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You dont have to ask twice for a smutty prompt, my friend X3!! How abouuuut TodoBakuDeku & 187: “ Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you? ”

I feel like this should have been smuttier than it was, but this is just what came out! lol Also, I’m not too fond of the ending, but I’m hoping to add to this at some point. Maybe if another prompt comes along. 


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Kacchan,” Midoriya breathed out, words shaky as he and Bakugou parted lips. There was a trail of saliva that still connected them, Midoriya barely standing as his knees buckled against the wall. 

Todoroki looked on at how absolutely wrecked Midoriya looked, face flushed, hair more wild than usual. Bakugou had pinned him against the wall, latching on to his mouth like he had been starved for it. And in a way, he was starved. 

Even though it had been a couple of weeks since the first time the three of them had gotten together–the outcome being that both Bakugou and Todoroki would be dating Midoriya–they hadn’t gotten around to doing anything other than hold hands, cuddle, and give him pecks on the mouth. 

Todoroki hadn’t minded it. He was willing to take things slow, regardless of the way his fantasies would often get the better of him when he was alone, his eyes closing, hands drifting down to touch himself. They started with Midoriya beneath him, squirming, the freckles on his face all the more prevalent through the red on his cheeks. 

What had taken him by surprise, however, were the thoughts of Bakugou slowly creeping into each fantasy. Not just there to help touch Midoriya and make a mess out of him, but he was also there to be touched. He was there to be kissed. And Todoroki found himself getting off on it all, expressing only a few days prior that he would like to change their dynamic.

“I…I think I like Bakugou,” turning away from Midoriya, he locked eyes with the perpetually angry Bakugou, “You’re annoying as shit and always find ways to get under my skin, but…I can’t stop thinking about you. About both of you.”

Bakugou had been so blindsided by the sudden revelation that he was speechless. He merely blinked at Todoroki, wide-eyed, the ever-present crease between his eyebrows making it seem as if he were angry and surprised all at once. He uncrossed his arms slowly, mouth parted, as if attempting to form words. 

Midoriya let out a soft, “Wow,” a smile on his face as he faced Bakugou. “Kacchan, what about you?”

Bakugou snapped out of his shock when Midoriya addressed him, turning from him to Todoroki slowly, one of his hands reaching behind him to rub the back of his neck. “I’m not good at this kind of shit, half-and-half. Don’t put me on the spot like this.” The tops of his nose and ear became a subtle red as he averted his gaze. 

Todoroki had inched closer to him then, moving his body forward towards him. 


His eyes fell down towards Bakugou’s lips as he slowly progressed closer to him. Bakugou said nothing, but didn’t pull away or resist. If anything, this, in his own way, was his response. 

Their lips met softly, a kiss between the two of them much like the chaste ones they had shared with Midoriya. When they parted, Bakugou had turned beet red, partially covering his face with the back of his hand as he looked off to the side. “Say anything cocky and I’ll kill you.” 

That was interesting. He didn’t react that way with Midoriya. But it was cute. Really cute. 

Todoroki felt his heart skip a beat and smiled, turning to look at Midoriya who was holding his face with both hands, returning the gentle expression.  

“Then it’s settled,” Midoriya said, “The three of us will be together from now on.” 

And so here they were–with the three of them now dating; Bakugou and Todoroki still becoming accustomed to being together. It was awkward between them as their dynamic was different than their relationship with Midoriya, but they had all mutually decided to take the next steps in their relationship, meeting up at Midoriya’s apartment earlier that morning.

Removing himself from the position of voyeur, Todoroki stepped behind Bakugou, turning him by the shoulder, and pressing him against Midoriya. 

“What are you doing?” Bakugou weakly protested, but he knew exactly what Todoroki was doing. Or at least, he could use his imagination, couldn’t he?

Todoroki licked his lips, eyes darting to look at Midoriya. Midoriya nodded at him, too wrapped up in the moment to verbally respond. Todoroki saw him wrap his hands around Bakugou’s torso, hands going under the snug tank top, lips pressing against the back of his neck. Taking the opportunity, Todoroki moved forward, hands gripping the sides of Bakugou’s face when his lips parted in surprise.

Their kiss started out tentative and chaste as it usually did. Just a small press of skin against skin, innocent, experimenting with the feel of of how both of them fit together. It was Bakugou who crossed the boundary first, moaning deep and low as they began moving against each other in the form of open-mouthed kisses. While he had used plenty of tongue with Midoriya, he wasn’t trying that now. He was merely feeling it out, enjoying the moment, and taking it slow. There was no rush between them, and in his grasp, Todoroki could feel Bakugou melting into both his and Midoriya’s touch. 

Feeling brave, one of his hands ventured down, fingertips sliding gently down Bakugou’s throat, his chest, his stomach–which twitched at the added hand along exposed skin–and finally down to his crotch. He cupped his hand there, feeling the full hardness of Bakugou’s impressively thick package. 

Bakugou broke away with a mix of a moan and a gasp, biting the bottom of his lip at the new sensation. This was the first time any one of them had touched each other like this, after all. 

“Already? Do I really have than much of an effect on you?” Todoroki smirked, hoping to elicit a reaction from him. 

Bakugou huffed, eyelids heavy. “Shut up.” It was a teasing tone, the brusque game they enjoyed playing. “You gonna do something about it or what, you half-haired bastard?”

Happy to oblige, Todoroki assisted Midoriya in lifting off Bakugou’s shirt. Midoriya followed suit, and Bakugou helped Todoroki out of his own long-sleeved dress shirt. 

They stood there looking at each other for a moment, taking in the sight of each one’s muscular body; Bakugou’s bigger arms, Todoroki’s strong pecs, Midoriya’s pronounced six-pack. It wasn’t long before their hands began exploring one another, mouths leaving trails of kisses in a haze of unexplored desire and heated emotions. 

Runaway : Jason Blossom Pt. 4

Part One  Part Two  Part Three

Request: Omg I just read your jughead imagine and it haves me thinking, can you do a one shot thing of Jason Blossom not really being dead and sneaks into the reader’s bedroom in the middle of the night or something too explain to her why he faked his death (you can make up the reason because I’m not that clever) but yeah it’s just really sad and full of fluff idk I’m weird.

a/n: OKAY GUYS!!!!! This installment dives a little into Fp and Y/N’s, I don’t want to say relationship, but that is really the only way to put it. Now, this story can go on for quite some time. That being said, I could also go more into what happened in the month leading up to Y/N finding out Jason was alive in maybe a spin off?!?! I also might put this up on Wattpad should I do enough parts!!! You know what to do: send feedback, like and reblog the shit out of this part! and as always I love you guys. xx, aubree.

(p.s. I might do a little contest for this fic….I’ll keep you posted.)

warnings: an attack leading to an almost sexual assault (READ WITH CAUTION) 

word count: 1,012 (it’s short…sorry guys)

(gif not mine) gif credit: x


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What he would think about you being from a different culture..

Warnings - None.

Request -  

  •  What would Altair/Ezio/Conner think of an Egyptian Assassin traveling to their game locations, sorta helping out their league.
  • I have an AC request, if it’s okay to send one, for Connor. The reader could be a person that’s also from a different culture and maybe he sees that it’s a little difficult for them to adjust to the “colonial standard” of what things should be.

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A/N - Sorry, couldn’t resist using this gif. xD

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—who cares | 10 (m)

pairing— kim taehyung x oc / kim seokjin x oc
genre/warnings angst, adultery, mature themes
words— 5,368

:: summary— what happens when Taehyung falls for someone who’s already taken? Can he control his feelings or will they take over and render him powerless? In the end is it all her fault or his…?

note— inspired by Dean’s album 130: trbl.

» 01 :: 02 :: 03 :: 04 ::05 :: 06 :: 07 :: 08 :: 09 :: 10 :: 11

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Right Now (Calum Hood)

sorry if it says ashton when it should say calum at some point. i changed from one to the other when i finished writing it lmao

Trigger warnings: Mentions of depression


I think… Maybe… We should see other people…

You had hit send before you really thought about what you were telling your boyfriend. It was 4:19am and you’d spent the better part of the last four hours in another depressive episode. You were beating yourself up over it, no doubt – you’d been doing so well for the past six months since Calum had left for tour, but it was back and it was hitting you harder than ever.

