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I have something to say

I love Dear Evan Hansen with all my heart. I love the fandom a lot less though. Why? The shippers. I don’t know about you, but the show means a lot more to me than the ships. So why are we arguing and putting people down about them. Seriously. Is Dear Evan Hansen not about acceptance and understanding those around us? The least we can do as a fandom is put down our petty issues and just get along.

Sure maybe you don’t like a ship, that’s fine no one should forcing you to! Maybe you don’t like a character, that’s also okay! But is it not a little pathetic that this fandom is warding off people because of the shipping discourse? Yes, I have my notps, but I’m not openly complaining about them and sticking them in the tags WHILE putting people down. That’s not cool.

It doesn’t matter if you ship Kleinsen, Tree Bros, Connman, Sincerely Three, Zoe and Evan, Zoe and Jared, Galaxy Girls (zolana) or any other ship, there are way better things to discuss and debate other than ships.

You are welcome to complain about them, really it’s your opinion! BUT can we please avoid discourse and not tag anti stuff in ship or main tags? Not to mention avoid insulting shippers?

For example!
Instead of Tree Bros write Tr*e Bros.
Instead of Kleinsen write Kle*nsen
Instead of Zolana write Z*lana

Because no matter how much you hate a ship, is it really worth scaring new fans away? Or starting discourse? No, it isn’t.

Can we please just take a step back and actually realize how little shipping actually matters in comparison to the show? Please feel free to message me or add onto here. I just want the shipping discourse to stop.

rachelhanke27  asked:

Hey Charlie! First off, I adore your art. It gives me all the feels. Secondly, since you're primarily a self taught artist I'm wondering if you have any resources you strongly recommend for someone hoping to someday have a similar job to yours in concept art? If you've already answered this question just let me know and I'll comb through your blog to find it!


I think, along with resources, I’d always recommend having a good idea of what ‘area’ you want to work in too. My job is kind of a strange one (in that it’s an house job but we’re not producing the games or films or actual products.) We are a step in the production line. I get to be part of sweet projects, but also I get to be part of many… I’m not locked into whatever a studio might be making for 2 or 3 years etc. My fingers are in a lotta pies.

The reason I say that is because a lot of people coming into concept will likely need more skills than I have. I am 95% a 2D artist. I work with 3D but very rarely, and not enough to know the inns and outs. I like 2D… and I consider illustration to be the sweetest spot of all the work I do, so I’m quite happy with that balance (and I’m an old fucking curmudgeon and I don’t wanna learn no 3D.)

If you went for a traditional role in a games studio, it will probably be more expected for you to be fluent in 3D. Not always of course! But it’s likely another good skillset to have. Purely 2D (just art focused) roles are not something that I see as often as mutiltasking roles. Which makes a lot of sense. 2D art is often mostly needed at the beginning of a project, and briefly at the end. In my seven years at Atomhawk I’ve seen a lot of people in other studios laid off, and a lot of studios go under. So, multitasking roles mean people will always have something to do.

APOLOGIES. I’M SOUNDING A LITTLE DOOM AND GLOOM. Great jobs exists! People will always make cool stuff!

I’m very much a jack of all trades and my job demands a lot of different things: characters / turn arounds / outfit designs / expression sheets / illustration / marketing art / pitch art / but it’s all primarly focused around characters. So. If characters are what you want - look into that! I would say that when it comes to apply for / getting work etc, we always love to see range. If someone isn’t showing me all the process behind their work it’s likely the first thing I’m going to ask for when it comes to an interview. I think if you have shiny work (on a freelance basis) a client would have enough confidence in the end result. But for a production role like mine, I wanna see that stuff.

Rough sketches through to shiny polished work. The whole lot. I want it all. I want to see people’s thinking! I’m rambling.

First of all: be able to draw well. Know your characters. Know your figures. Know your anatomy enough to make it convincing and be able to twist it when you need to. We get a lot of people who apply, who, quite simply (don’t hate me) are not good enough yet. We have people who work in tons of different styles and methods but at the heart of it, they can draw well.

DESIGN. Mother of god. Design. Drawing well is the first step, but you also have to have that creative flair to be able to come up with ideas and be able to sell them convincingly. Drawing the thing is only half the battle. No one wants a beautifully rendered character wearing the most impractical / boring outfit you’ve ever seen (just an example). Thinking logically about design is something I’ve seen underestimated many times over the years. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s more important than someones drawing abilities. When it comes down to it, drawing is just the tool to represent the design.

