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Stay- Zach

Request: Hi! Could I request a Zach imagine?? Where the reader is invited to his party and he’s trying to win her over and asks her to stay the night and to prove it’s not in a sexual way he shuts down the whole party, sends everyone home immediately and watches Netflix her. Thanks!

Your welcome :) this inspired me so it’s a little longer than my usual posts.

 Stay - Zach

“Y/N!” You heard a deep voice call causing you to turn around to see none other than Zach Dempsey.

“I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I was wondering if you wanted to go to my party tonight.” He said sounding vaguely nervous. You couldn’t help but be shocked by the invite; you had only talked to him a handful of times, most of them about school. That and the fact that he had your number from a group assignment a week ago, and he could’ve just texted you.

“Uh yeah maybe. I’m going to be late for Physics but just text me the details.” You responded before racing off to class.

You spent the rest of the day wondering whether you should actually go and trying to figure out why he even invited you. You never were the party type, you didn’t hang out with any of his crowd, and you weren’t even remotely popular. Yet the minute you got home you were riffling through your closet trying to figure out what you could wear. Giving up you settled on a pair of distressed jeans and a lower cut shirt than you would usually wear, curled your hair, and decided not the change the makeup you wore to school in fear of looking like you were trying too hard.

Once you deemed it late enough you drove to the party trying to push away your nerves; it was just a high school party, so you knew you shouldn’t be nervous. Zach most likely didn’t mean anything by inviting you. He was just being polite. That’s all it was. When you pulled up to the house you were even more nervous; the house was surrounded by cars and you could hear music from nearly a block away. You found a parking spot and made your way to the door trying to keep your cool as best as possible. The door was wide open and you could see a crowd of people inside so you made your way in and to the kitchen where you made a weird concoction of bear and soda, mostly just soda.

“You made it.” Zach said walking into the kitchen behind you, having to speak extra loudly over the music. He leaned against the counter watching you as you poured your drink.

“Figured I better do the high school party thing sometime.” You only half joked while smiling up at him.

“Trust me you don’t miss much by not going,” he paused, “but I have to say I’m glad you’re here.”

You didn’t have time to wonder what he meant and decided not to worry about thinking so much, “Surprisingly, I am too.”

“You know I don’t think I’ve ever had this long of a conversation with you that wasn’t about school.” He admitted.

“Oh yeah? How’s this new experience treating you?” You asked taking a sip of your drink.

“Well, let’s just say I’ve hoping this happens a lot more often.” He responded then paused for a few seconds, “you should stay tonight. I want to get to know you.”

Your face went cold, you knew exactly what ‘get to know you’ meant in the mind of a teenage boy, “No, I’m going to go outside. It’s too loud in here.”

You tried to talk past him but his voice stopped you, “Wait Y/N, I didn’t mean it like that. Please just stay, and I promise I won’t try anything. I really just want to actually talk to you and get to know you.”

With most guys you wouldn’t believe them but the sad puppy look on his face stopped you. When Justin walked into the kitchen Zach stopped him.

“Hey, get everyone out of here.” He told Justin in a stern face.

“What? Dude it just started.” He said rolling his eyes at his friend.

“Just tell them someone called the cops. Get everyone out of here now. Look I’ll owe you one.” Zach responded begging his friend who sighed and walked back out to the party. You could hear him yelling about the cops and how everyone needed to leave.

“Why did you do that?” You asked looking up at him.

“This way we can watch movies or something in the living room.” He paused and rubbed the back of his neck, “I know if I brought you upstairs to my room you’d be uncomfortable and think I’m trying something.”

You smiled at him, finally believing he was sincere, “Okay, I’ll stay.”

A Week is a Long Time

Lin x Reader

Summary: Your parents are staying with you and Lin for a week and you’ve decided there will be no sex while they are there, that doesn’t sit well with Lin.

Warning, there will be sex, and swearing ahead.

I felt like I should chill with the sad fics because I’m just making everyone sad so, boom i naturally went to sin! 

Thanks to @hamiltonwrotetheother51 for reading this for me because I’ve never written smut before and she’s fantastic at it. Okay, I’ve finished my rant, enjoy.

“Hi guys!” You hugged both of your parents, stepping aside to help them with their bags, your mother with an excessive amount.
“Mom, you’re here for a week, is this really needed?” You laughed when your father rolled his eyes jokingly.
“Hush, I like to be prepared, you know that. Now where’s that handsome son-in-law of mine?” You shook your head but pointed her to where Lin was. You and your dad were left to grab the rest of the bags.
“Couldn’t get her to only bring 3 bags?”
“You know, I tried, and she just never listens to me.”

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Missed connection:

You, with the bloody knuckles, angry and wound up like you were set to burst.

Me, blue balls, and bluer, hypothermic, balls.

It’s Marco who leans over to whisper conspiratorially in his ear, “That’s Eren, you should talk to him.” He says it with a smile that dimples both cheeks, and if it wasn’t for the fact that he’d funneled vodka down Jean’s throat like it was going out of style, he could be mistaken for the picture of angelic innocence. 

As it is, he’s funneled vodka down Jean’s throat. As it is, Jean’s spent the better part of two and a half years in love with him, wasting his lit major on truly terrible poetry about longing and unrequited love. Not that he thought it was terrible. His professor told him that.

“Nah,” he says instead, glancing quickly over at Eren – eyebrows knitted, frowning, fingers clasped around a dart – “I’m here for you, babe,” he winks, and it feels less stupid than it is because Marco laughs and because he has half a bottle of hard liquor sloshing around in his stomach.

Regrets, like hangovers, are saved for morning afters.

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anonymous asked:

Angst to fluff of bakugou/ izuku/ denki/ kirishimas insomniac s/o who, no matter what the fuck they do, just don't sleep and if they take meds they kick in to late and are half dead in class so the can't do anything about it. (This is happening to me rn fucking school dude)

((damn dude me n my insomniac ass feels u… im so sleepy my guy))

“[Name], are you fucking kidding me?” Bakugou snapped as your head hit the desk for the umpteenth time today. “If you’re gonna use medicine, it should at least work, right? I mean damn, is it really that bad?”
You rubbed your eyes, trying hopelessly to blink the sleep out of them. “I know, I know. I take it at night when I’m supposed to, but it doesn’t start to work until right about now. Maybe I should see if they do night classes here or something, that might work” you mumbled.
Bakugou folded his arms across his chest. “No. You being half-conscious all the damn time is pissing me off, so we’re gonna do it my way.”
“Oh really? How do you figure?”
“You’re gonna stay in my room tonight, and you’re gonna go the fuck to sleep and that’s that.”
You raised an eyebrow. “Oh yeah? What makes you think you can make me sleep?”
“I don’t fucking know! Let’s watch a shitty movie! Listen to music! Hell, I’ll just hold you all night if I’ve gotta, just get some damn sleep!”
You felt your lips curl into a soft smile. “You? Cuddling with me all night? How could I turn that offer down?”
“Shut up!”

