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I normally don’t speak up on this, now I personally don’t reblog candids on my blog, that is my own choice. To others who do, I have no issues with that at all. However, when it is very, VERY apparent that Taylor does not want to be photographed and she is going to extreme lengths, (lengths that no human being should have to go to) then maybe, don’t  post those photos online or reblog them? I don’t know, I mean everyone has their own opinions and everyone is free to make their own choice, but to me it just feels so wrong. Because it just feels like we are contributing to the problem. I have no problems with candids of her walking by and smiling, or even just not directly engaging with the paps but still not showing any obvious signs of discomfort, but when she is clearly trying to hide her face, or her friends are stepping in to shield her, then that bothers me. No one should have to deal with that. No one, especially Taylor Swift should have to worry about situations like, “Okay. We are pulling up to the curb now, so I want you guys to get out first like this, and then I will get out and throw my bag in front of my face and you guys will direct me where to go.” No one should have to be thinking about how to shield themselves that far ahead. The girl gets enough crap from the media, the paps and the haters. I just feel like we shouldn’t contribute to the problem.

Not that anybody was asking or wondering, or even noticed, but I haven’t been as active as I could be or want to be, and my blog has mostly been on queue except for maybe a few posts. Also why inbox/messages are so backed up, I'm so sorry guys!

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Hey. maybe you keep them the same age just do a side comic about when they were younger, personally i like their ages. But to add on about the "Deleting blog part" i think you should just keep this and link the other blog so everyone is happy ya know? you get a fresh start then you can keep this blog to finish in the future maybe

When I say making them younger, I mean like a toddlers - so still can communicate and such, just… smol beans ;w;  
i just really want to draw papy in one of those toddler-onesie-things, lol
I was thinking about making Papyrus around 3?  So Sans would be around 5..?
Remembering my cousin when he was that age just makes me so nostalgic that I’d love to draw these two like that.  I’ve already drawn reference sheets, and I’m personally happy with the new designs >A<

And no way am I deleting this blog - I’m just going to leave it alone for awhile.

Everyone should follow @askmercyseries
They love and appreciate every single one of their followers as well as do their best to make others happy. They take requests too!
I’ve followed them since a little bit before the beginning, and I’m very happy to see how far their blog has come.
Anyone who loves Charisk or is even just in the Undertale fandom should check them out! They deserve all the credit they receive.

Also I would like to remind others to please not take others artwork. The mun has had problems with this and this makes the true artist lose credit after the hard work they put into making it! I’ve asked permission to use these pictures from their blog, so even if it’s something little, anything using another persons art, credit them and ask for permission.
Anyways, I just hoped maybe I could have others notice their blog or possibly come to appreciate them a little more. Have a nice day!

Its 1 in the morning

And all I can think about is Bendy. Seriously guys, this little devil has taken over my life and idk if I should consider it a blessing or a curse. I need to draw more Gaster. My heart says to draw Gaster but my heart also says to draw Bendy.

What should I do?! I am being torn apart from the inside by this!

Also should I make a side blog for Bendy? Like, maybe a mini ask blog/rp blog? I am not very familiar with my Bendy’s personality just yet but I will say this: he has many problems with his emotions because he is based events after the game. He seems like his normal, happy, goofy, mischivious self but once you mention his creators or upset him severely, he gets all goopy and inky and will become extremely aggressive. He also has abandonment issues and can get super attached to his “new creator.”

I don’t know if anyone would be interested in interacting with a Bendy like that but well see.

I need to w o r k + Update

I’ve never abandoned this blog please don’t worry.

Again, so sorry for the millionth time for not being online as much I should.

Okay now to make up for it I was thinking about doing a raffle basically I’ll write personal fanfic for you. It’s the least I can do for all of your guy’s support. 

Also thinking about maybe making a big Skype chat where you guys can talk to me and yell at me to do work. (Please)

Any thoughts?


I made a kinda pathetically short day in the life video of my first day of the semester. Which mostly involved me “getting ready” for school, watching some videos for school, and then stopping to play video games. lol. It’s been kind of slow going. But maybe you will enjoy these clips I took on Snow. I probably should have recorded with my regular camera but I figured Snow might make it more fun, so who knows. I might make some more of these of my day is ever more interesting, but they rarely are!

And yes, I do my classes online so my ootd was and always is pjs (not shown).

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I've only been following you for a few weeks now, but even I can tell you are a wonderful person. Literally, you do everything within your power to help people and if someone gets mad because you helping people is inconvenient to them, then THEY should reevaluate their life choices and maybe find a different blog to follow or make their own content. Because, yo, it's your blog and you do you, girl. I appreciate everything you do and have done. ^_^


Maybe I should make a personal blog for reblogs? I dunno because I don’t really do my own drawings that often but I feel like I’m trying to don’t reblog a lot of posts about SvtFoE and other cartoons I want to share just to not annoy my followers here. Or maybe I should create a SvtFoE blog???? I’m so confused

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Okay I might be tol drunk to think properly, But I wanna tell you one things. You ate a great person! I rrally love your blog and your ideas and i like your personalitym. And you deserve happiness! Maybe it snot there now, but youll get it one day. Yoj deserve a wide smile on your face and a person, who makes you feel the joy you deserve. Stay strong! I believe in you, my friendly blogger. We support you.

oO That’s really cute, despite that you don’t should drink so much haha. But it kinda reminds me of Chuuya in a way~
Anyway thank you so much for your kindness and encouraging words and let me tell you, that I really love every follower who still supports me after almost one year of being active as an BSD blog!

