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EXO scenarios: The moment they realize they like their s/o (ot9)

Requested by super sweet anon <3 Some of them are a bit long because I’m a terrible person :(

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Kim Minseok/Xiumin

“Say it again.”

“(y/n), you’re the most generous and wonderful person in the world.” A small pause. “Are we done?”

“Nope, a few more times. But not now.” She smiled teasingly and grabbed a box of cleaning supplies.

 Minseok liked to clean. It was a common fact about him. Everyone knew how crazy he was when it came to it. Usually he would do it by himself but recent injury limited his moves so he needed a hand. Although (y/n) volunteered to do it, she made him do things he wasn’t proud of in return.

 They walked over to the kitchen and began cleaning. She did the dishes while Minseok was putting everything in original order. (y/n) insisted on lifting some of the heavier things instead of him.

“You know I can do it? I don’t need both hands to do that.” He told her while watching her put the bags of flour on one of the higher shelves.

“Yeah, you need to show off your guns etc.” She turned to look at him with soft expression on her face. “You need to cure yourself and letting it rest is one of the ways to do so. I’m here to help you so let me do it.”

 Minseok nodded in understanding, a bit taken back by her seriousness. The first thing he thought of was to just cover it with something cheesy.

“(y/n), you’re the most generous and wonderful person in the world.” Left his lips in robot’s tone.

 She laughed at that and returned to washing the dishes. Minseok felt relieved because his heart was close to jumping out of his chest. He busied himself with wiping the counter, from time to time stealing glances at his friend. It definitely felt nice being cared for by (y/n). He wondered whether he could make her heart pound the same way she made his heart do.

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Kim Junmyeon/Suho

 Junmyeon knew that Chen didn’t like his sense of humor. Still, it didn’t stop him from trying to get to his friend’s fun side. But when he heard someone else laugh, his purpose disappeared into oblivion. Jongdae turned to look critically at (y/n). She was shaking because of Junmyeon’s joke.

“No, don’t tell me you too!” Chen groaned and hid face in his hands.

 Laughter that was plugged before by (y/n)’s sudden reaction suddenly came again with much more force. Suho joined the woman. Jongdae got up to leave because of that. He gave them a look that said weirdos but Junmyeon couldn’t care less.

“That was hilarious!” (y/n) finally let out when both of them calmed down.

“I’ve got more.”

“Tell me another one!”

 They spent the whole evening laughing at his jokes. Junmyeon couldn’t understand how they had never interacted that way.

“And Chanyeol told me that your jokes are terrible! My stomach hurts because I’m laughing so damn hard!” She told him meanwhile clutching her tummy.

 He patted her on the back and shook his head. His cheeks were hurting because he couldn’t stop smiling. Somehow it didn’t bother him at all. The presence of (y/n) made the whole experience enjoyable.

“Maybe we should start spending more time together so I could tell you more.” he suggested smoothly.

 She looked at him shyly. Junmyeon raised an eyebrow and tickled her side sending (y/n) into fit of giggles. He could get used to hearing it on the regular basis.

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My Papa, My Stardust, Prologue

“And that one,” Reece said, pointing to Jyn. “You may be interested in her as well – and I’ll obviously be expecting higher payment if you are. Saw’s tried to keep her identity undercover, but I suspect she may be –” -Rebel Rising

Jyn Erso’s real identity is revealed to the Empire and is reunited with her father at the Imperial facility on Eadu. Despite initial misgivings to reconcile with her father and anger at the Saw’s abandonment, Jyn accepts the most important mission she’ll ever undertake for the Rebellion: delivering the news of the Death Star’s fatal flaw and bringing her father to safety.

A “Jyn is reunited with Galen” AU


Eadu Flight Station, 5 BBY

Orson Krennic enjoyed stopping by Eadu Flight Station without much announcement. What Galen had originally considered a lack of prior planning or perhaps the need to keep Galen’s crew on their toes, he later decided these trips were designed to boost the ego of the director. Based on the frequency of the name “Wilhuff Tarkin” appearing in Krennic’s notes during his visits, meetings with the Moff never went according to plan, and Krennic needed to step on smaller men to recover.

When Galen received a notification from air traffic control that the director would be visiting the facility in a few hours, he assumed it would be nothing more than the usual. Krennic would pound into the station, his white cape flowing behind him, demand to see the progress the plans had made, yelling until the junior engineers cowered beneath his voice, and leave in the same flourish with which he’d arrived.

Galen didn’t bother to move from his work space as an announcement of the arrival of Krennic’s shuttle sounded throughout the base. Krennic would seek him out soon enough.

Within a few minutes, the echoing sounds of Deathtrooper boots sounded down the hallway. (This was Galen’s least favorite part of Krennic’s visits; the sound still made Galen flinch all these years later.) Galen barely raised his head in greeting when Krennic entered his lab, keeping his focus on his calculations on the datapad in front of him. The ‘troopers took their spot outside the door, their dark helmets a harsh contrast to the brilliant white of the facility.

Krennic wandered through the room, poking at the different machines he didn’t know how to use and examining the crystals he knew nothing about, only that they were the key to his massive success. His silence began to grate on Galen; Krennic voiced most his thoughts, tisking at apparent delays or praising the genius – his own genius – that led to the creation of this project. With a sigh, Galen turned back to his work. Krennic would speak soon enough.

“How old would your child be now, Galen?” Krennic asked, appose to nothing.

Galen froze at the question; no mention of Jyn would ever be innocuous – not when it came to Krennic. Not when his visit seemed strange thus far.

With effort, Galen continued tinkering with work, keeping his voice casual. “I haven’t been keeping track, Orson.”

Sixteen , his brain, the real traitor here, answered for him. Jyn would be sixteen, almost full grown, and probably a beauty like her mother.

If she’s still alive.

“Surely you must know,” Krennic prodded him further. “You never forgot your wife and daughter on Coruscant, Galen, and I know you haven’t forgotten them now. How old would Jyn be?”

Galen’s fingers tightened over his stylus; Krennic never referred to Jyn by her name, simply “your child.” In fact, Galen hadn’t heard anyone say Jyn’s name aloud in years – save for himself, but even then, only in the depths of night when he was certain Eadu’s pounding rain covered his lamenting.

“Galen, how old would Jyn be?” Krennic repeated his question when Galen failed to answer.

“Sixteen,” he whispered, refusing to look up from his datapad. “She’d be sixteen now.”

Krennic hummed a response, a strange contemplative sound, one Galen knew from experience: Krennic wanted to draw a response out of him and wouldn’t be satisfied until he did.