Izuku started with a gentle tap on your shoulder. When that didn’t work, a small shake. And when that failed, he poked your cheek. “[Name], lunch is almost over, you need to wake up.”
“Nnn… Izuku? Why’re you waking me up? I was sleeping so well.”
“Can you really not sleep at night at /all/? Why not take sleeping pills or something?”
“I do, but they don’t work when they need to, so I guess I’m stuck sleeping on a desk.”
“That sounds awful! Do you think it’s an internal thing, or is something wrong with your bed, or…?”
“Nah, I’m just a total insomniac. Not much I can do about it, just gotta deal, you know?”
Izuku looked at you with big eyes and a creased forehead, like he always did when he was worried. “I remember my mom gave me some weird spray or something to help with sleep before we moved into the dorms. I really have no use for it, would you like to borrow it? Or, uh, I think there’s that girl in class B with a sleep Quirk, maybe you could ask her to help? Or—”
You pressed a kiss onto his forehead, grinning when his cheeks turned pink. “I think I’d like to borrow that spray, if you don’t mind, Izuku. Thank you.”
You had to hold back a laugh watching him stumble over his own tongue. “A-anytime, [Name]. I want you to feel better, and that means sleep, right?”
“Hmmm, right. You’re right on that, Izuku.”

“So, that means I can sleep now, right?”
“No, class is still starting.”

“So then I told him that if he really thinks he could just — are you okay? Are you falling asleep again?”
“Wha? Shit, Kaminari, I’m sorry, it’s been real bad lately. Can’t sleep a wink except for when I need to be awake. What were you saying?”
“… [Name], I think this might be a problem. You can’t focus on anything during the day, and at night you’re just sitting at the kitchen table staring off into the distance.”
“Well, there’s not much I can really do about it, if the melatonin won’t work. I’m just gonna be awake, I guess.”
Kaminari quirked an eyebrow, signature half-smirk creeping onto his face. “Hey, I could come sleep with you, if you want, huh? You up for that?”
You had to bite the inside of your cheek to keep from laughing at the fake-smooth expression on your boyfriend’s face. “Ah, all innuendo aside, that sounds great.”
“Yeah! As in, actual sleeping. Like we just lay down and be quiet and just try to sleep, does that sound good?”
Despite your innocent request, Kaminari’s cheeks were softly glowing pink. “Er—I—Yeah! That sounds good! I’ll always be happy to keep you company, of course.”
“Haha, thanks babe.”
“…Plus your mattress is nicer, so…”
“Oh, fuck off.”

Reaction Ficlet : How Taehyung would react to having an argument with you

Masterpost: How BTS would react to having an argument with you

Our masterlist :)

Originally posted by pangguk

You hesitate outside your flat, the key poised near the lock. It’s been a long, difficult day at work and all you want to do is have a bath and sprawl out on the couch, but you don’t really want to go back in there. It was a bit like returning to the scene of a crime, wasn’t it?

The air was sure to be thick with some sort of lingering tension from last night’s fight with Taehyung. Or maybe it was you that the tension was lingering around, an invisible yet vivid reminder of what you said.

“Are you okay?” you had asked last night when he had come over. “You seem a bit tense?”

Tense wasn’t the word. There was something on his face that you weren’t used to seeing. Later that evening you would realize that it was thinly-veiled anger.

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The “Straight” Roommate AU

I was asked to make this one long sooo. 

Hey @kuroko-no-swimclub , how’d I do?

The words, “Hi, roomie, before you get settled, you should know, I’m gay,” weren’t exactly the first words Nico expected to hear when he walked into his dorm freshman year. Regardless, those were the exact words out the blond, blue eyed, freckled boy he met at the end of summer. Followed by, “I’m Will, it’s nice to meet you.”

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Taco- Requested

@kimberlyofficial1“Can you do a Swazz imagine. Where you guys are friends with benefits. Then one day you see him with Madison and you think they have a thing. So you get pissed and start talking play flirting with jack G because he saw them too. And idk you make up the rest”

John plays with a piece of my hair. “You should wear it natural more often.” He pulls and then lets go, the dark curl springing back into place. I press my lips to his chest softly. 

“I’ll think about it” I say and rub his stomach lightly before sitting up. I reach for my phone to check the time. “I’ve got to go, Bud” I turn around as John begins to pout. I laugh and he reaches out for my torso, but can’t reach because he’s still laying down. 

“Stay” he whines and I shake my head playfully, putting my clothes back on. “You always have to leave” 

“It’s called having a normal job” I laugh, then go to check my makeup in his bathroom mirror. I put your hair up in a bun, slip my chelsea boots on, grab my coat and head for the door to his apartment. Just as I am about to slip out, I hear his sock padded feet approaching me. 

“Have a good time at your normal job” He smiles, stretching a hand back behind his back, then rubbing his eye. 

“Have a good time having a “meeting” with Nate” I chuckle. I know that they both worked hard, but I don’t know if it was still considered a business meeting if have the time was spent rolling and the members of the meeting lived together. I reach out to wave goodbye and Swazz grabs my hand, pulling me back in. He presses his full lips onto mine and then pulls away slowly. I smirk and get out a soft “bye” before stumbling out the door and walking out to my car to get to work. 

Swazz and I have been friends almost the entire time I have lived in LA. We are completely wrong for each other. He sleeps all day, stays up late, smokes, drinks hard liquor, and wants to be a playboy loner for as long as he can. I graduated near the top of my class from USC law school, wake up early, drink coffee, and now work for one of the top music law firms in the world. Despite all this, we have become pretty great friends. I motivate him to get his shit done and he reminds me to not be so uptight about everything. We met because he had become friends with my best friends from growing up, Jack J and Jack G. So I have known him and his friends for a little while now. 

