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Breaking the rules


Pairing: Peter parker x reader

Summary: Peter and reader get paired up on a project together, while studying together reader might find out Peter’s identity and things get steamy between them.

Word count: 2265

warnings: makeout, swearing?

Hope you guys enjoy!

Part 1  Part 3


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Next day Peter was going crazy. He had in fact made out with the girl of his dreams, and she had kissed him first! He arrived to school with the biggest puppy smile in his face, which was not dismissed by Ned, who immediately dragged him to an empty hallway.

“Please tell me you talked to her”

“Even better”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she- umm- well, we might have kissed”


As they headed towards Chemistry class Peter kept replaying last night’s events in his head. Would it be too soon to go back to yours today? He wanted to talk to Y/n more, and the kisses were always a bonus. He looked for her in the crow, when he finally spotted Y/n he  gave her his brightest smile, the one he had been saving just for her.

However Y/n looked, confused? When she saw him she looked kind of surprised and pleased as she waved her hand at him. He lifted his own hand ready to wave back, wondering why would she look surprised? They had made ou- Crap, crap crap crap!

Peter stopped his hand from weaving and quickly look somewhere else as he realized. Of course she would look surprised! She doesn’t know who was behind the mask! Peter kept his gaze in the floor as he made his way to the classroom. With her sitting in the front at least he wouldn’t be discover staring at Y/n.

The class went by rapidly, with Peter paying none to little attention, at least until the final minutes when the teacher made an announcement.

“Class as you know we will be making the final project on pairs, which I will assign, so stop looking at Mr. Parker, Mr Leeds. It’s due by the end of the week so you better start working now.”

Peter zoned out until he heard his name being called once again by the teacher.

“Mr Parker will be working with Ms. Stark”

The teacher continued calling the pairs, however Peter couldn’t seem to focus anymore. He was working with Y/n? He could barely look at you without blushing, how was he going to talk to you?

Being so distracted he didn’t notice people leaving the classroom, apparently class was over. He saw Ned leaving the classroom as well, giving the boy a thumbs up as he noticed that Y/n was not gone, she was approaching Peter, with one of her classic smiles.

“Hey Peter”

“Hey- I umh- hey”

Peter control yourself! This is your chance to talk to her, at least without the suit.

“Well, I was thinking that maybe we should work on the project at my place, you know my dad will be happy  to see you”

What? How does she know Mr. Stark and him now each other? Does she also know he is spiderman?

“You know since you have the Stark Internship and all”

Right. The Stark Internship. He almost forgot about that too.

“Sooo, my place at 7? You should stay for dinner as well.”

The boy could only manage a nod before the girl turned around and exited the room, leaving him alone. Great, he thought, I really am nothing without my suit, I can’t even talk to her!

Tonight will be a long night.

Peter had been a nervous wreck during the whole day, so when school was over he went to the first alley he could find and changed into his spiderman suit. He had some hours to kill before going to the Avenger’s tower.

Time flied as he stopped robberies and helped a girl get her cat back from a tree. When he finally checked his phone it was 7:10 already! He went back to the alley and changed into his usual clothes, shoving the suit into his backpack and hurrying towards her home.

Mr. Stark was waiting for him as the elevator doors opened. He welcomed him with a smile as he took his shoulder with his hand and guided him towards the kitchen.

“Welcome kid! You know where everything is, so make yourself at home.”

“Thank you Mr. Stark”

“Just remember that my daughter is off limits for everybody, and that includes you”

This time his tone had been more serious and he was staring right at Peter’s eyes, like he could tell what had happened yesterday. Peter felt terrible, Mr. Stark had helped him so much and gave him his suit! He didn’t want to lie to the man!

However this thoughts were quickly erased as he saw Y/n entering the room. She was wearing a beautiful sundress that made her legs look longer. Mr. Stark cleared his throat next to Peter, probably to stop him from checking out his daughter.

“Remember the rules Peter! And Y/n, don’t you think that dress is too short”

“Dad stop it! We are just workin on a chemistry project! We’ll be in my room okay”

“Listen to me young lady, that door stays wide open!Dinner will be ready at 8!”

Y/n rolled her eyes as she took his arm and leaded the way towards her room, answering with a “Whatever dad” before closing the door.

“I’m sorry about that, he is just really protective”

“Yeah sure- don’t worry”

The both stood in the entrance of the room until she moved towards her couch, the same he had been on yesterday. He blushed at the memory and tried to think of something else before his pants go too tight. He followed her, sitting next to her as they talked about their project.

“So I was thinking we should do something related to DNA maybe? Like how it can change and stuff. I don’t really know it was just and idea-”

“No yeah, I like it, we should do that”.

The girl got up and brought her laptop to the couch so they could gather information together. Peter found it had to focus on the project when he could catch a glance at the hickeys on her neck, but he managed. About 20 minutes later they had gather enough information to at least get started on the actual presentation.

“Peter you’ve got a pencil I can borrow?”

“Yeah, just let me get my backpack”

“Where is it?”

“I leaved it by the door”

“I’ll go get it”

With those final words she stood up and headed towards the door looking for said pencil. Peter stayed alone for a while, waiting for her to come back. She was taking a while, maybe she couldn’t find it? As he was standing up to find the girl he saw her come back empty handed, but with a wide smile.

Her hair was now in a ponytail, and he could clearly see the hickeys from last night. Also, had her dress gotten shorter? It was barely covering her legs anymore, and he had to remind himself to look somewhere else before she noticed his drooling.

“Did you find it?”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t matter anymore. I was thinking we should get a break, you know, talk and stuff. Get to know each other”

Why did everything reminded him of last night? He got a big dejavu as the girl seated next to him but this time it was only to take his hand and lead him to her bed, seating down on it, with her back on the header as he took the place next to her, facing each other.

“Mmmh- so, what would you like to know?”

“Tell me about your Stark Internship Peter, it’s kinda funny how we’ve never runned into each other in the tower, since you spend so much time here.”

“Well I just- I stay mainly at the labs you know? And help your dad with stuff”

“So you spend a lot of time with my dad?”


