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ok. bran clearly has looked into LF's past actions and potentially will look more into what he has done/is doing. our boi is screwed. so, if you were writing from this point forward, what would you do with LF's story?

I would start writing him as an actual character again who remembers all the resources he still has at his disposal and who strategically shuffles those around to keep himself afloat. It’s completely unnatural for him to just sit around doing nothing but waiting for a death sentence telegraphed from miles away.

Sansa keeps going on about the lack of food and pretends she doesn’t need him anymore, so maybe start there. I got an anon last week, I think, and they were saying LF should leave and I was like “but where?” but you know, what? You were right, anon. I changed my mind. Leave potential-trouble Lord Royce & some of the Vale soldiers stationed in Winterfell as a sign of “good faith”, pull the rest, temporarily relocate to the Vale, and solidify control there. This provides distance from tree boy and dagger girl - a stable and relatively safe position to negotiate and leverage resources (food, weapons, manpower, etc) from. He has significant wealth and unrivaled financial wizardry, too, so reaching out to the Iron Bank to fuck up Cersei’s plans and divert “war funding” would be a possibility, too. This could also be “offered” as a sort of “assistance” to the Starks (maybe Dany too). Then - once honorable-to-a-fault Jon agrees to safeguard his guest right - he can return to Winterfell w/ stock and men and the backing of the Iron Bank just before the corpse army begins its assault. if he made himself useful this way, no amount of greenseeing and sword-whooshing could touch him since collective survival would trump personal revenge. for a while, anyway.

Or sth like that.

Anything would be better than this static, pointless waiting around to be offed in the finale scenario. At this point the show seems to have completely forgotten who this guy really is and how and why he’s survived this long.

p.s. this also means that they can’t kill the real Petyr Baelish since he has apparently left the building this season and left this body double behind, the smart motherfucker.

so joke’s on you, suckers!


(Just watched the American Gods season finale. Spoilers. It was fun).

Also, “I dedicate these deaths to Ostara.” Anyone who’s read the book would get a tingle from that line. It’s also one of a list of Odin Just Doing Odin Things (smirking over Mad Sweeney and Shadow’s bar fight, running over Easter’s bunnies, that old war god bloodlust when he’s executed Vulcan). For all his Ian McShane charm, he’s still an ancient being of terrible appetite, a being you’d have trouble assigning to either ‘good’ or ‘evil’ (Bilquis being another great example of this).

When he smites down Media’s lackeys (arguably the most threatening back-up dancers you’ve ever seen), he turns their deaths into a sacrament, so that his opening salvo in what is now the war between the old and new gods comes firmly from his place of power, the bloody altar (even if okay, there was no blood, and there was no altar. It’s the thought that counts). It was interesting to see Media, Tech Boy, and Mr. World at a disadvantage for a change. Though that’s not likely to last. Can’t wait for season 2.

Also, also:

Easter letting her hair down and rediscovering her true primordial elemental self.

Shadow making lovey dovey faces at Easter. Legit want to see if that actually leads anywhere.

Mr. Nancy saying, “We should start with a story,” and slipping into the trickster storyteller archetype that he is, was perfect.

What is the plural for “Jesus”? Jesuses? Jesi?

Need to see asshole Mad Sweeney again, he’s just been too sweet the last couple of episodes. Which is not bad, maybe I’m just afraid of growing attached.

“Which. Fucking. God?” Laura Moon asks, with real vehemence. I continue to enjoy this characterization of Laura Moon. She’s unpleasant, and a lot of her interactions come down to a coin toss (hehe, coin) between strained amicability and monstrous. This has made her whole sidequest with Leprechaun and Djinn-touched one of the best things about the series.

It is impossible to watch any scene with Gillian Anderson just once. One must watch them over and over again to pick apart the layers of reference and homage to find the cold, calculating machine that is Media underneath.

Actually, any scene with the new gods. Though I may be prejudiced. Even reading the book a whole bunch of years ago, I always found the new gods to be more fascinating. Besides, do we not all worship Media and Tech Boy? Shit I’d sacrifice a spring lamb at my modem if I thought it’d give me a faster connection.

Thess vs Patreon

Sometimes I think about starting a Patreon.

I don’t write enough. I know that. I should write more. I have whole worlds that I don’t actually do all that much with. But they’re in there, patiently waiting, and growing, and I just don’t have any impetus to do anything with them as yet because they’re just going to sit there.

