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Covenant || one

Summary: You are betrothed to Kim Namjoon, the heir of a real estate mogul. To say that it was a fairy tale romance would be erroneous. You’re instead loped in the complex tale of the rich and melancholy.

Genre: Angst-ish, drama-ish, romance, eventual smut

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Music: Mannequin by Yuna (this I got from Hoseok’s Spotify playlist. For me, his playlist was the most accessible as it bridged both indie and mainstream artists).

Part: 1 of 8 || two || three || four || five || six || seven || eight

Words: 8,333

Chapter 1: Hope Springs Eternal

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Reverse Idol (Namjoon)

And now it is time for our amazing leader, the second half of Namjin, my lowkey spirit animal who is looking s o fucking good with the purple hair like I love comebacks bc I’m such a hair girl and one of my favorite parts is seeing the new hair and his is looking gooD, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster aka joon

  • This AU is gonna be about what I think would happen if the reader was the idol and BTS were the fans, you can also think about this like a general celebrity post, I’m gonna be basing this off of kpop idols bc it’s easier for me to write with just one focus instead of being all the over place with it but if you wanted to see this as an actor!reader or a non-kpop singer!reader post, you could easily do that (and of course this is all still gender neutral)
  • Another series with idol!reader is my idol couple series (joon’s post is here) where both the reader and BTS are idols
  • The AU for this is gonna be college!Namjoon but I haven’t written that yet (I will be writing it soon) I have written a drabble using the AU though (here)
  • Namjoon is such a cute fanboy like I feel like he has so much respect for the artists he likes
  • He doesn’t just like them for a simple reason, he has to have something to connect to, a back story, the lyrics of a song, the way they work
  • He loves when he can just put his earphones in and just listen to the music and have the lyrics mean something to him but he also is into the songs that are more about the beat and when people manage to tie those two together oh bOY
  • Like BTS has s o many songs where the beat is amazing but then the lyrics have some meaning to it and that can be tricky to do but they’ve mastered it
  • Namjoon’s the type of fan that’s chill for 0.2 seconds then gives in and starts screaming and then goes back to being chill immediately after
  • He’s the s w e e test fan ever like he’s the fan that’s always wishing you good luck and watches every performance and does the fan chants in his dorm
  • Namjoon gets s o hyped up when he likes a song just imagine a tiny college!joon in his dorm with Jin just jamming out to your music and Jin’s kinda numb to it at this point bc he’s lived with joon for too long to be bothered by it and joon’s singing at the top of his lungs and doing his lil face dances
  • Jin’s just reading his book and joon keeps dancing around him singing and getting in his face and Jin doesn’t even blink tbh
  • Namjoon gets all of the boys into your music bc I feel like joon is totally one of those people that’s always discovering new music so they’re used to him suggesting artists to them so it’s easy to get them into it as well
  • Okay but Namjoon watching performances is literally s o fucking cute he gets so hype sometimes that it’s like he forgets where he is and he can be loud and that’s adorable to me
  • He also pretty much never stops dancing, he’s either bobbing his head or doing the actual dance to the song (at least the hand movements) and it’s just so precious bc it’s almost like he can’t help it he’s just gotta do it
  • Okay so you know how joon does those Kim Daily photos and they’re my favorite thing ever well head canon that college!joon has an Instagram and that he posts a Kim Daily with your merch on and then everyone flips bc wait he looks so good with it on why is he not the model for your merch
  • That’s actually how you two meet
  • The pictures goes viral in the fandom, everyone’s asking who he is, people are tweeting you, tagging you, trying to get you to notice this picture bc he looks so damn good bc we all know Namjoon is a model have you seen Kim Daily that’s some good shiT
  • Especially bc it’s a white shirt and he’s got the blonde hair and the glasses and some white shorts so it’s all white!joon (I highly recommend looking up all white!joon bc oh my god what a look) and his legs are looking all long and his shoulders are broad
  • You notice it pretty quickly bc one of your friends had told you about the cute college kid wearing your merch 
  • People figure out who he is bc Yoongi’s a youtuber with a music channel and he has joon come on with him during one of his rare live streams and they’re goofing around and making some amazing music together and everyone’s s o quick to link you to it
  • You start watching while you’re getting your hair styled for your performance and you’re nonstop laughing and smiling bc he’s so goofy and cute but you can see he’s got a lot of passion for music and he mentions how he’s a fashion major but considered going into music
  • Do you guys remember w a y back in the day when Yoongi was trying to make a log and joon was in the background and started goofing around and rapping over whatever Yoongi was saying (and then the iconic moment Yoongi got his revenge when joon tried to do a log later on) that’s the live stream just them playing around
  • You gotta admit that Namjoon is r e a l l y nicE but the personality is just 1000/10 you’ve got a crush already especially knowing that he already knows who you are and likes you enough to buy merch that’s !!!
  • You go to his Instagram and your heart melts bc he’s so cute, some pictures are Kim Daily, some are of his puppy Rapmon, some are of him with his friends (especially Jin bc roommates) and his smile is so fucking adorable the dimples are so poke worthy and his eyes get all bright and the crush has officially locked in
  • You decide to message him bc you just gotta, he’s too cute in every way, he’s got a kind soul and he’s just so interesting you could listen to him talk for hours and not get bored
  • “Hey, thanks for wearing my merch!! Maybe we could meet up sometime and talk about music or fashion? Maybe you can give me tips on what the next shirts should look like”
ASTRO for Ceci (2017 June issue)

