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After spending most of the day crying (I was in an emotional mood today, so I binge-watched one of my no. 1 saddest movie and made a whole tissue box empty… ;_;) I thought, maybe, I should draw something… that makes me happy… but I don´t know T_T It makes me even sadder… and I have no clue why!!! Takizawa even SMILES!!! I mean… in a cute way! And than it got out of control … And I made a crying Takizawa as well. So that now I can say that there is some sad part, too. I listened the whole time this song while drawing :

I love that movie. So much. </3 even if it´s breaking my heart every time I watch it.~

“Hey! Let’s go get some drinks! It’ll be so much fun”, “ You deserve it, (y/n)!” You mimicked your friends as you were currently sitting at the bar, drinking a glass of water.

Your friends had dragged you here after a long and rough day, well since your boyfriend had just dumped you and well…you didn’t expect to see him here practically dry humping every single girl on the dance floor.

You didn’t really mind cause he was a total loser who plays video games all day in his mom’s basement. You sat back, looking at your surroundings. Your friends have left you to dance with some random guys but you didn’t mind, after all you liked to be alone.

After about 10 minutes of sitting there, trying to search for your friends, you decided to leave them a text message, saying you were leaving. As you were getting up, a certain guy had caught your eyes. Green hair, blue eyes, pale skin. Wtf is wrong with this guy? You start to chuckle at how weird but fascinating he looks. You look down at what you were wearing and sighed. A pair of ripped jeans and a sweatshirt. Hmm….could be worse.

After looking at the man, you wanted a change. Maybe dye your hair? What color? Should I make a hair appointment? As you kept starring at him, he suddenly stopped talking to whoever he was talking to and looked your way. He smirked when he caught your eye. He whispers something into a man’s ear then starts laughing. A crazy but unique laugh. You quickly looked away before grabbing your stuff and walking out of the club.

Halfway to the door, a hand tightly grips your arm. You spin around, ready to tell that person off but stopped when you had seen it was the man who was talking to green hair dude. You gave him a questionable look.

“Boss wants to meet you” Is all he said before pulling me to the v.i.p section.

Before I can question him, he pulled the beads out of the way and shoved me into a booth. The green haired guy sat with a crazed look in his eye and a grin so wide.

“Tell me your name” He demanded, his face growing serious.

“(Y/n)” was all you can manage to say.

He grins against before laughing.

“My, my, my. Couldn’t keep your eyes off of me huh, little girl?” He tormented me.

Little girl? Oh hell no.

“ Is that why you got your friend over there to bring me over here? Just for you to torment me? Well listen toots, I’m not in the mood. ” I said in the calmest manner.

His grin soon faded into a snarl.

“ I see little girl has a big mouth. Why doesn’t she come over here and use it for something useful instead of yapping. ” He growled.

“ I’ll bite your nose off, if that’s what you want, clown boy” I said with a sweet smile on my face.


Yeah….so…i wrote this about a year ago and i thought hey, why not post it? 


Word count: 954

Part 1

“What are you talking about?” You asked Elena, completely beffudled. You couldn’t even think straight because of all the alcohol you drank. It was one of many girls night out you, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena had. It was always funny, goofying around, and od course asking eachother inappropriate questions. Yeah it was true you didn’t have a boyfriend in a while, but hooking up with a guy for one night is not the best idea. Especially if you’re drunk.

‘Oh, c'mon! You’ll thank me later. No not later. Tomorrow.’ Elena said, putting her arm on your shoulder, laughing more than it was actually funny.

‘You guys are so drunk. And crazy’ you said and got up, heading to the restrooms. As if being drunk wasn’t doing any favours to you, you felt like someone’s following you. Watching your every step. Since the moment you walked into Mystic Grill to the moment you ordered your first drink. You tried to convince yourself it was just in your imagination and a consequence of too much alcohol in your blood stream.

'Guys, I think I’m gonna head home.’
'Already?’ Caroline asked, pouting.
'Yeah, I don’t feel well and I have to get up early tomorrow.’
'Party pooper’ Elena said, and danced at the same time. You just laughed before taking your jacket and your purse, walking out of the Grill, chilly spring breeze hitting your face. You wrapped your arms around yourself as you walked through dark-ish streets of Mystic Falls.
You’ve never walked this slow in your life. Thank god you weren’t wearing heels because who knows how the hell you’d get home. Maybe with a broken ankle. Or barefoot. Yes, definitely barefoot.

You finally reached your house, taking out your keys and unlocking the door, stumbling over your own feet.

'Dammit!’ You mumled, throwing your purse on the couch and took off your shoes. Entering your bedroom, you took your clothes off and put on your PJ before heading to the bathroom to brush your teeth. Suddenly you hear a noise. Like someone knocked over a lamp.