It doesn’t have to be that way; not in this day and age. I could do so much more. And maybe if it took off, I could try something I’ve wanted to do for a long time; a webzine of my own. Short stories, poems, commissioned art, literary criticism and reviews, social commentary on today’s entertainment media … maybe even a section on tech developments, if I could find the writers for it. It’d be … kinda like Tumblr, I guess? But with more guidelines, and a chance of getting paid for it. There are a lot of people out there with interesting things to say and … I’d like to see if it could be said somewhere besides Tumblr.

Hey, if nothing else, it looks good on a CV.

I dunno, guys. I have wanted to do this for, like, ever. I see people, myself included, with a lot to say and they get the ‘exposure’ but they don’t get the likes and they don’t get the comments and they sure as hell don’t get the money. I mean, I’d have to do some survey work to see what the hell writers get paid but … this could be done. It could happen.

Buuuuut not if it doesn’t have a sufficient audience. It’s not the sort of thing I could float without sufficient donations. So … seriously, what do you think? A fiction magazine with reviews of all kinds of things as written by … y’know, people as opposed to employees who have to work around deals the publisher made with sponsors. Short stories, poetry, maybe a novella once a quarter or something. Con coverage. Creatives’ Corner for writing / RP tips. Gallery pages with art in them.

Is this something you’d back on Patreon? Or should I just shush?


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pairing: jay park  x reader

word count: 2k
request: Can I request a Jay Park scenario were he’s dating a foreigner long distance then he asks her to move to SK with. After she moves there Jay has to go on tour so she’s lonely and sad without him. He comes home to surprise her and he sees somethings is wrong. (sorry this is long)
a/n: I wrote this at the beach because I’m afraid of the sea (this stems from my high key fear of octopi) 

Being someone who wasn’t from South Korea but still lived there didn’t often prove difficult, as Jay had promised. Sure enough it actually took you a months worth of convincing to actually agree to go, but the first few weeks of you living in Korea was a whole lot easier than you thought. You didn’t get lost like you suspected and you didn’t get mocked for you poorly translated Korean, again like you suspected.

However, you soon began to realise why that never happened. You never got lost because Jay was there with you and you never had to do much more greet someone in Korean before Jay would step in and talk for you. Let’s face it – if Jay wasn’t there you probably wouldn’t have survived living here on your own. This was only confirmed when Jay had to leave for touring, which quite swiftly resumed.

“Isn’t it like… One in the morning there?” You ask, pressing the phone tighter to your ear. You’d received an unexpected call from Jay and although it was good to hear his voice, you were worried about his sleep and the fact you were trying not to miss your stop on the bus that didn’t offer translation services.

“Isn’t it like… Two in the afternoon there?” Jay jokes, changing your words a little as he mocks your concerned tone. There was an intercom announce through the bus that you didn’t quite seem to catch, but it does in fact stop Jay’s laughter on the other end of the phone. “Wait, babe, why are you getting the bus to the airport?”

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Floppy/ Artificial Half-Ghoul Hide (?)

I’ve seen lots of people speculating that Hide is still alive but now as a Floppy/ Artificial Half-Ghoul. This speculation further increased when the latest chapter came out with its first page:

And the message at the end of the chapter:

Message which led people to further believe that the face we saw is Hide’s (or that he’s in one of those capsules, particularly OWL 10).


(I put it under a read more link because it’s a long post and image heavy)

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The Random Pickup Lines/ Part 2

AWWWW YEA.  I finished it woop.  Sorry it took so long, guys! 

Summary:When Dan sees a guy running outside and is dared to throw random pick-up lines to him, he does it without too much thinking. Even though he didn’t only do it  for the dare.  Strangely enough, Dan thinks he may have a crush on this random runner in which he’s never even met before.
The second part is basically just about what happens afterwards. ^~^

Words: 4384

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HI! First off, I'd like to say that you're amazing and I love your blog! You're advice has helped me through more than a few sticky situations in writing. I'm a young writer (14 years old) and I'm writing a kind of romance story. Since I'm pretty young and have no romance experience whatsoever, should I maybe wait until I'm older and work on other things for now?

Hello there, writerly friend~ ♥︎

You just posed one of my favorite paradoxes in writing. You see, nobody ever asks me:

“Hey Max, I am writing about vampires, except that I am not actually a vampire. What can I do to make sure the story is realistic?”


“Hey Max, I am writing about a teenager with a terminal illness, but I don’t have a terminal illness. What should I do?”


“Hey Max, I am writing about a character who is a soldier, but I have never killed someone in my life or served in the military. Should I enlist myself in the army?”

I meet so many writers who don’t believe they have the ‘experience’ to write about mundane things like ‘love’ and yet again nobody ever seems to question writing about things like ‘murder’ or ‘magic.’ I think it’s kind of funny— but, that doesn’t really answer the question. So, it’s time for me to take off my gloves and put things bluntly.