On my 25th birthday, John had stayed late after my party and after cleaning up, we got high and slept together. Since then, we had been having casual sex about twice a week, agreeing that friends with benefits was our best option. Lately though, I had been staying at his place afterwords, he had been making me breakfast and holding me for longer when we were done having sex. I wasn’t sure if we could work as a couple, I usually dated stiff, white collar, Harvard Law types and he usually dated beach babes and models. 

All of this was still running through my mind when  I left work. It was Tuesday night, Taco night. Jack G and I have a tradition where I pick him up when I get out of work on Thursdays and we hit up a different Taco place in LA. It was his turn to pick the Taco stand this week. I pull up to his apartment and honk. In a matter of moments I see the giant smile that could only belong to my best friend. 

“Hey” He kisses me on the cheek and gets in my car. 

“Hey” I smile over at him. He hooks up the aux cord and tells me where we’re headed. G is probably my best friend. I can (and do) talk to him about everything. He’s one of the only reasons I made it through law school and is always reminding me how great I am. People always say we should date, but we went out towards  the beginning of knowing each other and it just felt weird. We have always been more like siblings. Sometimes, we make out when we’re drunk though and we have a pact to get married if we are single at 45. 

Tonight, he seems off. “What’s going on Babe? I say and look over at him. 

“What?” He looks up at me, clearly out of it. 

“You good?” I laugh. “Is it Madison or work?” I ask when he seems to check out again. 

“Madi’s been off recently. I think we’re growing apart.” He sighs. “I knew it was going to happen. She’s so much younger than I am and we’ve both been so busy.” 

“But you love her so much” I look over at him as we pull off the highway. 

“Yeah, I know. We’ll have to see if things get better or worse in the next couple weeks. No decisions have to be made right now” He runs a hand through his hair and starts giving me more specific instructions and eventually we pull up to the stand. 

“Wait” I say glancing at the cars in the lot. “Isn’t that Swazz’s car?” I point at the big black car Swazz has driven since the day I met him. 

“Yeah!” Jack says and we are about to get out of the car to go surprise him when I see him get out of the car with someone G recognizes in an instant. 

“Madison?” I tilt my head and look back over at G. “I didn’t realize they were close…” 

“Neither did I” Jack sounds defeated. Madison laughs at something John says and he throws an arm around  her waist. 

“We’re getting out of here” I say as I can feel my stomach in my throat. 

“Please” G says and turns back to get one more glance 

I haven’t answered any of John’s calls the past couple of days. He and Madison may not actually be hooking up or together, but the whole situation is freaking G and I out. He has been doing his best to stay normal with Madison and has been subtly trying to get to the bottom of things, but has had little luck so far. 

Tonight is Johnson’s birthday party, the first time I will have to see Swazz or Madison since the taco fiasco. I am so nervous. G invites me over to the Jack and Jack house to help set up for tonight’s party, a surprise for Johnson. 

I am hanging balloons and Jack is in the kitchen putting groceries away. “Maybe we should make them jealous, Babe” I call from the living room. 

“What?” Jack peaks his head out from the kitchen. 

“Nothing terrible, but just some heaving flirting, maybe a little petting… If they call us out, we can call them out. Plus I always think its funny when we flirt.” 

“Madison has still been acting weird… plus, I agree that its fun when we flirt” 

“Perfect” I sigh and finish with the decorations. 

That night, the party is packed. We get so many more than we were expecting. Johnson loves every second of it and we are all having such a good time. Skate raps a few verses, Sammy sings, G does a special cover just for him. Everything is going really well. As things wind down a little , G comes up behind me. “They’re here” he nods as Swazz pours himself a drink and Madison comes through the door. 

“You ready to turn on the heat, G?” I smile up at him. 

“When is it ever turned off, Mama?” He jokes, wiggling his eyebrows. I laugh loudly and throw my hands onto his chest. His arm falls to sit around my waist. We keep talking, but draw a little more attention to ourselves. Right when G leans in close to whisper something in my ear, I can feel Swazz behind me. 

“Y/N?” His arms are crossed. He seems tense

“Yeah?” I smirk as I turn away from G. He keeps his arms around my waist as I back up into his chest. 

John rolls his eyes. “Cut it out Y/N we all know that you and G would never be like this. You’re playing” 

“Why do you care, John? Why don’t you go get some tacos or something” I raise an eyebrow and nod over towards Madison. 

“How did you find out about that?” Swazz is confused and looks up at G who turns away. 

“Taco Tuesday!”

“Oh yeah. I forgot about that. What a coincidence. Well we were just getting tacos as friends. I promise.” I look in John’s eyes and know he means it. G can sense that I want to be alone with Swazz so he goes to talk to Madison. I hope they can patch things up. 

“So what’s up then, John? Why are you going to get taco’s with my best friend’s girlfriend?” I lean against the banister. 

“My sister has been having bouts of depression and anxiety because of body image and I know that Madison went through something similar a few years ago. So I called and ask if she wanted to talk. We’ve been meeting every now and then for a little while now. Last week, Jack must have left the menu or address for the stand out because that’s where she suggested we meet. I promise I am not interested in anyone but you.” He says, approaching me. 

When he talks about his sister I frown. “I’m so sorry. I had no idea.” But by the time he finishes I can’t help but smirk, “What was that last part?” I say looking up at him as he moves closer towards me. 

“I’m not interested in anyone but you” he says softly. 

“I like the sound of that.” I say and slip my hands up into his hair and he puts his hands on my waist. 

“So how about I take you on a real date sometime and you don’t flirt with G in front of me anymore.” 

“G and I are never going to stop flirting babe. But a date would be lovely and I could work on toning it down” I chuckle and bring my lips to his. 

He pulls away and looks back into my eyes “Fine, but only because I’m crazy about you and could take G in a fight for your hand”

“Woah woah woah, Buddy” I laugh “I know I’m the most incredible person you’ve ever met but we haven’t been on a date yet. No discussing my hand.” 

“Can I hold it then?” He says and slips his rough, warm hand around my smaller, soft one. 

“Damn, you’re smooth” I chuckle and lean against his shoulder. “Now let’s get out of here.” 


I hope you liked it 


Love is hard - Chapter twelve

Pairing: Madison Joseph x reader (friends), Josh Dun x reader (friends, lovers?), Tyler Joseph x reader (friends), Jenna Joseph x reader (friends), other Joseph and Dun family members

Plot: You take a leap year abroad, where you meet Madison Joseph. You become best friends and move in with her family. You meet her brother Tyler and his best friend Josh, who you have a crush on. Will Josh and you become more than friends?

This chapter: Ashley comforts you and you talk with Maddie.

