal ones if you’re going to need that in your system. and we can ignore all of everything else and maybe just get to know each other? on our very, very, very not gay date. hm?”

alex feels her face heat up again, and she can’t help but nod.

“you’re buying.”

“i just saved your ass from city wide humiliation on screen and i have to buy dinner! preposterous.” 

“you said your date stood you up, i think you’ll be okay.”

alex is feeling brave, and bold, and butterflies floating in her stomach, and suddenly somewhere it hits her that this is what she wanted out of this date. and maybe, she’ll panic about that later. right now she could really use some food.

“fine then. come on you sneaky little punk who probably makes more than on her what i’m assuming is a scientist salary. let’s get you some food.”

( alex does have a gay panic. she has a panic so hard that she panics in front of maggie, because that’s where she accidentally slept over watching bad netflix.  it takes alex a whole three days to come to terms with it. it takes alex and maggie three weeks to admit their dating. )

( it only took them two years to get engaged. at that same baseball stadium, and maggie was nothing if not thorough, and she made sure, that the proposal ended up on the big screen. as a reminder of how they met. )

( alex decides maybe she wont smash the words national city’s kisscam! after all. )

I tried opening up to him,
and he said he “didn’t know what to say,”
but claimed he’d make up for it in other ways.

And for those who assume,
he did so sexually,
you’d be wrong to think so,
as he called me that morning and I remember specifically,
him calling me princess and hanging up the phone.

But, the day after,
he listened to his ex cry, and cry,
and left our love to die, and die.

As though her emotions were more important than mine,
as though the one time,
I open up and I say,
“I need you,”
weren’t and never would be as important as when she did.

And it hurt,
it hurt knowing that I was emotionally worthless,
it hurt knowing that when I open it up it meant nothing,
but when she cried it opened doors more to more than her heart.

I open up,
About something that still hurts me,
a year later,
and I am pushed to the side,
but she opens up – someone who’s hurt him,
and I’m nothing more than something out of sight,
out of mind.

As though when I cry,
It’s like rain against windows,
sad but transparent,
“Damn, but who cares for it?”

Maybe some find it beautiful,
as when a flower opens up,
to blossum,
so they only desire to sit back and watch…

But no amount of “princess”,
can make up for the fact,
I cannot open up to anyone I plan on staying with,
because I feel they’ll stop loving me the way you did.

Because emotionally, I am worthless.
I am nothing.
And my only value lies,
in my sexuality,
and the “beauty” that one finds,
when tears spill from my eyes.

Because it’s a “rarity,”
but shouldn’t the feeling,
which is just as uncommon,
be as much as a spectacle,
be something to help and mend for,
as the visual?

Or is that reserved,
for those who you deem dreadful,
just so you can rekindle,
your relationship?

—  To: Scorpio, Sag Moon.
Playing for Keeps

Rugby!Natsu commission for @hellojawsie! Thank you so much for being so patient, Katie! You are so kind ^^

pairing: nalu, mentions of gajevy

characters: natsu, lucy, levy, mentions of gajeel

word count: 2,015

type: fluffy fluff

Lucy knew next to nothing about rugby. She knew that people could get easily injured while playing the sport: their arms could get broken or their faces badly beaten. She even knew someone who had their foot in a cast after all the bones in their foot were crushed. If she was honest, she cared little about the sport.

But she cared so much about one person that played it.

Natsu Dragneel had been her one and only crush all throughout high school. She entered into class one day like normal, and during a boring lecture she peered out the window and saw him throwing around a ball with his teammates. His rose colored hair shone in the sunlight and stood out against the rest of the hues of brown and black, catching her attention right away. After he tossed the ball to a teammate, Natsu looked up and saw her staring at him. He waved and smiled, which stole her heart and further took her attention away from class.

From that moment on, Natsu knew that they were destined to be friends. Yelling a quick goodbye to his friends, he bounded up the steps and began to search for her classroom. After a few moments of hunting, he burst into the room and asked who the ‘weird blonde girl who was starin’ at me,’ was. Natsu’s green eyes stared into hers when the entire class turned and gaped at Lucy, and a grin spread across his face as he strode toward her quickly and stood above her with his fists on his hips.

“Weirdo,” he began, leaning over and picking her up out of her chair, “you’re comin’ with me.”

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#37- Casual Sex (Sam x Jody)

Requested anonymously for my kink list (master list here).

Word Count: 1550

Warnings: smut

A/N: I love Winmills so damn much. Hope y’all enjoy! XOXO

It’s almost as dark inside Jody’s house as it is outside in the night. There’s one lonely lamp turned on in the hallway, sending a soft glow echoing through her living room, just enough to see by, not bright enough to be harsh on Sam’s tired eyes.