Peter was growing more and more nervous. The girl hadn’t stopped looking at him while biting her lip. Was she doing it on purpose? Did she know about his crush? He wanted to be the one biting those pink lips. Her hand traveled from her leg to her neck, stroking it while making small moans, claiming she was hurt. The noises distracted Peter as he tried his best not to get a hard on. Why was she doing this? Did she enjoyed to get guys in her room and seduce them?

“You must know the Avengers then”

“I’ve met them a couple times”

“Even Spiderman?”

Where was she going with these? Did she wanted to see Spider Man again? Maybe that was why she was asking about him, trying to seem nice to Peter so he would give him some info.

“I’ve talk to him a couple times”

“Well, I’ve been wanting to give him a  secret message, could you do that for me?”

The girl had gotten closer than before, taking Peter’s arm and stroking it, going up and down, while her other hand was on his shoulder, holding them close. She leaned into his ear as she whispered.

“You should tell him to hide better his suit”

She pushed back a little, just enough to catch Peter’s lip into a kiss. What even? Oh shit, she must have found the suit on my backpack! Well, he couldn’t really argue as she kept kissing him. How come she always surprised him? The boy refused to get left behind as he finally bit into the girl’s lip, making her open her mouth for his tongue to get in.

The girl got up and she straddled his hips, making them both whine at the contact. He got his mouth to hers once again while he took her legs into his hands. This time he could touch a little bit further. He slid his hand up and down, placing them in the back of her tights as he brought her closer to him.

He finally let go of the girls mouth as he headed towards her neck, sucking and biting at the same spot, leaving it even redder than before. He could hear her soft moaning right next to his ear as he slid a bit of her dress to kiss her collarbone. Meanwhile the girl had began unbuttoning his shirt, stroking his stomach as well, getting way to close at the band of his boxers. He could feel his pants getting a little too tight.

Did she feel the same? He wanted to touch as well, but he didn’t want to scare her off. He got his hands off from her thighs going for her waist instead, however the girl had other plans. She seemed to notice his thoughts as she took his hand and placed it under her dress once again.

“Don’t think too much Peter”

She went back to kissing him as the boy gather enough courage to move his hand upwards. He brushed his fingers slightly at the fabric of her underwear, making the girl throw back her head as she let out a series of whimpers, this time louder than before.

“Peter do it again”

With some new gained confidence the boy move his fingers once again against the fabric where he guessed was her clit, stroking it, making the girl even wetter than before.

Y/n started moving her hips along with his fingers, trying to get more friction, until she finally got his hand off her and she seated in his lap. The contact of his dick and her clit made them both let out groans a as they moved their hips in unison.


She continued to moan his name in his ear. If she kept on doing that he would be in a very sticky situation very soon. Peter tried to get back on her neck and maybe slide the other strap off her shoulder when a voice interrupted him.

“Peter better have some clothes on before I get in!”

Fuck, Mr Stark! He had completely forgotten about him. Both teenagers stared wide eyes at each other as her father entered the room, without giving them time to fix themselves.

She quickly got off him as he buttoned up his shirt and adjusted his pants. The last thing he wanted was for Mr. Stark to see he got the hots for his daughter. She tried to fix their hair but was stopped as her father stormed into the room.

“Are you serious kid? I welcomed you into my house, into my team! and this is how you thank me?”

Peter looked down at this words. He couldn’t believe he had gotten Mr. Stark down. He probably hated him

“Dad stop it! It was my fault!”

“How could it be your fault?”

“I kissed Peter okay? I just really like him” ay/n shrugged her shoulders and looked at Peter as she said this words. It was true, she really did like him and his dorky side.

“I’m really sorr-”

“I gave you one single rule, stay away from her, and you go and do the exact opposite!” Y/n’s father closed his eyes as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “We’ll have a long talk in a moment, if you are gonna be dating my daughter we must settle some rules first, but now let’s get down for dinner, We’ll talk later kiddo.”

Mr. Stark finally left the room. Y/n looked at Peter as she said.

“Sooo, we dating now?”

“I’d love to”

The girl smiled at Peter before taking his hand, leading the way towards the kitchen.

“Did you really break my father’s rules?”

As he stared at her he realised she looked perfect with her messy hair, swollen lips and her hand interlocked with his.

“Well, I learned from the best”

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Break Time

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader (Human) x Stiles Stilinski
Words: 1,055
Warnings: mild mentions of smut, if you want to include play fighting that can be a warning :)
Request? yes or no
A/N: here it is! this one was from Prompt List 1. it is the third prompt  “Quit It, Or I’ll Bite You” of course the prompt has been BOLDED so you know where the lines come in. hope you all enjoy! 

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I Dare You - Chapter 1 - JohnTen - Mafia Leader x Detective - Soulmate!AU

Chapter 1 - Intro ; Chapter 2 ; Chapter 3 ; Chapter 4 ; Chapter 5 ; Chapter 6 ; Chapter 7

Word Count: 1019

Trigger Warning: Offensive Language, Graphic Descriptions

Genre: Angst, Mafia!AU, Soulmate!AU


You see, not everyone can do what he does.

It takes a certain amount of emptiness to be who he is, and everyone around him knows better than to take that for granted.


More screaming.

Having actual blood cover you never seems like an issue until you wear a white shirt. What a silly thing to do when you’re working, isn’t it?


The screaming was shifting from tiresome to mildly irritating. Maybe if the man would answer, Ten wouldn’t have to be breaking every single one of his fingers as he had him tied to a chair.

Why did they always make it so unnecessarily difficult?

“Are you going to start talking, or should I break the rest of your bones as well?” Ten asked rhetorically, snapping another finger as the man wailed in agony.

“I’ll tell you,” said the man between ragged breaths, “please, I’ll tell you anything.” He was beyond desperate, his head spinning as he felt almost ready to vomit. How could anyone be so ruthless? Was protecting his client really worth all this torture?

“Perfect,” mused Ten unsympathetically, snapping yet another finger in two as the man screeched at the sight of his bone piercing through his flesh and skin, the blood oozing out slowly.

“When do you plan on talking?” Ten inquired as he disgustingly eyed his fingers, wiping them onto his victim’s shirt in an attempt to remove the blood.