Warnings: None

Word count: about 2100

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11

A/n: Once again, thanks for all the support! Love you all

You politely chitchatted with Chris, Kelly and Madison in the car and once you were back home. You didn’t want to talk about what you’ve heard, especially with them. After a cup of coffee, you went upstairs, ready for another sleepless night, overthinking everything that happened. “So, did you have fun?” Maddie asked you as she also got ready for bed. “Sure, they are very nice people and the dinner was lovely.” You replied. You had already decided you weren’t telling Maddie anything. First of all, you didn’t want to talk about ‘Josh-problems’ with her and second, you were kind of annoyed by her attitude lately, though you couldn’t put your finger on what exactly rubbed you the wrong way. “I had a great night as well. Laura and Bill have always been so nice to me and I’m so close to them; I love hanging out with them.” Maddie said. “Anyway, I’m meeting up with Annie tomorrow, so I’ll probably be home late. Goodnight.” She turned off her light and rolled over in bed. You were wide awake, staring at the ceiling in the dark. Once again, your mind started racing. Question after question came up; Why don’t Bill and Laura like me? Why didn’t Josh invite me for the dinner? What is the deal with Maddie? And why did I panic? You texted Ashley, asking if she wanted to meet up tomorrow. You figured she was the best option to talk to, hoping she could shine some light on the issues you were having.

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Helping Your D-Partner Manage Stress (Pt. 2)

Part 1 is here

The Haus kitchen seemed as good a place as any to start.

Bitty had sympathy-baked pies for the team; blueberry, peach, and cherry cooled in a line down the counter. The whole room was still pleasantly warm from the oven and the Haus smelled the way heaven might, if heaven had been inspired by a Southern Living magazine.

Dex was more calm than Nursey had seen him in at least a week, curled up on the toxic couch, legs folded underneath him as read the textbook in his lap. His clothes were worn in just the right way to stretch perfectly over his body, like some kind of catalog ad. Dex muttered something to himself, eyebrows squishing together as he underlined something in his book. It was objectively adorable, and Nursey could admit to that. 

It didn’t change the fact that he needed to take time off to relax and, just maybe, pull the stick out of his ass.

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Both of You

Summary: Honoka had some feelings for two people and a hope that they wouldn’t find out.

Pairing: NozoHonoEli    I’m not sure what the preferred name is.

Links: AO3 FFnet

Note: I’m not sure what it is about this ship that I like, but I do like it a lot, and I guess I’m only writing my favorite repairs now. This was originally going to be a scene of a larger multi-chaptered thing, but that’s never going to get written and I kinda liked this single part. Tried my best to make it stand on its own.

Honoka always had a brief moment of hesitation before knocking on Nozomi’s door. It wasn’t much more than a second of unnecessary doubt, but it was always a constant. Even though the weekly trips to the apartment were beginning to become the norm, she could never shake the tiny thoughts telling her not to intrude.

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The Terminal, Ch. VI

Heart, cover your tracks -
The blood that you spill
Will wash what you lack.

The subway was almost empty so late in the night. It rattled along like a stray dog with its rickety ribs clamouring together as it itched its way through the almost empty neighbourhoods. The city was a city of almost’s. The city was almost asleep, almost awake, almost clean, almost dirty, almost alive, almost dead, almost quiet, almost deafening. Clarke leaned her head against the window and almost felt her clinical hours ending.

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Mr. C is gone for some fencing thing today, so it seemed like a good time for some more fairly easy onigirazu filled with things he doesn’t want to eat.

Tonight I decided to go with some Teriyaki Spam Onigirazu. I was originally considering some Spam Musubi, but the easier sandwich format was appealing tonight. Partly because this way kinda-sorta has veggies included, to pass better for a full meal. One of those days.

(One problem which maybe shouldn’t have been unforeseen: put slices of hot teriyaki glazed Spam on a plate, and you may need to carefully pry it off again with a butter knife. Oops. Maybe I should try reducing the sauce less next time, so it hopefully doesn’t set up like glue as it cools down…)

I did go ahead and put some bagged salad in one of them, but decided to try some kimchi with most of the juice squeezed out in the other one. The extra kimchi zing is even better to my taste tonight.

Some structural integrity problems from overstuffing, so good thing they’re in the plastic wrap 🙄 Tasty anyway. I still have half of each left for later, they’re filling enough.

We took our chances, for maybe we could start something new. Wheels kept on rolling—it never stopped so was the wishes kept wished. You told me stories like I never knew what it’s all about.

”Sorry, I knew I must’ve stayed—you really don’t have to say you love me, but I should. You were always mine, you were my heart.”

I stood still. Recalling what it feels like to be whole. After all the gaps you mistakenly created. You took them away with you and now you’re trying to fill them up with me; like hollow blocks similarly diverted into broken hills.

But maybe, tonight’s just not the right night. We mumbled like nothing was ever mattered. This was only the chances we tried to fix, and I believe that it’s okay if we failed once again. These seconds we both spared about the past minutes of silence—we survived without the arms of each other. We took our meals completely with the absence of one another. We created bubbles that replaced the gap made by the strings we cut out.

“I’m glad you haven’t stayed that much. You knew how much I loved you even after we took the separations. I was always yours, of course, but my heart will always be with me.”

You’re Under Arrest

Pairing: Shownu x Wonho

Genre: SMUT

Summary: Shownu and Wonho are home alone and decide to get kinky/ Pink officer uniforms BDSM? handcuffs? pink briefs? orgasm denial? daddy kink? PURE FUCKING SMUT I CANNOT EVEN

This was inspired late at night and from the pink officer uniforms they wore. I have sinned so bad…



Shownu and Wonho were in the dorm, chillin on the couch watching a movie while the rest of the members were out eating dinner and watching a movie. The two of them decided to stay in and rest for tomorrow’s practice. Shownu walked over to the couch, carrying a bowl of popcorn over to Wonho and plopped down next to him.

Wonho looked over at Shownu and studied his jawline and his broad shoulders. Drinking in every flawless feature of his face and blushing at the sudden thought of having him dominate his body. The wifebeater showing off his muscles and his sweatpants hanging off his hips loosely, the way his dark hair fell over his eyes. Wonho couldn’t stop from thinking of Shownu all over him and wanting to just rip off all their clothes and take him right then and there on the couch. He felt his boner poking through his shorts and bounced his knee nervously, biting his lip.



Wonho leaned in close to his ear. “I want you.”

Shownu dropped the bowl and looked at Wonho shocked.