Resources wise: the internet is your oyster! Cast a wide net. Create the kind of work you want to do but also push yourself. I think the results are usually better when artists find an area they’re good in and the push the boundaries of that. Better than trying to be a jack of every single trade possible. Don’t have an awesome portfolio full of character work and then think ‘oh, wait, this is just characters, maybe I should stick a fucking car in there too?’ YOU KNOW? Do what you do - and do it well.

Briefly just a few of the things that helped me most: any massive black videos you can find. Mostly for process. Jason Chan’s videos easily had the most impact for me, both in learning how to improve my process and painting the kind of characters I wanted to. Micheal Hampton and Mike Mattesi (force) for anatomy and energy in poses. Your peers! Your favourite artists in the industry at the moment! The places and people you will learn the most from are always so very individual.

Shit that was long. Good luck!

PS. It’s also my humble opinion that you should never take all of your advice from just one person - just take the pieces that click for you :)

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i didnt want to say this before but man.. Danny kind of.. sucks, at least in the heart of canon. i get that he's young and learns "Those Valuable Lessons" and but people dont acknowledge most of this douchebag's shitty antics cause he's a cute boy or whatever. although Danny has a very excellent premise for a character, he is sincere sometimes, but overall its not executed well. he falls into too many awful high school tropes

i guess im glad people are making use of his character premise by reading too closely than the show intended, or by making content of their own interpretations. but we cant ignore that he is quite a goddamned piece of hell shit who i fucking hate in the real show sometimes. i feel there’s just too much emphasis on a character and show that wasn’t well crafted and well managed to begin with. its kinda sad when all the hate is somehow directed towards other characters like Sam.

it feels like most people are praising him and the overall show for what they imagine it to be instead of what it actually is. srsly this awful goddamned fuckboy sells stuff garage lab items he aint supposed to just to buy some fucking clothes??? uses ghost powers to spy girls in their locker room?? he fuckin destroys ghost writer’s writing and then doesnt feel sorry about it just cause it’s christmas-related and he’s so pissy about it.

so.. yeah. i dont get why people think he’s literal kid Jesus and always wants to protect this little fucker. he puts himself in alot of mess. the “D” on his suit stands for “dick”, bc that’s what he is.  i want to beat him up sometimes


Normally, I delete all character hate on sight, because the point of my blog is to focus on the show’s strengths and how the weaknesses could’ve been done better. I get critical sometimes, but I like focusing on a characters’ strengths rather than their poor writing and garbage like that.

This was so long, detailed, and harsh that it’s really hard to ignore. Maybe I should. Stick to my guns and not let some anonymous rant change how I work. You came to me, though, so if you want to debate this, then alright. I’ll bite.

First off, who in the fandom is portraying Danny as a kid Jesus? Maybe it’s just the circles I’m familiar with, but one of the most reblogged posts that pops up in my notifications is one with a ton of additions arguing why Danny totally deserves to suffer. The majority of the fandom loves tormenting this kid. Even those that do say he needs to be protected never claim he has no flaws. Far from it. They just acknowledge he has it hard for a kid and he deserves a break sometimes.

Second, have you ever…met a 14 year old? As someone who spent most of his career life working with kids and who is the oldest of 5 (with one brother who’s turning 14 this November), lemme tell you that the main trio are saints for their age.

People talk about the terrible twos, but 14 year olds are so much worse. I’m not slamming them, because it makes sense. They’re in a tough transition period between childhood and adulthood. Adults tell them to act more mature, but refuse to acknowledge their voices in serious situations. Middle school and high school are cutthroat places, and one mistake can ruin the entirety of the four-six years you spend there. They’re pressured to get good grades or they’ll fail, they have to be part of the cool crowd or they’ll fail, and people are more likely to blame them for whatever goes wrong in their lives than anything that goes on around them.

Doesn’t change the fact that they can be little demons sometimes. With all the hormones and drama, young teenagers can be really emotional and make problems bigger than they seem. They can be harsh and judgmental, because that’s the environment they’re being exposed to. They need guidance, but they don’t want it. They argue with adults and to some, it seems like they want to make their own lives miserable. They can be tough to work with unless you’re willing to take them as seriously as they take themselves, and most people don’t want to bother.

There are shitty things Danny does in canon, but that’s true for literally every fourteen year old. And heck, are you telling me you didn’t do some ridiculously stupid stuff at that age? I actually stole money from my folks to buy something I wanted. My group of friends frequently set stuff on fire in their backyards. And fuck, nobody can prove Danny was spying on girls in the locker room. While I think the scene is shit and refuse to accept it as canon, all we see is Danny coming out of the locker room. He could’ve been just looking to see what it was like in there. Nothing says there were actually girls in there. But I’m so sick of talking about that shit scene, so I’m gonna leave it at that.