Summer’s coming and you’re making a comeback. What comes to your mind when I say ‘summer’?
Moonbin: What comes to mind when you say 'summer’ would be freedom? I want to light a bonfire at a campsite and spend an enjoyable time. My hometown’s in Cheongju so a lot of the times I’d have fun like that when it’s summer.
JinJin: If you’re talking about summer then of course it’s the sea. I used to enjoy fishing with my family when I was younger. The image of someone fishing paints itself like a memory.
Sanha: I’ve only been to a waterpark once since I was born but it was a lot of fun. I want to go again.
Eunwoo: The sun’s up longer during the summer. It makes me remember how it would still be sunny out even though school has ended and I’m playing soccer. My dad’s really been into hiking lately and I want to tag along too.
MJ: A weather where you have to avoid the sun! Doesn’t it totally seem like a song title to you? I want to eat watermelon underneath a shady tree.
Rocky: Maybe because I’d sweat more than I usually do but diet is what comes to mind first. Rather than hitting the gym, I want to try a sport that I can enjoy doing so I’m thinking of starting swimming this summer.

Is dieting important even to male idols? Do you regulate your meals as well?
I usually dance intensely so I don’t see the need to purposely go on a diet. When we finish filming for our music videos, I would hear that I’ve unknowingly lost weight.
Moonbin: Before debuting, my diet meals were personally planned and I would have chicken breast and eggs in the mornings. If I’m busy then it’s one apple. I would eat like that. We’ve decided that we’ll now manage our own selves.
Eunwoo: We don’t pay as much attention to it as girl groups. But even so, we would each put in some care when there’s an important filming and if the other seems like he’s gained weight then we would tell him.

Is there anything after debuting that you want to be better at or something that has attracted your interest?
I think I need to continue studying up foreign languages. When we perform overseas, I think it’s polite that we learn their trendy words, dances, etc.. Because we have to do even better.
Moonbin: Me too! And having stamina is more important than I thought. We were always overflowing with energy pre-debut so I didn’t think there was a need to worry about our staminas but as we continuously carried out promotions, I can feel that my stamina’s deteriorating.
JinJin: I’ve recently developed an interest in fashion. If previously I only stuck to the hip-hop style that I like then now I’m finding ways to wear clothes that fit my body and physical frame.
MJ: I think managing my stamina and just generally taking care of myself is necessary. I try to eat some nutritional supplements too.
Rocky: Seeing as how I’m a rapper, I’ve been thinking lately about how I should read more books. There’s a limit to how much I can write using just my own experiences. I’m reading <Kim Eana’s Songwriting Method> and not too long ago I asked Eunwoo hyung to loan me one of his books. It’s a book called <Sincerely Yours> but I’ve yet to start on it.
Sanha: I’m relearning the basics of guitar (playing). I want to be better at it. I also want to show acoustic versions of our songs.