“What?” he asked, quickly cleaning up the popcorn and placing it on the coffee table.

“Hyung…” he traced circles on Shownu’s chest. “It’s been a while. I don’t mind hiding our relationship from everyone but I want some love from time to time to know that you still love me.” he pouted.

“You know I still love you.” Shownu said, leaning down into his neck. “I love you very much.” he kissed his neck gently and placed more kisses until he got to Wonho’s sweet spot, just behind his jaw and his ear.

Wonho was getting impatient but he told himself to enjoy all the time they have tonight since the guys won’t be back till later at night. Shownu got on top of Wonho and laid him back on the couch till he got a better angle at his neck. Soon he became a moaning mess and was tugging at Shownu’s wife beater to take it off. He got the hint and took it off, going back to Wonho’s neck and working his way down his chest. Wonho whimpered when Shownu’s breath ghosted over his highly sensitive nipples.

“I never told you this, but I really like your new piercings, Hoseok.”

That turned Wonho on even more. “Hyung, I wanna try something new tonight.”

“Anything for you Baby Boy.”

“You know those pink uniforms we wore for Sistar’s MV?”

He nodded.

“Well I wanna roleplay with them. We can do that good cop, bad cop thing and maybe handcuff each other?”

Shownu chuckled softly at the thought, his breath sending chills down Wonho’s back. He brought his face close to Wonho’s, “Should I be the good cop or bad?” he smirked.

Wonho smiled and lead him to their shared room. They found their uniforms and got dressed quickly. Shownu ran back to the living room and laid down on the couch all sexy, twirling his baton.

“Are you ready?” Wonho called out.


Wonho walked in with nothing but his pink pants, black combat boots, and pink police hat. Shownu dropped his baton in mid twirl and his jaw dropped. Wonho was all oiled up and glistening, and had his handcuffs in between his teeth.


“You like it Baby?” he winked. Wonho swayed his hips and turned around, showing off his proudest asset. Shownu sat back, resting his arms on the back of the couch and enjoying the view. Wonho turned on some sexy music to set the mood and dimmed the light. Shownu whistled, making Wonho blush.

“Damn… it should be illegal to be that sexy.”

Wonho walked over and straddled Shownu’s waist. “It’s all for you Officer Big Daddy.”

Shownu trailed his hands down to Wonho’s firm ass and grabbed a handful of each cheek, making Wonho jump.

“You’ve been bad, haven’t you? Don’t you know what we do with criminals like you?”

Wonho shook his head.

Shownu leaned into his ear and whispered, “Unspeakable things.”

“Can you show me?”

“Tell you what, you do something for me and I’ll let you off with a warning.”

Wonho bit his lip and got off his lap. He turned on “Pony” by Ginuwine. Wonho started dancing slowly and did body rolls. He moved his hips sinfully and started touching down this chest. He reached for his belt buckle and undid it, pulling the belt out slowly. Shownu watched carefully, taking in every inch of Wonho. He walked over and straddled Shownu’s lap again, body rolling and riding his thigh. Shownu placed his hands on his hips and pulled him closer.

“I have a warrant to search your body.” he whispered.

Wonho bit his lip and took Shownu’s hands, placing them on his chest and dragging them down slowly. Shownu grabbed Wonho’s hand and stuck one finger in his mouth, sucking it slowly and pulling it out with a pop.

“Fuck… take me now Daddy.”

“Not yet Baby.” Shownu kissed his abdomen up to his nipple piercings and took one his mouth, licking it over and over till it was highly sensitive. He bit it gently and then latched onto the other one, making it red and puffy. Wonho became a moaning mess from the teasing Shownu was doing. Shownu undid the button of Wonho’s pants and zipped them down. He took note that he was wearing the tight pink boxer briefs that made Shownu go crazy because his ass looked amazing in them.

“Just for me Baby Boy?”

“Always Daddy.” he winked.

Wonho took his pants off quickly and modeled the briefs for Shownu. Shownu did the same and stripped down till he was in black briefs.

“Get on your knees.” Shownu instructed.

Wonho obeyed and got on his knees, looking up at him.

“Take care of Daddy.”

Without a second thought, Wonho pulled down his briefs and took ahold of his cock in his hand. He licked the head of the cock and kissed gently down the shaft. Wonho took the cock into his mouth and bobbed his head up and down, looking up at Shownu with puppy eyes.

“Good boy.” Shownu hummed.

Wonho moaned and took it in further down his throat. Shownu grabbed a fistful of his hair and face fucked Wonho until his cheeks turned red.

“Yeah. You like it when I fuck that pretty little mouth of yours?”

Wonho nodded and held onto Shownu’s hips.

Before Shownu could cum in his mouth, he pulled out and pulled Wonho up to his feet. He kissed him, tasting himself on Wonho’s lips.

“I need to do a strip search. Everything else off.” Shownu said.

Wonho nodded and shimmied his perfect ass cheeks out of the pink briefs and got rid of the rest of the wardrobe except for the handcuffs. He gave them to Shownu and waited for the next instructions. Shownu handcuffed Wonho’s hands behind his back and pushed him onto the couch.

Shownu sat down and patted his thighs. “Come here Baby Boy.”

Wonho sat down in his lap and immediately Shownu stuck a finger in his hole. Wonho yelped from the sudden pain, burying his face in Shownu’s shoulder. Wonho whimpered quietly.

“What’s wrong Baby Boy?” Shownu asked, sticking his finger deeper inside Wonho.

“Ahh! Daddy… more…”

Shownu stuck 2 more fingers in and fingered him slowly. Wonho was frustrated that he couldn’t hold onto Shownu because of the handcuffs. He started rutting against Shownu’s thigh to relieve some of the built up tension he had. Shownu stopped him and spread his ass wider. Shownu took out his fingers and pushed them past Wonho’s lips. He licked them eagerly and spit on them when he took them out. Shownu fingered him again and made sure his tight hole was ready for him. Lifting Wonho up with such ease, he aligned himself right at his entrance and let Wonho sink down on him.

“Ahhh! Fuck!”

“Shhh… be quiet or the chief will hear us.”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Now you know what to do Baby Boy.”

Wonho asked him to take the handcuffs off. Shownu complied and took them off, only to bring Wonho’s hands to the front and handcuff them again. Wonho rested his palms on Shownu’s chest while he lifted himself up and back down on Shownu’s cock. He built up a steady rhythm.Wonho bounced his ass so smoothly, they were both a hot, moaning mess. Once Wonho was comfortable riding Shownu, Shownu thrusted up into him, earning a soft cry from him. Shownu kept thrusting up into him until he felt himself reach his high.