Running a hand over his face, Galen relented. Keeping himself subservient to Krennic’s wishes was essential to him, if he wanted to remain below the Empire’s radar and allow his sabotage to succeed. “Why bring up Jyn now?”

“I had a very strange report the other day,” Krennic explained, taking the seat next to Galen and fiddling with the blueprints laid across the table, as if he was speaking nonchalantly and hadn’t planned these exact words ahead of time. (Knowing him as Galen did, there was no question that Krennic had considered each word he would deliver here – which would strike the hardest blow to Galen’s memories of the past, what would remind him that Krennic could still hold the mere idea of Jyn over his head – carefully before departing for Eadu.) “A Lieutenant Colonel Senjax contacted me the other day with some very interesting news.”

Krennic paused here, obviously waiting for a response from Galen. When Galen merely stared in response, Krennic sighed and continued. “Thanks to a rebel traitor, he caught the leader of a very important Partisan group. An Onderonian named Saw Gerrera.”

Eight years Galen had been practicing hiding his reactions to the bait Krennic would throw at him, burying his emotions below a passive face, lying to the director’s face until he began to believe him, but nothing could stop Galen’s pure panic broadcasting across his face.

Krennic asking about Jyn, years after losing her trail. The Empire capturing Saw Gerrera.

Galen knew well enough to put two and two together.

“Ah, yes, I thought you might recognize the name,” Krennic grinned, and both men knew he’d played the ultimate trump card in their relationship. “Anyway, he had a girl with him, going by the name of Kestrel Dawn, but the rebel informant seemed quite insistent that she was the daughter of Galen Erso.

“You know how these rebels are, of course – can’t consider their intelligence too high if they’re choosing to join such organizations – so I almost didn’t feel the need to investigate the claim, almost just sent her off to be executed with Gerrera, but she wore a necklace I found most peculiar.”

Reaching into his pocket, Krennic pulled out a pendant, a kyber crystal dangling from its end. Galen’s heart lurched; the last place he’d seen that pendant was around his wife’s neck. Absent from her neck after she’d died, Galen assumed the pendant had gotten lost in the shuffle of packing and running. Had Lyra, instead, given the pendant to Jyn when she’d decided to follow him rather than follow their survival plan, one physical memory of her mother?

Without conscious thought, Galen reached for the necklace, running his thumb along the Aurebesh inscription. Trust in the Force , something Lyra had always done so much better than he.

“Since so few people possess such a remarkable object,” Krennic continued, oblivious to the overwhelming rush of noise in Galen’s ears, “I knew this lead might deserve more investigation. Which is, of course, why I needed to know how old your dear Jyn would be, Galen.”

Jyn is alive. Jyn is with Saw Gerrera. Jyn has been captured by the Empire. Jyn Erso, my daughter… Jyn is alive.

“Sixteen seems an accurate description, though she’s hardly the lady you and Lyra would have raised her to be.” Krennic tisked. “Quite a set of teeth on that girl, Galen. You might have some work reeling her in.”

“I might have some work?” Galen looked up suddenly. “You’re bringing her here, to Eadu?”

“Of course. I promised you your family would all live in comfort.”

As hostages , Lyra added in his mind.

As heroes of the Empire , Krennic corrected.

Galen only hoped this wouldn’t end in blaster fire, like the last time.

“We’ll need to keep a close eye on her at first, you understand – who knows what kind of brainwashing that terrorist has put her through – but she’ll be allowed to stay with you. You know I want the best for you, Galen. Whatever you need to keep the project running smoothly.”

Galen nodded. “And what of Gerrera?”

“Gerrera remains scheduled for execution.” Krennic replaced his gloves. Good, he meant to leave then. Galen needed time to process what he’d learned. “You and Jyn should be present, of course. Would give the best impression to your superiors. It would be a nasty blow to your reputation if it got out that you handed your child over to a terrorist, Galen. And it would be such a shame if Jyn needed to be subdued for the process.”

Galen clinched the edge of the table, his knuckles turning white with the effort. The thinly veiled threat was not lost on Galen, the reminder clear: if Jyn behaved as Krennic wanted, her presence would be a great reward to Galen; if Jyn rebelled, showed any signs of disloyalty to the rebellion, her presence among Imperials would be nothing short of torture for Galen.

Force help Galen if Jyn had inherited Lyra’s sense of justice and rebellion.


 i  watched  around  60+  buzzfeed  videos  to  do  this  but  here  it  is :   an  assorted  sentence  pack  of  shane  madej  quotes  from  buzzfeed  videos  other  than  buzzfeed :  unsovled !    there’s  plenty  of  buzzfeed :  unsloved  memes  going  around  so  i  thought  it  nice  to  shed  some  light  on  other  things  shane  has  said  in  other  material .    feel  free  to  change  any  pronouns  in  anyway  you’d  like !