That reminds me, aren’t you having your first solo concert in July? Is there a stage that each of you are dreaming of?
I want to put a smile on the faces of fans who are coming to watch our concert. I’m thinking of having a stage with JinJin.
JinJin: I’m not going to do it with you (laughs). After debuting, I don’t think I’ve had the chance to really show my rap so I want to show off a dark rap that matches with original hip-hop.
Rocky: I want to show off a dance stage that’s worthy of hearing comments like 'legendary’ and 'the best’. We don’t have that kind of image yet.
Eunwoo: Shall I go home today and upload one? With a title that says 'ASTRO’s legend’.

Do you have male fans too?
We do! There are those who come to our fansigns too.
Sanha: I feel somewhat reassured when I see male fans. Seeing as how we’re males ourselves, I’m thankful and it’s nice meeting them.
Rocky: It makes me think that I have to do better, that I have to set an example.
MJ: I get excited if I hear a male voice when fans are cheering at music broadcasts. The sounds of the cheers become bolder.
Eunwoo: “Eunwoo hyuuungung~” I hear stuff like that.

Is there a recent moment where you felt slightly happy?
When there’s time to spare after we wrap up practice, we’d go for a movie together or to the spa. Moments like those are fun.
JinJin: We played futsal together not too long ago and then all of us went to the bath house before going for gopchang.
MJ: Ah, that was nice. I was happy.
Eunwoo: One platter serves three people but MJ hyung and I ate four platters to ourselves.
Rocky: It’s not something that happened recently but lately I’ve been thinking about how we would hold performances every week at Lotte World pre-debut. Having to show different stages every week was taxing at that time but I think it allowed us to attempt a lot of new stages. The stages we can show are limited when we’re promoting.

The title track, 'Confession’, off your third mini album had the theme of “Don’t be taken by the bad boys and date me instead.” From a guy’s point of view, what kind of guy is crappy?
I’ve never thought about it in depth but I think someone whose actions are slow and who’s kind of frustrating is whatever.
JinJin: You’re totally attacking me huh?
Moonbin: Because I really hate things that frustrate me (laughs). But I think it’s a problem too if his personality is feisty and hot-tempered. Even if my sister were to date someone like me, I think it’ll suck for her.

This time it’s a self-attack, haha. How about the other members?
I won’t attack (laughs). Firstly, I hope the girl doesn’t date someone who she’s unable to communicate with. And someone who’s tactless when it comes to feelings. I want to tell her to date a guy who understands girls and who respects her.
Rocky: A person with no manners is whatever. You’ll realise things like that quickly. Usually someone who’s good to their parents are good to other people as well.
MJ: I think it’s really important that a person has manners. Don’t carelessly speak what’s on your mind.
Eunwoo: A person who doesn’t keep to their promises is seriously whatever. Isn’t a guy who’s kind of strict on himself a good guy?
Sanha: Someone who lies! You shouldn’t date someone who’s not truthful.