Danny has flaws. He can be selfish and petty and inconsiderate. But really? You wanna beat him up for that?

Are you forgetting that he canonically already does get beaten up every single episode? Whether it’s by ghosts, bullies, his own goddam parents, or whatever, getting beat up is something he’s familiar with.

The reason some fans cut him some slack is because, hey, yeah. He is a kid, and you know what? He’s entitled to be a dick sometimes. He loses sleep every night, almost dies on a daily basis, has his dreams ripped away from him often, and is picked on at school. Despite all of that, he still fights ghosts to keep his town safe, and he’s under no obligation to do that. He saves lives, even when people hate him for it. He puts himself in danger, even for those who are cruel to him. He tries to use his powers for the right reason more often than not, and he’ll take the high road against his bully because he feels like he shouldn’t stoop to his level.

We acknowledge that canon can be shit. We acknowledge that sometimes, Danny’s writing makes him out to be a dick. At the “heart of canon,” though, as you so eloquently put it, he’s the kid who risked his life for a little girl he barely knew that nobody else would miss. He’s the one who saves the lives of his own bully, the teacher who used to be so hard on him, and the parents he fully believes would cut him open if they knew what he was. He’s the one who could so easily be Vlad, but instead he tries his best to be a hero.

You’re under no obligation to like him, and you don’t have to ignore the shitty parts of canon like some of us do. I do it just because I enjoy thinking about what the show could’ve been, not what it was. You don’t have to do that, though.

But really, are you going to march into your nearest high school and beat the shit out of the first kid you see messing up? Seriously? You honestly think that the mistakes Danny makes outweigh the good he’s constantly trying to do enough that he deserves that? Even when he already gets beat up in every single episode already?

Well, fine. That’s your pessimistic opinion. It’s not fact, though. How many cartoons do you watch? You gonna beat up Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron, too? They can be right assholes. What about Jake Long? He’s a shallow, obnoxious, irresponsible kid a lot of the time. Sure, he’s just 13, but why should we show mercy to kids who mess up? Serena/Usagi from Sailor Moon? Yeah, let’s ignore all the people defending her and just focus on the fact that the show makes her a dumb kid who doesn’t have enough backbone to immediately become the savior of the galaxy. Come to think of it, where’s your rant about Dash Baxter? Or is he not popular enough for you to rag on?

Perfect characters aren’t the ones who are the most upstanding. They’re the ones who are realistic and flawed. So Danny sells his parents stuff. So he sneaked into the girls’ locker room. So he took out his anger on an innocent person.

I’m not saying any of those things weren’t wrong, what I’m saying is that kids make fucking mistakes. And sometimes, they’re huge ones. Sometimes, kids get curious and break into a house. Sometimes they get hungry at the store and shoplift. Sometimes they lie and cheat and make fun of each other. Sometimes they can be perverted little leaches.

So fucking what? We’ve all been there. We all need to learn and grow.

And seriously, if you’re going to be one of those people who gives Sam a break, don’t turn around and start criticizing Danny for the same shitty writing he sometimes gets. That hypocrisy is exactly why I so adamantly defend Sam.

I don’t know what you wanted to accomplish with these asks. Maybe you just wanted to vent. Maybe you were looking to stir up drama. Maybe you don’t know what you wanted and you just sent these asks randomly without any real reason.

Regardless of what you think, I’m still gonna enjoy my fucking fictional character, even if I don’t always agree with how he’s written. I relate to him, his struggles, and even his mistakes. You have fun ripping on characters people like because you don’t think they should be allowed to make mistakes, but let the rest of us have our fun, too. You’re not helping anyone with this, so maybe just fuck off, m’kay?

Being stupidly nice is kind of my thing, but I’m tired of putting up with this self righteous crap. Let characters fuck up. Let fans rewrite things they don’t like. Let people enjoy their fucking cartoon, because they aren’t hurting anyone. I’ve yet to find a single phan who considers the DP cartoon to be completely canon anyway. They enjoy it for the fan content or the few really spot on episodes. We’re already aware that there’s shitty stuff in there, and we don’t need you to tell us.

If I ever get any asks like this that rip on characters for stupid, petty reasons again, I’m deleting them on sight. That was my initial plan anyway, but I really needed to say my piece here.

Tumblr, maybe stop being such judgmental pieces of fucking shit, okay? You’ll accomplish nothing good by being so harsh toward anything that doesn’t fit your standard of “perfect.”

obsidianvsyurei  asked:

Hi! Thank you for responding! They also said that I focus too much on making it look pretty and that its getting in the way of my mechanics? I'm not sure if they are just telling me to animate simpler looking characters? I was wondering if you had any advice or maybe something I should try?