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let’s clink for another wonderful year and many many good vibes~

sorry for being so quiet
i hate to say it, but… at this point, this blog is kinda just running on fumes

ive been caught up in a really shitty mood the last few months and haven’t felt much motivation to keep things running as i maybe should

im far from being a social person, and i don’t think that helps
i constantly try to please people, even if it puts me in a position of genuine unhappiness and restlessness

ive tried to run this blog in ways that make me happy, but it usually just turns into what i feel will make people following happy, and at the end of the day, no one’s really happy

blah.. I really don’t like making rant posts
this isn’t on any of you, but if you’re curious why content has been lacking, this is basically why

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public is fine! as a person who just? does not like alcohol?? it tastes so awful? it makes me dizzy? I RUN INTO THINGS WHEN I AM FULL SOBER AND WIDE AWAKE LET'S NOT MAKE THIS WORSE WHAT EVEN?? and who last summer actually like, failed to make any connections at a professional program maybe partly because people got SO WEIRD when I didn't want to drink even though I was not saying "AND ALSO YOU SHOULD NOT DRINK!" like. is there a way to deal with that? or interact with ppl my age?

yeah, you know, it’s hard. i’ve definitely had the experience of people taking my decision not to drink, or to stop drinking early, or whatever the case may be, as a judgment on their drinking habits. and it’s not that at all. everyone should drink the amount they want to drink. a lot! a little! none at all! who cares! it’s all fine as long as they’re making that choice for themselves.

  • see also: sex

but i think society has kind of drawn this arbitrary conclusion that not drinking is, like, virtuous? even though honestly i’m just trying not to send regrettable texts or have a headache in the morning? but when you say you don’t want to drink, people feel like they’re then being put on the opposite side of that. 

and like, not to be harsh, but that’s not really your problem. the best you can do is make clear that you’re not judging anybody for doing their own thing while you do yours.

my best advice is to be as soft about it as possible–phrasing it like, “oh, not for me, but you should go ahead,” or even just, “i’m okay for now!” if you say, “i’m okay for now!” every time someone offers eventually they’ll stop offering and not really notice.

another trick is to buy yourself whatever drink you want (alcoholic or not) and then just drink it slowly. when you’re ready to stop drinking, just ask the bartender for a water or a soda.  if you have a drink in your hand people aren’t going to try to put another drink in your hand. 

as for the interacting thing, it may mean that you’ll have to be a little more proactive in inviting people to do things you do want to do. lunch, coffee, frisbee golf, i don’t know. i usually make it my policy that if i turn down an activity i don’t want to do, but i want to have a relationship with that person, i’ll counter with a different one. “oh, i can’t go out tonight, but i’d love to get coffee tomorrow.” or whatever.

it’s tricky. drinking can be fun!! being drunk can be fun!! but only as long as it’s on your own terms.

Brekkykids Faves 1.0 - Please don’t delete this caption (I’m watching you  👀)

Hello everyone! I’m making a faves page! Everyone is always asking me who my faves are and I don’t really know who my faves are, because there are so many cool blogs out there!

🍌  Rules  🍌

- Must be following me

- Must reblog this post

- Likes = bookmarking

- All blog styles are allowed

🐨  Perks  🐨

- A cool friend aka me 🙈

- A follow back if im not following you

- Promos to almost 18k followers

- I can make you a customized theme or give you a blogmakeover

- I will try to draw each of my faves 

- A spot on my blog

🍑 Higher Chance  🍑

- Talk to me

- Be a nice person 

- Reblog this more than once

- Tag a post with #brekkykid telling me why i should choose you

- Similar blog styles

🍳 Other  🍳

- Choosing when I’m happy with the notes or when I reach 19k or 20k followers

- Idk how many people I’m picking (maybe 20-25 or less than that)

- Question? Just ask!

- Keith haring for life ✌️

Get reblogging! (I’m deleting this post if this doesn’t get any notes, haha lol)

friendly reminder for the tonys tonight

if your fave doesn’t win, please don’t make a post that’s like “___ didn’t deserve it” or “____ is awful why did it win” because it’s incredibly rude. because every single nominee does deserve a tony for working their asses off 8 times a week, no matter our own personal opinions about who we think should win.

it’s okay to be disappointed if your fave doesn’t win, but instead of making a trashy post, maybe you could say something like “wow congrats to ____!” or “i wasn’t rooting for ____, but good for them!!”

celebrate theatre. don’t turn this into a bloodbath.

happy blogging!