 ❛    i  feel  like  i’m  in  the  fourth  dimension !   
     am  i  yelling ?   
     so  when  do  people  wear  this ?   when  they  sleep ?   when  they  make  love ?   ❜
 ❛    i’m  so  glad  this  isn’t  cake !   ❜
 ❛    this  was  my  favorite  toy .   forever .   ❜
     this  is  so  much  better  than  cake .   
 ❛    i  eat  to  live  but  i  don’t  live  to  eat .    ❜
     here’s  to  a  great  week  of  being  sludge  buds .   
 ❛    hey ,  look !   there’s  some  vomit  on  the  stairs  …  and  here’s  my  dinner !    
 ❛    i’ve  been  eating  muck  since  tuesday .   i’m  …  sad ?   and  kinda  delirious .   
 ❛    the  other  night  i  was  falling  asleep  and  i  just  started  thinking  about  bread .    ❜
     some  bread  is  airy ,  some  bread  is ,  like ,  cakey  …  what  was  the  question ?    
 ❛    food  is  great .   don’t  ever  take  food  for  granted ,  it’s  the  best .    ❜
 ❛    because  i’m  a  fun  guy  and  i  know  how  to  party .    ❜
 ❛    where’s  all  this  liquid  go ?   are  we  filling  up  like  balloons  right  now ?    ❜
     alright ,  i’m  stepping  away  from  this  situation .    ❜
 ❛    what  have  you  done ?!   your  blood !   your  precious  blood !    ❜
 ❛    all  that  for  a  banana ?    ❜
 ❛    i’m  gonna  look  like  seacrest  after  this .    ❜
 ❛    i  don’t  pay  attention  to  my  face .   i  know  it’s  here .    ❜
 ❛    dancing  little  ice  globes ,  dancing  across  my  face .    ❜
 ❛    this  is  everything  that  i  want  forever .    ❜
 ❛    we’re  gonna  get  snails  put  on  our  face ,  for  some  reason .    ❜
 ❛    do  you  mind  eating  this  asparagus  and  then  peeing  into  this  cup  for  me ?   
 ❛    meet  me  in  the  studio .   bring  your  cup  of  pee .   
 ❛    i  don’t  know  why  we  did  this ,  because  you  can’t  smell  it ,  but ,  i  assure  you ,  it’s  revolting .   
     i’ve  climbed  a  whole  bunch  of  ladders .   whole  bunch  of  stairs .   vertical  ascension ,  i’m  pretty  good  at  it .   
 ❛    i  don’t  think  i’m  scared  of  heights .   i’ll  find  out  when  i  get  to  the  top .   
 ❛    i  worked  very  hard  to  be  this  tall !   
     i’m  just  here  ‘cause  this  is  the  stuff  they  make  us  do .   
 ❛    i  feel  like  it’s  eating  my  skin  but  in  a  good  way .   
 ❛    well ,  you  know ,  we  do  whatever  we  want  around  here .   
     i  imagine  it’s  going  to  be  someone  towering  over  me  and  telling  me ,  very  loudly ,  that  i’m  not  trying  hard  enough  ‘cause  i  probably  won’t  be .   
     at  the  end  of  the  day  my  goal  is  to  remain  alive .   
     it’s  about  what  i  expected  which  is  pretty  rough .   
     it  was  one  of  the  low  points  in  my  life  but ,  once  again ,  entirely  worth  it .   
     he  looked  like  he  was  gonna  throw  up  a  couple  times .   to  be  fair ,  though ,  i  also  almost  threw  up .   
     have  you  ever  seen  a  head  more  ready  to  get  a  snake  put  on  it ?   
     you  know ,  sometimes  you  hear  people  breathing  in  your  ear  but  very  rarely  a  snake .   
     i  could  have  done  that  for  like  four  or  five  more  hours .   
     right  now  i  look  like  shit  but ,  ten  minutes  from  now ,  i’m  gonna  look  like  ryan  seacrest !   
     holy  cow ,  those  are  brows !   
     now  i  understand  what  furries  are  all  about .   
 (  singing  )   ❛    who’s  a  milky  piggy ?   me !   me !   me !   
     i  don’t  wanna  see  that  in  the  mirror  ever  again .   
     hey ,  i’m  the  world’s  biggest  soup  fan !   that’s  what  i’m  trying  to  say  here .   
     well ,  only  twenty  eight  more  minutes  of  this .   so  i’m  going  to  die .   
     this  is  all  natural ,  baby !   
     if  you  just  imagine  a  root  beer  float  but  without  any  moisture .   that’s  what  you’re  about  to  experience .   
     definitely  thinking  outside  the  box ,  and  that’s  respectable .   maybe  they  should  start  keeping  it  inside  the  box ,  though .   

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You know how Kuro had a thing for Keith before he became aware of his feelings for Lance, but what about Lance? Did he also had feeling for Shiro or Keith (or both!? Or anyone) but didn't say anything to either because he didn't want to ruin their relationship? Idk why I keep thinking about what Lance felt before Kuro. I rlly love this little story you have created and your art is also amazing and so cute. Also another question: why did Kuro had a thing for Keith? I'm sorry if my English is bad

… What if Lance had a thing for Keith, too, though? That’d be…. quite awkward? But he never really told him because that’d mean Lance would have to actually admit Keith’s hot? Like seriously? Nah. Nah, thanks.

I guess Kuro had a crush on Keith because:

  • He’s a lot like Shiro. So their tastes are quite the same
  • During his time in captivity (right after his ‘birth’) it was rammed into him that he should be Shiros replacement as the Champion. Haggar and the Druids had bigger plans for Shiro, if they’d ever be able to get their hands on him again, so being a more or less successful cloning-experiment he should be the next Champion to humor the masses in the arena. That’s why he tried to imitate Shiro as much as possible - he wanted to please his masters and it kinda stuck with him even when he found out that his ‘idol’ wasn’t as fierce and brutal as the video footage from his fights depicted him to be. So I guess having a crush on Keith was just him trying to imitate Shiro - and maybe outdo him.

I’ll write more as soon as the Kuro week starts ♥ Especially about Kuro’s time with the Galra and how he met Shiro for the first time.

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Does RWBY have ANY dark skinned characters who have had actual dialogue/showed up in more than one episode/isn't an antagonist? Bc like.....

I guess Oscar fits those requirements but like.. yeah, that’s it

Even Oscar’s skin tone seems to change episode to episode… 

It’s taking me more than ten seconds to think of a character to fit that description so I’m going to say no. Which is why I was really excited for Sienna Khan but obviously that excitement didn’t last long. 

