maybe i should start writing my fanfic now

Prompt 001: “You’re really soft.”
Pairing: Nalu
Genre: Fluff, dorks, f l u f f
A/N: Sooo I’m trying to get back into the feel of writing fanfics again so I’m just gonna start a series of short drabbles that’ll get updated whenever I find the motivation X3 Not quite sure if I’ll only do nalu or maybe try out some others but it should be fun ~

Of all the things Lucy had missed about his absence, his warmth ( among many things ) had been a noticeable loss. More to the point of the now painfully obvious predicament, Natsu’s warmth was now suffocating her. Enveloping her and her entire being whole as his weight seemed to crush the air out of her lungs. How he managed to wind up sleeping on top of her was a mystery–most likely one that would never be solved as he’d lie about how he got there. 

His face laid against her chest–thankfully above her breasts or she’d really be dying of embarrassment right now–and his body lie situated between her legs. Now as any normal human would know, this wasn’t any position or friends to be in, but knowing Natsu he wouldn’t think of it in any other way that she would need to summon someone.

Her hands ran through his hair, perplexed by the fact she wasn’t steaming red to the point of passing out. She really had missed him is all. But this was really not an appropriate position she determined feeling what she presumed to be drool running down her chest. Grand.

“Natsu,” she whispered softly, “hey it’s time to wake up.”

A grumble of annoyance left his now pouting lips, arms tightening around her as he squeezed his eyes closed. Refusing to wake up always ended well for him after all–

“Natsu Dragneel don’t make me call Erza,” Lucy spoke with a far more demanding tone, hoping to get some arise out of the boy.

Onyx orbs peered opened, clouded from sleep and dreams. He tilted his head up to look at her, before quickly nuzzling his way into the crook of her neck with a defiant grunt, “Don’t wanna get up.”

Rolling her eyes at him as she let out a slightly amused chuckle, continuing to run her hands through his hair despite feeling her heart racing–really you couldn’t just breathe against a girl’s neck so innocently. “Why are you on top of me than?” she questioned, squirming around under his firm grip.

A small smile tugged a his lips, tilting his head to look up towards her, “’Cause you’re really soft,” he purred out, grin only spreading more as the heat spread across her face further. Turning his head once more, nose brushing along her neck as he shut his eyes once more, “And I missed you….I missed you so much.”

The tone in his voice made her heart practically clench, she could hear the pain in his voice. And people still wondered why she didn’t confront him about it ( okay so she semi did but that was before she got used to him being around her again. )

“I know…” she mumbled, tossing embarrassment aside to just simply hold onto him, “Just don’t leave me again and you won’t have to miss me…”

His strong arms tightened around her again, she could almost swear she felt his lips linger longer as the brushed over her shoulder but chose not to question him.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

A simple statement really but it held the pain of a year spent a part. It held a thousand unspoken promises they had towards each other. It held her crumbling heart in his warm hands to mend back whole.

It held the fragile relationship of theirs together.