“Cum for me Daddy. I want it.” Wonho moaned and bit his ear gently.

Shownu couldn’t help it, he came at the sound of his voice. Wonho moaned loudly and held onto Shownu, enjoying this moment.

Wonho got off of Shownu after a few seconds and curled up on the couch. Shownu grabbed the handcuffs on Wonho and readjusted it to Wonho being handcuffed to the arm of the couch. He got up and started walking away to his room.

“Where are you going?”

Shownu looked at Wonho and smirked.

“I’m gonna interrogate the suspect. The bad cop will be with you in a moment.”

Wonho blushed and relaxed on the couch. A moment later, Shownu came back with a vibrator in his hand. Wonho got embarrassed.

“Be a good boy and this will be over.” he winked.

Shownu pried Wonho’s legs apart and lifts them up enough to push the vibrator into his hole. Wonho put his legs down and looked at Shownu with big puppy eyes. He turned on the vibrator at a low setting, sending a tingling sensation through Wonho’s body.

“ahhhhh… Hyung.”

“What did you call me?” Shownu asked, turning the vibrator up higher.

“Fuck! Daddy! Too much!”

“Hmm, I don’t think so.”

“Daddy, no…”

Shownu disregarded all of his pleas and turned it up higher. Wonho was squirming around underneath him. He was moaning loudly and his breath came out in quick, loud puffs of air. Shownu enjoyed this too much. He kissed down Wonho’s chest and he took one of his nipples in his mouth, biting it gently. Wonho’s eyes teared up from all this pleasure and he was restricted to do anything.

“Daddy, I can’t hold on any longer.” wonho whined, biting lip.

Shownu pulled out the vibrator out of him and wonho groaned at the absence of it. Shownu undid the cuffs from the couch and handcuffed Wonho’s hands behind his back again. Wonho was lying on his stomach on the couch and his ass hanging over the couch. Shownu grabbed Wonho’s cheeks and spread them wide. He licked a striped up his hole. Wonho cried out from pleasure. Shownu began eating him out, leaving Wonho a sweaty, hot mess calling for him.

“Please officer, no more… Daddy no more teasing…” he whispered.

Shownu kissed his tight, pink hole that was now swollen before aligning himself and pushing in. He pinned Wonho’s hands above his head and started bucking into him hard. Wonho buried his face in the cushions to suppress the moaning. Shownu pulled Wonho’s hair back, arching his back. Wonho winced in pain. Shownu pulled him off the couch and had him face down ass up on the floor. Shownu grabbed Wonho’s hips and fucked him till he was crying and begging for Shownu to let him cum. Shownu propped Wonho up on all fours. He leaned on top of his back, face near his ear.

“how bad do you want it Baby Boy?”

“Daddy please I’m begging you.” he cried.

“From the sound of it, you’re rather fond of my teasing.” Shownu smirked, pressing further into him, hitting it from the back at just the right angle.He pulled Wonho’s hair back, wanting to see his pretty face.

Wonho was on the verge of tears. “Please… please let me–”

“Not yet. I’ll tell you when you can.”

“But, Daddy… I was a good boy… “

“Not yet, Baby Boy. Daddy will tell you when you can.”

Shownu left a trail of kisses down his back. Wonho whimpered, wanting this to be over because he can’t take this torture anymore. Just then, Shownu grabbed a hold of Wonho’s cock and gave it a few tugs to ease his discomfort. Shownu pumped his shaft a few times before finally feeling his own high come close. The sound of skin slapping and heavy breathing was heard through the whole dorm. Shownu was finally let Wonho have it. He started pounding him roughly, wonho crying from it all.

Shownu grabbed him by the neck and whispered in his ear. “What’s my name?”


Shownu bit his ear harshly. “What’s my name?”




“Louder!” Shownu smacked Wonho’s ass hard, making him yelp.


“You like it when I fuck you like this? Huh?”


“Tell me, who’s ass does this belong to?”

“Yours! Only Yours!”

“Let the world know who’s ass this belongs to.”

“Son Hyunwoo!”

“Have you learned your lesson?” he grunted as he rubbed Wonho’s cock harder in his hand.

“Yes Daddy! Oh fuck! Oh you fuck me so good!”

“No one fuck you like I can, got it?” he growled in his ear.


“Oh fuck!”

Wonho was screaming how good it was and panting so hard. Shownu fucked Wonho through his whole climax, filling him deep with his semen, and pulled out when it was over. Wonho came all over Shownu’s hand and his own stomach. Even after Shownu pulled out, Wonho was still leaking from his climax. They both dropped to the floor next to each other. Shownu pulled Wonho close to his chest, sweaty bodies getting tangled together.

“Now that… was worth everything I went through.” Wonho panted.

“Wanna go for round 2 in the shower? I wanna leave that pretty little hole of your black and blue tonight.”

“What are we waiting for then?” Wonho said, getting up eagerly and pulling Shownu up with him to the bathroom.

“You think you can handle it Hoseok?”

“For you, I can handle anything… Daddy.”


*** This ended up a lot longer than I intended, my head just kept going. My bad. (Maybe)***

“Their parties are great, you should come with me. They’re not too crazy but you’ll definitely remember it.” “I don’t know…what if your ex sees me? I’m in their territory, I don’t really feel like getting jumped by 30 bikers.” “He dumped me. He won’t be upset at you. Please, just come with me. I miss them and I know you’ll have fun.”

You had spent the last 20 minutes trying to convince your friend to go with you to a SAMCRO party tonight. You hadn’t been to the clubhouse in a month. After Chibs had broken up with you, you stayed away. Not that you were trying to get away from the guys, they were still your family, but you just didn’t want to see Chibs. You’d been together for quite some time and things were starting to get dangerous when he’d told you he wanted you to go to Tacoma with Happy. You’d told him no, that you didn’t want to leave and go somewhere that you only knew one person. You’d argued and argues, neither one of you caving and as a result, he decided to break up. 

His plan was to leave you and then get back with you once things had cleared up but it had backfired on him. You’d told him that you loved him and that you would do what he said and stay on lockdown but he didn’t want you associated with the club at all, at least not in this state. You’d told him that if he went through with this, that you wouldn’t take him back. He’d thought that you had been blowing smoke up his ass but he had learned that was not the case when he called you and told you that everything had cleared up. You told him you were glad and then hung up the phone.