School tips for neurodivergent people

I’m an autistic who also has ADHD and I’ve had my fair share of trouble with school. In my first year of college I failed several classes during the first semester and was really overwhelmed. And more recently just last semester (the Spring semester) I had a really bad semester because I ended up failing one of my classes, got a “D” in another class and was really lucky to get a “C” in another class I was struggling with. As of now I am a senior and only have 10 more classes left to take. So seeing that classes are starting up again for many people I thought I would give some tips that I learned through my own experiences to maybe help other neurodivergent people. As I’m a college student I was mostly thinking of college when I wrote these tips but for the most part they should also be able to apply to high school as well.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it: One of my biggest mistakes I’ve made with school is that whenever I was struggling I never reached out to anyone for help. Your professors/teachers are supposed to be there to help you so go to them if you think you’re falling behind or you’re having trouble understanding something. If you have social anxiety or are uncomfortable with asking in front of other people then you could wait until the classroom clears out after class and talk to your professor/teacher when the room is empty. You could also try to show up early to class to talk to your teacher when there are less people around. Finally you could also email your teacher explaining that you have been having trouble and ask for help. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family when you need it! It’s always good to have people you can count on when you’re having trouble.
  2. Take advantage of resources that could help you: If it is an option for you and you want to, then look into taking advantage of your school’s disability services. Having access to disability services could provide you with extra help if you need or want it. Unfortunately I never got disability services myself, I feel like it could have helped me if I did. Also odds are that your school has a tutoring service that can help you out if you’re having trouble with a class.
  3. Try to find ways to help you lessen your anxiety and/or stress: If medicine helps you with anxiety then take medicine if you want to. Make sure to set aside time to do things that you enjoy and/or that relaxes you. In my experience if you just do work without taking any time to do stuff that you enjoy you can easily burn yourself out.
  4. It can really help to be organized: I’ve found in the past that I’ve often had trouble with keeping up with my classes and the many assignments I have across those classes. I’ve found a good solution to this is to try to be more organized. First start out by making a schedule of your classes with the day and time the class is, either on a word document, a spreadsheet, an app on your phone or physically on a piece of paper if you prefer that. Then use something to help you keep track of all of your homework assignments, essays, quizes/tests, etc. Recently I’ve been using this app on my phone called Egenda-School Planner and Assistant and it’s been really useful for me. The app is free and I haven’t seen a single ad on the app since I installed it which is great because free apps sometimes have a lot of ads. In the app you put your classes in and then you can input your assignments along with the due dates. It also gives you notifications at a time you specify when an assignment is due soon. I’m finding the app to be really useful and so far its doing a good job of helping me to keep track of everything. I downloaded the app off of the google app store and you can find it by searching “egenda”. Also here’s a link to the iphone version of the app: There are also plenty of other similar apps that you can use or if you prefer something physical you could buy an agenda. Finally it can be helpful to schedule ahead set times where you will do homework, work on an essay, study, etc.
  5. Try to find ways to help you with focusing: You might be like me and have trouble concentrating/focusing during class and that can affect your ability to learn. First if medicine such as Adderall helps you to concentrate and you are okay with taking it then that can help. Also as an autistic I find that it helps to be able to stim during class. You could bring a stim toy of your choosing to class to help you concentrate, for example I’ve only had two classes so far this semester but I brought my new fidget cube to my classes and I feel like it’s really helped me to focus better in class. Or if you don’t have any stim toys you can improvise, for example I often tend to stim in class by holding a pen or pencil with my thumb and index finger and flicking it back and forth. Stim in any way that works for you.
  6. Stay positive!: I know this one might seem cliche but trust me it really helps. When you’re struggling with school it can really help to try to stay positive. If you fail a class like I have a couple of times tell yourself that its okay everybody stumbles sometimes. The best thing about failing is that you can get back up and try again when you’re ready. Stay positive! You can do this! I believe in you my friends!

I hope that people find this helpful. And please feel free to add your own tips if you have any that I don’t.

ok so, new theory about why keith was able to pilot black. we know that  the pilot’s quintessence has to mirror their lion’s. well, earlier in that same episode, keith says:

so anyway, since quintessence is basically your life force–does that mean, should someone have a profound enough impact on your life, their quintessence can kinda start to mesh with yours? not that they’ll be the same, but maybe subtle hints of the other person are there. like how people can kinda adopt their friends’ mannerisms after years. because if haggar’s experiments prove anything, it’s that quintessence is malleable. the very nature of it can be twisted and desecrated, but i also think that means there’s some precedence for this that occurs on its own. a more gradual, natural shift. 

i dont doubt keith has the leadership ability and strategic mind to pilot black. but i do think that, ordinarily, this whole “you can only pilot the lion that matches your quintessence” rule would render him unable to do so. after all, the lions all have their own distinct personalities and elements, so i assume each of them has vastly different quintessence. but if shiro and keith had spent enough time with one another for it to leave some kind of imprint, for black to look at keith and see all the trust and compassion her pilot held for him, see the subtle echoes of shiro’s care that still lingers there, i think itd be enough for them to make the connection. 

All the spirits, all the places!

So I said these would not be 101 posts. I lied. At least about this one.

Why? Because people who start working with spirits need to know at least a few basics, or bad things will happen. Not just can happen, but will happen. Even if somebody has years - decades - of experience working with spirits, bad things can happen.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few things you should know.

  1. One spirit usually brings more. Really. A lot more. Dozens. Maybe hundreds. Not all of them are talkative, not all of them want to work with people, not all of them will interact. In fact, there’s a good chance that you won’t even notice they’re there unless you specifically ask.

  2. Being polite counts. Just like dealing with people, animals, or anything else. Spirits are conscious things. They have desires and feelings. They can be hurt. They can retaliate. They can be supportive. They can be a number of things, depending on your personal relationship with them.

    Much like a friendship or relationship with a human, something that is close enough for both parties to be comfortable with insults and rudeness as a form of affection takes time to build. Depending on the background of the spirit involved, it can take years, even decades. If you think the relationship is worth it, be patient.

  3. Having rules is a necessity. Set your boundaries, set your rules, set the consequences, make them clear, and stick to it. No deviance. 

  4. Be understanding, and patient, but firm. It has been my personal experience that many spirits honestly don’t understand how modern society works. They don’t understand modern interpersonal relationships, what is considered to be acceptable or unacceptable behavior, and have little to no concept of privacy or personal space. These are completely foreign concepts to them. Like an immigrant to another country who is making the effort to fit in, they often want to be taught, but need consistency.

    Other spirits do not understand, don’t want to understand, and actually thrive on causing chaos and trouble in a person’s life. Sometimes they understand perfectly and just don’t care. Sometimes they understand, know the rules, and break them just to be rebellious little turds. Stick by those rules anyway - and keep to the consequences.

  5. Use your resources. There are also spirits who understand modern society perfectly, and absolutely adore it. There are a couple of these types that stay with me as companions and often help to enforce the rules. Be aware that having relationships with these spirits can work well for you - but also be aware that many spirits keep score, and may ask something of you in return.

  6. Work out the details first. For those of you who watch Supernatural, you may remember this little tidbit:

    For those of you who don’t, that’s the demon Crowley and one of his contracts. Most spirits have them - written, verbal, or mental - and will generally stick to them. They may not literally be contracts, more like codes of conduct (complete with reciprocation procedures - I scare the neighbor’s chihuahua off of the lawn, and you keep shiny pennies in a jar), but it’s important to read the fine print.

    This is actually where a lot of people get in trouble. You have to be exceptionally clear about the details when working with spirits. If you’re not, bad things can happen.

  7. Double check your facts. When working with a spirit, make sure it is who they say it is. Spirits are like people. Some of them are honest to a fault. Others lie, cheat, and steal. They are manipulators. Double check your facts and be wary of traps.

Essentially, working with spirits is a lot like working with people… but not.

They are different. There are differences in the “rules” to follow. But as a general blanket thing, treat them like you would new people in your life that come from a different culture. Be sensitive to their triggers and needs. It can lead to interesting relationships.