Calum was usually the one to help you pull yourself out of it – he would always insist on running a bath for you with your favorite bubble bath while he spent that time in the kitchen making your favorite food. Calum knew that you hated when people had to take care of you – watching you closely to make sure you didn’t do anything to yourself – but he also knew he loved you too much to lose you, especially like that.

You weren’t expecting Calum to answer, to be honest. You couldn’t remember exactly where in the world he was, but you figured at past 4 in the morning… There was no way he’d be awake or not busy enough to stop and check his phone.

But he did. And you immediately felt guilty when you read his reply.

You’re not breaking up with me with a text, Y/N
You know very well that I’m not going to let you do that
Just tell me what’s wrong and I’ll fix it

You can’t fix it this time, Calum

Not if you don’t tell me

You sighed – you knew Calum wouldn’t like that you’d told him you wanted to break up, but you didn’t think he’d fight you this hard about it.

You’re not home
You’re never home

I don’t control our tour schedule, Y/N. You know that

But you’re not home when I need you

Why do you need me?
Why can’t you call me?

You know I don’t like people hearing me cry

Why are you crying?

You didn’t answer for a couple minutes, still trying to calm yourself down, so Calum started typing again.

Please talk to me, princess

You didn’t respond right away again, but it was like you not answering him was what Calum needed to realize what was happening.

It’s one of the bad days, isn’t it?

You couldn’t help but laugh dryly at the message – you should have known he would figure it out. You wiped your face before typing a simple response.

The worst…

I’m booking a flight right now
I’m coming home

Your heart skipped a beat when you read the messages. You hadn’t expected Calum to just drop everything and leave in the middle of a tour just to help you through your depression coming back, but he was.

You don’t have to do this
I’ll be fine by myself

Princess, I’m not about to sit here and let you keep feeling like this
Not when I know you need me there
You wouldn’t have sent me a breakup text if you didn’t need me

Calum, please

I already bought my ticket, princess
But you have to promise me you’re going to be the first person I see when I get off that plane

You stared at your screen for a moment; Part of you was wondering whether or not he was actually serious, but you knew him well enough to know that he was. And you had no choice but to give him the only response he would have accepted.

I promise

I love you so much, Y/N
I’ll see you tomorrow


24 hours later

It was 3:30am and Calum’s flight had just been announced as having arrived over the intercom. You knew for a fact that he wouldn’t have a suitcase, so you just made your way to the gate he was supposed to be coming out of.

A few more minutes passed and the passengers from the flight were just starting to file out. Your throat felt dry from your nerves, your hands were stuffed into the pocket of the hoodie you’d refused to let Calum take on tour with him so you could wear it instead, and you were rocking back and forth on your feet.

The moment Calum came into view – he wasn’t difficult to spot; the boy towered over nearly every single person coming down the hallway – he let out a visible sigh of relief when he saw you standing there waiting for him. Truthfully, he had expected you not to show up despite you promising him, but when he saw you, he nearly burst into tears right then and there.

You removed your hands from the hoodie’s pocket when Calum broke free from the crowd and ran over to you. He wrapped his arms around your waist tighter than he ever had before while yours went around his neck, holding him as closely as you possibly could. Your hand was in his hair and he was kissing the exposed skin of your neck. You could feel your skin as well as the edge of the hoodie becoming damp, letting you know that Calum was crying.

You honestly felt terrible for worrying him so much, but you couldn’t keep in your feelings anymore; You had to tell him what was going through your mind. And as much as it hurt him to know that you felt like you couldn’t handle him being away anymore, you knew he appreciated you telling him rather than him coming home to an apartment with you no longer in it.

“I love you so much, princess,” Calum murmured, his voice breaking slightly.

“I love you too, Cal,” you whispered, feeling your own eyes get watery, “I’m sorry I made you come home.”

“You didn’t make me come home, baby girl,” he told you, lifting his head up, “I’d do anything for you – you know that.” He brought his hands up, wiping your face with his thumbs before swiping his fingers across his own. “Look at us, crying in the middle of an airport,” he chuckled lightly, returning his hands to your face. You allowed yourself to smile, leaning into his touch. “Come on, baby girl,” he kissed your forehead, “Let’s go home and go to bed.”

“But we have to talk, Cal…” you reminded him.

“I know we do,” he nodded, “But that can wait until morning. We both need some sleep.” Calum took his hands off of your face, only to reach down and grab your hand, tangling your fingers together. He squeezed and pulled you into him, and you laid your head on his shoulder as you walked to your car.


Six hours later

“Morning, princess,” Calum said groggily. You quickly propped yourself up on your elbow so you could look at his face, your eyes widening slightly.

“You’re actually here?” you whispered, placing your hand on his stomach, “I’m not dreaming this time?”

He smiled sadly at you, taking your hand and bringing it to his lips, pressing a kiss to your knuckles. You sighed in relief knowing he was actually real, lying back down with your face in his neck. Calum put your hand back on his stomach, his fingers playing with yours as his other hand ran through your hair gently.

“I think you should come on tour with me, princess,” Calum stated bluntly, causing you to prop yourself back up. Before you could even say a word, he continued rambling. “I know you said you didn’t want to go because of all the flying and business, but it’s obvious that being here alone for the last six months has been tearing you apart. We started dating during such a long break and you’re still so new to the whole me being away thing, but I can’t… I don’t want to come home one day just to find out you’re no longer here, princess; I can’t do that. You have no idea how much it kills me to think about that. I love you so much, Y/N, and you know I would do anything to make you happy, but as much as I want to do that, I just… I can’t do it when you’re always so far away. So please… Please come on the rest of the tour with me.”

“Cal…” you said softly, shaking your head, “What about the next tour, or the one after that? I won’t be able to go on every tour with you…”

“I know you won’t,” he replied, “But that’s something we can work out later. I have to leave again tonight and I know that I won’t have time to fix how you’re feeling right now, and the best I can do is to just bring you with me.”

Tonight?” you cocked an eyebrow, sitting up, “Cal, if I’m supposed to be coming on the rest of the tour with you for three months, I need to start packing yesterday.”

“You only need to pack half of what you think you’ll need, baby girl,” he smirked, “You know you always end up stealing my shirts anyway.”

“You cannot prove that I’m the one taking your shirts,” you stated matter-of-factly, “My shirts are always hidden beneath your hoodies.”

“You finally gonna let me take this then?” he asked, tugging at the bottom of his hoodie you still hadn’t taken off.

“The only reason you’ll be wearing it again is because it doesn’t smell like you anymore,” you informed him. Calum smiled at you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you down to lay on top of him.

“I’ll take what I can get,” he replied before tilting his head up so his lips met yours. You let out a deep sigh, happy to finally be in your boyfriend’s arms again. Calum, of course, felt this, and squeezed you tighter. “I’ve missed you so much, princess,” he mumbled, “I love you.”

“I love you too, Cal,” you whispered, pulling away and putting your face back in his neck, staying there until you absolutely had to begin packing.


36 hours later

After the long plane ride back to the city Calum had left the previous afternoon, you were finally on solid ground. You let out a sigh of relief as the plane landed, hearing Calum chuckle lowly beside you. You’d always hated flying – one of the main reasons you said no to going on tour with him when he asked before it had started – but it wasn’t all that bad, especially not when you had Calum to help distract you the whole flight.

Before the plane took off, Calum had texted their bus driver what time you would be arriving so he would be at the airport when you landed. You looked around for him after exiting the gate, instantly smiling when you saw three tall boys dressed completely in black instead.

“Y/N!” the band cheered when they saw you, running over to you. You hugged Luke first since he was the first to reach you and then Ashton. When you hugged Michael, he squeezed you a little tighter than the other two had.

“Are you feeling okay?” he murmured into your hair, letting you know that Calum had already told them everything when he informed them he was going home.

“I will,” you promised him, releasing him only to be pulled back into Calum’s side.

“I know what will make you feel better!” Ashton chirped as you all made your way to baggage claim so you could get your suitcase, “We were gonna wait to give this to you until we got home, but since you’re here now… When we went to France, we found this really pretty necklace that we knew you would love. I know you hate when we spend money on you, but we all thought of you the moment we saw it and knew we had to get it for you.”

“Ash, I-”

“It’s too late to return it, Y/N; You have to take it!” he insisted, pulling a small box out of his pocket. He handed it to you, urging you to open it right then and there.