But my characters were. When i write, I am not there — and my experiences don’t matter at all — because the person you are reading about is not me.

As I have said countless times on this blog, when I write I am not the director or the actors— I am just the camera-man; I follow the characters and record their emotions. Do you think camera-men are required to have experienced what is happening on the other side of the lens? Of course not.

This is why that paradox is so amusing to me. Some writers think that they need to have experienced what they are writing about in order to be ‘realistic’ (whatever that even means), and yet nobody ever seems to bother with that when writing about the fantastical— werewolves, elves, shooting fireballs out of your fingertips, and whatnot.

Now, if you have read the above and you feel a great sense of freedom— now that you can finally get back to writing without worrying about ‘getting it right’ (whatever that even means), then you go on and write :D

But… if you read the above, and you still feel iffy about writing romance when you have never felt love, then I have some homework for you! I have tackled this very subject in the past in my weekly writing workshop, the Virtual Writing Academy:

Trust me, that should really cover all of your bases c;

I hope that this has been helpful! If you, or anyone, have any more questions feel free to send them my way~ ♥︎

Taylor Caniff Imagine

Hey guys so this is my first imagine so I’m sorry if it sucks and there are mistakes, but I was just trying to show Tays sweet and sensitive side that we all know he has! Anyways, enjoy. ☺️

