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Working Title: Kuroo “Common Sense” Tetsurou leaves for one second and Stuff Happens

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So I just showed my little 12 year old brother Voltron and we got up to the ninth episode before we decided to go bed. At the end of our binge watch, I asked him who his favorite character was because he seemed to be really getting into the show. Now, I was expecting him to say maybe Lance or Keith or even Allura but then he turned to me said something I was kinda surprised at. 

“My favorite character is Hunk,” he said. 

If you know my brother, you’d understand why I was so shocked. He usually goes for either the super funny ones with flashy personalities (like Lance) or the somewhat brooding ones with kinda standoffish personalities (like Keith). I was kinda floored that he liked Hunk, who was typically funny, but didn’t really have any of the other traits his other favorite characters had. So I asked him about it.

“He’s a big guy, like me,” my brother said with a shrug. “He’s a badass, but he’s also chubby.”

And that’s when it hit me. My brother and Hunk practically have the same body type (save for my brother being younger). He liked Hunk because he saw someone who was bigger like him, but who was also a super cool ass-kicking space hero. And, honestly, I couldn’t be more happier that my little bro found a character he can look up to and relate to. 

Kitten Play

I know for a fact that I am a kitten… Well a big baby feline I should say because I am not a normal house cat. I’ll tell you that much at least. I have something that has been on my mind for quite awhile and it has to do with kitten play. 

I just want to be able to understand why all of the kitten play tag is about Little’s (which I have nothing against I am one as well) or controversy. Seriously why? The rest of the pet play tags don’t have this stuff. This might be because many people in kitten play are just following the trend or maybe some people are just so ignorant that they don’t know the difference.

I don’t mean to sound like a bitch. Or maybe I do. It’s too late at night for me to decide right now, but all I want to do is be able to look at the kitten play tag and see KITTEN PLAY STUFF! I DON’T WANT TO NOR SHOULD I HAVE TO SEE EVERYTHING, BUT KITTEN PLAY! 

I looked at it just now and found minors stating that kitten play is in the sigil tag. I am a witch as well, so why the hell is there kitten play in the sigil tag! Like seriously MINORS can be WITCHES too! Why are you sharing this KINK with them! You can’t blame them for seeing it! You are sharing it with them! 


Since @fangsmagicandinspiration made me a fic for one of my sketches, I made a sketch for a different scene in their fic! Maybe were just gonna have an endless cycle of making stuff inspired by the other and end up with a weird game of art/writing telephone lol

Check out their awesome fic here:

About my latest post

This is the first time, aside from my personal post, I posted something unrelated to Japanese VA or seiyuu. Honestly, I feel very anxious right now. The title of my blog is ‘Seiyuu’ and I just posted something I can’t tag as #seiyuu

It annoys me so much, but since quite long ago, I really, really want to start posting about the people behind anime production, and not only about the seiyuu. I want to write about the author, producer, singer…. I missed a lot of things by thinking that I SHOULD wait until 1000 posts and maybe change my direction.

I can’t change my blog title, and I honestly don’t want to. So I just want to tell all the people who follow me because of my seiyuu facts,

“Seiyuu is number one priority in this blog. It will never change. However, I really want to try putting extra information about the people behind anime production without ruining this blog’s seiyuu facts. Thank you for your understanding.”


Ri - Seiyuu’s Little Forest

  • me: *goes into a fandom**sees a ship I don't like*
  • me: I really hate this ship
  • me: maybe I should rant about it
  • me: and tag it with the ship's name to piss off its shippers!
  • me: OR...
  • me: I could just stay away from them
  • me: and leave them alone
  • me: and not be dick to people
  • me: and let them decide how to live their lives

tarot cards are so complex my little sister got me the Aleister Crowley deck for xmas (which i was v geeked about honestly my lil sis came T H R U with that gift it was p much the best gift) and i’ve been trying to figure this stuff out and it’s SO! Pretty! but i am so lost ahahaha////

