maybe i should start experimenting more

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Hey Larry Oct seems really sweet. Maybe you should talk to Jed about cutting the guy a little slack. Who knows Jed may even grow to like the poor guy?

*They’re both avoiding each other’s eyes as Larry frantically scrolls through the inbox for a distraction.*

Larry: Okay here- Wait no, this isn’t for Truth or Dare, never mind. *He starts to continue on, but Ahk stops him.*

Ahkmenrah: They have a point. Maybe Jedediah and Octavius would like to join us? It might be a good bonding experience for them. 

Larry: Uh, sure. *Shrugs* The more the merrier, I guess. But we better invite them separately. 

Ahkmenrah: *Nods* I’ll get Jed; he won’t listen to you. 

*They both head off to find the miniatures. Ahk finds Jed sitting in his exhibit.*

Ahkmenrah: Hello, Jed. I was just starting to play an interesting game with Larry, and we wondered if you might like to join us?

Jedediah: *Considers it for a second.* Ah, sure. *Gestures around.* Not as if I got much to do here anyways. *Allows Ahk to pick him up and carry him to the office.*

*Meanwhile, Larry has located Octavius near the front desk.*

Larry: Hey, listen, me and Ahk were just about to start this game thing, do you wanna play?

Octavius: *Smiles* I would be happy to join in! Thank you for the offer. 

*Larry carries Octavius back to the office, but when he enters with the little Roman sitting on his shoulder, Jed immediately makes a commotion.*

Jedediah: *From his place on the desk.* Aw, you didn’t tell me skirt boy was comin’! Never mind!

Ahkmenrah: We’re all going to play together, Jed. And you and Octavius can possibly learn to get along better in the process. 

*Jed does a lot of grumbling, but eventually agrees. When Larry sets Octavius down on the desk next to him, he scoots away as much as possible, leaving Oct to stare forlornly at the floor. They explain the rules to the two miniatures.*

Larry: And I guess you guys can just do the dares or answer the questions the same as we do? *He looks to Ahk* That’s about the only way to do this. 

Ahkmenrah: *Nods.* Yes, they can do whatever they see fit to satisfy the request. 

Larry: Right, then. *Scrolls on to the next question.*

(Sorry about the huge delay; family decided we needed to go out and do a bunch of things and I just got home.)

today was freaking good.

I get to be a studio assistant at the art center! Which is awesome cause the it waives the cost of the class entirely and I get more experience that I can put on a resume. I think there are some other perks too. It already has me rethinking the whole residency thing. This is studio access for helping in the studio which I do already. So it is sort of a residency in itself. So I am thinking it maybe a good idea to stick around cause I have a pretty sweet deal being closer to home. My job at the nursery should start in month or so or sooner. I think it will be a much chiller place than the last one I worked at and I know the owner and it is a BEAUTIFUL place. I am excited to say the least. no all I need is a dog and to get in shape so I am not so tired all the time.   

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Is your bf into animal crossing? I really want to play with my boy, but how do I get him to play without forcing him?

heh i know them feels! he’s played a few times with me, but he usually just likes to watch me play! if it’s the first time he’s going to really have an ‘experience’ with the game, ask him if he wants to play some island mini games with you! i think people who are used to playing different genres of games find it odd to adjust to the laid-back ness of AC. so start somewhere where there’s a clear ‘something to do’ goal set, like the island games or maybe have a ‘who can catch the biggest fish’ contest! hopefully it should make him want to explore the game more with you! make sure you tell him you love spending time gaming with him too! try not to force him to play w you, but if you find you’re both sat around not doing much, just bring it up! have fun :>

list of art goals

environments !!! draw some forests and lakes and oceans
architecture !! just get some refs and do studies
clothes ! idk just honestly get better: draw appropriate wrinkles. maybe do life studies
self portrait. It’ll be nice to see progression in later years

!! draw once a day. maybe some life studies like a hand once a day at least

!!!!!!! experiment !!!!!!!
with styles: cartoon, cell shading, more shape based and less details. form and pen work
media: watercolour. maybe enviros like home?
its a new (lunar) year so maybe I’ll make some 2015 resolutions for once and possibly writing them down will force me to do it
I’ll continue updating this list but I think I should focus on these for now. will start after working on current projects

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For as long as I know I've always liked guys but here recently Ive started finding girls more and more appealing. I'm not sure what I should do though and was wondering if you had any advice.