'Hello?’ You asked, now fear going through your body. 'Is anybody there?’ No response. You quickly rinsed and went to your bedroom, getting into your bed.
Minutes passed and you tried to forget about what just happened so you turned off the light and rolled onto the other side, falling asleep.

Even in your sleep you felt like someone’s right beside you, watching your every move, even whispering something in your ear or touching your arm, painfully, touching your arm. You quickly opened your eyes and you could’ve sworn you saw a dark figure standing in front of your bedroom window. You shook your head and went back to sleep, trying not to think about it anymore because it would either keep you up all night or make you call someone to keep you company until you fall asleep.


'You guys are rude’ you almost whispered, hungover taking over your body. Every word, every step, every whisper just felt too loud. Hightened.
'There, now you know how vampires feel when everything is heightened’ Caroline said, laughing.
'Ha ha, very funny.’
'Hey, that guy over there’ she pointed at him (wow), 'is looking at you. Like all the time.’ You turned around and smiled at him.
'Maybe I should-’
'No!’ Bonnie snapped at you, making you, Elena and Caroline look at her in confussion.
'Why not?’ You asked.
'Remember that guy Damon and I met in prison world?’
'You mean the one who killed his own family and is a complete sociopath?’
'Bingo. That’s him. Kai Parker. So, y/n, stay away from him unless you want to end up like his family did.’
'Noted.’ You said, assuring Bonnie you’d stay away from him, feeling frightened now more than ever because you had nothing to protect yourself with. Well, you did have magic. Bonnie taught you some of the spells, but you were far from being as good as Bonnie.

Girls left, leaving you alone at Mystic Grill. You need some time on your own. You were writing something in your notebook when you heard a male voice.

'Hi gorgeous’

You looked up and saw him. Malachai freaking Parker. The worse of the worst. Your heart started beating like crazy, even though you kept telling yourself to calm down. He would never do anything that would make him to reveal himself in front of all these people. Right?

'I… I gotta go.’ You stuttered, trying to get up, but his hand gripped your shoulder, feeling the pain you’ve never experienced in your life before. It made you sit down again, squirm under his grip. He let you go after a few seconds, the pain completely disappearing.

'What… what the hell did you just do to me?’ You gasped.

'Oh, I just siphoned some of your magic. Thanks for that btw. Hey, how do you know Bonnie?’ He asked, taking some of the leftover fries you had on your plate.

'Siphoned? What does that even mean?’

'I just showed you what it means, duh.’ He said, laughing, crossing his arms.

'Yeah, I don’t have time for this so..’ you got up but he caught your arm again, this time without siphoning.

'Tell your friends, if I don’t get what I want, I’ll siphon every single part of magic you have in your body and let me tell you, it doesn’t end well. Oh and, thanks for that little part of you. It was very refreshing.’ He said, getting up and walking out of the grill, leaving you stumped and very confused. You grabbed all your stuff and quickly went to Salvatore’s house, knowing everyone will be there.

when you really want to fashion frame with equinox but cloth physics love clipping

AN: I adore this gif to bits, all the colors work together so well and his expression is v emotional. Oh my. This gif pairs with the part of the imagine where Pietro is listening to Thor, just for reference. Thank you anon for sending this request in, and I’m sorry it took forever and a half to get it up! I hope you like it dear! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxox :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: I LOVE YOUR WRITING!! I know requests are closed buuuut I’ve never requested before and I had a cool idea! Could I get a Pietro x reader fluff(or smut idk) where Piet is in love with reader and overhears Thor saying how he wants to bed reader. Then Piet starts getting jealous and mocks Thor’s accent when flirting with the reader, getting angry and telling Thor to “fuck off back to Asgard”, reader goes to see why Piet was rude and he confesses?? PLEASE AND THANKS LOADS OF LOVE 😘😘😘

Warning: Some drinking, swearing & Smut (as requested by another anon, enjoy!)

((Just FYI~ In this reference (because I actually adore Jane X Thor) I’m just going to write Thor as single. No breakups or whatever, as far as you have to be concerned, Jane doesn't  exist in this one shot.))


“Sokovia Vs Asgard”


“So, Thor, any special someone in your life?”

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Final Fantasy 15 Gladiolus’s Story (Cut-Scenes): Gilgamesh

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Gilgamesh: “All those unworthy or unwilling to rise to the task meet their end here, by my blade.”

Gladiolus: “I ain’t meeting mine any time soon. This ‘trail’ hasn’t even begun.”

Gilgamesh: “If you do not fear death, then go forth with reckless abandon and prove your worth.”

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