1034) I often hate meeting new people. Every time they assume I’m straight and it comes up and I have to come out again. And again. Every time it gets more annoying. “Hey look at her!” No thanks I’m more interested in him. “That’s one of the perks of working here, lots of gorgeous girls.” That’s great, call me when you see a gorgeous guy. “You should shave your beard so girls will want to kiss you.” Nope, I’m growing it out so guys will. “Did I mention Sally has an eye on you?” Did I mention that I’m extremely homosexual? Seriously, do I need a sign or something? Maybe I’ll just start wearing a name tag that says hello I’m gay….


just chillin 3 days post op ✌🏼️
I am a feeble little non-binary noodle and kurt’s doing a spectacular job looking after me

The whole crushing-on-your-straight friend cliché is so unfairly real

But then there’re also the extremely inconvenient problems that come with it, but people seem to just choose not to mention it, like…

But is she/he really straight?

Maybe I should drop hints that I’m not?

Oh shit, now she/he thinks that I’m not straight, I better talk about something straight-y

No, wait, what if she/he was ok with me not being straight? What if she/he liked it? What if she/he also likes me?

I better talk about something non-straight-y


Well, shit.

Best friends are hard to say goodbye to :)

Actual conversation (one of the shallow ones I admit) between us about a friend’s fiancee:

Her: I don’t like her. She seems dumb.

Me: How do you say?

Her: She’s pouting in all her photos, Riddhi.

Me: Say no more.

To think I went to her with the stupidest stupid problem of my strange life about a month ago, a problem I wouldn’t even think of mentioning to anyone in my life, and how wonderful and understanding she was with it. And how stupid problems are not worth pondering over. Nothing can replace the place a best friend holds in your life. She’s not on tumblr (how I envy her for not being dependent on this fucked up website) or I’d have tagged her. I hope she kicks ass in Sri Lanka, and I hope we’re able to start that business together like we’ve dreamed to. What a wonderful life it would be! Love you bud :*

Oh look, I baked cake for @ndnprct3 and all the rest of my followers and mutuals!

the first time alec got to see magnus’ real eyes was one morning in magnus’ bed. it wasn’t the first time he stayed overnight but this time, he woke up before magnus. so he enjoyed watching his sleeping boyfriend, taking in his soft yet angular features that made him look so much younger, his beautiful and smooth skin and his cute plump lips. he smiled when he say magnus eyelids flutter slightly, sign that he was slowly waking up. when magnus finally opened his eyes, alec’s breath got caught in his throat, his own eyes widening a little. magnus, now fully awake, became aware of the fact that his glamour wasn’t up. he usually didn’t hide them first thing in the morning, mostly because he has spent the last hundred years waking up alone and when alec started sleeping here he had time to glamour them before he noticed. so he quickly closed his eyes again and hid his face in the pillow, heart beating fast. what was he afraid of? that alec would be scared by his eyes? or worse, disgusted? his mother killed herself when she saw them for the first time, after all. they’re his demonic mark, a reminder of what he really is. half demon. lost in his thoughts, magnus jumped a little when he felt the gentle touch of alec’s fingers on his cheek.
“i’m sorry alexander…i’m -” a quiet sob escaped his lips, surprising both of them. alec gently thumbed away the tears falling from magnus’ still closed eyes and whispered “magnus it’s okay…don’t be sorry” he paused. “you don’t need to hide them but you don’t have to show them to me either…not yet…not if you’re uncomfortable”. he gently stroked his cheekbone. 
magnus’ breath evened out and he seemed to relax a bit but his eyes remained closed. alec leaned in and gently kissed his eyelids, one after the other. it was magnus’ turn to lose his breath. his heart swelled; no one’s ever been so tender and understanding with him, he realised. the thought made him feel warm inside, like a fire slowly spreading from his toes to his head. he took one deep breath and finally opened his eyes again, not putting the glamour on. he was met by a smiling alec, whose eyes were shining brightly, clearly in awe of the sight in front of him. magnus did his best to not squirm under his deep stare and locked his eyes with alec’s. the latter was clearly out of words, mouth opening the slightest bit. magnus’ eyes were simply breathtaking; slit pupils circled by yellow and green. the morning sun making them look almost golden, like sparks of glitter reflecting the light. ethereal
magnus didn’t know how long they stayed like this, alec looking silently at him, like he was the most precious thing he’s ever seen, but the warmth he felt inside never seemed to fade away, growing stronger instead. he was feeling nothing but love, awe and passion. not fear like his mother once had, not hate like his step-father once had, not disgust like some shadowhunters do. but simple and pure adoration. 
alec eventually got out of his haze and smiled at magnus, not once breaking eye-contact. “you’re so beautiful”, he breathed out.
and maybe, just maybe, magnus could let himself believe in it for once. right then and there, when alec leaned down and placed his lips on magnus’, sunlight pouring over them through the window, enveloping them in its warm and comforting embrace.