Wow, sorry, tumblr messed up the formatting of that ask

anonymous asked:

Hello! Im planning on writing a fan fic in where the reader has abilities but I would like to start in an action scene, If I were to write it like that, How would I do it? Right in the beginning, middle or just at the end?

The reader has abilities? (Just FYI, I’m pretty unfamiliar with second-person fic)

In terms of literally getting ideas down, I try to get past “blank page syndrome” as fast as possible and I write a fast gush of all the ideas I have so far. You might call it an outline, but it’s not pretty or bulleted. It’s just word-gush.

My advice would be to start with what is the most vivid image to you, the part or parts that are the most developed.

This is my “outline” that I wrote down for one of my zine fics, featuring Hunk and Keith. I wanted to do a story from Keith’s perspective, who realises his friendship and appreciation for Hunk.

“It’s got a notch in it.”

“I can help you fix that”

“Yeah, I saw how you were living in the shack. It was, um, rustic.”

“I had other priorities.”

“Let me show you a couple things.”

Next, I knew how I wanted the story to wrap up, in a nice little tidy end. You can start anywhere for your end, or even just leave it at a note of “Keith learns to cook and appreciates Hunk.”

And suddenly they were in the kitchen and Keith was swathed in a bright red apron and Hunk was beside him, carefully laying out instructions as butter sizzled in a hot pan on the stove behind them.

And it was as Hunk was showing keith how to julienne a bright blue carrot-like tuber that Keith suddenly realised it.

Hunk really was a good friend.

If it doesn’t work for you to write the end, you don’t have to. I really like having an end in mind because “all roads lead to rome”. In other words, your story can twist and meander a bunch, but it will always eventually work towards and end at the place you have decided.

Now, that’s just physically writing things down. In terms of story placement, starting at the end or middle is a creative choice. personally, I enjoy it, I think it’s much more powerful than reading about a character getting up and eating breakfast and only getting to the main story 9,000 words in.

I would recommend writing your most important scenes first, and then reading them over and seeing what needs to be filled in. Read this next bit in terms of size first, to see what I mean when I try to explain not writing chronologically. If you cover the most important, pivotal points in your story first, it won’t lag and you don’t have to worry about it dragging on and on. You can also have an easier time connecting two points rather than always building outward one way.

You have your main point one, two and three as those BIG parts. then you build the rest around it, augmenting and editing as you go, cutting back and forth and writing to connect rather than to extend. The big points can be anything important. An action scene, a romantic declaration, a death, a religious relaization, etc. They just need to be important. No breakfast and brush teeth.

Now, once you have your ideas jotted down, it’s time to play cut and paste. I recommend pasting your entire WIP into a new document to play around with it. Experiment with cutting the middle section out and placing it at the very beginning, starting us in media res. Play with time skips and jumps, and see if you can still follow the story when it becomes less linear. if it’s too confusing, you cna always go back, but it’s fun to experiment and see how far you can push the story for interest and impact.

Remember those IMPORTANT POINTS that are the main pillars of your story? See how much impact they have when you move them around. Maybe you should keep the big reveal until the very end, but put all the action up front. Maybe you start with a quiet letter, but cut to a car chase scene. The options are limitless!

I hope that helps at all, feel free to send me more asks for specifics!

freshzombiewriter  asked:

tuckington and “You don’t have to stay" maybe if you wanna???

“You don’t have to stay.” 

Wash puts his hand on Tucker’s free shoulder. “I’m not leaving you.”

“Oh my god, you’re so fucking dramatic! I’m not hurt. I’m just stuck.” It would figure Tucker was taken out by some unstable alien temple ruins after all the actual battles and other dangerous shit they’d been into over the years. He’s pinned under a stone wall. Caboose and Andersmith have gone for extra help. 

It’s a good thing Smith was with them today. Wash seems really serious about not leaving him alone and Caboose would get lost on his own. Wash is totally overreacting. He’ll be fine.

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Prompt: “Anyway, can I request a Spock x reader where Spock meets the readers parents over dinner and the readers parents are on edge about him but the reader defends him?” - Anon

Word Count: 2,016

Author’s Note: My SO is actually a Vulcan, and I received a similar reaction when I brought him to meet my parents. Fun times! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 10,728/50,000

Swishing soapy water around in the frying pan, your mom leaned her head over to you.

“So you really like this guy?” she asked.

“Yes,” you replied, stuffing the corner of the dish towel down the mouth of the glass you were holding.

“Sweetie… I don’t want to sound skeptical -”

“Then don’t.”

“It’s just that… he’s a little stiff…”

“Did you also notice that he’s not human? I thought that would be more obvious.”

“Sweetie, I don’t mean it like that. I know that Vulcans are… stoic, but I’m just wondering if he’s a little too calm for you.”

“Why would he be too calm?” you put the glass in the cabinet and took the frying pan from your mom as she handed it to you. “After what’s-his-face, I thought you’d be happy that I was bringing someone like Spock home.”

Your mother sighed and scrubbed at a grease spot on one of the plates.

“Although that man was a bad choice, I stand by that, I can’t help but wonder if maybe you’ve gone too far the other way.”

“Mom,” you rested the frying pan on the counter and turned to look at her, your hand planted on your hip. “Would it kill you to just be happy that I’ve brought someone home that I like? Someone who doesn’t have a record. Or an attitude. Or both.”

Your mom pursed her lips and let the dish float to the bottom of the sink.

“Dad’s not happy either, I can tell,” you placed the towel in the centre of the frying pan and left it where it sat, leaning back against the oven and crossing your arms over your chest. “I can’t understand why you guys don’t like him; I really, really thought that it would be different this time. I mean, I get why Dad doesn’t like him…”

“In our defence it’s always hard accepting someone who’s going to take your kid away from you,” Mom murmured, staring at the dishwater.

“He’s not taking me away, Mom,” you pushed off from the oven and wrapped your arms around her shoulders, leaning your forehead in the crook of her neck. She leaned her head sideways and rested it on the crown of your head. “I’ll be around just as much as I am now.”

“What about his family? Won’t you be spending time with them?”

“The only one he has left is his father.”

“Oh,” you felt her sink under your weight. “I’m sorry, I didn’t even think.”

“Don’t worry. His father is also very kind. Vulcans aren’t ones to celebrate traditional holidays, so I will be spending my important time here, when I can. You should be more worried about my job keeping me away from you.”

