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When It Rains, It Pours

Dean hates the rain.

Okay, clarification he doesn’t hate the rain, he hates when the rain decides it wants to turn into a full on monsoon instead of a soft drizzle. Drizzles he can handle, monsoons? Not so much. He’s been standing underneath the covered bus stop for about fifteen minute for his bus, which should shield him from the onslaught of water pouring down from the sky, except it’s blowing at an angle so no matter where he stands, he get drenched.

Yeah, what a great way to start his first week of classes.

A few other college students are huddled underneath the covering with him. Dean doesn’t know any of them and doesn’t feel like meeting people today, he’s in a shitty mood and if he tried to make conversation there’s a 99% chance he might bite someone’s head off. He presses up closer to the corner of the bus stop, pulling the hood of his windbreaker tighter around his face, mumbling curse words under his breath.

He checks his watch; three minutes until the bus arrives. Three more minutes of hell.

A few more bodies crowd into the shelter, bumping and pressing up against Dean. There’s a guy who has a dog, a big lab with a drool-y mouth and muddy feet that stands next to him. The dog eyes him with a wide teethy grin, then promptly plops his muddy paws onto Dean’s knees. Dean tries, with no avail to move the dog, who seems damn determined to stand up on Dean and get his clothes dirty. He’s about to give the owner a piece of his mind when a man with bright blue eyes and a just as blue umbrella to match walks over and ruffles the top of the dogs head. 

“Hey buddy, you look like you’re enjoying the rain,” the man says. Behind his umbrella, Dean can see the man’s lips tip up into a little smile. Dean snorts despite himself.

“He’s muddy,” Dean mutters under his breath. “And wet,” Dean adds for good measure. 

“Well you would be too if you went running through mud puddles,” the man replies. He releases the dog who obedient goes over to his owner and stands, wagging his tail and waiting for the bus just like the rest of them.

“What’s your name?” the man asks Dean.

“Dean, yours?” He tries to sound civil, but it comes out more clipped than he intends and Dean cringes.

“Castiel, nice to meet you,” he replies.

“Yeah,” Dean nods, he glances down at his watch. The bus will be here any minute now.

“I’m sorry you’re having a bad day, I hope it improves,” Castiel says with that dumb little smile on his face.

Dean looks up at him, really looks at him for the first time and suddenly gets caught in so much blue he forgets how to breathe.

“Uh… I’m not having a bad day really, it’s just… the rain,” Dean answers, gesturing out at the downpour.

Somehow this makes the man smile grow a little bigger, “Would you like to stand under my umbrella?”

Dean snorts, “Dude, you do realize that sounds like the lamest pick-up line ever?”

“It probably is, but did it work?”

Oh. Oh.

Dean blushes then, lips twitching, “I don’t know… I think maybe you should buy me a coffee this afternoon and find out.”

“I think that’s a great idea. I get out of class at two, I can meet you at the coffee shop on campus at two-thirty?”

“Yeah, that sounds awesome,” Dean replies with a bright, genuine smile.

The bus comes up to the curb seconds later, screeching to a halt and sending a wave of water at those waiting. It misses Dean, only because at the last second Castiel holds his umbrella out so it covers them both. Once the bus has come to a complete stop and people are beginning to get on, Dean stands up and gets under Castiel’s umbrella with him. 

On the bus they sit next to each other, bumping shoulders and acting like two blushing fourteen year olds. Castiel reaches over and grabs his hand half-way to campus, slotting their fingers together. It feels nice, real nice. Castiel gets off the bus first and gives Dean’s hand a squeeze before he leaves, shooting a smile over his shoulder at Dean as he steps of the bus.

Dean is left feeling more happy and excited for a date than he has in years.

He normally hates the rain, but today gave him a change of heart. Now he kinda likes it.

Sunday Snippet-Part Fourteen of “Fated To Love”.

Hopefully, I’ll have this out midweek? I don’t know but I hope you enjoy this little bit. Please excuse any typos, missing words, etc. This is all in its baby stages.


They walked in silence, hands still entwined.

