maybe i should make more gifs of him

Imagine Hikaru giving you the silent treatment because he doesn’t like that you’re spending more time with a friend than with him.

“Really Hikaru? You’re gonna give me the silent treatment?” You said.
He didn’t answer, he simply drank his already finished drink. You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend, God he can be really stubborn.
“Look I’m sorry I’ve been spending more time with Jean but I haven’t seen him in like a year,” You explained…Silence, of course. Sighing you wrapped your arms around his neck from behind and leaned against him. “I’ll make it up to you okay? We can do whatever you want tomorrow, sound fair?”
He thought about it for a moment before giving in. “Anything I want right?”
“Anything,” You replied without hesitating, though maybe you should’ve said almost anything.
He agreed to your deal and you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before untangling yourself from him. You returned to seat and laced right hand with his left hand.


☆ Jellal Fernandes ☆

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