The man gave a shit-eating grin as he lazily looked Ten in the eyes and answered. “As soon as they get here, smartass.”

Ten’s eyes widened in shock as he cussed out and immediately felt anger flush through this body.

“Check if he’s wired,” he demanded at the rookies he was with, “now!”

The closest man ran forward and cut open the man’s shirt, exposing his wired chest as the victim laughed and winced from the pain his body was trying to tolerate.

“Fucking hell,” Ten muttered, kicking the man in the gut and knocking the air out of him. “How did you not check if he was wired?!”

The silence that ensued was deafening until it was interrupted by the gasping and moaning of the victim heaving in his chair.

“I’ll see you in prison, you filthy shit,” laughed the man, still heaving.

“Not this time, asshat,” was Ten’s reply as he pulled a revolver off the closest rookie and shot the victim right between the eyes.

He looked around at the terrified faces of the newbies he had to be training that day. To say they had bad luck at catching Ten in a bad mood was more than just an understatement.

“Whose job was it to check for the fucking wires,” asked Ten boredly, shifting his gaze among their faces in order to identify the culprit.

They all looked around until one of them came forward.

“What’s your name, kid?”

“My name is - ”


The body slumped forward and collided lifelessly with the floor as the gunshot wound started bleeding out.


“Anyone else?” Ten asked with the same monotone voice.


“Good. Clear the scene.“

As the rookies rushed around before another one of them got killed, Ten bent down and dipped his finger in the dead rookie’s pooling blood, staring at the mark on his hand and slowly etching the insignia onto the floor next to the bodies. It had become the Mafia’s symbol, and everybody knew it by sight.

Ten was the most feared Mafia boss in the entire country, and everyone knew not to cross him.

If you want to live, you respect the boss.

Never disrespect the boss.


Meanwhile, the detective was growing more frustrated as he slammed his fist down on his desk, knocking over his already-empty coffee mug.

He glanced at the clock he kept in his office, and it was already well past midnight. It had been months and he was the best worker on the force; how the hell had he not caught him yet?

A knock came at his door, and he turned around to face the cop who had come to deliver news he already knew.

“Johnny, we lost him. They shot him and cleared before we could get there. We have the recorded audio files, but it’s not enough for a trace. If we tried, we could probably - ”

“Thanks, Jeffrey. I’ll handle it,” said Johnny with a bitter smile as he watched the cop close his door and retreat to his own office.

Another plan, failed. He was starting to run out of options, and Johnny never ran out of options. He wasn’t going to allow some slick guy with connections to tarnish the reputation he had worked so hard to attain; Johnny was good at what he did, and that was all he needed to think of to know that he was bringing this sucker down.

As if his frustration wasn’t bad enough already, his arm started stinging for the fourth time that day, and he was about ready to lose his mind at it.

Ungratefully cussing as he unbuttoned his cuffs and rolled up his sleeve, he felt his mind blank as he stared at his arm.

“What in the name of hell is this supposed to mean?”

Angrily, he threw the folders off his desk and kicked his chair, walking briskly over to the wall where he kept all the photographic evidence of the crime scenes he was studying.

He punched the wall, screaming in frustration as he ran his fingers through his hair and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“This better be a fucking joke!” he muttered angrily, throwing more of his work across his office and pulling the attention of Jeffrey from across the hall.

Johnny moved quickly and pulled the blinds to his office down, trying to be rational and not do anything stupid or rash, like killing anyone.

It was frustrating enough to have to catch a ghost, but what could possibly be even more frustrating?

Looking down at his arm and seeing the Mafia’s insignia slowly etch itself onto his skin.

Old Memories

Pairing: Leo Fitz x reader

Summary: Your past in the Red Room is brought up, and with it comes old memories, some good and some bad

A/N: This just sort of came to me and spiralled out of control. Please tell me what you think of this as I’ve never written Fitz before and want to make sure he’s not too out of character. Let’s just say this is set in season 1, since I haven’t got past that season yet :)

Originally posted by agentverbivore

(Not my gif)

“Morning,” you mumbled, sitting down on a stool next to Fitzsimmons’ workbench.
“Good morning,” they said in unison, turning to face you. “Sleep well?” added Simmons, smiling kindly. You nodded.
“Yeah, not bad. Could do with a coffee though, either of you want one?” you asked, getting up and stretching while you waited for their answers.
“Just tea for us, thanks (Y/N).”

As you returned with three hot mugs balanced haphazardly on a tray, Fitz came out to help you.
“Thanks,” you said gratefully, taking your own mug from the tray and taking a sip.
“We were just talking about life before S.H.I.E.L.D,” said Simmons, looking at you over the edge of her mug. “What did you do?”
You cleared your throat awkwardly; this would be an interesting conversation.
“I was, um, kind of an assassin,” you mumbled. Fitz’s mouth dropped open slightly.
“Did she say assassin?”
“She said assassin,” Simmons confirmed, staring at you in surprise. You bit your lip nervously.
“I was trained in the Red Room, in Russia,” you explained. “I was theirs from when I was little, S.H.I.E.L.D got me out when I was nineteen.”
The two scientists looked at you with a mixture of pity, sorrow and shock. You shifted uncomfortably, looking anywhere but at them. You liked the two of them, they were your best friends on Coulson’s team, and you really didn’t want them to end up afraid of you because of this. That had happened with more people than you liked to admit.
“The Red Room? Isn’t that where Black Widow was trained?” asked Simmons interestedly, trying to break the slightly awkward silence that had fallen. You smiled at her gratefully.
“Uh yeah. It’s a safe bet that I can’t fight as well as her though,” you said, laughing quietly. You glanced up at Fitz, who was looking at you with a curious expression.
“I’ve seen you fight, you’re good,” he said. You smiled shyly, looking back down into your half full mug of coffee.
“Thank you,” you said quietly.