The other boys were nodding their heads rapidly, so you sighed and opened the box. You immediately smiled at the present – the small rose gold Eiffel Tower hanging off a matching chain nearly bringing tears to your eyes.

When you first met the boys, you used to go on and on about how much you loved France and how you always wanted to go to Paris when you were younger. You were never able to save the money and make yourself take the trip, however – your fear of flying obviously constantly getting in the way of it. But to know that they were still thinking of you when you weren’t around made you get a little emotional.

“Do you like it?” Michael asked worriedly when he saw your eyes getting watery. You laughed softly, nodding your head and pulling him into another hug.

“I love it,” you murmured into his shoulder, “Thank you.” The other boys wrapped their arms around you and Michael, giving you a group hug as you giggled.

Calum let go first, quickly moving to grab your bag when he saw your bright blue suitcase on the carousel. He looked back up at the group to find Luke helping you put the necklace on, smiling slightly to himself as he made his way back over.



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What's the fun in That?

Prompt: “You could say you’re sorry you know.” “Now what’s the fun in that?”

Relationship: Bruce Wayne x Reader

Warnings: FLUFF

Date Finished/ 12/31/16

A/N: I thought this was a cute idea so yeah. Go ahead and send in some requests for me to write, I’d love for my readers to be happy with my writing instead of just guessing. (Maybe some New Years prompts WHO knows?)

“What the Hell?” You mumbled groggily as you reach out to where Bruce should be sleeping but instead found the cold empty sheets. “God dammit Bruce.”

You slowly get up, pulling on your robe as you walk to the entrance of the batcave knowing that’s where you’d find Bruce at this time of night. Sure enough when you went downstairs and entered the cave, Bruce sat staring at the bat computer.

“You know, I go to sleep with you expecting you to be there when I wake up.” You said sarcastically crossing your arms and approaching him.

“I had work to do.” He mutters not looking away from the screen.

“Like what? Everyone’s in Arkham, and I’m sure the boys can handle a couple muggers and rapists.” You assured him. “I would know because I stayed up waiting for you all last week while you put their asses into Arkham.”

You took a seat on his lap, putting your arms around his neck. “What I’m trying to say is give yourself a break, and come to bed before I make you sleep on the couch.”

“One second dear.” He says typing away on the computer.

“That’s it you’re so sleeping on the couch tonight.” You laugh getting off of his lap only to be pulled back onto it by strong arms grabbing your waist.

“Oh dear, however will I be allowed to sleep in our cozy bed with my beautiful spouse?” He mumbles into your neck lovingly.

“You could start by saying you’re sorry.” You say giving him a playful look.

“Now what’s the fun in that?” He says playfully.

“Bruce Wayne, better yet the Batman, having fun?” You say laughing. “My god I must’ve broken you.”

“Now if anything you’ve completed me.” He says picking you up and carrying you to your bedroom . “and I’m sure I can take a night off of work.”

“Good. The bags under your eyes are starting to look like they belong in a Coach store.”

Drunk Confession

Originally posted by jkguks

Anon: Hi! I’m not sure if you do this but can I just request a scenario where Y/N does a drunk confession to Kookie but she doesn’t know the person she’s confessing to is actually Jungkook, thinking she’s talking to Jimin instead. I hope this makes sense. I love your blog by the way 💖💖

A/N: Here you are, hope you like this.

Genre:  ♡ Fluff

Word Cunt: 781

“Stop! Lemme down, I’m fine!” You struggled like a little kid trying her best to get away from the grasp of someone much stronger.

“What part of not being able to walk on your own is fine?” Jungkook asked as he effortlessly picked you up to hang you on his shoulder as he walked up the stairs of the shared dorm. 

“Be careful with Y/N,” Jin warned from the living room.

“Don’t worry,” Jungkook assured as he continued to his room. 

It had been a normal day with the guys inviting you to a sleepover after being away for tour. You thought you would be fine after a few cups but boy you were wrong when you got up to stand but instead flopped back down hard on the floor. So Jungkook decided you’ve had enough, carrying you to his room for you to rest. 

“Since when did you get so strong?” You asked him, finally relaxing while being draped over Jungkook’s shoulder. 

“I was always strong you idiot,” he said while rolling his eyes.

“Noooo, Kookie had always been strong, not you,” you denied.

“But, I am Kookie??” Jungkook replied in confusion. 

A sigh escaped from your lips. “Chim, I get that you wuv Jungkookie and all but you can’t have him. Don’t even try and pretend to be him because you will never look like him. Kookie has a unique look that distinguishes him from the rest of the world.”

“You say that and yet you can’t even recognize me,” he sighed tiredly.

“Yes I can. You’re Chimin. Just ‘cause I’m drunk doesn’t mean I can’t tell who’s who,” you huffed.

“Yes, clearly,” Jungkook replied in sarcasm. “Whatever you say, princess.” As he said that, Jungkook slowly laid you down on his bed.

“But you know, I have a crush on him,” You whispered cheekily, grinning from ear to ear as the blankets pulled up to your chest. 

“On who? On Jimin or on me?” He wondered.

“That’s the same person,” you pointed out, still unaware of the fact that it was Jungkook you were talking to. “I wuv you Chimin, but not in that way.”

“Ahh, so you love me,” Jungkook acknowledged with realization as he chuckled from the warm feeling of knowing you returned his love. Then a sudden thought came into mind, Jungkook quickly grabbed his phone from his back pocket and started recording you. 

You’re going to die of embarrassment once you see this, he snickered from amusement.

“Nooo! I don’t wuv you Chimin!” You reiterated in frustration. “I wuv Jungkookie. Do I really have to say it out loud? I already told you this before,” You complained, oblivious to the fact that you were on camera. 

“You did?”

“Yes you idiot. Is that brain of yours working?” You retort before the mood swing kicked in and you’re back to your happy self, thinking about your crush. “And he’s the cutest thing ever,” a gummy smile appeared on your face. “He’s such a dork but I wuv that dorky side to him.”

Jungkook couldn’t help but smile as you rant on about him. “Really? What else do you love about him?”

“Kookie’s bunny smile!” You squealed in excitement before quickly placing your hands over your mouth from fear. “He’s downstairs. Do you think he heard? I’m too loud aren’t I? What if Kookie doesn’t like a loud girl? Oh but I’ve always been a little loud since we got close–Oh no,” you gasped. “Do you think he hates me for being too loud? What do I do now?” Fear quickly suppressed.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. He won’t hate you,” Jungkook quickly assured before you could break out crying from the thought of him not liking you back. “In fact, he probably likes you too.”

“Stop lying,” you pouted before realizing Jungkook had been filming you all along. “Yah! Why are you recording me? You better not send that to Kookie or else you’re going to be a dead mochi,” you warned.

“I won’t,” he laughed before putting away his phone. “Go to sleep Y/N. Dream about Kookie.”

“Maybe I should,” you decided as a yawn escaped from your lips. 

“Goodnight princess,” Jungkook whispered, leaning down to place a quick kiss on your forehead.

You glared at him after the sudden sensation. “Yah, those forehead kisses were reserved for Kookie, not you.”

“Ah, right,” he nodded, remembering you still thought he was his friend and not him himself. “Then let’s keep it a secret or else Kookie will get mad.”

“You’re right, let’s do that.”

“I’ll stay here until you fall asleep,” Jungkook offered as he settled himself on the bedside to stroke your head while you got ready to fall asleep. “Tomorrow, something great will happen,” he smiled, deciding it was finally the right time to confess.

Raining outside

| Hey again! This is cute to me, but tbh idk. Hope you like it, message me for requests thanks :/ Sorry for posting later than usual, but this is my “Tuesday Post” that’s on a Wednesday. Also this has many spelling mistakes so message me them. Or just message me anything, I am lonely. |

|Lin×Reader |

|Word count: 1603|

|Warning: Nothing babe, just fluff and cusing|

“God it’s pouring outside!” A voice breathed as he finished running inside. He was a pretty short man with long hair put up in a ponytail. His hair and shoulders were soaked with rain and his shoes were flooded by mud. He kicks off his shoes and picks them up. You were sitting in a chair that the lobby had. You stared at him because he was the only other person in the room. He gives you a greating smile as he stills down on the couch, setting his shoes next to him on the floor.

You looked back down at the magazine you were reading as thunder filled the small lounge. You jump up at little. He laughs at you under his breathe the best he could. You look up at him, a little annoyed.