His stomach is full of her lasagna and his hair smells like the fruity shampoo she graciously offered him when she shoved him into the bathroom with a clean towel, insisting that he not leave that room until she could see his skin underneath the dirt.

It’s nice to come here after a hunt.

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Harry being upset with you was honestly a rarity, and it was the same situation with you towards him. The two of you were just such happy people, there was no way you’d be able to get into a serious fight without breaking into a fit of giggles at one point. However, just because you didn’t get seriously upset with each other didn’t necessarily mean you didn’t have your ups and downs. When Harry would do something irritating, (like leave his dirty towels on the floor when the hamper is literally right by the door) you’d approach him calmy and ask for him to fix the problem, awarding him with a smile and a kiss on the cheek if he got it done immediately. It was a simple and easy way to get him to pick up after himself! No harm, no foul! However, whenever you did something that irritated Harry… He’d get a little more petty. 

It was a trivial thing, really, but still! For the past couple of weeks, Harry had been blabbing about how he wanted to get into gardening. You had to admit, the idea of beautiful rose bushes and gardenia shrubs in your background during the spring time sounded like a great idea! (Minus the fact bees would probably swarm your house.) You had encouraged him to go for it, but he insisted the two of you go and start on the garden together. This was your guys’ first house, after all. Planting rose bushes in the backyard together was adorable. 

“Oh my god, I remember that! That was honestly such a dick move, I don’t even- Harry, I’m on the phone, bub.” You turned your head as you felt another tap on your shoulder before gesturing to your phone. 

“Who is it this time?” 

“Y/F/N. We’re talking about something important, don’t worry about it. Give me a second, yeah?” You waved him off, Harry’s brows knitting together in frustration. Four weeks. Four weeks he had waited to start gardening with you, and each time he approached you, you’d give him an excuse in return. It was either a ‘I’m busy right now, Harry’ or a ‘I really need to clean up the house today’ or even a ‘How about next time?’ Frankly, Harry was getting sick of your stalling - He just wanted to plant a damn shrub! 

“Y/N, you promised we could plant stuff this afternoon.” Harry huffed, reaching down and nabbing your phone from your hand. 

“What the- Harry, I told you it was important!” You snapped, getting up off the couch and grabbing your phone back. “Sorry, Y/F/N, that was just Harry. Yeah, so as I was saying…” Harry watched as you headed towards the staircase, obviously about to lock yourself in the bedroom so he couldn’t pester you anymore. 

“Give me a second, my ass.” Harry grumbled. Maybe a snack would make him feel better. He knew you and Y/F/N were close, and he knew how much you loved talking to her, but what if he wanted some Y/N time too??

“Alright, I’ll talk to you later.” It had been about twenty more minutes of you chit chatting to Y/F/N, and in those twenty minutes, you began to feel guilt bubbling up inside of you. You did promise Harry you’d spend some time with him today, and instead of planting daisies with him like he wanted, you snapped at him and came up to hide in the bedroom. In all honesty, you should’ve been taking advantage of the fact that Harry was finally home for the first time in forever. In a shorter version: You fucked up. 

Harry was in the middle of cursing and muttering things to himself as he picked at your snack bowl filled to the brim with m&m’s. He knew you liked grabbing a handful of them whenever you passed by, but he also knew you would only eat the green m&m’s. Sure, they were all the same flavour, but for some reason you could only eat the green ones. So here he was, picking out all the green m&m’s as quickly as possible and tucking them into his shirt pocket. 

“Hey, bub.” Harry glanced up as he heard your voice, his movements ceasing for a moment as he wondered to himself if you knew what he was doing. 

“Mm.” Harry hummed in return, popping an m&m into his mouth and chewing thoughtfully. 

“Sorry about snapping at you. I didn’t mean to.” You apololgized, taking a step closer and sitting yourself down across from him. “You know how I get when Y/F/N calls me with some gossip. We can get started on planting things now!” 

“Whatever.” Harry shrugged, trying his best to fight a smile when you looked into the bowl and began to sort through the m&m’s to find a green one. “Gardening is stupi-” 

“Did you wanna get started on the rose bushes? I already brought all your tools out from the shed,” You spoke, furrowing your brows in confusion as you kept your eyes on the bowl. Had you eaten all the green ones? It was obvious you weren’t listening to Harry because all you could focus on was: Where the hell are my green m&m’s? “And I brought an old shirt of yours that you can change into, so you don’t have to worry about getting the shirt you’re wearing now dirty. I’ll make some pink lemonade for us later. It’s a scorcher outside today!” 

“…You brought all the tools out?” 


“And you’re gonna make lemonade later?” 

Pink lemonade. Your favourite!” You smiled, looking up at your boyfriend before looking back down at the bowl. “Remind me later to pick up some more m&m’s later. I could have sworn there were still plenty of green ones left.” You stuck your bottom lip out in a pout. 

