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I'm like living for you LOTZ it's very good and entertaining , hey as an idea maybe since each characters birthday is month after month after month maybe you could create a chapter based on the zodiacs birthday for example is Leo season maybe you should do a chapter for Leo and his birthday and maybe have something end up going wrong or him falling for someone he shouldn't or something like that but love your story it's amazing 😌

that sounds great! 

bc lord knows leo isn’t going to let his birthday pass unnoticed

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“Come on don’t fall asleep, let’s go for round four.”


                        “ But I’m TIRED” Renly whines and turns his back to George. “You should go ask Cersei and Oberyn, maybe they’ll indulge you? Let me sleep” The Baratheon pulls the pillow over his head and stretches out on his stomach, closing his eyes.


Ed Sheeran, your impeccable way with words is pulling on my heartstrings. 

My my myyyyyyyy give me love

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please do one on Harry finding out you faked it!!! I'll give you my first born!

“Fuck, you’re gonna make me come.”

The minute the words came out of your mouth, you regretted it.  Because now, he was going to expect you to come.  

Let’s be real here, sex with Harry was always good.  He always satisfied you.  Or should you say, he always knew how to satisfy you.  

Something had been off tonight.  You weren’t sure what.  It wasn’t Harry.  Or maybe it was.  God, you just wanted to end it and go to bed so you could stop over analyzing the situation.

His face was buried in your neck, the same place it had been for at least the last ten minutes as he drove into you with everything he had.  

You dug deep, trying to remember the last few times you’d come.  How had you done it?  What had you said?  And before you had a chance to talk yourself out of it, the dramatics started.  You let out a tiny mewl, followed by a sigh.  Even you had to ask yourself what the hell you’d just done.  

He pulled his head up off your neck, his eyebrows knitting as he looked down at you,

“Did you…”  He let his sentence trail off, “Because it didn’t…I mean…I usually can feel you.”

You blinked a few times.  He was on top of you still, buried inside of you with sweat beads on his forehead from how hard he’d been working to please you.  Lying was not an option.  He would know.

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