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Mirror For The Sun - Part 8: Change of Plans

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Summary: (Bucky POV) Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 3171

Author’s Note: Gah sorry this took so long. I’m already starting on prt 9, so hopefully it won’t be as long for the next one.

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This morning is a battle. It’s a battle to focus on really anything but Y/N. I’m just not sure what to make of any of this. I have no idea what she’s thinking while she flits around the campsite packing up the sleeping bags and tent while Sam works on breakfast. She doesn’t seem any warmer to me than she is to Sam, playfully dodging his reach when she steals a piece of bacon, or than when she grabs Steve’s arm to get an extra lift to push the tent bag on top of the car. I can’t figure out if this morning was just a weird thing in an emotional moment or if it was something more.

It’s also a battle over the next stop. She’s sitting stubbornly on the picnic table holding her atlas while Sam begs her to get in the car. Steve is rolling his eyes and I’m barely holding back my laughter.

“Come on! You’re being such a princess!” Sam scoffs, “Get in the car.”

“No! Vegas is not part of the plan!” She shouts back defiantly.

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Birdflash One-Shot

—Robin and Kid Flash do not know each other’s identities and they despise eachother. Dick And Wally both live in Gotham and are lovers. —

“Another failed mission because you too failed to work together.” Batman scolded Kid Flash and Robin. The team was lined up, and had just finished giving a mission report. The mission had failed all because the speedster and Boy Wonder were not able to retrieve the required intel and were caught due to their bickering.

“It’s not my fault he can’t keep up.” Robin retorted.

“You’re the one going all ninja on us and ditching the team!”

“At least I get my job done!”

“Stop arguing, now!” Batman ordered immediately silencing the teens.

“You two just need to get along already.” Artemis complained,“We’re all tired of failing missions because of you two.”

“Because of us two? It’s all because of him! Plus, try getting along with this jerk- it’s impossible.” Kid Flash insulted.

“Wally! That’s mean! Robin is very nice!” M'gann scolded.

Robin smirked,“Thanks, M'gann, but if we want to fix this arguing problem maybe we should just kick Kid Flash out.”

“Kick me out?! You’re too young to be a hero anyways!”

“Is that why I’m more experienced than you?”

“As if! I could beat you up in a second.”

“Hah,” Robin threw his head back in a laugh,“ I would love to see you try!”

“You two,“Batman interrupted,“Follow me.”

The Dark Knight walked down into the hallways of the Mountain, the two teens following close behind as instructed.

“Where are we going?” Kid Flash peeked up.

The Dark Knight didn’t respond until they reached a door, that led to a room that no one really ever went into. Batman turned the small door knob, opening the door for the teens to enter.


“Okay…?” Robin murmured as they both entered.

“What does this have to do with us fighting?” Suddenly the door slammed shut, a lock clicking right after.

“Shit.” Robin furiously twisted door knob to no avail,“Don’t tell me he just did that!”

Kid Flash began to bang on the door with his fists, pushing Robin out of the way,“You can’t keep us in here!”

“You two are to get along and only then will you be released.” Batmans slightly muffled voice was heard behind the door before his footsteps could be heard walking away.

Robin slammed his fist on the wall of the room, infuriated.

“This has to be a nightmare.” Kid Flash sat on the corner of the room, averting his eyes away from the Boy Wonder.

An hour later the two boys had still not spoken a word to one another, obviously still upset. They despised one another and were refusing to even make eye contact. If they did happen do so, they would quickly turn away and let out a sigh of annoyance.

Though after a moment, Robin then let out a frustrated groan,“What time is it?”

“6:46.” Kid Flash mumbled quietly as he looked down at a watch on his wrist that Robin had never noticed before. Though it looked rather similar…. The speedsters eyes widened once he said the time. He had a date with his boyfriend, Dick Grayson, at 7:30.

“Shit, I’m gonna be late…” Robin whispered to himself, yet his quiet tone didn’t stop the speedster from hearing his words.

“Late for what? You have a schedule for when you should annoy people?”

Robin let out a cold laugh,“Ha, funny, but if you must know, I have a date I don’t plan to miss so just stop complaining and let’s just act as if we can tolerate one another so we can get out of here.”