Then you’d met this guy Martin. He wasn’t your boyfriend but he wasn’t just your friend. You’d been on a couple dates. He was awkward, clean-shaven and proper which was nearly the exact opposite of Chibs and not really your type but you needed to get your mind off of him. While Chibs was sweet, he could be very aggressive and brute, you’d learned that when he so readily left you. Martin was different. He spoiled you, gave you everything and anything you wanted. You never asked for material things, just his time and he was more than happy to give that to you. With Chibs, you were always counting down the seconds until your time with him would get cut short due to club business.

Jax and Juice both had called you a couple days before and he expressed how much they missed their friend and wanted you to come by for the party on Friday. You’d asked if it was ok if you brought a friend and they’d said along as it wasn’t a cop, you could bring whoever you wanted.
You pulled into the lot with Martin, an area for the fight already set up and people everywhere drinking and having a good time. You smiled as you saw them, this was what you considered your home. Martin on the other hand looked nervous. You grabbed his hand and walked up to the clubhouse, Tig seeing you and immediately making his way to you. “About damn time. I missed you baby.” You felt Martin tense beside you and he squeezed your hand. You squeezed back and let go, meeting Tig and hugging him, his arms around your as he put his mouth to your ear and whispered. “Is that the asshole keeping you away from us?” You laughed and whispered back. “I kept myself away. I needed time.”

Tig was unconvinced but nodded anyways, pulling away from you and looking at Martin. They looked at each other for a couple seconds before Tig turned back to you. “Let’s go inside, the guys want you.” Martin didn’t miss the underlying meaning that Tig used but he didn’t know it was only to annoy him.

Walking into the clubhouse, everything was the way you remembered it and you missed it. You couldn’t lie, this is where you knew you belonged but you didn’t want to see Chibs just yet so you stayed away but it felt good to be back. Juice saw you and came over, hugging you and talking to you but ignoring Martin entirely when you felt someone come up behind you and a hand on your hip. You were ready to turn around and push whoever it was away until you heard their voice. "Hey there Darlin’.“ You turned to see Jax with a smirk on his face. “Nice of you to come home.” You rolled your eyes and hugged him. You knew they were all being this way to piss off Martin, make sure he knew he wasn’t welcome without kicking him out and that you definitely weren’t his.

Jax looked to Martin and nodded at him. “Sup.” “Hi. You her friend?” “Yeah, you could say that.” He smirked at Martin and you slowly began to get a little annoyed at how suggestive they were being and asked Jax if he could get you a drink.
Chibs was sitting at the bar sulking, the same way as he’d been for the whole month when Jax came up to him. “Guess who’s here.” “Who?” “Your girl.” “Very funny Jackie. Fuck off.” “I’m serious, she’s over there talking to Tig.” Chibs turned and was shocked to see you there. He was even more shocked, and pissed, to see you there with a guy he knew must’ve came with you, his hand on your back. It was obvious that he was trying to show you were with him and Chibs felt his blood boiling. He stood from the stool and walked towards you, Jax smirking and following him.

You were talking to Tig about how Piney was when you felt someone stand next to you and saw it was Chibs. You simply turned and ignored him, focusing on Tig again. “How’ve you been?” “Fine.” “And who’s this?” Martin stuck his hand out. “I’m Martin.” Chibs looked down at his hand before looking him in the eyes, not returning the handshake. Martin pulled his hand back awkwardly. “What are you doing here?” “Oh, uh. I came with her.” “Is that right?” Chibs was smiling but you knew him well enough to know that it was entirely fake.

“I need to speak with you.” You continued to ignore him but Tig stopped talking and looked at him, so did you. “Maybe later.” “It’s important.” Chibs spoke in a low voice through gritted teeth and you decided to just hear him out and get it over with. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“What do you think you’re doing?” “I think I’m here hanging out with my family, or trying to anyways.” “I mean what are you doing with that shithead.” “He’s my boyfriend.” It was a lie but you saw the anger flash in his eyes and you had to admit, it felt good to piss him off after the stunt he had pulled. He grabbed your arms and leaned you against the counter in the kitchen, holding you in front of him. “No. He’s not. I am.” “Not anymore. You dumped me remember?” “I did it to keep you safe! I knew you weren’t going to leave on your own, you’re too damn stubborn.” “You said you wanted to make me your Old Lady one day.” “I do.” “Well how am I supposed to be a good Old Lady if you ship me off every time shit hits the fan? I can’t learn to handle the club if you never left me see what it really is.” With that you walked out of the kitchen and back to the guys. Chibs stared after you and pulled out his phone and calling Juice, telling him what he needed him to do.
You saw Juice answer his phone before agreeing with whatever the person said and hung up. He turned to you. “Hey, Gemma wants to see you. She’s over in the TM office doing paper work. Go see her.” You nodded and told Martin you would be right back. Juice smiled as you walked away and leaned towards Martin. “So. You her boyfriend?” “Uh, not really. We’ve just been on a couple dates.” “So you’re ok with sharing her then.” Martin looked at Juice confused. “Sharing her? I thought they broke up.” “Yeah, they did. But we didn’t.” Juice motioned to himself and Jax, Tig and Happy who had strolled up, not wanting to miss anything. Martin looked around at the guys who all had the same predatory looks, Jax speaking up after picking up on what Juice was doing. “She’s ours too. He just had a claim on her, got the title of boyfriend. He beat us too her but she still belongs to us too.”

Martin’s eyes widened as he realized what they meant. “Wait…you guys like ‘share’ share her?” “Yep. And tonight she’s his so you might as well just go home, wait your turn.” Juice pointed over to Hap with his thumb and Martin gulped as he saw the way Happy looked at him. “And I ain't sharing on my night.” Martin looked around at everyone’s faces and his paled. “Actually, I think I’ll just move on. That’s not uh, you guys can have her. It’s alright.” With that, he quickly got up and rushed out of the clubhouse, all of the guys busting out laughing. They knew you’d be pissed but that was ok.