Hey obsidianvsyurei
I know exactly where you’re coming from - because I’ve heard that same criticism before. They aren’t saying that you should stick to simpler looking characters (because you can spend a lot of time making a simple character look good), but that your focusing too much on how the drawing looks over the performance itself. If you find yourself spending way too long on one drawing during the initial first pass, then that’s something you can change up. The first pass should be as loose as possible - this is so that you can focus on the overall performance. This is where your thirty second life drawing/observational gesture drawings come to play.

Since you only have a short amount of time to capture your subject, your drawings should be really loose and that you’re trying to capture the gesture and energy of your supposed model. Don Hahn’s drawing life books elaborate more on this!

So with that being said,  your first pass should first focus on the overall performance other than how detailed the drawings look. This means, create a short hand of your character! 

With simpler shapes and more gestural lines, you can focus on things like squash and stretch, its easier to exaggerate your drawings; making your drawings bolder. You’ll notice that you feel more confident in animating something like a stick man over something with a lot of design beauty. So the thing to be loose and simple in your first approach. 

Once you feel that your performance is solid, then you can add another pass on top of those roughs where you can finally tie down your drawings with a bit more detailed.

I know these aren’t the best examples since they don’t really showcase an acting/performance choice - but its the only files I do have that still has a first pass laid out hahaha!

Another practice you can do is to thumbnail all of your acting before you even start laying all the initial drawings. That can help you find the statements you want.

Anyways those are my two cents, hope this helps!

The korean dramas I’m currently watching

It feels like it’s been forever since my last post (I think it’s been a whole month). I got really busy and I was just not in the right state of mind to write anything. That didn’t prevent me from watching dramas though but lately my drama schedule is packed! I’m curently watching four dramas on monday and tuesday, two on wednesdays and thursdays, and then on friday and sundays I’m watching one more! On top of that I’m still into variety shows so I don’t know how I’m still managing to also have a life but that’s another story. Here are my thoughts on the dramas in case you want to start watching a kdrama and don’t know which one to chooose.

Man to man

My favorite drama that’s currently airing. If you like action with a splash of romcom then this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!


This TVN show was publicized as the return of the network to edgy dramas and so far, so good. The first four episodes are thrilling and the plot makes twists in every turn that keep you wondering what is coming next. This sci-fi about the disappearance of two brothers is divided in two parts: one in 2017 and another in 2037.

Suspicious partners. 

This Ji Chan Wook romcom/suspense/legal drama gave me mixed emotions for the first two episodes and then it got good! The two main characters are charmingly damaged and their chemestry is on point.

Third rate my way.

This drama is a romcom about two best friends whose relationship starts to change when they decide to follow their long forgotten dreams. For me, it’s just a fun and Park Seo Joon with Kim Jiwon make this drama worth it all.

Ruler: master of the mask.

This historical drama gives me a lot of mixed emotions. I think there’s moments where I really enjoyed it and maybe I’m not being patient with it but for me there’s some bad choices made for the main character and the character Ji Sun played by Infinite’s Myungsoo. There’s a couple of episodes where it feels like the main lead whines all the times. The plus side: Kim So Hyun always does good and the humor is well done.

My sassy girl.

So this one I was waiting since last year when I heard it was happening. After Joo Won was casted I was like “OMG yes!” The result though is not so good. Set in Joseon it tries to emulate the character from the successful korean movie by the same name. For me the problem is the lead actress. The original sassy girl played by Jun Ji Hyun felt like was just insane and even if she ended up making Cha Tae Hyun’s character suffer  she had so much charisma she could pull it off. This version even if it’s only on its first week lacks in that regard. When she violently gets him into trouble it all feels like a tantrum and the unnecesary yelling becomes monotonous and at times annoying. Let’s hope this changes in the next few episodes.

My secret romance.

This drama is a straight up romcom with a very uninteresting plot and a really bad editing. As far as I know OCN does action/crime shows and maybe they should stick with it because this one had nothing original to offer. I’m not gonna lie I started watching because I like Joon Hoon. He might not be one of the best actors in dramaland but he is charismatic and cute. I stuck with it hoping eventually it would get better. The thing that made me mad all the way to the last episode-that I watch just a couple of hours ago- is that the female lead was a character with no growth. SPOILER?!! She started as a self concious shy girl and ended up the same just plus a boyfriend. The feminist in me really started to flare up after watching each episode.

Question!!! Being as I'm not streaming.
  • When I draw Overwatch characters, should I do what I did with D. Vs and make them more semi realistic? Or should I make them more of my more cartoony style like usual?
  • I've been thinking about it and literally everyone makes them all on the more semi realistic side but not a mix of that and cartoon and maybe I should just stick to my roots and be more cartoony? Idk. : V
  • Any input/thoughts?
(EVEN More) Design Trivia from The World of PL!