“I’m sorry.” He claimed with an controlled smile. His ponytail had been taken out and the soaked hair stuck to his neck. “Do you know when the storm is going to pass?” He asked. You looked up at him,then at your magazine, then back at him. You sighed realizing he wasn’t going to leave you alone. You set down your magazine and picked up your phone to check the news.

“My phone has no service right now, so I wouldn’t know.” You explained. You looked at him trying to take in his features. He had hair growing around his mouth going down to his chin. His eyes had huge dark circles under them.

You throws out his hand for you to shake it. You take it in your hand and give a light shake. “I’m Lin-Manuel. Everyone calls me Lin though.” He informed ,his eyes running over your face too.

“I’m (F/N). Pleasure to meet you.” You voiced back. “What were you doing out in the storm?” You asked in a friendly fashion. He laughes shaking jis head as if his thoughts were funny.

“Writing a play.” He chuckled sitting back.

“A play?” You questioned. You tried not to giggle along with him.

“Yeah a play!” He beamed back.

“About what?”

“Alexander Hamilton.” Now you were laughing. Hamilton? The first Treasury? Wow. “No I’m serious! His life is so interesting!” He snapped trying to convince you.

“Okay okay okay. So you think Alexander Hamilton, the first treasury would be a good play? I mean out of all of the founding fathers, you chose Hamilton?” You ranted jokely.

“Wait you know about Hamilton and other’s?” He asked you with excitement.

You point behind you in the direction of were you work. “I work at the American History Museum. Head tour guide.” You infored him. He brightens with the information.

“Maybe you should tour me around there sometime.” He flirted, you blushed. Then you phone went off. You checked it to see you news network sending warnings to stay inside.

“So what does writing a play about Hamilton have to do with being out in the rain?” You questioned a littled confused.

“Well I was visiting Alexander’s grave. Writing the last song.” He informs.


“Man it’s getting pretty bad outside.” He noted as thunder rolled outisde.

“The storm is going to be here for a while. So if you want, we can go up to my apartment and you can dry off. Wait for the storm to pass.” You hinted, really just wanting to talk to him more.

“I will have to take you up on the offer!” Lin said standing up, he bent down and grabbed his shoes. “Lead the way.” He teased. You stood up and he followed you. You got to the elevator and waited for the door to open. Soon the door opened and you two stepped inside. Him being pretty close to you. When the elevator stopped at your floor you lead him out.

You open the door and let Lin inside. ‘Good thing I cleaned yesterday.’ You think to yourself. “So I’ll get you a towel.’ You insured. You walk back with a towel in hand to see Lin taking off his shirt. You begin gawping when Lin noticed you starring. He smirks.

“You like the view?” He grinned. You throw the towel at him. He struggles to catch it. You walk into the kitchen and open the fridge.

“Do you want something to drink?” You ask him. He stands up and rubs the towel in his hair trying to dry it. He really did have a good body you noted.

“I’ll take anything.” He admits standing behind you looking into the fridge too.

“Mind standing back a bit?” You bossed he throws up his hands.

“Yes ma'am.” He mocks.

“So I don’t have much, but will a beer work?” You ask.

“Perfect.” He agreed. You handed it to him, then walked to the couch. You sit down and turn on Netflix. He sits down next to you, sipping his beer.

“What do you want to watch?” You ask him. He looks up from his beer and stares at the shows you flip thru. He doesn’t answer until you land on a classic.

“Oh oh! First 50 dates! I love Adam!” Lin blurted. You laugh as you turned it on.

“Wow, okay. You sure do like Adam Sandler.” You laughed. You set down the remote and settled back into the sofa. He puts his arm over the back of the couch, barely touching your shoulder. You could hear the storm outside. As the movie continued you both started to move in closer. Soon his arm was around you, and your head in his chest. Your eyes begin to drift shut. Then Lin moves, standing up.

You sit up, confused at what he was doing. You begin to question what he was doing, “What are you?”

“I think I should get going. You know. The storm has passed.” He interrupts. Your heart begins to sink. You have had such a great time with him, snuggling and giggling at the movie.

“Um yeah, I guess you should.” You stand you and walk towards door. You hand lingers around the door handle before you grab it. He pulls his shirt on and stops at the door staring at you. Suddenly he pulls you in for a kiss. You stay there for a while then pull away.

“I wanted you to know that this has been amazing, and that I,” he begins to stutter. “Would love to see you again.” He finishes.

You smile, looking down at his pocket to see his phone. You grab it and begin to enter in your phone number. Then you hand it back to him. He laughs as he reads your name you put in.

’(F/N) ;)’

“Call me.” You giggle as he walks out the door. You close the door and slide down it. Holding on hand close to your heart.


“I’m telling you (F/N) you two should date!” Your bestfriend told you. You shook your head, trying to think about it.

“I don’t know. I mean I like him but-”

“But nothing!” They interrupt. You sigh and lean back in your desk chair. You worked as a journalist, thats where you meet your bestfriend. “(F/N), look. Your my bestfriend, I can tell you if your hair looks like shit or if your making the wrong choice. And you are! Date the damn guy! You obviously like him.” They barked.

They were right. You and Lin have been texting for weeks now, he came over more than twice a week, and you both liked each other.

“Fine. I will invite him over and see what I can do.” You agreed. “Just can I get back to work. I have two storys unfinished and our boss won’t appreciate us talking.” You turned back to your desktop and begin writing.

“Buzz kill.” They mumble under their breathe.


You open the door to see Lin standing there with roses. You could tell he was nervous, his feet shuffling. He smiles with full heart. You give him a peck on the cheek and he walks in.

“Are these for me?” You blush.

“Of course!” He gushes. He sets them down on the table and walks over to you. He pulls you in closer by your wasit and kisses your forehead. “So baby, I wanted to talk to you. About us.” He blankly says looking in your eyes.

“Yeah, sure thing.” You assure him. You two move to the couch, him not letting go of your hand. You sit with your legs on the couch facing him. His hand moves on your thigh, looking into your eyes. For a moment it is quiet. “Well what is it?” You ask him.

He was more nervous now. “I just want you to know that I want to still be your friend after this and that I support any decision you make.”

“Lin just tell me!” You interrupt. He takes a deep breath before continuing.

“(F/N), will you be my girlfriend?”

“I- I-I.” You begin to stutter. Your brain racks around the idea. Lin has been amazing to you ever since you meet. Going out for dates and watching Netflix together. In a sense, it was like you were already dating. His face is straight, nothing moving. And something about this was funny, you already knew this was going to happen. In fact, you knew what your answer was going to be. But for some reason saying yes seemed like a under statement.

“Look I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you for uncomfortable.” He says.

“I would love to be your girlfriend.”



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baker151910  asked:

"Ginny, will you join me for a dance?" Trevor asked her at a club. (Mike is standing next to her and acts all protective and it Ginny is turned out by Mike's jealously.)

Ginny eyes grow wide at his question, a sincere look staring back at her.  She had no intention of dancing with this man, the past needing to stay in the past.  They can share pleasantries, but anything past “good game” was unnecessary.

As he stood in front of her, eyes eager, prepared to lay on the charm if she said no, the same way he’d gotten her the first time.  But she knew better this time.  She was no longer the naive minor league player living in Texas and in desperate need of human contact.  

Trevor had been fun, but their relationship had been built on a lie, and that wasn’t something she was interested in…boyfriends that blatantly disregarded her wishes.

She moves to open her mouth, smartly declining his offer when Mike, who had been standing beside her, moves himself almost directly in front of her, shielding Ginny from Trevor’s gaze, that seemed to be obviously traveling over her at this point.

“This your new guard dog?” Trevor jokes, the gruff look that Mike was sending at him not so much terrifying the younger man but amusing him.

“Mike,” she warns, grabbing onto his arm, her short nails still finding purchase in his skin and squeezing.

He doesn’t even hiss at the gesture, instead steeling himself even further in front of her.

“I think we’re good here,” he grunts out, but Ginny is seething at this point, practically pushing him away from in front of her.  Eventually dropping her hand from his arm, before slinking between the men vying for her attention.

“Maybe you should let her speak,” Trevor offers, his confidence rubbing Ginny the wrong way.

The men both step in, almost squishing her in between them, their faces dangerously close to her and each other.