It felt right, the quietness of them and this state of being content. Katniss looked to the man strolling next to her, his profile striking even in the deepness of the night. It was well past midnight and they were both bone-tired yet filled with anticipation of what was next.

She and Peeta could start again.

They just had to figure out how to go about it.

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darcy/bucky - communication

Steve frowned, looking between the two of them as they seemed to make more and more absurd hand gestures to one another from across the room. They’d been doing this for nearly ten minutes; not one word spoken, but a whole lot of weird hand movements that made absolutely no sense.

He cleared his throat, drawing their attention, and raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing?” 

They blinked at him, as if only now noticing that he was there with them, sitting on the couch beside Bucky.

“He wants coffee,” Darcy said, from where she stood in the kitchen, stirring her own cup. “And that quickly devolved into an argument about how shitty black coffee tastes and that his purist ways of avoiding sugar and cream mean he should get off his lazy ass and get his own coffee." 

"All you have to do is pour it in a cup. You should be thanking me for not making it more complicated, with shots of espresso and caramel or whatever that shit is you like,” Bucky muttered, snorting to himself. 

“Maybe I wouldn’t mind it if you didn’t always insult my coffee making skills." 

He shrugged. “It’s not strong enough.” 

"Wait, when did he insult you?” Steve wondered, brow furrowed. 

“Just before you interrupted us." 

Steve blinked. “How was anything you were doing a conversation…?” 

"We came up with a system, back when he first got here, when he was mute and strange. And now he speaks and is still strange." 

"Love you too, doll,” he muttered. 

“You… developed an entire unspoken language through gestures just to talk to him?” Steve asked. 

"I…” Darcy paused, her lips pursed, and turned her eyes away, irritated at his logic. “Whatever, I’m still not getting him coffee." 

Slunk down on the couch, Bucky grinned for a second, looking absurdly proud.  And then he hopped up and circled around, making his way into the kitchen. He poured himself a mug of coffee and moved to stand beside her, leaning down and resting his elbows on the counter while he took a long sip and stared up at her, trying to catch her eye.

Steve watched as she slowly turned her head to see him and Bucky wordlessly made a gesture, one that pulled a smile out of her and a laugh she couldn’t muffle. After that, it seemed all was forgiven.

Steve had no idea what they were saying, but he did know that Bucky smiled a helluva lot more when Darcy Lewis was involved.

Life Next Door; Chapter 2~Moon Doggie

Thank you all for the sweet messages from the first chapter. i’m glad you all enjoyed it! Feedback is always appreciated. happy reading maksyl fam! ~brooke


Bliss. Pure bliss. Who knew there was nothing but peace at eight am in the city. Meryl shifted in bed, rubbing her eyes, desperately trying to block out the sunlight. She never thought the night would be over. It had been a long night. After her unexpected chat with the boy next door, she fell into bed exhausted.

It was bugging her though, that she didn’t get to unpack as many boxes as she originally planned.

She threw the covers off of her and swiftly got out of bed. Already, she was mentally planning on locking herself in her house to get chores done. Chores included unpacking some more, decorating, and trying to find a better job than what she had.

But first, coffee. Coffee was always first. Trudging down the stairs, Meryl racked her brain. She had no clue where the coffee machine was. She hadn’t unpacked it and seeing that there were 7 boxes that said KITCHEN on it, she had no clue which box it would be in.

“Frickkk,” she moaned, kneeling on the floor. Picking up one of the many scissors littering the floor, she ripped open a box in one swift motion. Of course, with her luck, the box was not the one that contained the coffee machine. She’d barely cut open the next box when she was interrupted by a ring at the door.  

Bewildered at who could possibly be at the door at eight thirty in the morning, she stood up wiping her hands on her lap. She peeked through the eyehole to discover it was Maks with Val and Alex in tow.

“Uh, hi there,” she greeted them uncertainly.

“Hi Meryl,” Val said sheepishly. Maks and Alex nudged him subtly, clearly urging him to continue. “I wanted to apologize for being a drunken mess last night and being stupid. I promise I’m not an asshole. Only when I’m drunk.”