Let’s talk about Lady Dahlia, because she deserves some attention. 

When asked who the hardest character to draw was, Nagano relied, ‘The woman known as Dahlia in “Curious Village”. In the “Professor Layton” world, she is someone who would be considered beautiful. This was difficult for me because I had decided I wasn’t going to use any obvious or popular “beautiful” or “cute” elements in the characters.’

Curious Village automatically has ‘oldest’ graphics, since it’s the first game, but this also works to its advantage. This was the first time we’d ever seen the PL style. The character designs were fresh and new, and to this day I can remember most of St. Mystere’s NPCs, whereas I struggle with them in the later games. It helps that we have a smaller ‘main’ cast in this game: Layton, Luke, The Reinhold family, Ramon, Matthew, Bruno, Granny Riddleton and Don Paolo, firstly disguised as Chelmey. With the game’s initial release, no other characters had been established, so the ones we’re presented with easily stuck in our minds.   

There’s no ‘template’ design for any of the characters yet… unless you include Lady Dahlia originally being designed to look like Flora’s mother, Viola/Violet. But at least there was an in-game reason for that, and its part of one of the biggest plot twists of the game. When she was first created, after Viola’s death, Dahlia was even more similar to Viola. Their similarities saddened Baron Reinhold, so Bruno changed her personality to that of Lady Dahlia. 

(Me vs. my beautiful younger cousin.)

Dahlia may be ‘beautiful’, but so much of her personality shines through in her character animations. She can be furious, thoughtful, worried and happy… and she doesn’t even have the added bonus of a 3D sprite

Dahlia is beautiful and dynamic. Sadly, we only really see Flora’s sprite at the very end of CV, so we don’t see much emotion from her. At least Flora gets a greater variety of sprites in later games, and she gets plenty of screen-time as the heroine of the original trilogy!  

Anyway, back to Dahlia. I think it’s true Nagano put a lot of effort into drawing her, and making her stand out. He even worked over the ‘Golden Week holiday’(?), only to get rejected by Hino. Apparently, his ‘first few attempts at beauty were a little deformed’…

I actually want to see those ‘deformed’ designs. If Sheffield can be based off a piece of duct tape, why can’t a main female character be based off a stick of glue? Or a banana? (Emmy, maybe?) Or a plant pot?  

 Or I guess Level 5 can just keep re-using the cute little doll template… 

(Once again, I hope this post hasn’t been overly critical of Nagago’s designs. Many of these are his designs, so he can do what he likes at the end of the day, and we should respect his creative choices. But at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with discussing these designs or hoping for more diversity in the Layton series.)

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Hello KenKen-chan! I am new to the SnK fandom and one of my fave ships is rivamika. However, some say it cannot happen due to the age gap. Do you believe it can become cannon? If yes why? Thank you for your time! btw your blog is amazing :D

Hello anon and welcome to the SnK fandom! I hope you’re enjoying your time so far. Sorry to have not responded to this sooner. Life happened, and you know how it is.

It’s nice to meet a fellow RivaMika shipper. It makes my heart feel warm whenever we have new people join.

Now concerning your question, and considering that you’re new, I’m not sure whether you’re up-to-date with the manga, or if you’re an anime-only. My blog isn’t spoiler-free (it contains manga spoilers) which is mentioned in my description and about page. My response to this will include manga spoilers, considering the anime doesn’t have much material for the ship to begin with, so if you haven’t caught on with that, I suggest you do. If you want a spoiler-free blog about RivaMika, you can check out @spoilerfree-rivamika by my dear friend @canon-rivamika

If we take anime-RivaMika, we only have that one scene in the trial, and the one in the forest of the giant trees, where Levi saved Mikasa’s life and teamed up with her against the Female Titan/Annie. After that we don’t really have much. We can count the recent scene we had in episode 28 (3) in the second season, even though it was changed and it didn’t hold a strong meaning to it anymore. I really liked @miiiikasaaaa‘s post about it, though. It made me feel slightly better and less bitter.

With the latest manga events, the age gap argument is semi-irrelevant now because of the time-skip.

We haven’t seen the main characters yet, but seeing Reiner and Zeke in the recent chapter (92) is enough to confirm the time-skip, which means Mikasa and the others are now, at least, 19 years old, which makes them legal in most countries. Personally the age gap was never a problem to me anyways and I talked about this more when I replied to a different anon if you want to check it out. If the age gap was the only argument people had against RM becoming canon, boy oh boy, did Isayama invalidate their argument entirely.