some AUs I thought of on the bus
  • “I brought u to my friend’s wedding as my plus one and it was really fun and all but now it’s the end of the night and we’re sitting alone together at the reception and all these twinkle lights and flowers everywhere are causing a hell of a lot of romantic tension between us and oohhhh no did our song just come on”
  • “we had a one night stand and as I was sneaking away the next morning I couldn’t find where the fuck my bra went but we’re like the same cup size so I just took one of yours but apparently that was like ur favorite bra and now you’re looking everywhere for me because u want it back oh god”
  • “our teacher brought up a really sensitive subject to use as a ‘debate topic’ and we’re the only ones fighting for one side while the rest of the class is against us so we kinda paired up and wow I always thought u were kinda boring but ur rlly cute when you get all passionate about something”
  • “I was waiting for my friend in the back seat of their car while they went to pick something up but you just got into the driver’s seat and got really confused when your key didn’t go into the ignition and i have no idea who u are so hi?? who are u???? this is not ur car buddy”
  • “my dog just ruined your child’s snowman and they started crying and I am so so so sorry oh my god he doesn’t usually do stuff like that”
  • “the tables have turned this week at the PTA meeting and this time it was helen that smacked your brownies out of your hand and told you to fight her and christ our children are cheering for you”
  • “u got a minor injury like a scraped knee or some shit but ur being a huge baby about it so I’m helping u out and wtf stop trying to flirt with me when you’re literally in tears”
  • “my hands are cold af so i grabbed your hand just to annoy you but you just took it and now?? we’re just walking around holding hands what is happening”
  • “we went on this group nature hike thing and u showed me this plant that was supposedly edible so I ate it but now my tongue is swelling up and i’m like 92% sure I’m dying I hate you”
  • “I started taking these yoga courses to chill out and get in touch with my inner peace or whatever the fuck, but i keep getting in trouble because instead of closing my eyes during the poses I’m just looking at the cute instructor”
  • “I threw a snowball at my friend but accidentally hit u instead holy shit I am so sorry I didn’t mea- WAIT STOP TRYING TO SHOVE SNOW DOWN MY SHIRT AS PAYBACK IT WAS AN ACCIDENT”
  • “you two are behind me at the movie theater and won’t stop fkcing whispering to each other wouLD YOU SHUT U- oh no you’re both cute”
  • “remember that time we made out at that party haha yeah wow how embarrassing wanna maybe try it out again but more sober this time??“
  • “I hired u to take care of my plants while I went on a business trip/vacation and yoU KILLED ALL OF THEM!!!! EVEN THE CACTUS HOW TEH FCUK”
  • "I called my roommate to ask if we should have grilled cheese or spaghetti for dinner tonight but I must have gotten the wrong number sorry haha wait what? no you don’t understand I don’t care which you’d prefer you’re not- no listen you’re not invited
  • “I always thought u looked rlly mean but I guess the sun was just in ur eyes or something cause now that u aren’t glaring you’re actually kinda gorgeous”

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Harry's quote from Rolling Stone (And if you run into that person, maybe it's awkward, maybe you have to get drunk ... but you shared something) Look I don't make the rules but Harry was 100 talking about Louis here. Purely headcanon but I feel like probably once during the past year and a half they tried to get together to catch up and see if maybe things were less weird now that they've had some space but Harry drank like 3 glasses of cab sav as he was getting ready just to Prepare

why are you all trying to kill me tonight like………….. i literally hate this so much. this is like honestly so real and i want death you know the situation would have arisen by one of them getting drunk and texting the other like ‘i miss you we should hang out’ and then the other not replying for hours and when they do its just an ‘ok’ but somehow it turns into a real plan and before they know it both of them are there and neither of them know what to do with their hands or where to look or what to say and they cant quite believe they used to share a home at one point and maybe even a bed and there’s nothing either of them can say to make it better. hmmmmmmm………..i crave death

BTS react to you being shy around them


This is another reaction classic I’d say :* It’s all different situations, you as their partner/crush/friend/fan… because I really wanted to make it a bit more varied than usually~

Thanks for 300+ followers! <33 And now: please enjoy it well~ Al eonni sends all her love to BTS and A.R.M.Y.!

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Jin: *tries to ease your shyness by playing cute little jokes*

“[Playing around] Hello? Is that 911? We have an emergency here: My girlfriend is too shy to hug me! What do you recommend I should do? What? Tickle her? Do you think that’ll loosen her up? Okay, I’ll try that then, thank you very much~” [tickle attack ensues] 

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Suga: *You don’t know each other well yet, but Yoongi has noticed that you seem to stare at the ground and try to hide whenever you meet him on the street.Yoongi tries his best to give you a friendly image by waving tentatively from afar. After all, he’s just as nervous as you, always wondering how he could make you feel less intimidated by him so he would finally be able to start a conversation with you*

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Rap Monster: *You are being shy at a fansign, so Namjoon gives you a really sincere look, the kind of look that you would give your future mother-in-law when introducing yourself to the family*

“Hey, don’t be shy around me, okay? I’m just a normal person. It was your dream to meet us today, right? Well, BTS also dream about meeting friendly A.R.M.Y. like you. So please look up at least once so we can make a nice memory together, okay?~” 

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J-Hope: why is this gif so pretty WHYYYYYY  *You are shyly sitting next to Hoseok on your first date, all the while thinking that you might say or do something wrong, fidgeting with the handbag and not daring to look into his face*  

“______, I never noticed how cute you are when you’re shy! But can you look up at me? There’s nothing to be afraid of, I’m the same as always~ I’d really like to see you being comfortable around me, so please don’t be scared of anything.”

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Jimin: *A friend of his saw him talking to you from afar, and noticed how uncomfortable you seemed to feel during the conversation. Afterwards, said friend informs Jimin about his observation*

“[Feels really guilty] Oh my god…I never knew that ______ is feeling so uncomfortable talking to me. I noticed that they were being shy but…maybe they’re a bit intimidated by me. I’ll try to talk them out of being scared of me. There’s really nothing to be afraid of, I like them so much and they should be able to feel comfortable around me.”

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V: *BTS takes you clubbing with them when Taehyung notices that you are feeling too shy to let go on the dance floor. So he comes over to you, and tries to shout over the music that you can relax and that there’s no need to feel shy*

“______, don’t hesitate to dance! It’s not about looking good tonight, it’s about having fun!! Do you see any of the members do a choreography right now? No, of course you don’t! See, Jin hyung’s over there trying to impress girls with his traffic dance~ So just try to let go and dance with me! [insert adorkable Taehyung moves]”

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Jungkook: *is being a brat and teasing you about it, so eventually you’ll have to laugh about yourself and forget about your shyness*

“So I really make you shy? Really? Even with a face like this [pulls face]? Or like this [pulls another one]? C’mon, _______, is that what makes you shy? No? I thought so~ [laughs with you]”

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