*later that night*

You sighed in exasperation, staring up at your ceiling in the dark and willing sleep to take you. Ever since your past had been brought up that morning, you’d been on edge and paranoid. Every time someone looked at you, you felt as if they were thinking about what you used to be.
It would be a lie to say that you hadn’t been good at what you’d done. You’d never failed a mission, and the list of those you’d killed was miles long by now. Your hands were stained with blood, and you knew they’d always stay that way. No matter how many S.H.I.E.L.D missions you completed, no matter how many lives you saved, they would never make up for the lives you’d taken.
Giving up on trying to sleep, you swung your legs off the side of your bed. You reached for a loose hoodie and pulled it over your pyjama shirt, making your way silently through the plane and down the spiral staircase to where you knew a punch-bag still hung from when you’d been using it earlier.
Wrapping your hands in bandages quickly, you turned to face the bag. As you stared it down, you couldn’t stop yourself picturing the people who’d trained you. The people that made you their heartless killer.
You drove your fist into the middle of the bag, releasing a breath you didn’t realise you’d been holding as you continued to take out all your pent up emotions on the punch-bag. You ignored the fact that your arms and back were aching, not stopping throwing punches until you’d nearly burst the bag.
Stepping away from the bag, you reached for your water bottle and took a quick drink, splashing some of the cool water on your burning face. You closed your eyes, willing the faces from your past to stop haunting your mind.
Sighing, you ran a shaking hand through your sweat soaked hair. As you thought back on your childhood in the Red Room, memories of other lessons they taught you were brought to the surface. Other girls you’d trained alongside in there had hated the ballet lessons you’d all been forced to take part in, but you had secretly enjoyed them. There was something about knowing that you could still do something graceful and delicate even as they trained you to be a cold hearted killer that made it a little bit easier to survive.
Tossing the empty water bottle to the side, you took a quick glance around to make sure no one else was awake. Certain that you were alone, you stretched your feet carefully, bending your toes until the knuckles cracked satisfyingly.
Taking a steadying breath, you rose up on demi-pointe, holding your arms out to the side to balance yourself. You soon found you didn’t need to hold your arms out, the momentum of your movements keeping you upright. You spun in a slightly wobbly pirouette, surprised by how you remembered the technique. You leaned against the wall to regain your balance, before rising up on your toes again and dancing across the floor.
You found yourself smiling slightly as you moved gracefully, your arms and legs knowing what to do without you telling them. Dancing worked to relax you now just as it had when you’d been a teenager, the familiar burn in your limbs that meant you were working hard still providing some comfort.
Losing your concentration briefly, you slipped, and your ankle bent beneath you. A cry nearly escaped your lips as you crashed to the floor, your right ankle already throbbing carefully. The pain distracted you from the sound of someone coming down the stairs behind you.
“Shit,” you murmured, examining your ankle gingerly.
“Are you alright?” came a gentle voice from the shadows. You looked up in fright, immediately on the defensive.
“Fitz? Why are you up?” you asked innocently, as if you weren’t sitting on the floor in your pyjamas with a clearly injured ankle.
“I heard you trying to kill a punching bag, thought I should come check up on you,” he smiled, crouching beside you. “I didn’t know you were a dancer.”
“Red Room,” you told him, wincing and trying to hide your pain as he checked your ankle. “They used to teach us ballet, it was kind of like a cover-up for the fact that they were teaching girls to be killers.”
“Well you’re good at it,” he said sincerely. “The dancing, I mean. I know you fell, but you were doing well before that.”
You chuckled. “Thanks.”
“It’s only sprained,” he confirmed, gesturing to your ankle. “Maybe take a break from missions for a couple of weeks, just in case.”
You smiled slightly. “I think I’ll pass on the break from missions, but can you maybe help me up?”
“Oh, of course. Sorry.” He slung one of your arms around his shoulders, his other arm wrapping around your waist as you struggled to your feet.
“Sorry for waking you,” you said quietly as the two of you moved slowly over to the staircase. Fitz shook his head, smiling softly.
“It’s good that you did. You might have been stuck down there all night otherwise,” he joked. You laughed softly.
“Well thank you anyway.”
The two of you stopped laughing as you reached the bottom of the spiral stairs, quickly realising it would be impossible to get back up them with Fitz helping you walk.
“I could wake Ward, we could get him to carry you up?” he suggested. You shook your head hastily.
“There is no way in hell that Ward is carrying me. I’d like to maintain a sliver of dignity.”
He chuckled. “Okay, I can see where you’re coming from with that. Hang on, I’ll get blankets. I’ll stay down here with you tonight.”
“You don’t have to stay with me, Fitz,” you told him, catching his hand as he set you down on the floor carefully and turned to go up the stairs. He stared at where your hand held his for a few moments, and it seemed as if he was blushing. He cleared his throat slightly, looking up and meeting your eyes with a soft smile.
“Sure I do.”

(Hi, me again! Please, please tell me what you thought of this in my ask, and feel free to make a request! Thanks for reading!)

Heat will be my Demise (Owen Grady x Reader)

Info: Get a little feel for my writing. If I like how this tastes, may do a saucy part 2. Also, I like to pretend that the Own / Claire thing never happened because let’s all say it together, what bullshizzle. They were not compatible and I’ll write this like that crap never happened. Maybe a failed date, but nothing more… sore spot, sorry.

Basics: Before the meltdown ensued, Y/N was the ‘hottie’, and in a literal sense, of the Raptor crew, this was at fault to a very jelly Owen Grady.

Originally posted by owen-grady-is-my-catnip

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anonymous asked:

headcanon with rfa (v and saeran possibly?) where they are in an argument with the mc about whatever, and as soon as they raise their voice, the mc just starts crying

Ahhh! I’ve always wanted to write a headcanon based upon something like this omfg~ <3 I don’t really know how to feel about this, haha? Sorry that they’re all so similiar and that Saeran’s is so short?? I hope you enjoy though. c:


  • Yoosung had been procrastinating on doing homework for the past three hours.
  • He’s sat in his bedroom.
  • The sound of his mouse clicking and the tapping of his fingers on his keyboard gives away exactly what he is up to.
  • Taking a small step into his room, you clear your throat quietly.
    • “Yoosung, have you done any of your homework?” you question.
    • “Uh, some?” his voice wavers slightly.
  • You sigh, running your hand through your hair.
    • “You really need to do it. It’s more important than LOLOL,” your voice raises another octave.
  • His head turns in your direction, his eyes locking with yours.
    • “Later. Later, I’ll do it later, I have to finish this match” he states, before turning back to his game.
    • “No. Now. I hate to be pestering you right now, but you need to get it done,” you groan.
    • “I SAID, LATER MC,” he shouts.
  • Your eyes widen slowly.
  • Your throat tightens up.
  • Your bottom lip trembles slightly.
  • Before you know it, hot tears are streaming down your face.
  • Sniffling quietly, you bring a hand up to your eyes.
  • Yoosung hears your sniffles.
  • Shooting up from his chair, he embraces you.
    • “I’m sorry MC, I didn’t mean to shout at you, please don’t cry” he whispers into your hair.
  • His soft lips place a lingering kiss to your forehead as his grip tightens around you.