You want to know if I think RivaMika will be canon? I feel kind of responsible when people ask me about my opinions, especially about things they’re passionate about, because I certainly don’t want to crush their hopes, or build them higher than what the future events might bring to the story.

My question to you is: does it really matter if RivaMika does or doesn’t become canon? I understand; having a canon ship must be a lovely experience that few of us get to have, but in the end, I just love to think about it this way: if my ship makes me happy when it isn’t canon, do I really need it to be so in order to keep enjoying it? Does canon immediately erase all the moments and interactions we had, all the character and relationship development, simply because the ship isn’t canon? In that case, why would I ship pairings that aren’t canon already? I should just stick with Hannah and Franz, maybe if I’m desperate, I’ll also ship Carla and Grisha, or Dina and Grisha, perhaps even combine them into an OT3.

I hope this doesn’t sound rude, because I’m not trying to be, at all. I’m just trying to let you know that you can still enjoy RivaMika, and any other ship, without it becoming canon. If you came to the RM fandom, expecting the ship to happen for real, with an actual romantic relationship in the story, I’d say you made a huge mistake.

Not even ships that are relatively close to being romantic have a chance at this point, because romance isn’t the focus of SnK. Not to mention how much Isayama is fond of killing characters and sinking ships, so why should we worry about that when we can enjoy the material we have for the ship so far, because we have it and nothing can take it away from us.

We have some great fanfics and fanarts for the ship, done by amazing writers and artists, and most of the time that is enough. It makes the pairing feel alive and real, probably more than it could ever be in the original story, and that’s just fine and enough. We crave more, for sure, but it’s best to keep our expectations low and enjoy what we have, instead of what we don’t, and possibly never will.

Concerning my expectations for the ship, the only kind of hope I have for RivaMika is that Mikasa and Levi might end up being the only survivors, which is solely because of their Ackerman bloodline and survival powers. Levi has too many death flags already, though, but I do have some hope for him to make it through the story.

Thank you for the ask, and for complimenting my blog too. I do hope this helped in a way to cheer you up.

Character VS Awkwardness.

Person- you got a second, *name*?
Character- There is only one of me.

Person- what’s the word, *nickname*?
Character- a shortened version of my name.

Person- Son of a bitch…
Character- Actually, this man is entirely human, and his mother was in no way a canine- oh okay, I didn’t get it.

Person- sticks and stones may break my bones-
Character- actually sticks when sharper can stab people, not just break their bones, and boulders actually have the capability to crush a person’s whole body, including their internal organs.
*screams in the distance*

Person- go talk to him.
Character- *stares at crush, who is doing something amazing*
Character- maybe I should leave and not take your advice at all.

Person- there has to be a way to stop him, like a cage or-
Character- put him on a leash, since he’s dog-like.
Person- kinky

Character- *picks up a note book*
Character- why did the chicken cross the road?
Character-…Probaly to get hit by a car and become roadkill.
Person- Jesus Christ

(Meeting crush for the first time).
Crush- Heya~
Character- Hello.
Crush- not much of a talker then.
Character- quieter people can take the time to hear the screams of their enemies
(Everyone facepalms while crush stares in shock).
Character- thankfully there’s only a twelve percent chance of that happening.

(Meeting tall person).
tall person- hi.
character- hello.
tall person- you’re really short.
character- well that’s because you’re very tall for your age. Of course, this would mean you have a mutated gene that causes gigantism which slowly leads to bone and back problems. I would assume that you will die by the age of 34.
(Tall is speechless and wants to press the leave option).

Title: We are buried in broken dreams (we are knee deep without a plea)
Word count: 7046
Relationship: Robert Sugden/Aaron Dingle
Summary: He copes; it’s just what he does. He shoulders on, marching through the chaos, that is his own mind and just copes. Until he can’t, and well, it all goes to hell from there. 

(Or the one where Robert has a mental break and is forced to confront his demons.)


*Warning for: a character having a mental break, and unreliable character narration (third person).*

Just a note

So I don’t exactly know what happened and I know that I don’t really get a saying in this whole “drama” (and I’d probably get messages like stfu later). Y'all but I honestly think those people who are sending hates to other people are overreacting and a lil extra?? Like I mean no offense but honestly we can all express our opinions so why tf curse someone when they talk about their own? Everyone has their thoughts on different things, you don’t gotta throw all these shady comments and ruin a Fandom’s peacefulness just because you think your fav character is getting attacked or whatsoever. For instance y'all can tell I’m a Drake fan to death and there are also people in the fandom who is anti drake and post stuff about drake that they disapprove, now you don’t see me all worked up and talk shit now do you? I know I’m one of the youngest in this fandom and I probably shouldn’t stick my nose into other people’s business but maybe some of y'all should take some time and think about other people’s feelings, how your word can mostly likely effect their behavior. So please those people who are apparently directing hate and asking others to leave this fandom, take a moment to chill off and think okay?

heir of grief

Fandom: Moana
Words: 1,470
Category: Gen
Relationship: Moana & Maui

Tumblr-exclusive scribbling!