That reminds me, how did you spend Parent’s Day that passed not too long ago?
I sent a selfie of myself in the family chat room (laughs). 5th May is my parent’s anniversary as well so I really wanted us to have a meal together but we weren’t able to.
Rocky: I timed when my parents would wake up and gave them a call. I wanted to thank them but ended up accidentally congratulating them.
MJ: I wanted to do a video call with my parents but they were driving so they were satisfied with just a normal call. I wanted to show them myself though…

You’re now going all out on promotions again. Is there anything that you wanted to say and that you practiced saying for when you win no.1 or for an important occasion?
Seeing as how I’m the leader, Eunwoo and I made a list in a notebook of the people that we should say our thanks to.
Eunwoo: Yup, we did. Relaying our thanks is important too but I want to tell each of the members something. What kind of words they are is a secret.
Moonbin: I was casted when I was in 6th grade. I really want to thank the person who picked me then. He’s like a mother to me.
Rocky: I was in 5th grade then. I also want to relay my thanks to that person. And I think it’ll be nice if the members each said something that was heartfelt. We’ve had our opportunities to say those words but still, I’m sure there are words we’re holding in our hearts that we haven’t been able to say.
Sanha: As for me, it’s of course my parents! I want to tell them that I’m thankful they gave birth to me and that even if I was born again, I want to be born as their son. Seems like I’ve said it all here.
MJ: I want to hug my members and we’d all shout together. Until our make-up’s erased away. Until the broadcast ends!

Translations by @99pm​h
Take out with full credits

do you wanna feel a little beautiful baby

im literally so bad at titles but its a line from young volcanoes by fall out boy the summary is also trash also so is the writing i dont know have this weird queer bangtan fic

rating: t
word count: 2900
pairing: platonic ot7/platonic jimin/everyone
warnings: some transphobia, slurs, brief talk of bullying

sometimes boys like to wear girl’s clothes and sometimes girls like to wear boy’s clothes and sometimes people aren’t boys or girls but isn’t it weird that a piece of fabric gets gendered

aka cisboy jimin likes to wear “girls clothes” and sometimes people dont like that

When Jimin was five, he hid behind the leg of his mother as the school administration lectured her on appropriate apparel and she fought valiantly for his freedom of expression. Her fighting was futile. It was her against the world, and she never stood a chance.

Twelve years later, Jimin still remembers their words exactly.

“It’s wrong what you’re doing to him,” his teacher’s voice haunts him, ghosting through his mind in the strangest moments, “He’s a little boy. He has no business wearing things like that.”

Back then, Jimin couldn’t grasp the distinction between ‘boys clothes’ and ‘girls clothes’.

He still doesn’t. Not really.

Apparently, his classmates do.

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The Drunkalypse Season 4, Episode 8: The Mountain and the Viper

Overall rating: 7/10 Tyrions in a barrel

Sansa rating: 10/10 lemoncakes

Fight scene good but ICK, I have a lot of feelings about a certain character, this was a nice episode to start rounding out the season and moving the Kings Landing plot along and….yeah. My professional opinion. Pretty good, Thrones, pretty good.

I wrote some of this drunk and some sober so… be the judge.


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Coffee | ONE SHOT ft. V |

Anonymous asked: Are u still accepting bts? If yes, Can you do a scenario when V showed his other side that youve never seen before because he’s too jealous of you and your old friend. a cute ending pls!!! ^_____^ thank yooou

Taehyung wasn’t the jealous type. So you thought.

He was always so friendly to all of your family and friends; even to the point that they were all falling for his charms too. But the day your old middle school buddy, Jaehyun came to visit, this all seemed to change.

“This friend seems to be late” V sipped on his iced coffee whilst looking out the window for a person that looked exactly like you described; tall, built and with a chiselled face.

“He’s always been like that” You casually replied, checking your phone for the last time as the cafe door swung open, revealing the very Lee Jaehyun.

“I’ve always been like what?”

Jaehyun flashed his signature smile before greeting you with wide open arms into a warm bear hug in the chilly weather that fled into the cafe with his entrance.

“Late…” You teased, slowly letting go of his embrace, “And nice and warm! Haha~”

Awkwardly standing by his chair, Kim Taehyung waited for the both of you to burst out of your bubble and realise his existence. Making a move by pretending to cough, you suddenly remembered that you wanted to introduce your teenage friend to your boyfriend, V. (To get his approval, of course!)