She can feel the angry heat coming off of Mike, and she turns her back to Trevor, instead focusing her eyes on Mike, her hand coming out to grab his chin, focusing his glare at her.

His eyes flicker with recognition at the seriousness of the situation, the annoyed way her brows furrow when she’s particularly frustrated with him.

“Back off,” she angrily whispers at him, and even though the music is loud, she knows he can make out what she’s saying, having become an expert at reading her ticks, every movement a telling piece of the puzzle.

He gives one more glance at Trevor, before turning and stalking off to find a chair at the bar.

Her head lowers, a deep sigh, thankful that at the very least that had been handled.

When she turns back around to Trevor, he’s wearing a satisfied grin as if he’d won.

“Wipe that grin off your face, I’m not dancing with you,” she bites at him.

His grows to confusion, and she just shakes her head.

“You wanted me to speak, right?  Well the answer is no,” she fires at him, throwing her hair out of her face as she leaves him in search of a sulking Mike.

She sidles up to him at the bar, having already started nursing a beer, which she quickly makes her own.

“I see caveman Mike has graced us tonight,” she says with a swig of his, now her, drink.

He doesn’t acknowledge her comment, instead glancing over her shoulder, as if searching for something.

“Where is he?” He asks.

“Trevor?  I sent him packing,” she says with a grin into the bottle.

“Ahh, so I was right,” he says with a satisfied grin of his own.

“No,” she says, her brows furrowing, and a hand coming out to smack his chest.  “I can handle myself, old man.  I don’t need the head of the geriatric department as a bodyguard, thanks.”

“Got it,” he says, his eyes never leaving her’s.

“Do you?” She asks with a gesture of her hand, flinging up in a way that has he him fighting back a smile.

He just nods at her, before signaling the bartender for another beer.

“Plus, I don’t want to dance, my back hurts, long day,” she explains with a dimpled smile, her excuse falling flat to Mike, knowing full well that was not the case.

He grabs his beer, bringing it up to knock the neck of her own drink.

“Welcome to the geriatric department, Rookie.”

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my ask box and I will write the next five sentences.

Stay in Touch

Summary: When the Reader goes on a solo hunt, her and Dean text on a regular basis
: DeanxReader
: 1430
: Fluffy Fluff to begin with… then… well, then there’s angt
AN: This is something kinda different from my other fics, and I LOVED writing it!!! It was seriously a LOAD of fun to write!!! I may do something similar in the future, because really… year. Loved it!  XD
I’ve also never written in front of a Live Audience before… @poemwriter98 and @idreamofhazel, I hope you guys enjoyed yourself! And Thanks so much for all your help and feedback!!!  :D
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!

Messages from the Reader start with ‘-’
Messages from Dean’s Phone start with ‘~’
This fic is kinda from Dean’s Phone’s POV?? It should make sense when you read it…


Oct 14th
Missed call: this person/number called at 20.47 on Oct 14th, but left no message.

- Hey Dean!
Just letting you know I got into town ok, considering you just ignored my call… rude!
I’m tired, and am gunna get some sleep before tackling the case… the drive was too long! Especially since I didn’t have your dumb ass keeping me company  :p

~ hey sweetheart. bit early for bed, ain’t it? and excuse you, I’m a delight to be around. i bet it was my amazing singing you missed, right?

- Don’t be a jackass, I just drove halfway across the country with nothing but toilet breaks and food stops. I’m tired! And if I’m being honest, it’s not your vocal skills I’m missing right now…

~ uh huh… i miss you too. but it’s only a small hunt, you’ll be home before you know it. and we ain’t leaving the bedroom for at least a day.

- Is that a promise, Winchester?

~ definitely a promise

- Good… I’ll hold you to that  ;)
Love you  xxx

~ night, baby. love you too

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In Regards to YOI! Controversial DJ

Full disclaimer: I am an Yaoi creator with a Patreon page and everything. I do my silly drawings with my silly ships to my lovely small audience and fans. I will and always will protect the artist freedom to create whatever they are comfortable with.

I don’t like to get involved in drama at all. Neither I believe this post will reach anyone, but I feel that - as a content creator - I have to say my opinion in behalf of the original creator of this doujin. To you, creator: I’m with you in this.

For those who don’t know: There’s a controversial Yuri on Ice! Doujin (Yaoi themed) on the internet, where Viktor is forced to do things and it’s mutilated to death. People are taking this doujin out of proportion, by trying to find the creator to harass it and sending twits to Kubo (Original Creator of YOI franchise) in order to maybe raise awareness and sue the creator.

By all means, forgive my rage. I don’t have anything personal against neither of you. But I want to stay clear some things:

People should STOP being to attached to a fictional character. Yuri on Ice! doesn’t exist, neither its characters or events. It’s a fictional creation.

The doujin itself has warnings, explicit warnings. People should be matured enough to understand what they want or don’t want to see. I don’t like to see yuri, so why the hell I’m going to search for yuri doujins? It’s the same thing. You don’t like gore or rape stuff, simply walk away and ignore it.

The creator DID NOTHING WRONG and I don’t care about what people will think about me. They made a doujin like everyone else, for reasons that only they are aware of.

“Oh but my poor Viktor”

Viktor doesn’t exist. Accept this. There isn’t a parallel world when he exists and it’s suffering the doujin story. It’s a god damn doujin. It isn’t even canon. It’s fan-made.

STOP asking for the original creator to do something about it. This is why this fanbase is being seen as over-obsessive. People put their personal beliefs and values over a fictional character to a point when some creator does something they don’t approve, they want this person dead.

Let me say something cute:

Reality is this and worse. Real people suffered and are suffering similar situations. Why the hell don’t you participate in organizations, groups and make your voice being heard? Do you know how horrible is the life in Africa? Do your little research. Your 2d character is fictional and doesn’t exist. These people in my example however? They are real.

“But this content is horrible, cruel and I cried.”

Why the hell did you read it, then? What you expect to happen? It has RAPE and GORE trigger warnings, and yet you went forward to read it. Sorry. There isn’t a happy end. I can’t say this enough:

Don’t put your personal emotions so hard into a fictional character.

And stop harassing the creator.

One Girl and Two Boys - part 5

Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers

Summary: Reader is dating Steve until he gets hit during a mission. Slowly, Reader and Bucky will get to know each other better and transform their friendship into something else.

Word Count: 1,398

Warnings: None

A/N: We all know where this is going ;) I hope you’ll have fun reading this one.

(cross-posted to Ao3)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

Originally posted by lobo-de-luna

Warrior Falls, Wakanda | 6 Months after Steve’s Death

It took you and Bucky nearly five months, but you found the group of thugs who were stealing Vibranium. They hid their robbery in a cave outside Serpent Valley and tried to peddle it to foreign companies.

You were going to Birnin Zana, the capital, and finally made your way out of Serpent Valley. A sunbeam caressed your face for the first time in weeks. You turned to Bucky who was smiling at you.

You followed the track leading to the fall, the sound of running water getting closer and closer. Soon, you were standing in awe in front of the crystal lake.

“Oh God,” You gasped. “I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.”

“You can blink, you know, ‘t’s not going to disappear.” Bucky said, laughing heartily.

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Characters: Y/N (Reader), Jensen Ackles, Steph (OFC aka @torn-and-frayed is an ass and I blame her for this), Nichelle (OFC - sorry but I needed another character to rub Steph off on @nichelle-my-belle - you won her!)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Haunted house, dumbass kids behavior, childhood bullying (sorta but not really),  jump scare,   

Wordcount: 2610 (exact for Steph since this is kinda for her)

A/N: This is basically why you should never talk to @torn-and-frayed - we were talking Halloween and she told me a story which became a fic in my head.

Thanks to the amazing and patient @bkwrm523 for unsticking me when I got stuck on this.

Thanks to my sweet friend @blacktithe7 for being awesome enough to wanna beta this for me.


***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Going to the fair at Halloween was a tradition. You hadn’t been in your hometown for the past couple of years, but this year you had gotten time off work. You were staying with your best friend Steph and her roommate Nichelle, who you had quickly taking a liking to as well.

The three of you had all decided to go to the fair together, mostly for the Haunted House, which never proved to be as scary as they intended it to be. It was always fun to see the teenagers scream and jump.

You were all standing in line for the Haunted House, giggling and chatting about the rude waiter at Steak ‘N Shakes where you’d had dinner.