“I worry every time you leave,” your mom brought up a hand and clamped it tightly around your arm. “Are you sure you’re happy with him?”

“I am, Mom,” you smiled and stood up, nodding for emphasis.

“Do you love him?”

“I think so,” you said slowly. “It hasn’t been very long, Mom, but I think we’re going to be together for some time, at least. We’re very compatible.”

“Compatible,” Mom snorted and went back to her dish in the sink. “That’s reassuring.”

“Oh don’t say it like that,” you snapped, letting your arms fall to your sides. “I mean we have similar interests. We both like to read, and we read both similar and different things. There’s always something to talk about. We both play chess. We have different worldviews because of our obvious differences in upbringing and that’s been very enlightening for me. He challenges me, Mom, and I think I challenge him similarly.”

“Well at least there’s that,” Mom shrugged. “I’ve noticed a difference in the way you speak.”

“If you spend enough time with a person you start to sound like them,” you said. “You sound more like Dad since you retired.”

“Don’t go there,” Mom looked at you sideways with wide eyes. “I can hear him in my head these days as I try to think and it’s driving me up the wall. Are you sure you can take on such an analytical view if you were to stay together?”

“Yes. And likewise, I bring him a more open and appreciative view of things.”

Mom nodded, with a downward cast to her eyes.

“You should go check on him with your father. I don’t want them alone for too long.”

“You’re probably right.”

Stepping out of the kitchen into the living room, you nearly bumped into Spock in the doorway.

“Hey, what’s going on?” you asked, reaching up and touching his arm.

“I may have said something to offend your father,” he looked down at you with worried eyes.

“Don’t take it to heart; he’s offended by everyone. I’ll talk to him,” you stood on your tiptoes and he leaned his head down so you could kiss his cheek.

You glided around him and stepped into the living room. Your dad sat on the couch thumbing through a science journal from 2253.

“Everything okay out here?” you asked, sitting across from him in the armchair.

“Where’d you pick this one up?” you dad grunted, jerking his head toward the kitchen.

“Spock and I met at work, Dad, why?” you hung your head and massaged your temple with your fingertips.

“Damn Vulcans, you know they’ve been pulling this shit for centuries,” he flipped his magazine closed.

“What kind of ‘shit’ have they been pulling, Dad?” you crossed your arms and stared him down.

“He’s claiming that there’s a better way to handle particle acceleration. Damn Vulcans always think they know better -”

“Well maybe they do, Dad,” you snapped. Dad stared at you with wide eyes and opened his mouth to retaliate. “No, listen. There is a better way. I’m on his team, we figured it out last month. I was there and I can promise you that whatever he told you was absolutely true.”

Dad closed his mouth and looked down at the carpet.

“Three years is a long time in your field, Dad. You’re going to have to face the fact that they’re going to move on without you,” you reached out and splayed your fingertips over the cover of the magazine. “Maybe you should start with the more recent issues.”

Dad looked up at you with hard eyes.

“Why’d you have to bring one of them home, kid?”

“Because I care about him, Dad. Try talking to him about music. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised,” you stood and looked down at your father who furrowed his brow before looking up to meet your eyes. “He’s half human. There’s a lot more feeling there than you’re used to. Try to see past your experiences and allow for new ones.”

“Y/N,” Spock’s voice came from behind you. You turned around to see him standing at the mouth of the hall leading to the back of the house. “You did not tell me that you played the piano.”

“Oh, I do. It didn’t come up,” you straightened your shirt and smiled at him.

“Would you play something?” he asked, holding out a hand for you.

You looked back at your father.

“You don’t mind, do you?”

“It’s been a dog’s age since anyone played that thing,” a small smile crept into the corners of Dad’s mouth. “I got it tuned before you came home.”

You smiled in earnest and took Spock’s hand leading him to the back room.

“What would you like to hear?” you asked as you flipped the key cover up, taking a seat on your bench. Spock stood next to the keyboard, looking down at you.

“I would like to hear what you enjoy playing the most.”

You looked down at the keys and thought for a moment. Positioning your fingers on the ivory surface, you began to play. The piece began slowly, steadily building towards the main melody.

As soon as you launched into the first crescendo, you felt a rush of adrenaline burst through your body, releasing a flush of goosebumps over your skin. You watched Spock move toward you and he laid a hand on your shoulder, fingertips connecting with your collarbone.

Without breaking stride you opened up to the touch, aware of the growing presence of Spock’s consciousness in your mind. Your breath caught in your chest as the tempo came back down momentarily. Spock didn’t interject any thoughts as he usually did. He shared with you a swelling wave of emotion which pulsed on the flats.

As the piece began coming to an end, you were overwhelmed with a profound sadness. This portion you played with greater volume, pulling the most emotion you could from the notes. You felt your fingers waiver on the keys, trying to keep your focus as tears started welling in your eyes from the overload on emotion.

You struck the final chord and released the keys. You looked up to see your parents at the door, your mother standing in front of your father, his hands on her shoulders.

Spock released your connection and bent at the waist to wrap his arms around you.

“That was beautiful,” he murmured in your ear. “It was one of my mother’s favourites.”

“I didn’t know,” you said, reaching up and holding his arm with your hands.

“You play it so well,” he tipped his head into the side of yours.

“I’m glad you liked it,” you turned your head and kissed his temple.

“Dessert?” Mom asked after a moment.

“Please,” you said, wiping your face off and tapping Spock’s arms to urge him to let you stand.

He straightened himself as your parents disappeared. You stood and turned to look at him, wrapping your arms around his waist and pulling yourself into him.

“I hope I didn’t make you sad.”

“Quite the opposite,” he wrapped you in his arms and rested his lips on your head. “That piece has become one of my favourites as well. It is comforting to know that we have this, too, in common.”

“You should share some of your other favourites with me, so I can learn them.”

“It would be more beneficial if we could find a way to bring an instrument so large with us on the ship,” Spock pulled back and took your hand, allowing you to lead him out to the dining room. “Perhaps once we have finished, you can play some more of your favourites for me.”

You joined your parents at the table. Dad made eye contact with you before reaching out and squeezing your hand.

You sat and Dad leaned forward, addressing Spock.

“So, Y/N tells me you like music.”

At the door Spock shook the hands of both of your parents and stepped out to wait on the front porch while you had a moment with your family.

“Kid,” your dad started, wrapping you in a tight hug. “You can bring him back.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

“Good luck on the project.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

Mom weaseled into the hug and took you in her arms.

“Please be careful, sweetheart,” she said. “And I’m glad you found someone that you’re happy with.”

