maybe i will make more of these for future eps

Sarada Gaiden

I think we just gotta wait until SP finishes Sarada Gaiden episodes to evaluate entire Sarada Gaiden arc anime. For any omitted scenes or added scenes, maybe SP put some scenes in different order to make anime story smoother? I read a tweet by Sarada Gaiden’s screen writer answering why SP omitted gokage meeting from ep 21, and he said “please wait for future episodes”.

Since gokage meeting relates directly to the Boruto the movie story (the future timeline to current Boruto TVA), maybe SP will later put that scene as a connection to future TVA episodes?

Also, probably SP is more focusing on SasuSaku’s role as parents in Sarada Gaiden and that’s why SasuSaku shows less interaction with each other but shows emotional side toward Sarada.

Hospital scene and hugging Sarada after passing Sasuke: Sakura’s motherhood, worrying about her child
Sasuke touches the katana mark on pillar and thinks about Sarada’s tears: Sasuke’s dilemma as father role and Shinobi role

i think one of my fave things about ladybug and chat noir’s relationship is that….they really seem to recognize each other’s strengths??

like in ep 1, ep 2, and ep 4, chat basically says “i’ll distract the akuma, you figure out a plan” because he acknowledges that ladybug’s better at thinking on her feet than he is, and he’s willing to do whatever she wants him to (like using his ancient disaster power on something)

and on the flip side, ladybug trusts chat to take care of himself, and never questions him when he recognizes an akuma (like in ep 1 when he figures out stormy weather is aurore, or in ep 3 when he figures out copycat is théo)

idk….maybe i’m overthinking this……but i just feel like it’s a nice way to show the audience that ladybug and chat noir work well together, instead of someone saying “wow you guys make a good team”


I don’t think there will be a traditional proposal this season. BUT. I was thinking this morning and… Hades and Zelena have been sharing a LOT of similarities with Hook & Emma.

  • He called them “quite the team”
  • She said, “Let me guess, with you?” when he asked her to stay in the Underworld. Just like Hook did when Emma was going back to NYC.
  • He said he needs a TLK to restart his heart so he can leave the UW. I mean… who did YOU think of when he said that??
  • He made the Underworld FOR Zelena in hopes of having a future with her. Just like Hook found the house for Emma for the same thing.
  • And in the next episode, he’s giving up his HOME to go back to Storybrooke with her. Just like Hook gave up his ship, HIS home, to do the same thing.

I’m sorry – I just don’t think this is unintentional. After the first couple of times I was like “Nahhhh it’s just a coincidence” bc they tend to do that ya know? Re-use lines and stuff. But this is GLARING. And how many times have they had Hook say that he and Emma need to defeat Hades “together”??

So now I’m thinking Firebird will have a true love moment. Maybe not a kiss that breaks a curse b/c honestly that doesn’t even really apply to this situation. But maybe it helps restart his heart? Or maybe a TLK is required to pass the test at that alter that says “only a heart filled with true love can pass” (or whatever). Maybe it’s both!

Then I was thinking about the lift kiss and… Hades’ proposal to Zelena wasn’t quite traditional either. He just asked her to make chaos with him. It wasn’t about marriage…but of them building a family and a future. Maybe Emma asks Killian the same sort of question ya know? Maybe it’s not about marriage per se, but more about the promise of a future and forever?

I’d keep expectations tempered, as always. But those are some interesting similarities, no? :)

Damn you, Colin…for making me so excited!!!