Hiding a smile, Meryl kept a deadpanned face. “Yea, you really are a mess. Maybe you should get some help buddy.”

Val’s eyes bugged out and Maks knelt over laughing, placing his hands on his knees.

“Damn bro, don’t mess with this chick,” Alex chimed in.

She leaned against the doorframe, smiling. “It’s cool. Don’t worry about it Val.” The four of them looked at each other letting silence take over. “Um.. do you want to come in?”

The boys looked at her, Maks in particular, eying her. Only then, she realized she was still in her pjs. Motioning the boys to follow her, she turned on her heel. “One sec, I’ll be right back.” She ran up the stairs, a smile slowly forming.

Ripping off her pajamas, she grabbed a pair of leggings and a a simple tank top. After looking at herself in the mirror, she darted to her bathroom. Grabbing her toothbrush, she frantically scrubbed her teeth and rummaged through her makeup bag. She took out her mascara tube, and lathered her already thick lashes with several coats of mascara while simultaneously brushing her hair. Once she finished, she stared at herself in the mirror. She took a deep breathe, and sauntered down the stairs, trying to act as if she didn’t try to rush to look nice for the boys waiting downstairs for her. 

Val turned around to watch her, whistling as she made her way down the stairs. “The queen has arrived.”

“Oh hush!” Meryl chided him, blushing. She turned to face Maks and Alex, raising an eyebrow at both of them. “So why did you three decide to come by at 8:30 on a Sunday morning to apologize? It couldn’t have waited till ten?”

Val put his hands up in defense and pointed towards Maks. “Blame him! It was his idea.

Meryl started to laugh. “Oh so this was your idea, huh Maks?”

“Er… I thought Val should be more of a gentleman.”

“Yea right,” Alex snorted. “Don’t believe him Meryl, he couldn’t stop talking about you when he came back down last night. He just wanted an excuse to talk to you.”

Blushing, Meryl shook her head. “It’s just as well that you guys came over. I can’t find my coffee machine.  Maybe I’ll just buy some coffee.”

“I know of a great place a few blocks away, if you want me to show you,” Maks offered.

Her heart skipped a beat. She hadn’t planned to leave the house and she knew she had to stay on track. “I don’t know I’m super busy trying to unpack…”

“Yea, I get it,” he quickly responded. Almost immediately, she felt bad for saying no, and against her better judgment, she gave in.

“You know what, lets go. Give me ten minutes to get ready and straighten up and I’ll be over.” There, now there was no turning back. Giving him a small smile, she received one right back, brighter than the sun.


The minute Meryl’s front door closed behind them, Maks knew he was in trouble.

“Bro you’ve got it so bad,” Val teased, poking his shoulder. Choosing to ignore the comment, he opened his front door and strode straight to the bedroom. “Getting pretty for your lady huh?” Val called after him.

He slipped out of his sweats and undershirt and instead put on a clean white V-neck and some jeans. There, he thought, now I’ll look somewhat presentable in front of Meryl. He didn’t want to admit it, but he knew Val was right. He was going to try to impress Meryl. He slipped down the stairs quietly, trying not to draw attention from Alex and Val but no such luck.

“Have fun with Merrryylllllll,” Alex sang, assisted with Val making kissy noises in the background.

“I hate you both,” he replied before grabbing his wallet off the counter and heading outside.

Before knocking, he stood at her door unable to move. Was he crazy for going out to breakfast with a girl he just met? What if she had a boyfriend and got the wrong impression? What if she-

“There you are,” Meryl said cheerfully, swinging the door open. “Lemme grab my purse and I’ll be right with you.” She hurried back inside, only to return not even five seconds later. “Ready?” she asked.

The two bounded down the steps in silence, both unsure of what to say. Meryl, Maks thought, was even prettier close up. She way the sun reflected on her dark hair made her look like she was glowing. He kept peeking at her, trying to not let her see him. After two minutes of not speaking, her eye got his, earning him a curious look.


“Nothing. Just glad you agreed to get some coffee with me.” She blushed, unsure of what to say and looked down at the ground. The walk, although quiet, was a comfortable silence. There wasn’t the need to fill in the silence, but to let it do the talking.