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Connor’s tense, but he can’t explain why. It’s been like this for weeks, since he’s reconciled his fragile relationship with Oliver. He walks on pins and needles now, afraid to say something wrong. Afraid he’ll make Oliver leave again.

“It wasn’t you,” Oliver said when they reconnected. “I promise. It was nothing about you. It was me.”

Connor nodded then, relief stitching his heart back together. Now, he wonders - what did Oliver lack? What in Connor wasn’t enough to make him feel whole?

He scrubs the dishes now, harder than he means to. His brush scratches across the faces of perfectly clean plates and glasses.

He’s fine. Everything’s fine. He has Oliver again. Nothing’s wrong.

“Connor?” Oliver’s voice makes him jump. The plate he’s holding drops into the sink with a splash, dampening his shirt. “Connor.”

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Judgemental Reader

I know you do it, I know because we all do. 
You’re sitting on a train, in a cafe, doesn’t matter where. 
The person across from you opens their bag and takes out a book, you glance up, make an assessment. Best friends? Or enemies? It looks like Twilight, oh no. How can they be reading such trash- wait. It’s not Twilight!
They break the spine, that’s okay. We can get past that. 
They fold back the book over, wait. Where’s the bookmark? Are they unfolding the page?
They’re a dog ear kind of person. Maybe this won’t work after all.
If I could just see the cover…

Shit, they seen me look. NowI look weird, now we’ll never be friends. 
I should take out a book. Then they’ll know we both read. Yes. They’ll know I was looking at the book and not being strange.

Why are they staring at me? 
They’re looking at my book!
They look like they’re judging my book? 
Hey, why are you shaking your head? 
It’s a good book! 

People can read what ever they want you know…… 

Ladybug: The Musical! Part 2

part 1 part 3 part 4 part 5

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Marinette down at the script with wide eyes “W-We kiss?!” she yelled.

Marinette had managed to get past the auditions for both singing and acting, so she had landed a safe spot on stage next to Adrien, but she had just gotten the script and was reading it over. “It is labeled as a romantic comedy” Alya said, enjoying seeing Marinette all blushing and nervous. “What’s the matter? You get to kiss Adrien!” Alya said, smiling. “Wait! Don’t tell me…this isn’t your first kiss?” Alya asked, gasping.

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•Tutor // Luke Hemmings Smut•

Ok so this is the first smut I’ve written for this account and I really hope you guys like it 🙊 it took me forever and it’s like 3000 words so enjoy it and feedback is welcome ❤️ love you guys
P.S I am accepting all kinds of requests as of now, just be patient because I’m doing my GCSE’s atm so I’m kinda busy 🙊 ok read and enjoy BYE.