“Thanks, Mom. I love you.”

Out on the landing you took Spock’s hand and stepped down the front walk to the Starfleet vehicle you borrowed for the evening.

“They liked you,” you said.

“Are you certain? I was under the impression that they were nervous in my presence.”

“Initially,” you admitted, touching his chest as he opened the door for you. When he got in the driver’s side you continued. “I think that asking me to play changed their minds.”

“I find that music often has a positive effect.”

“They said that they hope to see you again,” you looked over at his face, illuminated by the faint light from the dashboard. “I hope you won’t object to coming back?”

“I would not,” he turned to look at you as he stopped at an intersection. “Any opportunity to feel such deep emotion coming from you would be entirely my pleasure.”

Five Steps

Pairing: Zen x MC, Zen and femReader

Summary:  The RFA and MC experience complications with their pregnancy

Genre: Angst?  General?

Rating: PG…?

Word Count:  Approx. 2000

You were getting so big.

You joked that you were becoming a whale, and should be put out to sea.  Although, then you might be mistaken for a small island.  Zen rolled his eyes at that.

“Not an island.  More like a beautiful mermaid,” Zen would insist.

“Maybe…I mean, I am starting to resemble a manatee,” you replied thoughtfully.

Zen pinched your cheek, mock sternly.

“There is no way the beautiful mother of my child is going to be mistaken for a sea cow!”

It was your usual cheeky banter, walking home to Zen’s apartment with groceries.  It was dark, late after one of Zen’s rehearsals.  You both were carrying bags; Zen had the heavy ones, gentleman that he was, and he insisted you carry the delicate eggs and vegetables.  You were carrying “all his precious things.”  

The dork.

…your darling dork.  You loved it, and he knew it.

But maybe that was part of the problem.

Maybe it was because of the honeymoon glow that never ended with this man.  Maybe that made you giddy and careless.

Maybe you were paying more attention to the eggs than your feet.

Maybe he made you laugh at just the wrong moment.

Or maybe it was simply dark, and you couldn’t see the steps down to the door.  

Whatever it was, in truth, it was nobody’s fault.

But in any case, one moment you were laughing, and then the next, the world tilted, and…




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anonymous asked:

Hey! I just happened to stumble upon your lovely blog <3 your work is so great! I'm interested in doing embroidery! Do you have any tips on starting and such? Thanks so much for sharing your stuff with us <3

Hi thank you so much! If you are just starting out, I would recommend using the backstitch to create simple designs. 

✂️So, let’s begin~

1. Starting from the back of the work, bring the fabric through point (a) and pass the needle back through point (b).

2. Pull the thread al the way through and then bring the needle through point ©. Then this is the point where it’s called back-stitch, you then bring the needle back through point (b).

3. You now have two stitches. Continue this stitch over your design.

4.Don’t think back-stitch has to be a straight line, you can make any type of line you like. The shorter the stitches you use, the smoother the curve. 

What should you embroider?

Start simple if you don’t have much experience. Try doing some simple line drawings like a flower or alien face or an apple, etc. As you get more experience, you can start using more advance stitches and more complex designs.

Hope this helped you get started. I plan on making a few more stitch tutorials in the future so stay tuned. Also, I hope to make a few designs that people can use?? Let me know if you wanna see more…

Have fun embroidering!✨ (this is my new made-up word maybe??)

quick thought about diversity in media

When people whine about racial diversity in movies (or comics, books, whatever) being arbitrary and only added to appease Social Justice Warriors or whatever, that makes me extremely confused.

Half of my coworkers at my current job are not white. At my previous job, OVER half were not white. At my apartment building, a good portion of the residents are not white, and on my floor, I am the only white person, out of four units. At my kid’s daycare, a good portion of the kids are not white, and over half of the daycare workers are not white. The last three people I have dated have been not white. Etc etc etc etc. I could go on and on.

Representation of POC is not arbitrary, it is simply reflecting reality! By making things all-white, you are actively REMOVING the POC who should NATURALLY be there anyway! The question shouldn’t be why do all these things these days need to have POC in them, the question should be why are there so many things where they are removed? (I’ll give you a hint: the answer starts with the letter ‘R’)

And if you are living your life in such an insulated bubble that the only people you interact with on a daily basis are white, well then, have I got a revelation for you: your experience is not normal or default, so maybe get out a bit more?

Lock, Shock and Barrel being naughty little children, finally finished!! (Though now that I’m looking at it on a screen I think maybe I should make the bear trap darker…)
This one was a pain in my butt from start to finish, but I’m really pleased with how it eventually turned out. The background is an experiment for me in not outlining everything in black ink in an attempt to make the kids stand out more, and I like how it looks.
Copic marker and multiliner and mechanical pencil on 9 x 12" paper.

On Call

This is a shorty because I really wanted to post something for you guys and I wanted to do it today since it’s the 2 year anniversary of the blog. Hope you like, I’d be more than happy to continue it sometime with a part two maybe.

Anonymous said to imagineowengrady:

Can you do a fic where one of the raptors are injured and reader and Owen have to spend more time at the paddock. And they get to know each other better or whatever, thanks!!


estel619 said to imagineowengrady:

Hi! Just found this blog, while looking for Jurassic world stuff. How about an imagine that’s reader x Owen, and something has happened to Blue, as she is my favourite raptor, and the reader and Blue bond over it? Rating etc, I’ll leave up to you. Thanks!


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Harassed by guest for not smiling

I was working at Target a few years ago and I absolutely hate anything customer service related, people are terrible and I just can’t stand being treated like shit for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. So I was working on the cashier and a woman came through my line and started putting her items on the belt and I said, “Hello” and started ringing her items. Now, I don’t stand there with a fake grin plastered on my face, I just stand there expressionless I guess, not frowning but not overly smiley. This woman goes, “what’s wrong with your face?! Why you not smiling?!” Like yelling it so everyone around can hear. I was honestly stunned and just quietly said, “nothing.. it’s just my face.” Now, had this happened to me now, I would have had a large arsenal of comebacks to say, but at this time, I was shy and getting upset. She wouldn’t let up, she goes, “you need to be working in the back so no one has to see your face!” And I just stood there, all the other guests stood there watching. She wouldn’t stop, she continued to yell and demean me for not being overly friendly, it was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever experienced. This continued to go on even after she had paid and I handed her her receipt. I had to say, “ma'am, please just take your stuff and leave, you have already paid.” And still! Wouldn’t stop! Finally my dumb shit fellow employees started to notice that maybe they should help, so they had to escort her out of the building.