Maks came to a halt, stopping in front of a door with a sign above that read, “Moon Doggie” in flickering letters. She raised an eyebrow at him.

“I know, I know. It doesn’t look that nice on the outside,” Maks responded, putting up his hands. “But I promise you, the coffee and treats are amazing.” Holding the door open, he ushered her in. The room, dimly lit, was cozy to say the least. The furniture was incredibly outdated and so were some of the baristas. But there was a certain aura of the shop that Meryl took a liking to almost instantly.

Approaching the counter, a barista looked at the two expectantly. “What can I get you two?”

“I’ll have a medium hazelnut macchiato,” he replied, looking at Meryl expectantly.

“Oh, uh I’ll just have a skinny peppermint mocha please,” she said quickly. Seeing her take out her wallet, he motioned her to put it away. That was the first lesson his father taught him as a child. Always be a gentleman. That included paying for his woman’s drinks and or food. Not that Meryl was his woman. Never the less, he knew his father would crucify him if he didn’t.

“Big spender huh?” Meryl laughed. “Are you sure you don’t want me to pay?”

He shook his head. “I wouldn’t be able to call myself a man if I let you pay for your drink.”

Grabbing both drinks off the counter, he walked towards the sitting area, motioning her to sit down. “So,” he began, handing her her drink, “now that we have more time to talk, tell me about yourself. Why’d you suddenly decide to move here? And what’s your story?”

To be honest, Meryl was taken back a bit. She wasn’t familiar with telling people about her life. It was something she kept quiet about. They don’t ask, she won’t tell. But here she was, sitting in a coffee shop in the middle of New York with a stranger. A stranger she felt comfortable with right off the bat. She knew though, not to let her guard down. No way was she going to make the mistake of letting someone in and getting hurt again.

Taking the coy route, she asked, “What do you want to know? And where do I start?”

“Anything and anywhere,” he simply responded, taking a sip of coffee.

Setting her coffee cup down, she took a deep breath, unsure of where to start. “When I was younger,” she began, “I was an ice dancer. I danced competitively with a guy named Charlie. We were so focused, even as kids and we both wanted to be in the Olympics one day. About two years ago, Charlie and I were a year away from the winter Olympics. We were in a really good spot, competitively speaking and we had a solid performance down. We were always told to be serious about the sport, which meant no goofing off and no doing anything that could potentially mess up our placement in the divisions.”

She took a quick sip of coffee, savoring the taste for as much as she could.

“Charlie had gone on a skiing trip, and had a freak accident. He broke his leg badly but he was assured he would be able to skate again. When he finally recovered from his injury, something changed in him. He wasn’t in love with the sport and I guess he wanted to try new things. It broke my heart and I tried so hard to get him back into it. He wasn’t having it though. And so I kept skating by myself, but I couldn’t do Olympics anymore because I didn’t have a partner.”

“Did he ever apologize for the whole thing?” Maks questioned.

“Yes. I told him I forgave him. But a small part of me has never really gotten over it. And when everything fell apart with Charlie, I still loved the sport. But after pushing myself to do something I always thought was a two person job, it became harder and harder to do it. Things in my personal life happened and it was a slap in the face. I needed the change. I needed a big change. And I thought to myself, what better place to reinvent myself than New York City? So I packed up my things in Michigan, found the apartment next to you, and moved myself out here.”

“So where is he now?”

“To be honest, I’m not too sure. We talk once in a blue moon, but its not like we’re best friends. And to be honest, maybe moving here was a good idea. Cut off all ties in Michigan. I don’t need the extra stress in my life.” She neglected to tell him about Vinny, her ex-boyfriend, who was the biggest reason she decided to get the hell out of Michigan. Maks, she decided, didn’t need to know that she was a little damaged inside.

She looked down, and suddenly felt a strong hand touch her arm. “That was really amazing of you to realize you needed change. I’m still trying to figure that out for myself.” He looked at her with such a tender look on his face, her heart couldn’t help but pound like crazy. Silently, she commanded herself to stop being so silly and to stop acting like a teenage girl when her crush looks at him.