My husband asked my father for permission to ask me to marry him. I was 26 years old and hadn’t lived at home in a decade. My parents live 2,000 miles away from me.

But my husband still asked him because he wanted to be respectful. And he liked the tradition of it. 

So, please … come tell me about how awful that tradition is. I’d love to hear about it.

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Behind the Scenes - Zen Fanfic Chapter 2

Title: Behind the Scenes
Game: Mystic Messenger
Characters: Zen X MC, 707, Yoosung, Echo Girl
Rating: Mature, it has a little smut in chapter 7 and swearing
Description: For self insert month I have written a multichapter fanfic about Zen meeting me at a theatre and how we fall in love. Can we get over the issue of the possibility of a long distance relationship? Maybe it’s Echo Girl who’s our true obstacle ;)
Chapters: 1

2nd chapter up for yous, I’m just starting on the final chapter now so, woo :D I won’t be able to post a chapter tomorrow cause I should be in work all day, anyway enjoy

Tagging the usual @hifftn @obiwanmcprobie @nitelotus @tygerlander but also @basically-lol cause I know she likes Zen and I just thought she’d might like this.

Why? Why did it have to be him? A stuck up, seriously attractive, womanizer who could get any lady he wanted. All he’d have to do is bat an eyelid and they’d come running. I seriously hated those people. However, I had to be professional, that was the problem.

“Thanks! Hi, I’m Ze… oh it’s stage door girl, Heather, am I right?” he asked.

Oh, cocky little so and so aren’t you? Calling me stage door girl. I couldn’t help my irritation deep down, but my professionalism, I could.

“Heather, yeah that’s me, hello again” I greeted him and he sat down on one of the sofa’s. I kept myself busy behind the bar. Anything to really avoid him. All I had to do was avoid him until the show started…for two whole weeks. Oh so much fun for me.

“Must be hard being so far away from home” he said, not even letting the silence kick in.

“Hmm? Kind of, but I’m enjoying myself so” I said, turning my attention to the till, trying to figure out the layout and such. Yes I could speak Korean well, but I still took a little longer to read it.

A little intrigued, Zen got up from the sofa and carefully stood behind me as I worked it out.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“If you’re struggling with reading what’s on the screen I can help” he smiled, moving closer to me.

I immediately put my hands up towards him, making him back off slightly.

“Whoa, little too close” I said.

“I’m sorry! That was rude of me, I’m so sorry!” he backed off instantly, which wasn’t what I expected. Something in my gut made me trust his apology, that it was genuine. Had I gotten him wrong? Womanizers had always pushed and pushed, this wasn’t what he was doing. For one thing he was mature about me asking him to back off.

“Thanks for the offer but I can do it” I said, watching him move back to the sofa.

He nodded and sat back down on the sofa, crossing his legs. The bar fell silent. With still over an hour until the show actually started, I didn’t exactly want the bar to be filled with an awkward silence. I saw some plastic cups on the side and picked one up.

“Do you want a drink of water?” I asked, smiling kindly to him.