“Right!” You took V by the hand, bringing him to your side, “Jaehyun, I’d like you to meet Taehyung”

V was hesitant to initiate any sort of greeting until Jaehyun gave him the ‘man to man’ nod and offered his hand to shake.

“Nice meeting you man!” Jaehyun grinned honestly, you thought, but V wasn’t convinced about your friend just yet.

“Did you want to explore Hongdae?”

You asked Jae, who didn’t have the chance to do so back in Middle School since he was shipped off to the U.S as soon as high school and freedom started.

“Sure thing” He answered in almost perfect English, causing Taehyung’s face to scowl behind both of your backs.

“The clothes here are totally different to the kinds back in the U.S" 

Jaehyun casually admitted as the three of you walked the boutique road of Hongdae with your friend wanting to buy you a gift.

"TheclothesherearetotallydifferenttothekindsbackintheU.S” V mocked beneath his breath, unaware that you had heard him as the two of you held hands,

Could it be for once, that Taehyung didn’t get along with one of your friends? And out of all people, Jaehyun?

“Ooo! Polkadots” You chimed at the sight of white summer dress with black polkadots all over, fashioned on a mannequin in one of the side stores, 

“Man, you’ve been crazy about polkadots since the junior dance” Jae lead the three of you into the store, grabbing the attention of the attendants as he gestured to the dress,

“You’re going to buy this for me?” You gawked, but not so surprised, considering he was always buying you random gifts  back in the day, “Awww Jae!!!”

“AwwwwwwJaeeeee” Taehyung was at it again, letting go of your hand as you held onto the dress that the attendant handed to you,

“You should try it on” Jaehyun suggested, grabbing a seat on some cushioned chairs, signalling V over to sit with him, “We’ll wait for you”

Taehyung fiddled with his hands, not in the mood to converse with the ever cheerful Jaehyun, who patiently waited for you to finish fitting the dress.

“She’s taking a while” Jae chuckled, about to get up from his seat to go check up on you, “Hey _____, you need help?”

Instantly beaming from his seat, V took the initiative, not wanting his girlfriend to be attended to by someone like Jaehyun (who he believed was taking too many opportunities to be with you).

“Yah, I’m coming” Taehyung headed towards the single dressing room, timid to pull open the curtains incase you weren’t completely dressed, “Can I come in?”

You struggled to do up the tie up back of the dress and too shy to ask the attendant for help, luckily for you, your boyfriend was already there before you could ask.

“Sure” You replied, slowly pulling the curtain to the side, revealing a blushing V, “Can you do it up?”

Noticing your exposed back, being the 'gentleman’ he was, Taehyung took a step into the dressing room and closed the curtain behind him,

“Can’t let anyone else see you till its all tied up” He confessed, with his face even more red as he realised how close the two of you were in such a confined space, “Turn around”

Feeling him beginning to do up the dress, you felt him suddenly pause as he sighed before spinning you around to face him,

“Won’t it tie?” You asked, curious as to why he had stopped, 

“It does” Taehyung answered before being interrupted by Jaehyun’s call from where he was,

“Are you guys okay?”

“Yeah, we’re fine!” V shouted back, taking a breath before looking you straight in the eyes,

“I… that guy… you, I mean. I.. I want you for myself.. I don’t want to sound greedy but that’s really how I feel”

You were about to crack up laughing but came to realise that he really meant it. And considering the way he was acting the whole time Jae was around; it was more than obvious.

“You do have me to yourself, silly” You teased, taking both his hands into yours as you took a step forward, “No one else gets to do this but you”

Without giving him a chance to take anything you said in, you pressed your lips onto his; tasting the coffee from earlier. Despite the slight bitterness, his kisses were still so sweet.

“Just me, right?” Taehyung wanted you to say once more, but you replied with another kiss,

“Just you..”

first V scenario! hehehe all of my bts scenarios have been about clothes idk hahahaha maybe i need to go shopping too! How’d y'all like it? ^^ Don’t forget to show some love and hit like! Feel free to send in your requests too :3