“So do you get it?” the tall, muscular Australian in the seat next to me asked, his clear blue eyes looking deep into mine.
I wanted to get it, I really did. But there was something about algebra that just did not click with me. I sighed deeply, subconsciously chewing on my pen.
“I don’t know, you lost me at the value of x” I muttered, staring at the numbers and letters on the black and white page, wishing they would just disappear. I had a maths exam in a month and I was nowhere near ready for it. At this rate I was failing - hard.
“Maybe we should take a break?” Luke suggested, putting his pen down on the table and stretching his broad shoulders.
The classroom was empty apart from the two of us, all the students long gone as the school day had ended about an hour ago, although a couple of teachers still wandered the halls. We were sat in our home room, the table covered in pages and pages of both mine and Luke’s work.
“Sounds like a good idea” I breathed out a sigh of relief, thankful for the break as the numbers had begun to give me a migraine.
I glanced over at Luke as he ran his hands through his messily spiked blonde hair, his wrist covered in black bracelets and bands as usual. The way he bit his lip drove me absolutely insane. I always told him that one day he would bite his lip so much it would fall off, and he would always reply with a chuckle and a “you’re so fucking cute”, bringing a bright red color to my cheeks.
I had to admit, he was the only guy who could make the school uniform actually look hot. His polo shirt was ripped and tattered on his thickset shoulders, he had traded the school trousers for black ripped skinny jeans that barely reached his ankles because he had such long, spindly legs, and his shoes were always either black vans or converse. The amount of times he had been told to take out his lip ring were endless, but he would never listen, just laugh it off and carry on wearing it to piss off the teachers.
Luke’s beautiful blue eyes travelled up to meet mine, and there was something in them I hadn’t seen before. A deep, mesmerizing gaze. I hadn’t noticed before but his eyes had the most intricate detailing in them, flecks of silver and ice white lines laced through his irises, his pupils black as a starless night sky.
I had to stop this before it went any further and I embarrassed myself.
“We should probably just keep working…” I mumbled, my voice trailing off somewhere along the way. I struggled to pull my gaze away from those blue eyes filled with longing, and put them back on the maths paper.
“Y/N” came Luke’s husky voice from beside me.
I was afraid to look up at him, scared of what I might find in his eyes. Desire? Love? Lust?
I certainly felt all those things for him, but being shot down by him would destroy me, which is why I hadn’t acted on my feelings in the past. But I looked up at him anyway. And everything I had wished there to be in his eyes was, and I mirrored his gaze.
Before I knew it his lips were on mine, warm and welcoming. His lip ring was freezing cold compared to the heat of his tongue, pressing against my lips, asking for entrance. I all too willingly let him in, kissing him back with everything I had. His hand reached up to softly brush my cheek, holding me in place so I couldn’t escape the kiss even if I had wanted to. I mirrored his actions, cautiously placing my hand on his neck as if I was scared he wasn’t really there, that this was just a dream. If it was a dream, it was a hauntingly beautiful nightmare that I never wanted to wake up from. His hand slipped to the back of my neck, pulling me closer and therefore deepening the kiss significantly. I could literally feel the heat pouring off his body and invading mine, the smell of his cologne like wood smoke and a natural musk that I hadn’t experienced before. My heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest and land in his lap, but I ignored it; this moment was too perfect to be ruined with childish nerves and immature hesitations. This was Luke. Luke, my best friend. Luke, the guy I was so deeply and irrationally in love with.
I flinched when he groaned into the kiss, his lips humming against mine. His skin was warm as my fingers inquisitively traced his prominent jaw line, traveling down his neck to his thick shoulders. Luke pulled away from me briefly, but only by a centimeter or so.
“Y/N” he mumbled. I could feel his breath on my lips, my skin, warm, although the sensation sent an involuntary shiver down my spine.
“I need you” he groaned from deep in his throat. His voice was harsh, desperate. There was no way I was going to deny him anything, especially something I too craved so deeply.
His hands reached out and took a firm grip on my waist, pulling me off my own chair and onto his lap, my legs on either side of him. He reconnected his lips with mine and the sensation was so pleasurable that I couldn’t stop a small, helpless noise escape my lips and sound into his warm mouth. His hands were everywhere, and I couldn’t decide where they felt best. He played with the hem of my school shirt, and all I had to do was kiss him that much deeper and he knew it was a yes. Luke didn’t waste any time pulling my shirt over my head, his blue eyes filled with lust and adoration, and I was sure mine looked the same. His lips attached to my neck, his teeth grazing my skin as he skillfully bruised me in the most affectionate way. I decided he was wearing too many clothes, and pushed him away from me forcefully so his back was against the chair once again. He looked frustrated, but I didn’t care. I tore his shirt off him as fast and expertly as I could, immediately finding my hands on his chest, my nails digging into his skin. He continued to kiss me as his hands grasped the cheeks of my ass, and I groped his muscular back. Fuck, he felt good and all I wanted was him to take off all my clothes and devour me right there, but Luke seemed to have planned to take his time with me. I absentmindedly began grinding my heat against his crotch, and he groaned and slapped my ass with a force that made me gasp and giggle softly, smiling against his lips. He chuckled throatily, and I don’t think either of us could believe what we were doing, but i didn’t have the mental stability to think it through in that moment. All I could think was how perfect he felt, pressed up against me, his lips merging with mine over and over again. I wanted to be closer, if that was even possible. As if reading my mind, Luke pushed me up off him and stood towering over me, backing me up against the wall. He lowered his head and began lapping at the skin of my neck, his tongue was hot and left burning sensations trailing behind it. Meanwhile, his hands slowly pulled down my skirt and tights. He did it teasingly slowly, and I groaned in desperation, my nails digging into his shoulders.
“Luke, hurry up” I moaned, trying to wriggle out of my clothes and speed up the process. He laughed against my neck, his hot breath fanning over my skin, making me shiver. He looked at me briefly, a sexy smirk on his face as he slowly kneeled in front of me, getting a full view as he exposed my black lace panties.
By now, my skirt was at my feet, and i kicked it off along with my shoes. His eyes devoured every inch of me, starting from the bottom and working up to meet my gaze. I felt self-conscious, standing there in nothing but my matching underwear, but Luke gave me a small, reassuring smile and kissed both of my thighs before moving my legs so they were slightly parted. He moved closer and closer to my core, glancing up at me every now and again to make sure I was ok with it.
I almost fell apart when he pressed a chaste kiss to my clothed pussy, reaching down to run my hands through his messy blonde hair. I saw everything in slow motion as he pulled down my panties and discarded them with the rest of my clothing. I closed my eyes, gasping when he ran an inquisitive finger up my slit.