Honestly, I tried so damn hard, but I broke down and started crying while trying to help the next guest and had to go off the floor. The entire experience was so humiliating and was my last ever customer service related job. I realize that yeah, I could have been a bit more happy while working but I was miserable at that job and only went in for the paycheck. Shortly after this event I would just stop showing up and called in a lot because I couldn’t deal with so many people and getting treated so badly all the time.

I’m overly conscious of how I treat people working in customer service or anywhere else that I interact with because I don’t want to be the reason that they go home and cry themselves to sleep at night. Those workers deal with the most shit and should be treated with the most respect.

Hello, everyone! Ok, so here’s my polyamory themed blog.. As I’ve seen there’s kind of a lack of polyamory related content on tumblr, and not too many active blogs and tags… I thought I should dedicate a blog to topics of polyamory.

This blog will mainly be for creating dialogue, share information, share experiences, have polyamory positivity, and of course a lot of pride stuff!

There’s nothing wrong with loving more people, and I want to promote that idea and give light to it! Because people deserve to not feel ashamed for being in multiple relationships with other consenting people. And I think there should be more positive environments for this, and that it should be possible to be polyamorous and proud!

I will start posting on this blog, feel free to check it out and maybe follow, and participate in creating more awareness and relationship positivity, and promoting polyamory pride!


(A/N): I thought this request was so cute! I hope you guys all like it!

Request: Here’s a fluffy fic request! the reader is with some friends of hers talking about all their respective relationships. The reader starts talking about Natasha and how even after they’ve been together for a few years, Nat still makes butterflies flutter in her stomach and she still feels like they’re in the honeymoon stage of their love. It ends with Nat and the reader cuddled in bed and the reader telling Nat all about this and before sleeping saying “I love you Nat” “I love you too принцесса”

Warnings: none

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor, @sxph-t

Originally posted by raainstorms

   “I don’t know,” One of your friends sigh, stirring her very alcoholic drink with her finger. “Maybe I should just give up and start dating girls,” 

   “(Y/N),” One of your other friends turn to look at you, smiling just a bit. “You have experience with women, how is it?” You smile bashfully, thinking about your wonderful fiance at home who was, no doubt, missing you on her night off.  

   “Well- it varies depending on the girl,” You begin, leaning forward onto your elbows. “Some of my experiences are very bad while others are much more…pleasant,” 

   “Like Nat?” One of your friends smirks, an almost drunken laugh spilling from her lips. You smile and nod, your mind still thinking of Nat as you do. She was no doubt curled up in bed, reading or watching one of her old ER shows, she probably had those cute fuzzy socks on to keep her feet warm during the cold weather and there was a good chance she was hugging your pillow tightly, attempting to recollect the sensations of being held in your arms. Your heart swells at the image and your throat constricts- god, you’d give anything to be laying with her right now, curled up into her side as you hold her tightly- 

   “Just like Nat,” You whisper, your eyes glazed over as you daydream. “She’s the most perfect girl you could land- she’s smart and funny, she’s beautiful and kind, she’s everything I wish I could be and more,” You sigh dreamily, your mind wandering about thoughts of Nat. 

   “What’s it like to be that in love?” Your first friend asks as she sips from her drink, her voice slurred from her copious amounts of alcohol. 

   “Well, It’s like falling in love again every single day, I wake up and I see her face and I can’t help this sense of pride that washes over me. Then she wakes up and tucks herself against me and I can’t help but wonder how lucky I am to have her, it’s like-” You sigh, attempting to find the words to phrase just how much you loved Nat. “We’ve been together for 3 years but it never feels like that, it feels like eternity and nothing at once, it feels like there are millions of butterflies in your stomach when she so much as breathes, it’s like we never left the honeymoon stage, we’re still stupid reckless newlyweds who love each other more than life-” 

   “I want to have that,” One of your friends whisper, pouting down at her drink. 

   “I want to have butterflies-” Another mutters, pouting just the same. You’re about to offer your condolences when suddenly your phone rings and up pops Nat’s face, smiling at you gently. You smile as you accept the call, placing the phone up to your ear. 

   “Hey lovely lady,” You whisper, smiling when Nat responds. 

   “Hello my love,” She states almost formally, her tone taking on a more professional tone. “When are you going to be home?”

   “I don’t know…why?” Nat sighs, her professional demeanor dropping. 

   “I’m really lonely and I miss you,” She whispers, no doubt pouting herself. You smile as your heart warms just a bit and you already know that you were going to be cutting this impromptu dinner short. 

   “Okay, I’ll be home in ten minutes,” 

   “Yay,” Nat exclaims, smiling a bit as she does. 

   “I love you,” You whisper, giving a quick glance to the nearly drunk, blabbering girls beside you. 

   “I love you too sweetheart,” She whispers and before anything else can happen she hangs up, the phone call ending abruptly. With a smile you stash your phone in your purse, turning to your friends with a sad smile. 

   “I’m sorry you guys but I have to go- Work emergency,” All your friends groan but nod, understanding that a shield job was very occupying. 

   “Bye (Y/N),” They all wave as you make your way out of the booth, only stopping to give them a quick wave before making your way through the door. You walk briskly through the chill of New York air, your arms wrapped around yourself tightly. Even despite the temperature you can feel your chest warming knowing that right now you had a beautiful fiance laying in bed, waiting for you to come home and spend time with her. 

   Nat hums as she rubs her warm nose over your freezing one, her arms slowly but surely rubbing the feeling back into your arms. As soon as you had walked through the door she had pounced on you and dragged you to bed and now here you were- curled up beside Nat as she left a number of lazy kisses along your body. 

   “We talked about you at dinner,” (Y/N) whispers, allowing their eyes to flutter shut at the feeling of Nat’s soft lips on their skin. 

   “Good things?”

   “Very good things. We talked about how beautiful you are and how kind, we talked about how great it is to wake up to your face everyday, how great it is to see you smile.” 

   “How come?” Nat smiles as she looks at you, her brows furrowed. 

   “We were talking about relationships, our bad and good ones and I just had to talk about you and how much I love you,” Nat smiles even more as she nuzzles back against you, her curved lips pressing back against your skin again. “I really do love you Natalia, I hope you know,” Nat hums a bit as she snakes her arms around (Y/N)’s waist to pull them closer. Her cold feet pressed against (Y/N)’s calves but they could care less, the rest of Nat was warm and comforting and (Y/N) loved it. 

   “I love you too принцесса,”