The ginger scoffed,“Don’t tell me what to do. And just so you know, you’re not the only one missing a date.”

Robin lifted an eyebrow,“I pity the soul who agreed to go out with you. She must be desperate.”

Kid Flash rolled his eyes.

“What? You know that I’m right.”

“No, not at all. He and I are very happy together. Though that issue you addressed may be your current relationship with your significant other.”

“Hm, didn’t catch you as gay.”

“What, you have a problem with that?”


“Sure, you’re probably a homophobe too.”

Robin was now the one who was rolling his eyes,“Huh, a gay homophobe? Yeah, that makes sense.”

“Wait, you’re gay?”

“Yeah, was I not clear enough? Perhaps your mind couldn’t comprehend it.”

The small similarity between the two that was just learned seemed to click something small in both of their minds. Something that actually allowed to them keep conversing long enough to not start yelling curse words and insults.

“Jeez, he’s gonna be so pissed that I’m late…” Kid Flash groaned looking down at his watch.

“Just tell him what happened.”

“He doesn’t know my identity.” His mood soured.

Robin seemed to understand,“Yeah, I get it. Trust me…. So, who’s the guy?”

“What, you trying to hook up with him?”

“Did I not just say that I was with someone? I would never, you might, but that’s not me.” Their resentment for one another was still obvious by their tone, but not as much as it has been earlier.

“I don’t feel comfortable telling you his name. You tell me the name of your boyfriend.”

“I asked first!”

“I was born first!”

“Screw you! Here, how about we both say their names on 3?”

“What does it matter to you?”

“I’m a curious guy. Plus, I’m bored. If you haven’t noticed, we’re trapped in here.”


“Perfect. Now… 1….. 2…… 3…..”

The next words that came from both boys mouths were probably the last names they both would have expected to hear.

“Dick Grayson.”

“Wally West.”

Without even thinking, Robin jumped up, slamming Kid Flash against the wall, holding a bat-a-rang to his neck,“How the hell do you know my real name?”

Kid Flash pushed the bat-a-rang away,“Are you kidding me Detective Jr. Don’t act innocent. How do you know mine?!”

“What?” Then suddenly it clicked in the ebonys head and he let out a groan once again as he noticed the watch that the speedster wore,“I… I gave my boyfriend that watch… On our 5-month anniversary…”

“Hey, that’s when I got this! Are you stalking me?!” Kid Flash still had yet to catch on.

“I gave him that exact watch claiming that he needed it because he was always late to everything, even our dates…”

Then it began to make sense to the ginger,“No! No, no, no, no, no! Y-you’re….? but…. he’s so-! And you’re so-! Ugh!” Kid Flash sat down, placing his head in his palms,“I’m going to wake up any second now! 3… 2…1…. Why haven’t I woken up yet?!”

Robin simply placed his head on the wall, thinking about how this all even was possible. Wally, his boyfriend, lived in Gotham. Kid Flash, his enemy, patrolled in Central City. Wouldn’t that imply that he lived in Central? Unless he just took the zeta tubes to go patrol with the Flash. It made logical sense, but never in a million years would Robin had guessed it.

Wally was sweet, kind, and gentle. He was the best thing that Dick could ask for. Kid Flash on the other hand was rude, annoying, and just ignorant. Then again… It made perfect sense if he was tying to cover up his identity.

After several minutes of silence the younger of the two spoke up,“W-Wally….? Is that… really you?”

Kid Flash looked up to see Robin pulling off his mask, revealing his boyfriend as he knew him, Dick Grayson.


Dick let out a dry laugh,“Take off your cowl.” Kid Flash did as he was told, revealing Wally West,“I should have seen it earlier… I just hated you so much…”

Wally was at a loss for words,“Well that makes me feel great…”

“You know what I mean, you hated me too!”

The older teen nodded,“S-so…. Dick…. You’re Rob- but… you’re so nice! And Robins so…. irritating!”

“Um, excuse you, you aren’t exactly a saint as Kid Flash ya know?”

Though the two couldn’t see eachother as their superhero personas at the moment. All they saw was their lover. The person they would do anything for, not the person they had resented for so long. In front of them was no longer their hero personas, but their civilians identities which had spent months bonding and laughing together, eventually falling in love with one another.

