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Why the genderbends? An open letter about why I draw Marin and Adrienne more

It’s not because I hate Marinette and Adrien or anything. Though I will admit I don’t love them at this point as much as I do Adrienne and Marin, it’s not because they’re better or worse than the others. Rather these two have become like my own children and the amount of artistic freedom they allow me is almost liberating. I never have to worry about canon with them. 

They’re also no longer carbon copies of Marinette and Adrien either. Adrienne and Marin each have quirks and flaws that make them unique and continue to grow into their own persons. If I choose to draw them for an au or something, there is definitely deeper reasons to it than me just being biased, whether that be because they fit it better or what have you.

Most importantly, I’m having fun. There is less pressure there when I draw Adrienne and Marin to accurately depict the loved characters from canon when half of these characters are my own creation.

Maybe once s2 is released, I’ll draw more of Adrien and Marinette, as I’ll have more canon content to work with, but until then, hope y’all don’t mind but Marin and Adrienne will still be my main interest. 

Story time, I suppose

I was just talking with this person and it was all cool then I came up on the fact that I’m aro/ace, they didn’t understand what that was so I explained it for them. Then they asked for a photo of me, it felt like an obvious setup but I decided to roll with it because maybe this time the world was gonna surprise me with a decent person this time, right? Maybe it’s gonna be for a not-creepy reason for once. so I told them I drew myself a few posts ago, that’s me. But nope.

The worst part is they think this is a compliment, to an asexual person, who even explained what asexuality is just a few messages ago. Smart. Aagh sorry for the sarcasm I’m just kinda upset at the moment, I’ll delete this later.

since so many ppl are asking hjhkjlklffrgh

the chance of anyone seeing me at cons is 0.001%
becauseeeee –

- im too busy dying at work to attend
- im too busy dying at work to make merch
- idk where/how to get merch made ((too busy dying at work to do research))
- i don’t know anything about conventions ((too busy dying at work to find out))
- can’t afford / no budget for these stuff ((too busy dying at work to live))
- no friends (here in NY; but i have like… 2.. back home… that talk to me regularly…haha…)
- shy
- tired 24/7
- im jaehee

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… wait there are people who follow me (an ultimate MM trash) && don’t play MM and/or aren’t in the MM fandom? *o*

(( if that’s the case i’m so sorry i draw like 97% MM all the time i just really love the series and it really helps me relieve stress from work akjsdhkdf im surprised you still follow me ;;-;; ♥ ))


Just as a comparison; my regular work, realism, and animation back then, 

and now:

I still have a long way to go but like… don’t forget I was learning from the beginning too, I got to where I am now through practice and study just like you guys can! Don’t give up man, your work will adapt and grow along with you. Don’t compare your chapter 1 to somebody else’s chapter 10

family gatherings