“So, that’s my story,” Meryl concluded. “Now it’s your turn.”

He laughed. “I figured you were going to make me tell you about my life.” Leaning back in his chair, Maks looked deep in thought. “I’ve lived with in New York for most of my adult life. My brother and I have been super close, since childhood. Since I’m the older brother, I felt like I should take care of him. Even with the stupid shit he says and does, he’s the best thing I’ve got because we’re family. Some people don’t understand why we’re so close, but its an unconditional love.”

Meryl nodded, wishing she had that type of relationship with someone. Well, she thought bitterly, she thought she had that with Vinny, but apparently she didn’t. Nodding again, she urged him to continue.

“Anyway, Val and I are both dancers. Ballroom dancers actually. We were, in a way, as big as you and Charlie were, but in the ballroom world. Top notch, hard-core Ukrainian dancers. But after a while, winning so many competitions became too complacent. It wasn’t as exciting anymore. I don’t mean to sound conceited, I’m glad I was so successful. But it wasn’t fun. So I retired from competing and opened my own dance studio. Val kept dancing and that’s how he met Alex. Eventually the two started competing with each other and Alex became part of the family.”

He stopped to take another sip of coffee, at the same time, fidgeting with the rim of the table.

“Anyway, I guess you can tell I’m a family guy. I’d do anything for people I consider family, blood and non-blood. And I know that I don’t really know about your situation other than what you’ve told me, but looking at your situation from the outside, I’d say that it’s a good idea to keep yourself open because you never know what will happen. It’s good to leave things that may be holding you back,” Maks said reflectively. “They might just mow you down if you’re in their path.”

Speechless, Meryl leans back in her chair. In all of her teenage and adult life, she’d never met someone who skipped the small chat so quickly and dove right into the real talk.

“Well, its getting late and you did say you have more chores to do around your house,” Maks said abruptly, standing up to stretch. She quickly gets up grabbing both of their cups on the way out, tossing them in the garbage can.

She follows him down the street in complete awe and now it’s her turn to peek at him when he isn’t looking. As the two climb the stairs to their conjoined porch, he  puts his hand on hers.

“Lets do this again, sometime.”

Nodding vigorously, she inhales his scent as she leans towards him to give him a hug goodbye. And to both of their surprise, he leans in, gently kissing her cheek.

“Goodbye Maks,” she waved, smiling as she lets herself in. Before the door closed behind her, she looked over her shoulder, to see he was still there smiling right back at her. 

A New Mission

After being in a coma for three years, you finally wake up, and you find out that Tony officially adopted you, so you can come and live with him the Stark Tower and you quickly become part of the team. When you are there, you discover the lonely soul who lives withdrawn from the others, and you are determined to make him part of the team. Helping Bucky Barnes becomes your new mission.

Chapter One


Chapter Two

The next morning, I woke early, and I shambled to the kitchen with my eyes still half closed. I stood there, for a second not knowing what to do or why I had gone, when I saw a dark silhouette appear in the doorway. The dark-haired man looked at me for a short moment, his gaze dark and inexplicable, before he swiftly and soundlessly turned away and left. Unsure and drowsy I wondered if I had really seen him. I didn’t know there was one more person staying here. Maybe I should ask Tony.
With a fresh mug of coffee in my hands, I went down to the lab, indeed finding Tony there working on his suit.
‘Good morning!’ I said cheerfully. He turned around in surprise.
‘Hey! Is it morning yet?’
I sighed, rolling my eyes. ‘Yes, I brought coffee.’
‘Great!’ he smiled, came towards me, took the mug and tousled my hair. ‘You’re an angel.’
‘Sure,’ I snorted. ‘But I am going to make you breakfast, and you are going to eat it. No denial possible.’
‘Right,’ he chuckled, ‘I’ll be up in a sec, just finishing something up.’ He winked at me, and smiling in response, I turned back around.
‘O,’ I halted, ‘I almost forgot. Who is that dark-haired man I saw just now?’
‘Did he bother you?’ I was already walking away, but the tension in Tony’s voice stopped me.
‘No,’ I replied very slowly, ‘I only saw him.’
‘Good. That’s Barnes, he’s staying here too, but he won’t bother you.’ His voice was uncharacteristically tense and edgy, so I decided to let it be for the moment being.
‘Okay, I guess… See you in the kitchen!’