Wally stood up and walked to Dick, grabbing his arm,“Guess we’re both gonna be late for our date, huh?”

Dick said nothing as he pulled Wally’s cowl over his face again, staring at the teen he had grown to dislike. He made an expression that made Wally unsure.


Dick didn’t reply.

“Y-you… you don’t think we should break up, right? Just because… I’m Kid Flash… because Dick… I love you… but Robin is…. we can work past this right?”

Dick smiled pulling the ginger into a long sentimental kiss,“Never in my life did I think that I would be kissing Kid Flash.”

Kid Flash let out a laugh, placing his boyfriends mask back over his bright eyes,“And never did I think that I would fall in love with the narcissistic Boy Wonder.”

The two shared another long kiss before they turned towards the locked door. Robin pounded on it while Kid Flash called out,“You can let us out now! We won’t kill each other anymore!”

The team never knew exactly what happened in that room which bonded the two so much, but they didn’t exactly care as long at they weren’t bickering. Well… they actually were really curious and constantly asked about it… but the two lovers weren’t going to make it that easy for them….

Though Robin and Kid Flash were sure pissed as hell when they discovered that Batman and the Flash knew about their identities and all this entire time… They couldn’t have said something earlier?

[RusAme] Unknown Spirit- Part 1

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The night, though clear, shall frown,

And the stars shall not look down

From their high thrones in the Heaven

With light like hope to mortals given,

But their red orbs, without beam,

To thy weariness shall seem

As a burning and a fever

Which would cling to thee for ever.”

Spirits of the Dead,  -Edgar Allan Poe

Russia hates October. It’s not that he hates autumn, because the shifting maelstrom of weather, the sea of fiery leaves in the forests, and the bounty of the harvest leads it to being one of his favorite seasons. What Russia hates is the opening of the veil as Halloween draws near, and the danger that the man he loves is in.

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jikook | rating: g | prompt #69 | day 12 | insp | ao3

“you’re having a nightmare and i feel bad because you’re trembling and crying so i crawl into bed with u and hold u so u feel safe, but in the morning u wake up with my arms “

A day in the life of maknae Jimin. OR: An AU in which Jungkook is the hyung and Jimin is the maknae, and Jungkook constantly obsesses about how cute and adorable his Jiminnie is.

