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Protective/Possessive BTS: Crush Edition (school/college)

Let’s close this year with one of this blog’s most recognizable features: Another Edition of the “Possessive/Protective BTS” series. This time: BTS being slightly possessive/protective when they have a crush on you :***

All gifs belong to their rightful owners=creators (see urls right under the gifs as always~~) :3 Please support each other and BTS well!

Please enjoy this last reaction of the year! Al eonni loves all of you so much, and really can’t wait until we get to 1k and beyond in the near year <333

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Jin: Imagine a school au 

Jin: [Walks over the schoolyard and sees that some kids have gathered in a circle. When he gets nearer, he spots you in the centre and realizes you’re about to receive punishment for losing a game. Jin volunteers heroically to receive the punishment in your place because he’s always had a crush on you]

Jin: [receives punishment and immediately regrets life choices :D]

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Suga: Imagine a college au

You: [Are studying music as a major at college and you’re in a study group with a few other students because your best friend thought you might need a bit of help. You do actually need help, but not just a bit but A LOT of help. All the others are so much better than you though that you’re thinking of quitting the study group and just trying to improve on your own]

Yoongi: [Has had a crush on you ever since you started coming to his study group] [Comes up to you one day] “_______, you haven’t been joining us often lately, is something wrong?”

You: “[Sigh] Actually…I think I might be too bad, maybe I should quit the group”

Yoongi: [Yoongi is having none of his crush disappearing] “No! No, you’re fine! [insert gif] If you want get better, stay here. I will take care of you~”

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Rap Monster: Imagine a college au

Namjoon: [Is your old school friend and you’ve always been together, you even attend college together. Somehow, he’s just realized now that he likes you more than a friend, and ever since the realisation hit him, he’s been jealous af.]

Namjoon & You: [Attending a college party together when another guy starts dancng with you]

Namjoon: [Thinking to himself: “Okay, Joon, this calls for drastic measures!”] [Starts doing the seaweed dance right next to you]

The guy to you: “Wtf is that dude doing?”

You to the guy: “Hey, don’t be mean, he’s just dancing~” 

You to Namjoon: “C’mon, Joonie, let’s dance over there where we have more space~”

Namjoon: [to himself] “Mission accomplished ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”

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J-Hope: Imagine a school au

You: [Don’t know that Hoseok has a crush on you and feel like he’s like a brother to you, he’s your friend’s older sibling after all.]

Hoseok: [Has noticed that you’ve started taking an interest in the ‘cool’ boys that do forbidden stuff like smoking, dying their hair, missing classes etc.]

Hoseok: [confronts the leader of the cool boy gang one day after school] “Ya, you punk! I don’t care much for how you ruin your own life, just leave other people out of it, will you? I swear if you lay one finger on the kids in my sister’s class, I’ll make your life hell, understood?”

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Jimin: Imagine a school au

Jimin: [Always walks you home from school because he’s got such a big crush on you and he’s scared something might happen to you one day]

You: “Jimin, do you always have to walk me home? I mean, it’s fun to spend time with you like this but it’s a bit…how should I ever get a boyfriend like this?”

Jimin: “A boyfriend? Don’t say there’s someone you-”

You: “No, there isn’t anyone yet but who knows, there might be someone in the future”

Jimin: “What do you need a boyfriend for if you’ve got me? Don’t even think about it”

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V: Imagine a school au

Taehyung: [Has had the biggest crush on you ever since you started attending his school. One day, he’s hanging out with his friends when they ask him whether he’s already got this new app.]

Friend 1: “Really not? Give me your phone, I’ll download it~ All the students I know already have it~ It’s great because you can make gifs of your own face”

Friend 2: “I can’t believe you haven’t joined yet! Look, that’s what the profiles look like~”

Taehyung: “[insert gif] Is that ______? Did she befriend you on there? With that profile picture?”

Friend 2: “Geez, calm down, Tae, I just clicked on her randomly. You’re not into her, are you?”

Taehyung: “Err…no, I just…in winter you should have a winter profile picture not one where you are on the beach, right? Right? Show me how I can make a profile, too, please~”

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Jungkook: Imagine a school au

Jungkook: [Has a crush on you but doesn’t really know how to show it. He noticed some time ago though that you don’t eat so much because you want to diet, which he thinks is absolutely not good for a girl your age, you should eat healthily. So the only interaction with you he has the courage to manage is that he calls you over sometimes during the break to share food]

Jungkook: “______! I have nice food today! Take a bite! [insert gif]”

You: “Waaa Jungkook, that’s so tasty! Where did you get that from?”

Jungkook: “My Mum made that”

You: “Tell her that it’s delicious~”

Jungkook: “Come over to my place one day, will you? My Mum makes all kinds of nice food. You should try it all~”

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october 24th.