Rumbling through the cupboards I wondered about this Barnes, and what he must have done to make Tony dislike him so much. Why was he allowed to live in the tower, but apparently not talk to me? Or did he just not want to, did he think I didn’t belong here? Perhaps he had objected to me coming to stay here.  
I was happy to find all the ingredients I needed, and while I was baking, the Avengers slowly assembled around the kitchen table.
‘Are those pancakes?’ Clint asked, sniffing they air and yawning.
'Yes, they are! And they are extremely marvellous!’
'Thanks Thor,’ I blushed a bit. 'They’re just pancakes…’
'Let me be the judge of that!’ Clint sat down enthusiastically, grabbing a plate and positioning it so I could easily serve him.  
'One pancake for Legolas, is coming!’ I smiled at him shyly. He scowled at me in response.
‘If I didn’t have a weakness for pancakes, I’d shoot you.’
When I had given him the pancake, his frown disappeared. I looked at the five adults sitting before me, and seeing them like this, enjoying something as simple as pancakes in the morning, it was hard imagining those guys saving the world. It was strange, but I suddenly felt weirdly responsible and protective about them. As if they’d need me…
‘Tony better come quickly,’ I mumbled to myself, adding pancakes to a constantly growing pile.
‘Tony and breakfast?’ Steve sounded doubtful.
‘O, he will come,’ I ensured him with absolute certainty.
‘You seem awfully sure.’
‘Yes, because I asked him to,’ I said sternly. And indeed, Tony showed up, dark circles underneath his eyes, looking incredibly tired.
'Pancakes!’ His enthusiastic exclamation didn’t really sound as energetic as he had probably meant it.
Worriedly I frowned at him. 'You don’t get them until you promise you’ll go and get some sleep.’
'Wow Tony, sounds like you’ve got a boss,’ Natasha grinned. 'I thought you didn’t obey orders?’
'Let me tell you,’ Tony said, very seriously, pulling back a chair and letting himself fall on it, 'I do not joke around when stakes are as high as Aella’s pancakes.’
'So you promise?’
He smiled warmly. 'I promise.’
'Good.’ Satisfied I gave him an incredibly high pile, and generously poured maple syrup all over it. Tony, again, smiled thankfully and started attacking immediately.
For a moment we were all eating, and we were just a bunch of people trying to wake up, for a not so normal day in our not so normal lives.

When the Avengers had left, I put the plates in the dishwasher, wondering if that guy, Barnes, didn’t need some breakfast.
On one of the main computers I checked for his whereabouts, and took a small plate filled with some pancakes and syrup. I felt a bit stupid walking down the hallways of a supersonic safe building with the best security there is, filled with people who could barely be called people, while holding a plate of pancakes.
Nervously I stood before his door, breathing in deeply to draw some courage into my veins. Carefully I knocked, to get no answer. Breathing out again I took the little notebook I always carried with me, and wrote a little note.  

Hello J. Barnes,

I don’t know you, but I thought you might want some breakfast.

Kind regards,
(The new resident)

Reading it again made me cringe, so I put it down quickly, before I looked once more at the lonely plate before walking away.

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jongtae; anything regarding their little coffee date @ the airport uwu thank you!!!

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“Hey, Taemin,” Jonghyun pokes at the younger’s side, looking around subtly for fans with cameras. “Any chance you’d be willing to hold my bag?”

Taemin gives him a dubious look, one filled with the full effect of the disbelief and unwillingness he expected before asking. But Jonghyun has his reasons. It’s a heavy bag. He bought like, five books. And he’s already carrying more than Taemin. And his arms hurt. “You can do it yourself, hyung. I may be your boyfriend, but that doesn’t make me your pack mule.”

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