maybe i should have made this into a powerpoint

skaikrufan  asked:

Hi, I've been so busy reading through your analysis of everything and the Art/Banners which are really good. I tried to look to see if you have answered this question. What Design program do you use to make your art,Banners and posters? I would like to give it a go! have you got any advice for a newbie who cannot draw amazing designs but tries to be artistic? (maybe I should start simple)

I have answered this question a few times on private, so I’ll publish this one. I actually don’t use a ‘design program’ I mainly use PowerPoint 2010. I do use GIMP (a crappy free version of Photoshop) to remove some background on images. However, probably 95% of all the posters I made were made was using PowerPoint. So, I’m probably not the best person to ask about such things lol. But, I am proof that you don’t need to buy an extra $200 piece of software to make stuff. Now, the reason why I use PowerPoint is because you can ctrl+A and then right click and “save as picture” in PowerPoint. You can’t do that in word. I use the ‘Picture tools’ in PowerPoint to brighten things or change contrast. I also “shapes’ with varying transparencies it to create shadows on images….to make things look more “realistic” idk how to explain my weird process. Here are a few screen grabs from my the Gun poster i made 

You see I started out with just a ‘image’ of the ground and i found an image of a gun and added stuff to it; added stuff to make it less ‘shiny’ and more worn. Then ALL i did was google image search pictures of dirt and lay them across the image and then used ‘shapes’ to give it a ‘depth effect’ – to make the hole. I have NO graphic design or art training so it was really difficult. However, I am extremely happy with the final product :D  


So…it is a weird process. I sometimes save images multiple times then add to them on the next slide. I have A LOT of slides lol.