experiment, its not harming anyone, maybe your just curious, but you should definitely try things out because you never know what could happen☺️

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Hi! Could you give me an advice? I have never had a serious job, what else written for living, except my blog, but this big media company that has all the biggest magazines in Slovenia has a job opening and I really want to try, but I have never written in my language, I always write in English. I know that applying is nothing serious and I should try and I will, but any advice on how to be confident in writing in my language? I am not a professional and this is a serious job. Thank you

oh gosh babe im the last person that should be giving you any kind of advice about writing because i can’t write neither in my native language nor english but i think that’s a great opportunity so you should definitely give it a try!!! and to be more confident maybe you should start practicing and get some experience? i’m so sorry i can’t be of much help but maybe my followers that are writers can help you with something. i hope everything goes well babe xx

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would you recommend going to a therapist?? has it helped you get better?

yes 100% honestly i think everyone should have one regardless of whether or not they have a clinical disorder/illness I’ve been going since 9th grade (I’m a sernior now) and honestly it was the best decision I’ve ever made it took a while for it to start making a dramatic difference maybe 2 years isn but honestly the difference between the person i am now and the person i was then is crazy and of course it also had to do with my own experiences and growth and becoming more self aware etc. but having a therapist is amazing the only issue is that it can be very expensive so idk your exact financial situation but if a therapist would be too expensive for you i would recommend maybe speaking to a guidance counselor at school or something honestly its just so great to have someone to talk to about anything and everything and knowing they will not judge you at all and i think its great because its objective and subjective at the same time like they’re a different person and will view your situation in their own perspective but they also are only hearing your side of the story of everything so idk now I’m just blabbering but yes i would recommend going to a therapist i think it has been very helpful

EDIT: i just thought of this and i wanna add it sorry i also recommend therapy because basically it has just remolded my entire perspective on everything i view myself and others now completely differently than i did 3 years ago and I’m kind of in the process of changing my personality into the best me i could possibly be and I’m not there yet but I’m closer than i was before because as cliche as it is if you dont believe something you can tell yourself it for a long time until you eventually are convinced of it and going to therapy once (or more) a week and having the reinforcement of someone constantly reminding you of something eventually you will just believe it idk how to explain it but therapy is basically shifting your brain/thoughts for the better just like if you’re injured and you go to physical therapy you have to do the same exercises over and over until you regain the muscle strength and then it just becomes second nature and in therapy you have to do the same thing except with your thoughts

In case you missed the post by from yesterday:=====================================================TESTING THIS NOWHere it is: Fresh dough empanadas…Experiment started at 11:31 CSTIMGUR ALBUM BEING UPDATED AS WE GO!10 minutes left - this should be pretty definitive, right? Fresh dough is some sticky crap! Maybe I’ll throw some shrimp in next? We’ll see…TAKING THEM OUT NOW - RESULTS TIME!CHECK THE ALBUM!The crumpled side was HARDER to remove than the smooth, and the smooth side cooked better!=====================================================We’re doing the test again ( /u/kurosen ) with the following changes:Less crumpled (more smoothed out, rather) crumpled side ( /u/richstuff )smooth side will be flipped to non-shiny side ( /u/ryan_the_leach )NO cooking pictures, in case the light bulb ‘greatly’ affects the cooking :P ( /u/reddilada )ALBUM IS BEING MADE NOW - WATCH BELOW, THEY’RE ABOUT TO GO IN! (12:12CST)THE album :) (being updated realtime…)*About 14 minutes left - NO door opening/light bulb frying photos today :D=====================================================AAAAAAAAAND DONE!-Smooth side wins again - less stickers, better cooked and better appearance :)*On a side note, looks like the oven light bulb didn’t help with the cooking :P :P :P via /r/LifeProTips

Having one of those crazy crisis

Like is this normal on occasion? Lol
Should I uproot my whole life while I’m still young? That’s the confusing part. I’m too jealous of people who just go out on the road and look at things and experience everything.
I’m only 23 I shouldn’t have to be jealous I should just do that shit.
If not now then when?
I’m so obsessed with being home and settling in and making my future but maybe I should start living in the now. Like move somewhere random. I’m not gonna do it by myself but with someone? Just fucking do it dude. If she can then why can’t we? Save some more money and just hit the fucking road. Work at bars and shit. I’ll clean hotels idc. I need to get out there in the world even if it means leaving things here behind. He will be here when I get back. If I get back.
Who know seriously.
That’s the overwhelming part. Where do I go? What do i do? The options at this age are endless
I would have to be stupid to not try these things
I just don’t think I’m cut out for punching in and punching out every day for the rest of my life
at least not yet.
There’s gotta be more