“You’re soaking, Y/N” he whispered, parting my folds to get a full view of my pussy. His tongue finally came into contact with my throbbing clit, and I immediately moaned, one hand steadying myself against the classroom wall and the other holding his head to keep him where I needed him. He lapped gently at my soaking folds, pausing every now and again to look up at my facial expressions of pure pleasure. His hot tongue slid up my pussy and latched onto my clit, sucking on it and nibbling carefully. It was then that I became a moaning, writhing mess against the wall, lifting my leg up to wrap around the back of his neck, exposing myself further.
“Fuck, Luke” I gasped as he flicked his tongue over my clit repeatedly. A wave of pleasure washed over me as he pushed a finger inside me, pumping it in and out slowly.
“Oh my god”.
Another finger joined the first, and I could feel myself tightening around him as he continued to suck on my sweet spot.
“Cum for me” he mumbled into my heat. He didn’t have to ask twice. He curled his fingers inside my pussy and pumped faster, causing me to throw my head back and the one leg holding me up to buckle.
“Fuck, Luke, I’m cumming” I screamed out, before the finishing surge of pleasure ran through me like an electric current, and I released on his fingers.
He wasted no time lapping up my juices and standing straight once again.
He kissed me softly and I wrapped my arms around his neck, feeling him reach around to unclasp my bra.
Luke’s hands were hot and wet as he squeezed my tits and teasingly flicked my nipples. He leaned down and latched his mouth onto my right nipple while playing with the left, and I breathed out a gentle moan.
I couldn’t wait any more.
I needed him.
I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans before doing everything I could to pull them down without making him stop the exquisite torture he was giving my breasts. I couldn’t quite get them down far enough and became impatient, pushing Luke off of me and kneeling down in front of him. I tugged his jeans down his legs, followed by his boxers, allowing his erection to spring free.
Fuck. He was huge.
“Jesus Christ, Luke” I said, my mouth hanging open in shock.
“What? What’s wrong?” He panicked, his blue eyes wide and worried.
“Nothing. It’s just… Christ. You’re fucking huge” I commented, barely taking my eyes off his lengthy member. He chuckled lightly, all previous worry seeming to have disappeared.
I licked my lips. I was going to tease the fuck out of him, just like he had with me.
I wrapped my small hand around his large member with a firm grip and started pumping him slowly. That alone made him groan and stare down at me with desperation. I chuckled from my throat, sticking out my tongue and licking him all the way from his balls to the tip of his shaft.
“Fuck, Y/N, please just suck it already” he begged, his hands coming down to pull my hair into a make shift pony tail.
I rubbed the pre-cum into the head of his cock with my thumb before wrapping my lips around it. I swirled my tongue around his tip a few times before taking as much of him in as possible, hollowing out my cheeks and sucking with force.
“Fuck” he cursed, his hands pulling on my hair harder as I continued to bob my mouth up and down on his shaft. I pumped what I couldn’t get in my mouth with both my hands with a firm grip that left him throwing his head back and moaning huskily as he began to thrust into my mouth. I held still to let him fuck my mouth until I gagged on him and returned to pumping him with my hands.
“Shit, Y/N, I’m gonna cum” his voice shook as I lapped at his balls. I pumped him harder and faster, opening my mouth and sticking out my tongue ready for him.
“Fuck!” He groaned, before shooting his load into my mouth, some missing and landing on my face.
I swallowed and smiled up at him. He wasted no time in pulling me up off my knees and kicking his jeans off his ankles, his lips finding mine once again. He kissed me forcefully and groped my ass as I teased his member with my hand. He pulled back and smiled mischievously at me, his eyes glimmering with a bright idea. He took my hand away from his cock and brought it up to join the other on his shoulders, kissing my lips again before muttering:
“What?” I asked, confused.
“Do you trust me?” He grinned, biting his lip and playing with his lip ring in the process.
“Yes” I whispered.
“Then jump” he replied, before kissing me again, his hands at the backs of my thighs. I did as he said and used his shoulders to push off the ground, he pulled me to straddle his waist in the air, my back still pressed against the classroom wall. His lips never left mine as he teased my folds with the tip of his cock.
“Luke” I groaned again, wishing he would just fuck me senseless already.
He didn’t need me to ask twice, and slowly pushed inside me. I gripped his shoulders tighter, moaning again.
“You’re so big” I breathed out, my mind running blank as he consumed me.
“That’s just the tip babe” Luke chuckled into my neck, kissing my sweet spot briefly.
I didn’t have time to reply as he continued to push inside me.
“Fucking… Fuck you, you bastard”.
“What?” He paused, confused.
“You’re going to kill me with this thing” I laughed nervously, trying to hide the worry in my eyes.
“Don’t worry, I got you” he smiled, sensing my hesitation.
He continued to push inside me again, and began thrusting. I immediately moaned, his tip hitting my g spot with every thrust.
“Fuck, Luke!” I gasped as he thrusted harder and faster into me.
“Fuck, Y/N, you’re so tight” he groaned as he fucked me against the wall. The pressure between my hips was almost unbearable and I struggled not to totally unravel and scream out his name as he pounded into me. I felt completely filled, from bottom to top, and the sensation was something I can’t put into words. It left me speechless against the wall, my mouth forming a small ‘o’ shape as he stared into my eyes. I could feel myself tightening already, and small, pleading noises escaped my mouth as I looked down at where our bodies were merging.
“Luke.. Luke.. I’m gonna..” I gasped for air, my mind so blank I was momentarily forgetting how to breathe. The only thing that was registering in my head was pleasure. pure, exquisite, almost unbearable pleasure.
“I know baby, cum for me” he grunted, doing his best to keep up his performance and not completely fall apart from the pleasure himself.
I dug my nails into the skin of his back and bit down on his neck until I drew a small drop of blood and released over his cock. He roared out and continued to pound into me relentlessly.
I did everything I could to catch my breath as he pulled out and put me down on the floor. My knees buckled and I almost went tumbling to the ground before Luke’s strong arms caught me, a blush rising to my cheeks. He chuckled as he picked me up and took me over to the teacher’s desk and pushed almost all of Mr. Richards’ belongings off of it and allowed them to spill onto the floor. He then laid me down and climbed up on top of me, positioning himself at my entrance before I stopped him.
“This is so morally wrong” I laughed nervously. We were fucking on our teacher’s desk.
“Do you want me to stop?” He questioned with a smirk on his face, although he already knew the answer.
“Fuck No” I replied.
No more words were spoken as he resumed to push himself inside me again. I felt at home once more, the absence of his member was one I didn’t want to experience again. I watched the drop of blood run down his neck as he thrusted in and out of me, and I leaned up and lapped his neck clean before he joined his lips with mine. I held back the noises I wanted to make for as long as I could before I begun writhing and moaning underneath him, the walls of my pussy tightening around him for the second time today.
“Y/N, I’m gonna cum” he warned into my neck, his body pressed to mine. He didn’t leave an inch of me untouched as he put everything he could into his last few thrusts.
“Me too, kiss me, Luke”.
He did as I told him, and I wrapped my arms around his neck as I could feel my orgasm approaching.
We groaned simultaneously as we both came and he shot his load inside of me.
There was a moment of silence as we both caught our breath and stared into each other’s eyes.
“That was amazing” Luke breathed, leaning down to kiss me again.
“You should tutor me more often” I giggled, and he smirked and bit his lip.
“Keep biting your lip and it’s gonna fall off, Hemmings” I quipped, arms still wrapped around each other.
“You’re so fucking cute” he chuckled, and his lips found mine once more.