I am not a good person.

I don’t always tell the truth, I never pay my parking tickets, I’ve forgotten to feed my dog more than once. I never drink enough water and say things that should stay in the darkest corners of my mind after I’ve had too much wine. And I know this about myself and still drink too much wine sometimes because I feel like it.

I’ve hurt people. Betrayed people, Done some fucked up things to people. I’ve ghosted and been too demanding and stretched people beyond what they were capable of handling. I’ve hit below the belt and said things with no other intention other than to be hurtful, spiteful, the meaner of the two. 

What I think I’m trying to say is…I’m unlovable. 

There is so much about me that is completely unlovable and gross. So much about me that I try to smooth over, perfect, work out the creases from in order to make myself more presentable. More excusable. More likable.

Just good.

But…I’m not. 

I don’t always do my laundry or wash my hair. I blame my anxiety for things and let it make more decisions than I should. I force people into corners when I should just let them go. 

I say things in and as hypotheticals instead of just saying them outright. 

And this unlovability? This messy, shell of a human being that is utterly cracked and broken even when I try to pass her off as complete? She’s me. She’s who I stare at every day in the mirror and who despite countless hours of therapy and trying to make her someone more level and easier and gentler and just…less…here she is. 

And even though being unlovable is maybe my biggest fear, my biggest insecurity, I think it’s here to stay.

So now what? In accepting my less thans and my difficultly, how do I keep going? 

When you realize that there are parts of yourself that are ultimately unlovable, what do you do? 

I’m not a good person.

I have a temper, am forgetful, and break phones more than should be socially acceptable. I spend too much money and don’t say “I love you,” as often as a I should. I ignore responsibilities and stay up too late and every now and then I’m even a bad friend. 

I’m not a good person. 

But I’m trying to be better. Even if all I do today is acknowledge it. I’m trying. 

And maybe that’s all you can do.

Stylish Apologies.

Dressed and ready for the evening you find yourself sitting at the kitchen counter pouring another glass of wine. Harry was supposed to be home an hour ago, but is still tied up at work. You had a busy day yourself and had to force into your dress for dinner. The two of you haven’t gone out on a date in almost a month and you blocked this day out on both your calendars a few weeks ago. Now here you sit alone with your bottle of wine.

As you circle the last of your current glass and reach for the bottle to pour another, your phone rings. You look down and see Harry’s face illuminated on the screen. You’re hoping he’s in route and you can head out for some food.

“Hey Harry are you on your way home?” You ask.

“Not exactly. I’m so sorry love.” He says. You can tell he’s genuinely upset by the tone of his voice.

“Are you going to make it home at all this evening?” You ask while pouring yourself a third helping of wine.

“You should go ahead and eat without me. I’ll be home tonight, but at the rate things are going it could be late.” He says. You know he’s sorry, but you can’t help but be irritated.

“Harry we’ve had these plans for three weeks.” You plead.

“I know. That’s why I feel so terrible. I’m the one who made us make these plans and here I am breaking them. I promise I will make this up to you. Now I’m ordering you your favorite takeout so you don’t have to drive your wine-buzzing self anywhere. Try to make the best of your night and I’ll try not to wake you when I get home.” He says. You’re silent for a moment smiling. He knows you all too well.

“You owe me big time. And that means more than takeout, but thank you. Good luck at work. If I’m up when you get home, I’ll see you then.” You say feeling a little less frustrated.

“I love you.” You can hear his smile on the other line.

“You too.” And you hang up.

Without missing a beat you set your glass on the table and unzip the back of your dress. Slipping out of it you now sit at the counter nearly naked drinking your wine. You hop off your stool and walk to the stereo. Blasting sound from the speakers you begin dancing around the room, wine glass in hand. You were still a little upset that Harry had to cancel your plans, but he said to make the best of it right?

Twirling yourself around the room you shake it like it’s your job. You spin yourself a little close to the coffee table and completely lose your balance, but luckily catch yourself on the loveseat. Laughing to yourself you’re taken a back when there’s a knock at the door. Remembering that Harry was having takeout sent your way you quickly hop up, turn the music down and grab your robe. Throwing it around your body and tying it up, you fumble for a tip in your wallet and head for the door.

Swinging it open you extend the tip in front of you and are surprised when you see Harry standing there. He smiles and holds up the bag containing dinner. Confused, you step aside, Harry walks into the kitchen and you follow.

“You’re going to need a bigger tip than that miss.” He says raising his eyebrows at you.

“And what are you going to do to earn it?” You ask pushing the food further back on the counter, grabbing his shirt and pulling his face into yours.