“Well being an ass is apparently a job requirement in that place,” you snorted, and Steph’s eyes opened wide.

“Oh my God, Y/N. Are you still not over him?” She teased with a smirk on her face, making you punch her shoulder.

“There is nothing to get over. He was an ass to me all the way through high school. Why the hell did you always assume I liked him?” you hissed at her, making her laugh.

“Wait. What am I missing here? Who?” Nichelle looked from you to Steph, and you both answered in unison.

“Jensen Ackles.”

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Clintasha Fic Recs

  Okay, so i’ve decided to create a Clintasha fanfiction recommendation list yeah :) The fics are arranged in no particular order because i’m too lazy 


1) Dear Natasha
~THIS. This fic will rip your heart out and make you bawl. It’s a must read for all newcomers to the clintasha ship!! It’s written from Clint’s POV when Natasha is in a coma.

2) Compromised (Series)
    -Girl, Compromised
    -Hawkeye, Compromised 
    -Stubborn Love 
    -Lost Moments ~Incomplete at time of post~

3) I Dare You
~What’s wonderful about this is that it’s LONG, like 152 Chapters long :>

4) Somewhere They Can’t Find Me (Series)
    -The Sound Of Silence
    -April Come She Will
    -Keep The Customer Satisfied
    -A Hazy Shade Of Winter
    -Leaves That Are Green

5) Just A Debt
~This is one of my favs aaah @__@ It has so much angst :0 It’s basically about Clint with severe PTSD… Go check it out! ^^

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Streaming Music is Killing US ...

Let me start out by saying, I actually had an Apple Music account when it first began.  So yes, this blog post will be extremely hypocritical.  I need to express that right up front.  I needed to be honest.  I needed to let you know that I know that you know what I know.  I’m a hypocrite. 

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, shall I begin my rant? Good. 

Since 2007 I have released seven albums of my work.  I have never used Kickstarter or a GoFund account to raise money to invest in these albums.  I worked three jobs to afford my debut album, Dreaming Wide Awake. The success of that album allowed me the opportunity to remove two jobs from my life and use profits from that debut, along with bartending, to release my second album, Keys. 

Since then I’ve been given the opportunity to tour, making further profit to invest back into future albums.  

When Apple Music was announced I thought it was a wonderful idea.  I was sold by the aspect that my music would be introduced to an audience who liked similar work. I signed up for the three month trial myself and was streaming every album I ever wanted to purchase but was unable to afford. 

Then I got my sales report back.

My sales profits declined by 80%.  YES, by $80%.  Not only did my sales profits decline but the amount I was being paid for streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify were a mere pocket change.  I got this sudden pain in my chest.  How was I suppose to pay my rent? How can I survive off of this? 

The answer: I can’t. 

Now, I know that Spotify and Pandora have been around much longer than Apple Music has but let’s be honest.  Most people want convenience and if they have an iPhone, Apple Music will be their go to streaming service. For me, it’s Apple Music that has caused me my greatest loss in sales.  

I am going to be honest and open about what I make per month because I need you to understand why this blog post is so crucial to be spoken.

I was once pulling in over 4K a month for my seven album releases.  These sales were an accumulation of iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby & even Spotify Streaming sales. Mostly digital, some physical sales.  My sales went to paying for rent, food, cable, electricity and further album releases.  I had some extra money left over to buy gifts or take myself out on a nice dinner date or two but most of that money went to living in an expensive city. 

Since the release of Apple Music my sales per month are below $500, with Apple Music paying me an approximate (and measly) $50 for streaming services per album. Yes, that is how large my drop has been.   The only reason my sales are even at $500 is because the physical sales for my latest album are providing me income.  

Spotify and Apple Music pays between $0.006 and $0.0084 per streaming.  

Per purchase of an album on iTunes, most artists earn an average of $6.00 - $7.00 and .60 - .70 cents per song sold on iTunes.

That is a HUGE DIFFERENCE in income. And I am one of the rare independent artists who own 100% of their income.  Most don’t.  I always pay out my musicians, vocalists, producers, engineers & designers a healthy lump sum prior to all releases of my work. 

If I’m scared about my future, I can only imagine what my fellow contemporaries must be feeling.  Spotify, Amazon Prime, Pandora, Apple Music, etc.  Everyone is streaming now.  Yes, these services are bringing in a profit for their monthly memberships, but how do artists make any money? (Tidal is another streaming service that pays out it’s artists 75% of all membership sales. I have yet to receive any percent on my album sales from their services which is why I am not using them as an example in this blog post).

And this isn’t just effecting the independent artists.  Even recording artists are suffering. Though many have the support of their label and an upfront payment when signing their contract, most have to tour non-stop just to see a dollar in their banking account.  Trust me, I’m friends with a few of them and they’re just as scared about streaming services as I am.

So, why not just go back on tour and make some cash and stop complaining?

Some backstory. In October of 2015 I made a decision to leave New York City and move to Florida. I wanted to stop touring because I wanted to settle down. I wanted to meet someone special and build a family.  Impossible when you’re always touring.  How can you even get to know someone if you are leaving the next day? Yes, I had dreams of being an artist but I also have dreams of being someone’s husband and a father. 

I was hopeful. I thought that the work I had put in since 2003 would be enough of a security blanket.

This hope has now been diminished by the acknowledgment that I can’t make a living as an artist without touring because of the effects that streaming music has had on my income.  

How can I survive? I don’t even have the knowledge and advancements as a 37 year old to work in an office. Nor can I afford to go back to school and start over. I’m a songwriter.  A dreamer.  This is not an excuse.  This is a statement. I am an artist who dreams and writes about those dreams. I don’t know how to do math. I never thought I had to.

After years of work and success, do I now need to go back into restaurant work to pay my rent? Again? Do I give up on settling down & meeting someone and return to touring life? Do I trade in one dream to secure the other?

Most important: Why am I not protected?  Why am I told by my distributor (CDBaby) that Apple won’t support an independent artists album if they’re not also listed on Apple Music? 

I have thought of pleading to my fans to buy my albums instead of streaming them and this rant may be a form of that pleading.  

So here I am, debating on sending out job applications or going back out on tour to support my music.   I’ve gotten lucrative offers in Sweden, Malaysia, Russia and London.  I turned them all down because I thought I had the finances to.  I don’t.  

I can’t help wondering what all my hard work was worth.  I paid my dues. Shouldn’t I now receive some? 

This is what Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks and Adele tried to warn us about.  

Maybe I should have listened to the conversation.  Maybe I should have joined it. 

I am now.  

What are your opinions? Am I a hypocrite? Let’s start this conversation.  It needs to be had and it needs to be heard no matter the cost. 

Ice Skating

Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction
Word count: 1061
Ship: Adrinette
Summary: Alya asked Nino and Adrien to come ice skating with her and Marinette. Marinette is freaking out. 
A/N: Why certainly my dear anon. Thank you so much for sending me this prompt. Also I should warn you, this is extremely fluffy. Maybe you didn’t want so much Adrinette and fluff, but it turned out to be a lot of Adrinette and fluff. You have been warned. 

She was going to strangle Alya. No, she couldn’t do that. She was going to make Alya trip. No, that was mean. She was going to glare at Alya when Alya wasn’t looking. Yes, that’s it.
Why had her best friend done this? Sure, Alya probably thought it was a great idea but Marinette was feeling like she was about to die. WHY HAD ALYA INVITED NINO TO COME ICE SKATING WITH THEM? NINO AND ADRIEN!

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Ooookay?  So I immediately got a chat saying “Have fun being blocked idiot” in response to my “Hey, I think that original post is talking about people who don’t pay attention to nsfw warnings” response on that previous post.

I….don’t think I was out of line?  Like, yeah, I think the original post was a bit much, sure, and it’s not like I really write or draw porn so it’s not been an issue for me, but I get why folks are frustrated when folks ignore their tags and complain that they wrote/drew porn?

Like, ok, block me if you want, I guess?  You get to control your internet experience, and I think that’s the entire point of the initial post–that you’re responsible for controlling your internet experience, and random people aren’t responsible for not making art you find objectionable? 