Ok I’m sorry it’s so bad it’s my first one so I Hope you guys liked it, I’m open to requests as of now 👅

71: I'll Be Home for Christmas

“I’ll be home for Christmas
You can plan on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents on the tree.” [x][x]

Sally Jackson’s brown eyes sparkled as she stared at the clock—11:45. Perhaps she should be doing something else with her hands. Knitting? Sewing? Maybe writing up the sequel to her novel… Anything to distract her from the heart-breaking thought that her son might not be home in time for their Christmas Eve tradition. Fifteen minutes left. She sighed and leaned back into her red plush chair beside the Christmas tree.

"Sally,” Paul chided, lowering the christmas novel that earlier covered his face. He looked sternly at his fiancé and pouted. “He’s going to be here.”

“I know,” she offered. “But—”

“No ‘buts,’” he scolded, taking a sip form his hot chocolate. “I have absolute faith in your son. Don’t you?”

“Alright, alright." She sighed again—it was silly of her to worry. After everything her son has been through, one thing she was sure of was that he would keep his promises to her. Sally loved her son with all her heart—and fear would not cloud that. “I’ll stop worrying, okay?”

"Good,” he smiled. Paul stood up and walked over to Sally to kiss her forehead. “No more worrying. I’ll just refill the mugs.”

Left to the silence of her thoughts, Sally closed her eyes and thought back to all the times she had stressed over making it home for Christmas by the time her son were awake. The candy shop in Grand Central usually made her fuss about getting home early, but over the years, she figured that if she ran the mile from the station to her apartment, she’d still find Percy sound asleep in his bed, drooling to the vision of Santa and his presents.

“Wake up, Percy,” she whispered. “Mommy’s home.”

He would yawn—then his eyes would glaze over. “Is it Christmas, mommy?”

“Just a few more minutes!” she would smile. Then, albeit her exhaustion and the dark circles that ringed her eyes, she would take Percy into her arms and spin her little angel around, energy renewed by a deep love. 

As they laughed, she would kiss his face and carry him outside to the Christmas tree, where they would wait for the clock to strike twelve. Sitting in front of the meagre tree they could afford, Sally and Percy would plug in the lights at midnight and watch the tree glow brightly to signal Christmas day. 

Little Percy would then give his mommy a kiss on the cheek, and they would be alright.

They did this every year.


Sally tensed up as she heard the knob on her door shake with effort, like someone was trying to open it with a key. She braced herself.

Yeah, I know—it’s like nothing’s changed,” a familiar voice cried from the entry hall of the apartment. It was then followed by a soft giggle that Sally had grown accustomed to over the past years. 

“What was that for, Seaweed Brain?” the faint voice asked, and her son replied.


And with that, the messy dark hair appeared from the corner of the wall, and Sally’s eyes brimmed with tears. Suddenly, she was crying all over the place, struggling to get out of her seat to hold Percy and Annabeth close to her heart. Shaky, she wrapped her arms around the couple, her nose stuffed with ocean and lemon, her heart full of love. Sally squeezed them tightly. Oh goodness—she never really knew how much she’d missed them. Not just Percy, but Annabeth as well, who had become her daughter so long ago.

Percy chuckled under his breath, wiping tears from his eyes. “I-I missed you too, mom.”

“Always so irresponsible,” she sobbed, stepping back to kiss the couple on the cheek. “Why are you always late?”

“We’re sorry about that,” Annabeth apologized, one hand on Sally’s shoulder and another in Percy’s.

“There were monsters in the subway,” he shrugged, wiping his arm across his face. “And you should’ve seen the airport, mom—everyone was coming home!”

Sally’s breath hitched. “You’re home, too,” she said, as if she couldn’t believe it. “The both of you are home.”

"We are,” Percy nodded, eyes darting from Annabeth’s to his mom’s. “I am. With you guys, I’m home.”

Annabeth rolled her eyes but smiled. “Always so cheesy.”

“Oh, Percy, I was so afraid you wouldn’t show up,” Sally admitted, beckoning the couple to sit beside the tree. 11:55. 

“Mom,” Percy sighed, sitting cross legged and pulling his girlfriend to sit on his lap. “I’ll always be home for Christmas. Always. And I’ll never miss the lighting for anything in the world.”


"Paul, dear,” Sally called from her seat, one hand on the plug and another on the socket. “We’re about to light it!”

Just as her fiancé came from the kitchen with two mugs in hand, he almost dropped them at the sight of Percy and Annabeth seated on the floor. After hurriedly exchanging a few hugs and greetings, Paul sat beside Sally and together, they counted until the clock struck twelve. Until it was Christmas time.

Five, four, three, two, one–

The tree lit up, Percy kissed Sally’s cheek, Christmas Eve was Christmas Eve, and all was well for their family.

They were home.

'People might need a break from me' Taylor Swift hints at hiatus after 1989 world tour

The 25-year-old songstress opened up about what the future might hold as she graced the cover of November’s NME.

Taylor will conclude her seven-month global trek in December and she has said she’s unsure of what to do with her new-found freedom, but she might even take a break.

“I think I should take some time off,” Taylor told the music magazine.

“I think people might need a break from me. I’m going to. I don’t know. Hang out with my friends. Write new music. Maybe not write new music. I don’t know.”

Perhaps the record-breaking pop star is letting her fears get the better of her, as she admitted that she’s paranoid that the world is waiting for her to mess up.

“I’m in the news every single day for multiple different reasons,” she said.

“And it can feel, at times, if you let your anxiety get the better of you, like everybody’s waiting for you to really mess up - and then you’ll be done.”

The Bad Blood hitmaker confessed that she relies on phone calls to her mother Andrea to keep her anxiety under control.

“A lot of the time I need to call my mum and talk for a really long time, just to remind myself of all the things that are great and all the things that matter,” said Taylor.

The former country crooner, who is known for her acts of generosity including a recent £32,650 donation to the nephew of her backing dancer who is suffering from cancer, also said she struggled with her squeaky clean image.

“It’s not about trying to be perfect,” she said.

“Not to try and sound like the good witch in The Wizard Of Oz or something, but I really do want to do good things with what I have, and that’s it.”

“I don’t think my brain could cook up very shocking things for the sake of being shocking,” she added.

To read the full interview with Taylor, NME magazine is available from Friday.

Here’s a scan of the cover from the No Game No Life complete fanbook. If only I had a better camera than my old phone. I would take pictures of the inside. No scans coz I don’t believe in breaking the binding of books. The book is a softcover with nice heavy, glossy pages so if I were to scan anything the gutter shadow would be quite dark. Maybe I can borrow a better camera soon. Tho I should probably invest in a good camera… ==;; There are some really neat things inside.