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The 100 S02E09 Recap: Remember Me
  • <bloody hands>
  • Abby: daughter are you okay
  • Clarke: uh no
  • Clarke: I'm having a panic attack
  • Clarke: wait
  • Clarke: now I'm not
  • Clarke: cool
  • Lexa: I need your boyfriend's body
  • Kane: dude
  • Kane: that's not fair
  • Kane: we did so much for you
  • Kane: you know
  • Kane: after killing 18 of your people
  • Kane: but like
  • Kane: you know
  • Lexa: ...
  • Lexa: k so we'll expect the body in the morning
  • <squad exits>
  • Abby: ugh
  • Abby: they're being lead by a child
  • Abby: how disgusting
  • Kane: ...
  • Kane: you know you're useless right
  • <outside>
  • Clarke: so I know Finn just died
  • Clarke: but we need to kill him more
  • Clarke: sorry
  • Raven: ...... >:c
  • Finn: ..... >:c
  • Clarke: Finn don't look at me like that
  • <awesome theme song>
  • <mountain clubhouse>
  • Jasper: raising the music isn't suspicious at all
  • <horse road>
  • Clarke: Finn plz stop following me
  • Bellamy: babe are you okay
  • Clarke: no not really
  • Clarke: Finn won't stop following me
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Bellamy: okay well what if I spy on mount weather
  • Clarke: uh how about no
  • Clarke: I can't lose you too
  • Bellamy: pfft
  • Bellamy: I don't take orders from you
  • Bellamy: unless you're into that
  • Bellamy: wait what
  • <vampire layer>
  • Random vested man: We can monitor people in the fucking forest but don't notice people escaping our own base
  • <sleepover time>
  • Bellamy: come sleep with me?
  • Clarke: alright so
  • Clarke: I know I confessed my undying love to you
  • Clarke: but
  • Clarke: Finn just died
  • Bellamy: awh okay
  • <the 'adults'>
  • Kane: so what are we gonna do about my good friend Jaha?
  • Abby: ...
  • Abby: right
  • Abby: I forgot about him
  • Abby: can we just pretend he never left the Ark?
  • Kane: ...
  • Kane: um no
  • <Clarke wakes after a minute>
  • Finn: babe just the tip?
  • Clarke: omg Finn no
  • <meeting place>
  • Bellamy: nuu my gun :'c
  • <mountain's art museum>
  • Miller: Mount Weather has sledge hammers sitting around so
  • <grounder camp>
  • Lincoln: I am the Rosetta stone
  • <Lexa gives Clarke the torch>
  • Clarke: I don't think I can do this
  • Finn: c'mon babe
  • Finn: I'll help light me on fire
  • Clarke: oh in that case
  • <fwoosh>
  • <weather mount>
  • Jasper: the teensy bandaid on my neck helps whatever wound its covering
  • <camp>
  • Lexa: I had a girlfriend
  • Lexa: and she died
  • Lexa: love is scum
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: I'm still upset
  • Clarke: but a little turned on
  • <Hogwart's grimier banquet room>
  • Kane: booze makes everyone happy
  • Kane: :D
  • Dying man: I am not happy
  • <Bellamy knocks Clarke's glass away>
  • Bellamy: man I'm cool
  • <mount weather>
  • Jasper: well this is a win-win situation
  • Jasper: FOR MY LIPS
  • <grounder dungeon>
  • Finn: girls plz stop fighting
  • Clarke: omfg
  • Clarke: stay out of this, Finn
  • Clarke: I don't need your flack right now
  • Octavia: Clarke
  • Octavia: I think you need to get those ten concussions checked out
  • Octavia: like asap
  • <still in the room>
  • Abby: what you're feeling is normal
  • Abby: it'll fade with time
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: mom?
  • Abby: yeah?
  • Clarke: you know I'm hallucinating right
  • Abby: uhh
  • Abby: yeah
  • Abby: ...
  • Abby: k maybe that's not normal
  • <happy clubhouse>
  • Monty: security is so good here
  • Monty: I got a hazmat suit
  • Monty: and a canister
  • Monty: and a cart
  • Monty: and tricked a guard
  • Monty: all without suspicion
  • Monty: woo hoo
  • <grounder dungeon>
  • Grounders: sorry, alliance is off
  • Grounders: we don't like when people try to kill us
  • Everyone: :c
  • <central camp>
  • Abby: Clarke
  • Abby: stop talking to your hallucination and get your ass out here
  • <Clarke runs out>
  • Bellamy: baby be careful
  • <mount weather>
  • Monty: I'm so glad the guard took an hour long coffee break
  • <Gustus's funeral>
  • Raven: the radio works!
  • Raven: what now?
  • Clarke: Bellamy, you should go to the mountain
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Bellamy: but
  • Bellamy: I thought you were worried about me
  • Bellamy: y'know
  • Bellamy: about me dying
  • Clarke: sorry babe
  • Clarke: I was being weak
  • Clarke: it's worth the risk
  • Bellamy: ... :'c
  • Fandom: ... :'c
  • <later>
  • Abby: daughter
  • Abby: I got you Finn's ashes
  • Abby: cuz I'm helpful
  • Clarke: jfc mom
  • Clarke: just go back to the ark
  • <mount weather torture shack>
  • Monty: maybe that guard wasn't so stupid
  • Monty: where are my pants

ninannarambling  asked:

To be honest after your knitting ereri fic, the idea of Levi knitting has skyrocketed in terms affection in my heart (I had always been fond of it but now I'm totally on board) and I keep imagining him glaring at the work in his hands, narrowing his eyes, and sometimes the tip of his tongue visible from the corner of his mouth subconsciously as he is trying to figure out a mistake he made or something... You've ruined me. I need more knitting Levi in my life. Help. :')

*Tina Belcher groan for five minutes*

Okay. I did the thing! 

I will also have some knitting!Levi in the space au, but here nin, just for you, a knitting fic. It’s a little sad (why can’t I make knitting fluff???) but it’s gentle. This is unbeta’d so there are some tense issues I hope to iron out later. beta’d now!