Harry grasps your hand and walks you back to the love seat where he playfully pushes you backwards until you find yourself sitting on it. He walks over to the stereo, his tight black jeans hugging his legs and ass in the perfect places. This is going to be some make up for breaking plans, you think to yourself. He turns the music back up and turns back in your direction. His hands begin untucking his button down shirt and his fingers begin working on the buttons. One button releasing with each step he takes toward you. His chest is now completely exposed and though you’ve seen it this way many times, you can’t help but stare at it slightly mesmerized.

You lean back as he gets closer, ready for the show. Harry climbs on top of you straddling your lap. You run your hands down his chest tracing his ink. He continues dancing over you as you play with him. Your hands make their way back up his chest and you tuck your fingers under the shoulders of his shirt causing it to fall behind him. He catches it in his right hand and as he circles his hips in front of you he spins the shirt above your heads like a lasso. You can’t help but fall back into the couch and laugh resting your hands on his dancing thighs. Harry rises a little off your lap and continues dancing comically. You reach forward and undo his belt pulling it off of him slowly.

“That’s going to cost you extra.” He says smirking at you.

“That’s alright. Something tells me you might be worth it.” You respond.

You toss his belt to the floor as he unbuttons his pants, stands in front of you, and slips down to his boxers. He crawls back into your lap as he flicks his jeans off of his foot. This ridiculous little strip tease is totally working for the both of you. Still dancing around Harry leans down and kisses your face. You kiss him back hard and hold onto his thighs once again. Squeezing them tightly you notice Harry’s hard penis in your lap. You push your hands against his chest and without letting his lips leave your mouth, he takes the hint and slowly rises from the couch. You move your bodies as one until you do a 180 and force Harry onto the seat. He reaches forward and unties your robe using it to pull you into his lap. You climb on and begin kissing again.

Harry moves his body slightly beneath you, toying his penis closer to you with each kiss. He runs his hands down the sleeves of your robe until he has you free of it. You stand once again and remove your underwear along with his. Back on his lap, he reaches behind you and unclasps your bra shooting it like an arrow across the room. You look at him playfully and he hold his erect penis steady as you slide on top of it. You being rolling your hips into him as he runs his fingers gently over your breasts. He then grips them tightly and covers them in kisses. You keep your focus on riding him steadily as your nipples grow harder. Harry then grabs your sides aggressively and flips you so that you lie on your back with him on top of you.

Throwing one of your legs into the air Harry leans his shoulder in to catch the back of your calf. His penis reenters you and he begins thrusting into you hard. Your other leg can’t help but move up toward Harry’s side. Your hands find themselves on the cushion that also holds your head. Harry’s hand moves up your arm and he laces his fingers in with yours pressing your hand harder into the seat. Your breaths turn into short panting breaths has he shoves himself into you harder and harder. You begin letting out small squeals as his thrusting becomes slower, but more intense. You can feel every inch of him as he moves himself in and out of you.

Harry’s lips that have been kissing you since this all begin move to your chin and back along your jaw. He kisses you softly below your ear and then gently bites on it dragging it out until his teeth slide off the tip. His face lifts off of yours but stays close enough that you can feel one another’s breath. You close your eyes and let out a wail when Harry thrusts himself into you harder than he has been. He lets out a groan of his own as his hard penis pauses for a second fully inside you. Once you both catch your breath a little he moves himself inside you gently. Kissing your lips once again, your legs slowly slide back down the couch and your feet tangle with his. He slowly pulls out and rolls onto the couch laying his naked body against yours. Pulling you in closer to him, he wraps an arm around your waist.

You lay your head down on his arm near his head. He brushes your hair off of your neck and gives it another kiss from his wet lips. You let out a little sigh and your bodies settle in together.

“That was some canceled date.” You say.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t leave work sooner, but I told you I’d make it up to you.” He says, his words warm on your ear.

“Well that was quite an apology. You should stay late at work more often when we have plans.” You say.

“Are we going to start making plans to break plans?” He laughs.

“Maybe.” You say, turning to face him. “Let’s dig in to dinner and discuss it some more.” He pecks your lips hard and scoops up your naked body in his and carries you into to kitchen at almost a run.

Practical Considerations


Dean stands in the lobby of the apartment building sifting through his ring of keys until he finds the small one that opens the mailbox.  He hikes the strap of his messenger bag higher on his shoulder as he reaches into the box to retrieve the contents.  There, right on top of the glossy advertising flyers and a couple of bills, sits a thick envelope bowed to fit into the narrow box.  Sliding it out, Dean sees the word “Duke” in a bold font atop the return address. He shoves the mail away like it’s hissed at him, then carefully closes and re-locks the box.

So Cas got into Duke.  Of course he did.  And Dean’s proud of him.  Really, he is. Cas worked his ass off and they’ll be lucky to have him.  But Dean draws the line at literally handing Cas his future. 

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