He looked up and met my eyes, smiling back at me.

“Sure, thank you”

“Do you want warm water?” I asked just before I turned the tap on.

“Huh?” he looked more bewildered I had asked that than confused.

“Well, I know you’re singing in this so you need your voice warm not cold, I heard actors don’t drink cold water before a show so, thought I’d offer” I explained myself.

“No-ones asked me that before” he chuckled “warm water would be nice, thank you” but he still didn’t move from the sofa.

Realising I must have scared him a little, I filled up the cup and placed it on the bar counter for him to come and fetch. I leant back against the wall and he eventually stood up, taking the cup in his hand and taking a swig of the water. I laughed internally, it was like waiting for a scared bird to come forward to eat some seed from your hands.

“Thanks” he said, staying on his side of the bar.

“You’re welcome” I smiled.

Maybe I had gotten this guy wrong. So far he seemed genuine, the only thing that kept niggling at me was the whole girls fawning over him. I could see why, if I had saw this guy at a bar or café my eyes would gravitate to him. His aura was intense, but being an actor he would have that naturally, every good actor had this…this…air around them. As my eyes glanced over his face, I began to think more logically. Just because girls drooled over him, it didn’t mean he used them or even liked the attention, a human was a multifaceted thing, everyone was different, I had to judge this guy once I got to know him. I just hoped he wasn’t like the other actors I had met before.

“So, what made you…” I began.

“Want to be an actor?” he asked.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“What? Isn’t that what you wanted to ask?” he leant on his elbows on the bar.

“No, I wanted to ask what made you say this theatre was beautiful and that the staff are amazing” I kept laughing. Yeah, deep own he was an actor, always presuming the question was about them.

Was that a blush I saw?

“Oh….sorry, you must think I’m a bad person now” he said gingerly.

“Not at all, I’m used to actors so” I said, folding my arms.

“Doesn’t excuse my behaviour” I was taken aback slightly but I smiled.

“Go on, tell me why you became an actor then” I chuckled.

“No no, your first question first, I said that because it’s true, I’ve worked here for a while now with my agency, and every time I come here the staff are so friendly and welcoming, even the new ones who I’ve never met before” he said, his eyes glistening slightly with his passion for this place “the building isn’t exactly centuries old like maybe your own back in England, but it has beautiful designs and, man, looking out from the stage into the audience when the house lights are up…it takes your breath away”

My smile disappeared for a second before returning even bigger. It was clear he was passionate about the place, everything inside it included.

“I may have to give that a look” I said.

“Please do, it’s a gorgeous sight to see! But tell me about yours, what’s your home theatre like?” he queried.

“Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, just like you said, if you stand right at the front, like right in front of the pit, and look up…wow, I was told by a supervisor there, when I was a new starter, that whenever you feel stressed out or just run down because of the job, come to the front and look up for a few minutes, it’ll give you the answer”

“That’s a beautiful way of putting it” he almost sighed “it’s nice to see someone just as passionate about the theatre as us actors are”

“Most of the staff are” I smiled.

For some reason the hour with Zen flew by. We had been talking none stop about the theatres he had worked in, what shows were my favourite to work, which ones weren’t, he was so easy to talk to. I was starting to see why the girls liked him so much, nice, kind, approachable, I could even picture his girlfriend if he had one. She would be tall, stunning, maybe an agent or something in a similar field to him.

I had been wrong about him to an extent, I couldn’t make a full judgement just yet, but I felt like I was definitely becoming friends with this man.

I binned the plastic cup he had finished drinking out of and he limbered up slightly, getting ready to run out of the bar on his cue.

“See you tomorrow, yeah?” he asked.

“Sure, break a leg” I grinned, standing behind him so I could shut the door after.

“Thanks, I look forward to it” he smiled back and ran out on his cue.

As I listened to him delivering his lines, I heard some of the audience gasp at seeing him so close. I couldn’t help but smile as I closed the door, already looking forward to my next shift tomorrow.