Summary: The passage of time is inevitable, even for those touched by the gods. 

Sometimes, you look at her and you see yourself.

It’s a quick wink, the blink of an eye that she picked up from you. It’s your motions in the way she ties her hair. It’s the way she sails, chest puffed and proud as she soars from atop the mast, as comfortable in the sky as she is in the sea. It’s her hands firm around her oar, fingers light as they taste the current.

Sometimes, you look at her and you see the wayfinders of old.

It’s the way she dances with the ocean in the evening. It’s her fingers, lining up against the stars, head cocked and one eye closed. It’s the feet she dips in the sea, her bubbling laugh as she teases the ocean about one thing or another. It’s her voice, loud and proud through the shell of a conch, the excited joy in her eyes as she spots an emerald smudge on the underside of a cloud. You look at her and you see the Master Wayfinders of old.

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alm0131 replied to your post “oh the discourse. I am one of those people who does not like Sam’s…”

Why bother to tell people this? Just quit watching.


replied to your post

“oh the discourse. I am one of those people who does not like Sam’s…”

Maybe you should just stop watching?

Bc I’ve seen a lot of discussion about it and wanted to comment? Just because I don’t like Sam’s acting or this season so far doesn’t mean I hate the show or don’t enjoy it. I was saying I don’t agree with Sam’s acting choices he spoke about recently on twitter re: 3x06. Not everything revolves around Jamie Fraser.  There are other characters and storylines worth sticking around for. I was just updating anyone who may have noticed my inactivity. geez. forgive me for writing a post on my own blog on my feelings about the show and its recent drama in the fandom jfc

kalatash  asked:

Man, your character design skills are top notch. I'm lucky if I can think of "a thing with another thing that's not expected on the first thing". Maybe I should stick with the vagueness of text.

that’s a perfectly viable method for making a character! you just have to push the concept; after adding the unexpected thing, think of a detailed reason why it’s there, add more unusual details that support the central thing, and tie them all together in color and form so it looks like a believable creature.

eg, wings on a dog, the deviantart sparkledog classic.

think of why: it is because the wingdog is an aerial pack predator domesticated by winghumans.

think of what would arise from this naturally: in order to fly, the wingdog has a large chest, a sleek aerodynamic head with small outer ears, thin low-weight legs, so maybe most similar to a racing dog like a borzoi or greyhound. needs a hexapodal body plan with the wings as the front limbs, and if feather wings, then a feathered body, maybe give it some creepy hawk eyes bc that would be rad, also hawk-like patterning, as predators rarely have flashy colors (sorry sparkledogs. there can be sparkle winghorses instead), a flat feathered tail that can be used for steering and braking, maybe something like a maniraptor’s if you want the tail to be longer than a typical bird tail. and because it’s domestic, we can feel free to add decorations like collars and harnesses to the animal, although they should not interfere with the movement of the wings or legs.

think of what you’ll actually need to draw: feathers, a sleek form with the center of mass in the chest, and a color palette with mostly natural colors (pick your favorite bird of prey and go from there), but a few unnatural ones derived from it to add to harness/collar.

then draw the thing:

congrats, it’s wingdog!

this is my normal method for creating creatures and characters, although i usually push the concept beyond this point, or i have a more complex environment and history for the character, or i add more than one unexpected feature and take all of them into account during design. for this i didn’t push the design too much mostly because it still needed to be recognizable as a canine, but even then it’s a thousand times more believable and dynamic than wings taped to a dog.

and don’t get discouraged if you make a few flops, it takes practice and experience in what clicks and what doesn’t. art works like that. plus, the nice part about characters is that you can always scratch their current design and start over.

anonymous asked:

You have any self-ships? (Romantic/Platonic/Family-like?)

Me + Everyone in Overwatch = True Love

Anyway yeah, I have a lot of self-ships. <D I’ll stick with just Overwatch characters, though, ‘cause who y’all are here for. 

Romantically: McCree mainly (as y’all should know by now); there’s a few others but he’s like The Main Self-Ship

Platonic: D.Va (I think she’d be one hell of a sister-friend), Lucio, Tracer, maybe Lynx, Genji, Zenyatta 

Family-Like: I guess D.Va also counts here, ‘cause like I said sister-friend, but she’s all I got for this one

Hey hey hey!