EDIT: Ao3 link!

Hanji was the first to notice the tremor in the Corporal’shands. Even though she’d lost one eye, the other was still just as keen and she caught sight of the way his forefinger tapped against his thumb even when he wasn’t releasing the pitons. He hid it well and never complained, yet she made the call to approach Erwin. Until she pointed it out, Erwin hadn’t seen how the graceful soldier now moved with even more caution, how Levi wasn’t as surefooted in the 3DMG as he had been before, and how his weight sometimes shifted unpredictably in the straps, causing him to arc out further and miss his mark.

Then, during a training demonstration, Levi’s blade—for the first time in his entire career—failed to cut all the way through the neck of the dummy Titan. He quickly corrected his error, but word was already out.

“Erwin’s prize fighting dog has lost its bite.” Levi heard one new recruit laugh into his cups and he felt his back stiffen but marched past with the same terrifying expression in his eyes he always wore and the laughter quickly died.

The worst was when one of his new team members filled his cup with tea while he looked over the day’s roster. The cup slipped from his fingertips and crashed to the floor. The entire mess hall stopped to look. The novice apologized over and over again, but Levi only stared at his hands in horror.

After this incident Erwin was forced to make a visit to Eren who confirmed what they all knew: Humanity’s Strongest could no longer wield his blades.

“This is humiliating,” Levi hissed.

He’d traded in his twin blades for twin sticks, hand carved and sanded by Connie as a retirement gift. They were beautiful but Levi resented them. Simply another reminder that his body was failing him. Levi slipped the needle through the loop and then brought the thick wool up and around.

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Frozen on Ice Act 2 Recap!

Kristoff like… Takes a nap under a beach towel blanket thing during In Summer

Anna gets umbrella drinks for them and they clink glasses

She tries to get Kristoff to dance by grabbing both his hands and swinging them back and forth while he’s sitting and trying to ignore the whole thing. She also plays with the little ball on his hat.

Anna has no horse so one of the townspeople is just like “Princess Anna is all alone up there on the mountain!” and Hans is like oh shit maybe I should go get her

They have pyrotechnics that represent Elsa’s powers and it’s cool

They let a kid from the audience chuck a snowball at Marshmallow

Kristoff and Anna hug and hold hands a lot by this point

Anna and Kristoff do a DORKY dance at the end of Fixer Upper. No marriage thing.

When the trolls say Anna needs a kiss they all suggestively make kissy noises at Kristanna

The Hans mountain scene is literally like 15 seconds

People booed at the Hans reveal

Hans in his cloak with his sword omg

Kristoff literally crouched into a fetal ball when Anna froze

Hans sits on the fountain and just sorta waits for Elsa do do her magic

The punch is there. There’s no boat so while everyone’s celebrating he’s just in the background stomping his feet and waving his arms angrily

Kristanna kiss is like .2 seconds

The finale is Anna and Elsa skating to a cover of Demi’s Let it Go

the-bookish-soul  asked:

Modern au where moriel make out in a car on a road trip

Sorry I didn’t do this earlier :) Here it is! I hope you like it. 

None of the characters used are mine. All copyright of Sarah J. Maas.



“Mor, stop. I’m driving!” Azriel said in a panic as the car swerved again in his hands. 

Mor simply laughed as she continued kissing up and down Azriel’s neck like it’s no big deal. She’s been doing since they hit the halfway point of their road trip and was getting bored. Azriel tugged away slightly.

“You know I love your kisses, love. But I’m driving. We could crash.”

Mor sat back in her seat and huffed, “Fine. But you owe me!”

Azriel bit his lips trying to contain his laugh. It didn’t work for very long though before he bursted out laughing. Mor stuck her tongue out at her boyfriend.

They decided that since Friday was the beginning of their spring break from university, they would take a road trip up to the mountain house that Azriel owned. His estranged parents put it on his will and he silently accepted it when it was read out.

They have been driving for a good three hours by now and should be near but Mor couldn’t help but feel bored. So she started teasing Azriel. It was better than playing road trip games with him. 