As you lay in bed, your phone continuously lights up with tweet notifications from Taylor Caniff. You have always been a huge fan of him ever since magcon, and even though the boys kind of went their desperate ways you still kept up with him. Scrolling through his tweets half asleep, you read one that caught your attention. It read “@taylorcaniff: I just don’t wanna be forgot…” This absolutely broke your heart and you decided to reply to him and say “@Y/T/N: @taylorcaniff you are way too special to be forgotten 😘” you toss your phone down on your bed and walk downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink of water. Living in Indiana, it got pretty hot in the summer time and you were a little dehydrated. Trudging back up the stairs, you downed your water and thought about the possibility of Taylor ever noticing you on twitter. You quickly dismissed the thought, he never noticed you the past 300 times you tweeted at him, so why would he now? Sitting back down on your bed, you grab your phone and start watching snapchat stories. The little blue notification bar pops up, and you click it absentmindedly. Expecting it to be one of your friends favoriting something, you are completely surprised when it turns out to be Taylor favoriting your tweet and following you. In awe, you just kind of stare at the screen for a good 30 seconds before realizing this isn’t a dream. This actually happened. Taylor Caniff followed you. Holy shit. You immediately type out a dm saying “Hey! Thanks for following me I’m a huge fan ☺️” about to hit send, you stop. Maybe I should wait and see if he says anything to me, you never know, you think. And if he doesn’t, I can always send this in like a half hour. Setting down your phone with shaking hands, you grab your cup and walk back downstairs to get some more water. With every step you take it hits you more and more that Taylor followed YOU. Not your friend, not some random girl, YOU. Quickly chugging the cup of water, you dart back upstairs in a matter of seconds. You couldn’t wait any longer, the suspense was killing you! You grab your phone and are disappointed to see nothing on the screen. Dang it. BZZZZ, your phone buzzes from a new dm. Oh my god oh my god oh my god, you think, what if it’s Taylor! You unlock your phone to read, “hey, I just wanted to thank you for what you tweeted, it was really sweet. ☺️” Oh. My. God. This isn’t happening right now. You swiftly type out a reply saying, “Hi Tay! Of course, it was true. 😊” The little thing signaling that he was typing came up and you almost screamed with anticipation waiting for him to just send the freaking message. “Can I call you?” Am I dreaming? You dm back saying yes and your phone number. Immediately your phone starts buzzing, and you answer saying “Hello?” “Hey it’s Taylor” “Oh hey! What’s up?” Trying to play it cool like you haven’t been obsessed with this boy for forever, you try to sound casual. “I saw in your bio that you live in Indiana, and I was just wondering if you wanted to maybe hang out? I know it’s kind of late and we don’t really know each other but I want to get to know you. Also I’m pretty upset with some of the boys and I need someone to talk to.” “Yes I would love to hang out! I just have to get ready, pick me up in 20?” “Sounds awesome, just text me your address.” Kind of in a daze, you stand up and walk to the bathroom to throw on some makeup and fix your hair. When you decide you look pretty decent, you quickly run back to your room and strip off your pajamas, putting on a pair of black high waisted shorts, a faded gray tank top with the band Sublime on it, and some light blue vans. Spraying body spray on yourself, you run downstairs and scribble a note on the counter telling your mom you were going out with some friends. You are 18, so she doesn’t really care what you do she just likes to know where you are. Just as you finish writing the note, you receive a text from Taylor telling you he’s outside. Feeling butterfly’s in your stomach, you walk out the front door and lock it. Turning around, you are shocked by the gorgeous black Lamborghini parked in your driveway, and the even more gorgeous boy causally leaning against it. Gathering yourself, you walk over to him and he instantly pulls you in for a hug. You fit perfectly in the crook of his neck, smelling his delicious cologne and feeling the his tight muscles under your hands on his back. He almost whispers in your ear “Thank you for agreeing to see me.” His deep voices makes your breathe catch in your throat. “Thank you for asking.” You reply cooly. He slowly releases you from the embrace and opens the passenger door for you. You slide onto the soft leather and take a deep breathe as he walks around the car to the drivers side. “From Time” by Drake softly plays on the radio. Taylor gets in the car and tells you he wanted to go to a nearby forest preserve and just walk around. You agreed and you guys starting heading towards that way. Taylor moved his arm to rest on the center console, only an inch away from yours. The butterfly’s you felt earlier were starting to creep back again, and you forced them away because if you got nervous, then you couldn’t be confident, and confidence is sexy so you need that. Taylor pulled into a parking lot and put the car in park, pulling out the keys and pocketing them. You both got out of the car and starting walking towards the forest. The area and path was dimly lit by really old, vintage looking street lamps. I couldn’t imagine anything more romantic if I dreamt it. Admiring the beauty, you feel Taylor intertwine your fingers together and you look over to see him smiling at you, “Pretty, huh?” He asks. “Yes it’s gorgeous!” You both continue walking deeper into the forest. “Almost as gorgeous as you.” He remarks under his breath. You blush and sneak a glance at him, and he immediately breaks into a huge smile. “You know I’m already feeling better just being here with you.” Taylor says to you. “I almost forgot, what happened on twitter?” Over the course of the next few hours, you and Tay talked about almost everything. Starting with the whole situation with the boys, which he explained that he was just aggravated with them and they would work it out because they were all a family, and then continuing on to your personal lives, hobbies, and life goals. The conversation got pretty deep at times and you felt a true connection with Taylor that had not ever felt with any other boy. You came to a clearing in the forest where there was a small pond and a bench. The sun was just starting to rise, so you and Taylor sat on the bench and watched, cuddled together, feeling the crisp morning air. You shivered against Taylor’s body, and he blurts out, “Wow I’m stupid! I should have given you my sweatshirt like an hour ago I’m sorry babe, here!” When he called you babe it made your heart skip a beat and you could not lose the smile plastered on your face. In one swift motion he pulls off his navy blue crooks&castles sweatshirt, revealing a red magcon tank top underneath. While he fixed his hair that got slightly disheveled from pulling the sweatshirt off, you gaped at his arms. How could someone have such a perfect body, you thought to yourself. He caught you staring and had a smirk on his face, you blushed and looked down. He helped you put the sweater on and then cuddled you close again. The feeling of his strong arms around you and the closeness of your bodies was like no other. Silence fell upon you both as you intently watched the rising sun. You felt Taylor’s eyes on you, so you looked up and sure enough he was staring at you with a very serious look on his face. Before you knew what was happening, his lips crashed onto yours. His soft plump lips tasted like mint, and your mouths moved perfectly in sync. His arms wrapped around your lower back and your hands instinctively moved to his neck, one slightly tugging on his hair and the other clutching his warm skin. You slowly pulled away and he leaned his forehead against yours. Standing up, you grabbed his hand and started walking back to the car. Giggling and cracking jokes, you both got into the car and drove back towards your house. When you finally arrived, he turned the car off and you both just sat for a second. You turned to him and said “Well, I’m pretty tired, so I’d better go. Thank you so much for an amazing evening/morning” you both laughed “Come on, I’ll walk you to your door.” You both walked to the door and as you started to grab your keys out of your bag, Taylor grabbed your face and placed a soft, meaningful kiss on your lips, “Go inside, take a nap, and then I’ll be back here at 7 to pick you up because I’m taking you to dinner.” A small smile broke out on your face as you relied “Alright, I’ll you at 7 then.” He walked away and jumped into his car, driving away. You walked inside, and up to your room. Plopping down on your bed, you realized that you still had on Taylor’s sweatshirt. Shrugging, you switched your shorts for leggings and layed down in bed, thinking about how completely unreal the past few hours had been, and how amazing tonight was going to be.