This is suuuuper weird for some reason. Maybe it’s because this isn’t my field and I should just stick to drawing.

But anyways, I’m trying to write my first Tumblr story. The reason I refer to it as a “Tumblr story” is because I write all the time but I always think it’s too shit to show off. 

It’s a mildish NITW weight gain story. It’s kind of in chapters, you see, but not too long. Each “chapter” is from the perspective of one of the four characters (Like Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows or Marie Lu’s The Young Elites). 

Why am I telling you this? Well, I want each chapter to really have a “fresh” feel to it. I’ve written one, and I want three different artists to write the other three chapters. Yep.

If you think you can write, message me. You can pick your character, but it’s first come first served, obviously.

A few more things to note:

  • Gregg’s part is already done. (Sorry, I know he’s popular)
  • The order planned is Gregg, Bea, Angus, Mae.
  • You’ll probably have to read the first chapter to start, so we may need to talk on something other than Tumblr messages. 

Get your name on my page. See you soon, if I’m lucky.

So you want to make a Sonic the Hedgehog movie, huh Sony?

I don’t blame you. Despite recent entries in the franchise, Sonic remains one of gamings most beloved and recognizable characters among Mario and Pikachu. And yes, the very thought of a Sonic movie in 2014 may seem like the most cynical of all cash-grabs, but The Lego Movie taught us that cynical cash-grabs don’t have to be terrible.

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anonymous asked:

a thing ive always loved about your work is the expressions and emotion you use or convey and is something i want to achieve in my work as well. so im wondering, how the heck do ya do it??

Oh man, that’s an interesting question!  I haven’t thought much about it in terms of like… developing an actual method or anything, but you know what almost instantly sprung to mind, like instinctually?  

Focus on the eyes and mouth.

This isn’t to say that other facial features aren’t important to a character, just that if you boil it down to the most basic way to communicate human emotion… you use the eyes and mouth.  Think about it.  What’s a smiley-face?  What’s an emoji?  What’s a SOUTH PARK character?  They’re just eyes and mouths.  (And by the way, I could probably talk for a whole hour on the use of expressions in South Park alone–they use very limited eyes and mouths, but with the right combination and timing, they can execute an instantly-recognizable complex expression.  It’s very simple but they have it down to an ART.)

Now obviously I’m not insinuating that all of your characters should look like South Park… they don’t need to have the SAME eyes and mouths… they can have all kinds of unique features, INCLUDING eyes and mouths, with their own set of movement principals or limitations that are specific to that character.  I think focusing on the eyes and mouth will give you a solid foundation to build the other features off of as you draw, too.

When I do really rough thumbnails for storyboards, I basically draw stick figures with eyes and mouths.  I’m completely serious.  It’s just the quickest way to capture an emotion.  Maybe next time you’re doodling, just draw a simple circular faces, and give them eyes and mouths.  Different combos.  Place the mouth slightly higher or slightly lower.  Make the eyes sag a little, or make them really buggy!  Draw big pupils and small pupils, try mouths that curl at the side. See what works best to communicate the emotion you’re going for, and make a mental note of it!  

I hope that helps!  Like I said, I’m not necessarily and expert on this and I definitely don’t have, like, a deliberate process or theory or anything; I just notice that this is what I instinctively focus in on when I’m trying to communicate emotion, and I think there’s something to it!  Give it a try and lemme’ know how it works for you!

Voltron: 5 Year Old’s Perspective.

     “Who’s your favorite character?

“The guy with the blue lion. And the yellow guy– but mostly the blue lion guy.”

     “What do you think of the red lion guy?

“He’s so grumpy… Maybe he lost a toy, or something.”

     “What do you think of his hair?” 

“Haha he needs to change it! It’s kind of like… sticking up too much. He should change it to blue!”

     “What do you think of his clothes?

“I like the colors and details– his eyes are nice. He’s just so grumpy… please, find his toy.”

perla-speedofsound-adventuring  asked:

So I see you're into BCB! I wanted to get someone's opinion on this. Why do you think that in the current chapters Paulo is ignoring Daisy? I'm thinking it has to do with Abbey and what happened at the con but I'm not sure

oh i am SUPER into bcb

paulo is ignoring daisy because of fuhrer abbeys threat

and then in the beach chapter, the entire paulo daisy phone conversation…erghhh

paulo never told daisy what abbey did. daisy has no idea paulo got attacked. daisy is finally sticking up for abbey (honestly re-read golden hour, its good for understanding this entire…mess lol)

so like….this entire mess? its everyones fault. 

(hey read more cause this post is crazy long)

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