I don’t really get why you have to send me a message about blocking me tho.  Were we friends?  Did I know that person?  Shoot, I don’t know, I’m bad at remembering things.

shoot, maybe I’ve just been off tumblr proper too long….

anonymous asked:

I totally want more info on the Banshee's shenanigans. Just her being awkwardly flustered and trying to court Stan cause that's totally what humans do when they like something. So she brings strange gifts from the woods that Dipper and Ford appreciate far more than Stan cause they come from the weirder parts of the woods. Bouquets of death related flowers show up every so often because you know that Mabel's offering her help to woo Stan. Cause Mabel will ship anything including Stan/Banshee.

Originally posted by itsawesomepossum

8D you wanna hear more about the banshee who has become this cute little lady in my head? Also I’ve been curled up in a ball laughing so happily at just seeing Stan/Banshee. I’m so delighted, I never thought I’d ever see that, it’s so amusing to me.

In all honesty I’m not even sure if it counts as anything or more of a ‘*.* That human was nice to me, I like that human, I’m going to keep an eye on the human’ 

I just - Can’t you hear Stan saying something like 
“Now what’s a lovely lady like you doing out in the woods at this time of night?”

Oh god what if he offered to walk her home. Ok, getting too engrossed in that meeting point haha.  Sheepish banshee wasn’t meant to be seen and here’s this human who is concerned for her welfare when she has no need for it.

AND MABEL. Mabel would be so heartbroken hearing that this banshee has been looking after Stan for years but that they’ve never actually spoken more than a few words if that? but excited to matchmake all at the same time? Like she’d hear about this woman Stan sees in the forest every so often and be convinced that it was his soul mate and drags Dipper out with her. When they find the banshee it’s obvious she’s not human but Mabel gushes at her and hey, look at that, the banshee’s found another human she likes.

And she doesn’t understand why Mabel gets so excited but she manages to talk to them (her voice is probably very croaky considering it mostly gets used for wailing) and tells them how she looks after their Grunkle and Mabel gets it in her head not that, you know, they could talk and maybe get to know each other (lul that is also making me chuckle) but that Stan should go out with the banshee because that’s how Mabels brain works (Dippers getting ready to go tell Ford that there’s not only a Grim following Stan around but that he’s got a Banshee admirer…he’s not sure how Ford will take it)

So Mabel convinces her to send gifts because humans like gifts but yeah, she doesn’t know what counts as a good gift. She probably leaves trinkets on the porch - things from past lives/deaths she has been a warning for. I can imagine her collecting things from battlefields in eons past?
But Stan has no need for an old shield or spear - Ford finds it intriguing, he steals it away for his research.
Next time she hears him complaining of back pain and brings a remedy from deep in the forest for him. (Ford steals this away too when he realises what it’s made of ad that he has never had a chance to investigate that particular plants healing properties…he puts it back where he found it when a high angry scream echoes from nowhere) 

I just had a thought that technically banshees are singing mourning songs in some variations of the myth - what if she tries to serenade Stan some nights I’m crying.

So yeah, none of that works (though Stan does really appreciate the medicine and kind of awkwardly shouts ‘thank you’ at the forest) so Mabel gets involved to try and help again and says that flowers might be a good idea.
Oh god. Mabel thinks that’s all she’ll need to say. She doesn’t realise a banshee might think a flower wreath is a lovely bouquet of flowers.
Ford almost has a heart attack when he finds it on the porch.
She does do better the next time with lilies but obviously the connotations still there.

Stan’s just kind of chuckling in the background. I mean he’s got a grim for a pet, he’s not all that phased when Ford says there’s a banshee after him. Besides he’s met the banshee on a number of occasions wandering the forest/ has realised she’s supernatural because she never aged and he just thought it was nice to have some kind of guardian or companion while he traversed the forest.


Gonna flip the script here because that’s all very cute but all I keep thinking about is the grim reaper cause - 


There’s a name sitting on your list and it’s been there for so long now, it’s glaring up at you as a failure. And you go to the little house in the middle of a sleepy town and you’re standing just on the edge of the forest.

And there’s that grim sleeping on the porch but it’s ears are twisted round to where you are so you know stepping any closer is going to get at the very least a growl of warning.

Then you notice the murder of crows sitting on the roof, and it’s kind of foreboding that they’re not even ‘cawing’ they’re just staring at you.

Oh, and then after all that? You turn around and there’s a banshee next to you but - wait, what? Are they staring longingly at the house? Was that a wistful sigh?

I can just see this grim reaper throwing his arms up in defeat, letting the clip board drop from his hands and walking off. It’s just not worth it.

…you know what? I somehow thing Ford and the Grim Reaper would get on in this AU.

Drunken Nights

TITLE OF STORY: Drunken Nights
AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Twin AU - Jag!Tom & Exec!Tom
GENRE: Humour/General
FIC SUMMARY: After a hard day, William and Thomas have a night out to blow off some steam
WARNINGS: explicit language.
AUTHOR NOTE: Stand alone one shot in the twins universe that takes place after What’s Yours is Mine. Check out all of the twin fics here

His day was a nightmare. It seemed every head of department had lost the ability to solve their own problems without his guidance. His father had made an appearance, only to be dragged out by security. Again. Some idiot hadn’t fact checked their proposal before sending it to a client and he had been on the phone all day trying to fix their stupidity. By the time the clock struck 5, he was ready for a stiff drink.

With every intention of leaving early, William groaned when his phone rang. He thought about letting it ring, but the sound itself was deafening and he snatched it up.

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Notes and Thoughts/Theories 7x01

Does Ali feel guilt about Wilden? Why did Elliot and Mary chose Wilden as the person who would “haunt” Ali. Do they know she’s involved. Did Charlotte get blamed for killing Wilden when it was actually Ali? If so this would put another issue between Ali & Charlotte. We already know Charlotte wasn’t happy that Ali was seeing Elliot. Maybe Charlotte threatened Ali that she’d tell the truth about Wilden if Ali didn’t stop seeing Elliot? (random thought/theory)

All three girls digging, no Mona, no Ali, no Hanna.
All 3 crying.
How could we let this happen? OMG poor Hanna.
Remember that’s what she wanted.
I don’t know if I can live with this. I mean how can we bury.. There has to be another way.
There is no other way Emily.
“It was a well thought out plan, and when it ends up like this it’s  called first degree murder.”
Spencer’s right, c'mon.
——4 days earlier—————-

Mary Drake now owns the Lost Woods Resort
Jessica and Mary are twin sisters
“Fake” Hanna was taken to none other than the bell tower – Ian, Mona, Ali, Melissa?
A.D. knows Hanna is not the real killer.
23 hours left – countdown reminiscent of Mona and the Masquerade Ball
Spencer texts someone, “how do you know Hanna’s still alive?” (Aria, Caleb, Emily, Ezra, Mona, & Toby all with Spencer) – Who did she text? Alison? Melissa? Jordan- Has anyone contacted Jordan?
Emily: Mary has to be A.D. What bigger motive is there? AKA Mary is not A.D.
Mary has to be working with someone– Elliot?
Hanna’s trapped in an old barn? Barn? Andrew Campbell? Andrew is adopted, Andrew Drake? A.D.?

The Jury is in:
Blank — Emily

Aria & Ezra recount seeing Alison’s car that night. Someone wore red (not Charlotte), and drove Ali’s car home.
Toby brings up they can’t forget that the Ali who blinded Jenna existed
Mona: Maybe she (Ali) snapped
Spencer: Maybe it was self defense, Maybe it was Charlotte who snapped again. She was upset of Ali & Elliot

Toby has gotten good at picking locks, says it’s due to a tactical lock picking course at the academy..mmmhmm

Emily spills about Mary to Elliot!! DUMB

Alison has suffered a complete psychotic break.. Elliot claims a lethal dose of guilt. (guilt for what, Charlotte, Jenna, the liars? Her mother?)

Mary’s stuff is filled with French and German text books.. Hhmm French and German used in dollhouse.
Mary has a book on cyber war. And mask making. Mary has been to Europe and Latin America too. Recently flew from Heathrow to Philly.  (Melissa and Wren do a lot of traveling from London to Philly)

Aria and Ezra search Ali’s house when Elliot returns home. They see where Elliot hides the key to the ottoman.  He takes out a backpack and shoves in a black hoodie. He grabs a bag of old medical tools. Creep!

