maybe i was going through caps and i just got emotionally compromised myself

this used to be a callout post for emily hu/barleytea

for some odd reason 50+ people a day are still viewing this post but not actually engaging with it. i dont know why and frankly its not important. im deleting whats here – not because im redacting it or because its not true, believe me. all of its true and that was really just the very tip of the fucked up iceberg.

i had my freakout while i was still vulnerable and acting impulsively; i got it off my chest in a public place and to be honest thats really what i wanted. yes, ive had the occasional outburst on twitter on a bad day but for the most part ive left all of this behind me and moved on like (what i would like to believe is) an adult. unfortunately the same thing cant be said for emi since shes done absolutely nothing to show that she has any intent to change how she behaves, but thats out of my hands and frankly im not going to expend time or energy worrying about it any more. i have no idea what shes doing with her life nor do i care to find out.

i dont regret anything i said, the only thing i regret is not saying more because i feel like i painted a very vague picture of the issues surrounding our relationship, its end, and the events that followed. if i could go back now i would never have made the post at all. i wanted to vent, which i could have privately, but finding out that i wasnt the first, the second, the third, etc victim of her manipulative behavior was enough to make me want to make it public. did i act rashly? probably. can i take it back? no. would i? no. emi is surrounded by enablers wholl pat her back and tell her shes fine no matter what i say, and if my stupid-ass post was enough to at least jolt her into maybe not trying the same shit on the next person she comes across that happens to look like her flavor of the month anime boyfriend then good.

anyway thats all i have to say.

ps, i know what you did, emi. i know exactly what you did you little thief and i’m not the only one lol. enjoy being a sociopathic, friendless wreck for the rest of your life. you are extremely good at it.