Should I Stay or Go Away

Pros: Reasons to Go

-Fresh Start

-Coffee & Coffee Shops

-German practice

-Viennese University experience

-I can figure out if I’d like to stay for Grad school

-I’d be around my other aunts and cousins (Potential Con)

-I’d be able to travel through other parts of Europe (Or at least more likely to)

-Working as a English tutor maybe

-Really incredible food


Cons: Reasons to Stay

-Starting from scratch

-Not seeing Tiffany again for a long time

-Not seeing my family again for a long time

-Having to speak German constantly around native speakers

-Having to adapt to the culture and school system

-The degree will not mean too much in the U.S if I decide to come back

-Having to weed out which meals don’t have pork so I can eat them

In Progress

Using Video Games as Learning Tools

Some teachers are using certain video games to help them teach. I am all for that! Learning should be fun. And if fun means teaching the kids with video games, then do that. The teachers have to get the students resady for the next year wth the Common Core Regulations, so why not make it fun wth video games? They can help with all types of classes, you just have to take the time to pick the rght ones. Besides, I think a kid would most likely be more enthusiastic about doing a videogame as homework than a worksheet. I know this from personal experience. Last year, we had these websites and for homework some nights we had to spend maybe twenty minutes on it. I would actually do it because it was fun. We were competing against our classmates, which added the fun compettive part to the whole thing. So yes, I do think that we should start using video games as learning tools. I mean, why not?

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How do you tell a girl you like her, when you don't know how she feels about you? And what if your not entirely sure how you feel about her, because you never really talk? And your too nervous to talk, because you don't know if she thinks your a complete idiot, or dashingly handsome, so you just don't say anything.

ummm i literally have no experience with this but maybe just try and like text and talk to her more and then eventually you should be able to kinda tell if she likes you back just by how she talks to you and then maybe just ask her to hangout? And i’m sure once you actually start talking to her you’ll be able to tell how you feel! Plus, i’m sure shes shy too? Sorry I hope thats not terrible advice! 

My brother and I have decided to start a Twitch channel. We’re gonna be streaming some games hopefully soon. Mostly shooters, maybe some other things. Should be pretty hilarious cause we’ll both be present and critiquing each other and messing with each other while we play.

We also want to get a second camera on us so it can be even more entertaining. Should be a fun experience.

If anyone would want to see that or something along those lines, follow our channel in the link! 


These pics are gross and I apologize but I decided to try and experiment with my makeup a little. I haven’t done it for real in ages and I missed it. I started wearing makeup because I wanted to fit in, now I’m wearing it because I am hot, with and without it. If only I could take a good selfie. I love the way it makes me look. I feel more confident and beautiful with it. Makeup is great, and everybody who wants to should wear it, regardless of what people would think of you. It’s your choice, not their’s. Thanks(:

April Fool

Given that so much has happened in the last month, I should either put something up here, or just give up. I’m going to go with the former. I think I’ll just give some highlights then maybe break it up with some exciting pictures in other posts.


Connections – In recording land, I’ve had a few projects going on. Starting off in March (or maybe February) with my friend Allan from Fires of Waco, he’s putting out a 7″ with his friend Tony from Germany under the moniker “Connections”. It’s all tracked apart from the vocals which should be done in June, and was recorded entirely at Via Studios. Al was after a pretty bright guitar sound, and after having success using the K2 tube mic on bass in the Fires of Waco recordings, I decided to experiment (successfully) with it on guitar.

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 Ugh, I don’t know anything about the game Evolve, but that dlc and season pass fiasco is complete bs. This is one reason why I can’t get into modern gaming anymore. For once I want to buy a game for a reasonable price and enjoy the whole game. I just can’t waste $60 on a shit game, then have to spend $100+ to get the full experience anymore. Money isn’t that easy to come by.

 You can go on the nintendo e-shop and purchase older games or indie games for $2-20, and you’ll get more vivid, well designed games. Maybe I should spend more time playing those games. However, the industry as a whole has started to become uninteresting to me because I’m tired of being smothered by bland, expensive content when I just want to have fun.

 Anyways, sorry. Just a little rant about modern gaming, it’s not that big of a deal really. I just don’t enjoy buying and playing games anymore.