Mor sat back again against the passenger seat. She stared out into the passing fields with a small smile on her face. She loved spending any sort of time with Azriel. With all the university work and classes they have to attend, it sometimes got hard for them to meet. But finally they had spring break and they decided to spend it together instead of with their friends. Since they have spent the majority of their last holidays with family and friends. 

Not even five minutes later, Mor was giving Azriel sultry eyes. He strained to continue driving as he stopped on the side of the road. He pulled over then pushed his seat back. Mor was grinning the whole time as he helped her get on his lap on the driver’s seat. The moment she settled, Azriel cupped her face lightly and stroked his thumb against one of her cheeks. He stared into her eyes with a soft smile on his face.

“I love you.”

Mor’s smile turned into a grin as she leaned in and kissed his lips. Her hands moved up to his hair as she buried them within his dark locks. One of them slid down to the back of his head and pushed him closer to her as Azriel opened his mouth. Mor followed, both of them kissing as if it was the last time they would ever meet. 

Azriel’s hand slid down from her face to rest on her butt. He pulled her impossibly closer, loving the feeling of his girlfriend against him.

Eventually, they had to pull away to breathe but they leaned their foreheads against each other. Both of them had a wide smile plastered on their face. Both of them were panting but happy. They haven’t had much time to make out like they just did. Maybe occasionally, Mor would pull Azriel into a secluded area of the university and made out for awhile but it was always rushed and alert. Now they could do it to their own leisure. 

“I’ve missed you,” Azriel muttered, their lips touching just barely.

Mor brushed the fallen hair on his forehead back softly, “You see me everyday.”

“Yeah, but it’s always for short periods of time between classes and part time jobs,” he paused, “maybe we should get an apartment.”

Mor laughed, pecking his lips, “Actually, I’d like that. Want to go looking for one when we get back.”

Azriel immediately nodded, smiling at his girlfriend before kissing her like before. Mor accidentally let out a moan that made Azriel chuckle. 

I have to restrain myself, he reminded himself, at least until the mountain house.

Mor pulled away before they couldn’t possibly pull apart. She shifted her head to rest her chin on his left shoulder, turning slightly to kiss his neck.

“You better hurry to the mountain house,” her voice turned deep and sultry.

Azriel could only growl, setting her back in her seat and putting their seat belts back on. He quickly sped off with Mor laughing at his reaction.

She settled down after a moment, but a smile was still plastered on her face. She grabbed Azriel’s left hand softly in hers and rested in on her lap. She stroked his calloused knuckles with her thumb that was resting there while looking back out onto the fields - the smile still on her face.

“I love you too, by the way.”

This time, it was Azriel’s turn to laugh as they neared their mountain house for a week of bliss. 

It's Just Like Grey's Anatomy!

The whole time we were at Mayo Clinic for Mike’s kidney donation, everything struck me as being just like Grey’s Anatomy. I’m sure Mike got tired of my saying that, but it was really true. Except the part where the resident drops the kidney in the operating room. Hopefully that didn’t happen.

They did, however, bring around groups of residents to hear Mike’s story and ask him questions. He did a great job talking with them about how he decided to donate a kidney to a stranger and explaining the process and how he felt about it.

Each group had a senior physician with them, each into their 50’s and 60’s. It struck me how enthusiastic and excited the senior physician was each time. They were just as energetic and thrilled to talk to Mike and hear his story as the new doctors. It was obvious that they were doing what they were passionate about and that sharing that with others was thrilling and important to them. 

Another thing that really stayed with me from those discussions was one of the doctor’s jokes. Mike explained that he wrote a short letter to the recipient, which he shared on his Tumblr. The doctor asked, in a joking way, if Mike asked the person to be careful with his kidney and not do anything crazy with it.

It’s funny to me because I was imagining all of the fun things that this person would do with this kidney:  maybe jump out of a plane, go to some exotic country, or climb a mountain. Maybe the person would “mysteriously” get the urge to run a marathon. To me, life is a gift that should be used and celebrated, not sheltered and saved up.  

So after this experience I ask myself, am I passionate about what I am doing? Am I excited to share my time and experiences with others? Am I going out and living my life in an exciting, thrilling way? That’s how I want to live. I don’t want to hold myself back just in case something bad might happen. If it does, at least I’ll go doing what I wanted to do.

Now, what fun things can I think of to do next!