“No, you were right about that.” Harry cleared his throat, reaching into his shirt pocket before opening his fist, more than ten m&m’s clattering onto the counter. You blinked down at the m&m’s before looking up at a sheepish looking Harry. 

“…Alright, I admit I deserved that.” 


gifs aren’t mine!

The original The Sims game was inherently dark and kind of creepy.

Is it just me?

When I first bought the game back in 2001, I remember it being addictive, awesome, groundbreaking for its time and wonderfully odd. When compared to the later, sweeter installments, and even its many expansion packs, it feels cold and well…kind of creepy in comparison.

The original How to Play instruction manual for The Sims, which I remember vividly but could never find in my house, was snarky and full of witty commentary. Later on the manual was more straightforward, but still retained some of the self-referential humor that is inherent in the gameplay and is, I think, part of what makes the game kind of unnerving.

(To this day, I wish I could find that damn original manual!)

Just looking at that main screen with that one neighborhood you’re forever attached to as the jaunty background music plays in the ever-sunny world, even that kind of weirds me out. 

Maybe it’s the uncanny valley-ness of the dated graphics, maybe it’s remembering the way the kids never aged, how the adults remained awkward and odd and never got any older, and how if the children failed school, they were just sent off to some horrific place only known as “boot camp”…forever. Yes, remember? They NEVER came back.

And when those burglars came stalking in the night and the Buy and Build modes just shut off as that scary, urgent music played and you were left helpless and asleep…

And when the fires started out of nowhere while your Sims made that same plate of salad-looking food and you forgot to install a smoke alarm and you were forced to watch them hopelessly burn to death and run around screaming for their lives…

And in the first expansion pack, Livin’ Large, when that awful Tragic Clown appeared and made it impossible for your Sim to rest or eat until they fell ill and eventually just died unless you put that eerie clown portrait in front of the fireplace…if you even figured that out…

Sure, things got more mellow and felt less odd with later expansion packs, especially when you were given the ability to visit shopping areas like Old Town and other places outside of the claustrophobic little classic neighborhood.

And OK, I’m not saying The Sims is a scary game or even that it freaked me out as a child, but I will always look back on the original as being, well…kinda creepy.

Spring Day Theory

So I’m no pro at this and this is purely based off of my interpretations so if there’s anything you don’t agree with or would like to add on, please feel free to do so! :D 

Spring Day - Omelas: 

It’s quite obvious that the concept/inspiration for the Spring Day MV is based off the short story, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.” The most significant passage of this short story is probably the last one where it states that those who have seen the child may or may not walk away from Omelas in hopes to find someone even better than this presumed utopia. I strongly believe that the members are walking away from their utopia as scene in scenes of the video. They go from this happy environment, parties and innocence, but then you see that the members seem to “grow tired” from their life or it seems like something is bothering them as they aren’t smiling at the cake. That’s sort of like the trigger point to leave. They know that they can’t live in this illusion for long, so they get on the train and leave. The train takes them to different destinations in life, but somewhere along the way, members start to question if they will ever really find this place. 

Also, there are several scenes where you see the members just standing in front of the motel. I think this signifies the lingering feeling they have and the uncertainty to leaving Omelas. One scene that still kind of puzzles me is Jin’s scene where he’s standing at the bottom at what seems like a stairwell. I think this might have something to do with him being the older member. Slowly, but surely, he’s realizing that there are a lot of problems with holding onto the temporary youth. Tae and Jin also make the same hand gesture (when they hold their hands out into a frame). This shows that they’re one of the members who are more aware of what’s happening around them and they’re slowly breaking out of the illusion. 

Fire/Not Today  - Youth

The song Fire is about living your youth without any regrets. The video itself may seem like it doesn’t make sense, but after some people have pointed out that the hooded figure at the beginning of the video looks like the black hooded figures in the teaser for Not Today, it got me thinking. The hooded figures are those who are from Omelas. At the time of Fire, the members have already managed to reach one of their destinations where they are living quite peacefully. Yoongi sees the black figure and knows that he/she’s from Omelas. The hooded figures are probably trying to get the 7 members to come to Omelas, but the members are persistent and they run away (hence the few seconds from the Not Today teaser) 

this isn’t too solid yet because the video for Not Today hasn’t been released yet, but it makes some sense. 

Run - Youth (cont’d) 

Like the name of the song, they’re running. However in the music video, you notice that the members are a lot more mischievous. Running away from cops, partying, stuff like that. They’re slowly stepping into the world of temptations and sin. They still believe that this is what’s best for them and with the freedom that they’re feeling, it seems like they’re slowly reaching their new utopia. 