Caleb and Mona see Mary loading a bunch of bleach and other items. Everything you need to cover up a murder (nice catch Mona)

A.D. soaks Hanna in water. Then tazes? Her

Mary leads Caleb and Mona to the Hastings House. Spencer doesn’t get Caleb’s warning and invites Mary in.
Mary asks are you Spencer or Melissa?
Spencer says I know you must be Jessica’s sister but have we met?
Mary says a long time ago, but Spencer wouldn’t remember. (Did she know Spencer as a child? Could this lead back to Jessica/Mary the Campbell Farm & the Hastings?)
Mary asks to speak to Spencer’s parents (who are away on a celebration cruise)
Mary says she’ll check back another time and turns to leave
Spencer asks if Mary and her parents knew each other.
Mary claims they used to have a lot in common… hmm like a big messy love square? We know that Peter + Jessica = Jason, Jessica + Ken = Alison, Mary + ??? = Charlotte/Charles, Peter + Veronica = Melissa? Peter + Veronica = Spencer? Could Peter be Charlottes father? Could Mary be more connected to Melissa or Spencer?
Spencer invites Mary in for Tea, she accepts
Spencer asks Mary if she wants herbal or leaded? Mary says she’s never been one to turn down caffeine.. Hmm remind you of anyone Spencer?

Emily returns to the hospital to see Ali. Emily talks to Ali .. no response…
When she asks directly did you kill her? Ali starts mumbling oh god help me, please god forgive me.

Mary tells Spencer how much she and Melissa look alike, like twins. Spencer says people told them that a lot when they were younger. She asks Spencer if they are close. Spencer says occasionally. Spencer asks when Mary seen her parents last. She only asks because they (her parents) never talked about Mary. Mary says she knows enough about Spencer’s family to know they are excellent secret keepers. Spencer says, well why would they keep you a secret. To which Mary simply replies you certainly are inquisitive. Spencer tells her she was just making conversation. Mary apologizes for being ‘overly sensitive’ But the truth is she and Jessica didn’t get along. Mary moved away because Jessica turned everyone against her.. Her friends. Her family. Jessica poisoned them all against her. Spencer asks why. Mary says “I was born first. She was born jealous” Spencer asks why Mary came back. Why now. Mary says because she found out she (Jessica) was dead. Mary thanks Spencer for the tea. Spencer asks Mary if she’s at the lost woods all by herself. Mary says yes. Spencer asks if she has any children. Mary just replies. Like I said it’s just me. Then asks Spencer how she knew that’s where she was staying. Spencer explains her ex is a cop. Mary tells Spencer she’s a very lucky young women. And says she can’t seem to be friends with any of her ex lovers (another clue to Peter maybe even Ken?) Mary warns Spencer she should lock her door. Because these days you aren’t safe anymore.

Caleb + Mona banter is awesome.

Mona intercepts a call Mary gets… she can tell the person on the other end is a man with a Aussie or British accent… hmm Elliot? Wren? Jordan? The call is coming from a bar called Snookers. Spencer send Aria to check it out.

Hanna starts to “dream”? Spencer… Spencer with no bangs.. Hmm is it a dream? Does Spencer have a twin too. Why the hair change? I guess Aria changed hair colors.. Why can’t Spencer lose the bangs.. Hanna finds comfort with Spencer. Spencer tells Hanna a dream is an experience and experiences are real. Hanna says this A is a lot smarter than the others… (super smart people we know of, Mona, Lucas, Spencer, Melissa, Wren, Jason) spencer asks, you told them the truth right? Hanna replies maybe it’s a good thing we don’t know who killed Charlotte. Cus she’d tell if she did. Spencer tells Hanna, if there is a way in, there is a way out. Spencer tells Hanna she’ll need her strength for tomorrow and she should get some sleep.

Aria arrives at Snookers. No luck on the guy but she gets a sign about Ezra… B-26.. She returns to Ezra’s place.

Emily heads back to Ali’s to search. She finds a red sweater/jacket in a donation box for goodwill. Did Ali have something to do with the murder or was it Elliot in Ali’s clothes a wig and a mask?

Hanna wakes up and starts looking for a way out.

Spencer recaps Mary’s Radley files to Toby, Caleb, Aria, & Ezra.
Mary Drake was in and out of Radley for a significant part of her life.
Initially institutionalized for an incident involving the death of a child who was under Mary’s care while she was babysitting.
No charges ever filed but she was forced to stay in Radley until she was 18.
And then she was re admitted several times until she got out for good 23 years ago.

Emily tells the others that she thinks Ali confessed. And she shows them the red sweater/jacket. Caleb takes the jacket and Spencer’s phone. Mona lost Mary, but Caleb has what he needs.

A.D. searches the barn for Hanna using night vision goggles. Hanna is gone. And running through the woods looking for help. A car see’s her. It’s Mary Drake.

Someone picks up the red jacket from the Lost woods resort.

Some is visiting Ali at Wellby. It’s Rollins. Drugging her up more. He tells Alison, I know you killed Charlotte.

So for starters lets map out Mary’s time in Radley. As it corresponds to what we currently know.

Mary was sent to Radley as a Young teen/teen. She was clearly old enough to be a babysitter but under 18 if she was forced to stay until she turned 18.

She was released at 18 but was readmitted several times.

She got out for good 23 years ago! This is important. Charlotte is well over 23 by now. Charlotte is approx 7 years older than the liars. As she is 15 months older than Jason and Jason is about 6 years older than Ali & the others. Currently Ali, Spencer, Emily, Aria, Mona, & Hanna are 23 years old. (if they graduated and moved away at 18-ish.. Then returned 5 years later… that would be about 23 yrs old) So Mary may or may not have been in Radley when she had Charles. I’m gonna guess she was which is how Jessica and Ken ended up with Charles to begin with. But the question is why didn’t Mary try to get Charles back 23 years ago? Well what if she did but couldn’t have Charles because he was recently admitted to Radley for what happened to baby Alison. OR What if she had just had a baby herself and getting Charles back was next on her list… but she didn’t get it done before the Alison incident. If Mary did have a baby 23 years ago then she may have another child other than Charles and this child would be around the same age as the liars. They may even know the child.

Mini Theory based on this: We couldn’t miss the Spencer twin clues we were given tonight… What if Mary is actually the mother to Spencer and her twin and she kept one child and Peter kept the other? They say twins are more likely to have twins.
Another Mini Theory: What if Andrew Campbell is Mary’s son. But she put him up for adoption when she was ran out of town by Jessica? Then he was adopted by the Campbells?

And a different note… What if Mary was telling the truth about Jessica being jealous? Maybe Mary Drake doesn’t have another child younger than Charlotte. What if Mary got pregnant by Peter resulting in Charles… and Jessica being jealous of Mary also went after Peter resulting in Jason?

The PLL book lover in me, almost wants Spencer to be one of Mary’s secret children, and was adopted by Veronica. But Peter is still her biological father.

I want to say it’s plausible that Ali killed Charlotte… buut. We usually don’t get big answers in season premiere’s so I’m not going to jump on board the “Ali semi-confessed” train. Which also makes me believe that Mary is not A.D. the liars think she is so chances are she’s not.

Again, I’m asking myself, How many A’s are there?
-Mona was on Mary’s trail for a while then lost her. Next thing we know Mary is picking up Hanna.
-Elliot was at the hospital with Ali - He claims to know that Ali killed Charlotte, so was he the one who picked up the proof? If so the proof was literally in the house with them why didn’t he just get himself sooner?
-Who was looking for Hanna in the barn?
-Who actually picked up the jacket/sweater?
All these things seemed to be happening simultaneously. So it’s hard to know.

I don’t trust Toby. His lock picking skills and lack of mentioning Yvonne to jump back in this game of cat and mouse is shady. I don’t put it past him that he killed Charlotte. It’s weird he stayed back in Rosewood when the town literally has turned against him before. You’d think he’d be running far away from that place.

I don’t trust Lucas either. Where is he?

Where is Sara? Did she just fall off the suspect list. Emily saw that bitch driving. Clearly she can use her hands. Maybe she is the one who kidnapped Hanna.

Where is Jordan? He has an accent. Maybe he’d like to know his fiance was KIDNAPPED? I’m sure Ashley would care to know too but what do I know lol.

Previews for next week:
Liam is piiissed off at Ezra haha
I think Mary is gonna take Hanna back to her friends to throw shade off of herself.
Mary and Elliot may have friction.
Elliot clearly is manipulating Ali’s thoughts.
Why did you leave me in the ground?