Also, from the music video, I feel like part of it is from Jungkook’s memory. Especially that part where they’re originally partying but it pans back out to just Jungkook; not to mention the fight he and Yoongi had. This leads into I Need U. 

I Need U - Suffering 

There’s a drastic difference from the previous topic of youth and carelessness. In Need U, it seems like the members are more grown up and grown apart. Somewhere along their journey the members have all experienced some sort of hardship. Tae with his parents, Hoseok with depression, Yoongi with the suicidal thoughts, etc. Despite all the hardships, Jin is always in the back supporting the group no matter what. He being the oldest, he probably anticipated these changes or he’s mature enough to hold it together and hide what he’s truly thinking. Unlike the other theories, I don’t necessarily think that Jin or any of the members are physically dead, but maybe mentally in a sense. Jin was always there to hold the group together, but because he is the oldest, his mindset must have changed earlier than the other members (if this even makes sense). 

WINGS (Short Films) - Temptations 

In all the short films, you notice how each member seems to be going through some sort of suffering. The whole concept for the short films are very dark and they have a sad tone to it. Everyone seems to have hit their ultimate low. From the young boys who just wanted to leave Omelas to a better place that is free from sin and suffering, they somehow managed to reach the exact opposite. Stepping outside of their illusion of the utopia, they all realized and experienced that there is not such thing. Sin is everywhere and once you sin once, you can’t go back. There’s no escaping it; there is no way out. 

Blood, Sweat & Tears - Demian 

I’ve noticed that environment for Spring Day and Blood, Sweat & Tears resemble each other somewhat. Demian is about Sinclair who grows up and recounts his life and how each time, he takes a step further into the “other world,” the world that’s tainted with evil. The whole WINGS album, sort of focuses on that idea of succumbing to the temptations. You notice that the setup for Blood, Sweat & Tears is a lot more luxurious than Spring Day, but they both portray this sort of illusion type of world. Following the short films, you notice that the there is a constant theme in the MV for BS&T, covering the eyes/distractions. Jimin’s eyes are blindfolded and his eyes are covered at the beginning of the dance. Jin’s eye’s are covered  by the member’s hands and later Tae’s hands. Namjoon drinks some sort of alcohol (supposed to be absinthe) which is known to have high hallucinogenic effects. After all the suffering and hardships that the members have been through, they can’t take it any more. They need some sort of distraction. This is where their new utopia is. The fabricated lie of a perfect universe. All members seem to have fallen into this trap except for one; Jin. Jin always seems to be the odd one out in the music videos, but that’s because he’s becoming more aware of the surroundings (later becomes AWAKE). Tae, who has fully succumbed into the darkness, the “other world” as proposed by Demian, tries to pull Jin back into the illusion, hence the hands over Jin’s face. He tries to block away whatever truth Jin is starting to see. 

And that’s about it! 

I know a lot of it probably doesn’t make sense and it’s probably just a bunch of blabber, but I just tried  to tie most of the music videos together. 

I hope this helped or maybe added some insight into your own interpretations of this whole ongoing concept! 

Please feel free to add in what you think! (and sorry that it’s so long) 

hashtagyourshirt  asked:

Headcanon: Kara was actually the forward one with Lena. She pines after James, and let Winn and Mon-El pine after her, but with Lena, she just knew she had to know her, be friends with her, kiss her, be with her. Lena flirted shamelessly, but it was Kara who caught her off guard, kissing her and confessing her feelings while hanging out one afternoon in the park near L-corp.

i!!!! love the idea of kara being the one to make a move!!!

because I definitely think lena thinks of herself as the one who Moves First; she’s a CEO, she’s a luthor, of course she’s going to be brave enough to ask out kara danvers—— right?

after all, she can do flirting–and she can do it well. but every time she tries to actually ask kara out, she gets all flustered. (it doesn’t help that kara is seemingly oblivious, and lena is like 80% sure that kara wouldn’t recognize her flirting if she literally handed her a piece of paper that said date: yes/no?)

but then there’s kara, who, yeah, is a little oblivious to the flirting for a while. but once she notices it, oh, does she notice it, and it’s fun, this game, but she can’t help but think that kissing lena would be a whole lot More Fun

their weekly lunches turn into daily lunches, and then they start getting dinner, and then they’re having a picnic in the middle of the park and kara’s kissing lena and lena has this moment of pure Gay Panic because– whoa. maybe she’s the oblivious one 

(kara makes some joke about well, you were never going to make a move, so– and lena is weak enough, crazy enough about kara, to actually, genuinely pout. i flirted with you! she says, just defensive enough to make kara laugh and laugh. and i kissed you! kara counters)

(months later, someone asks them how they got together. alex groans out loud: please don’t ask them that. we’ll never hear the end of it)