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hey I really liked your post about "like Hamilton? Check out these other musicals" but I was wondering where someone would be able to watch them? I have watched some musicals as movies before, but some haven't been made into movies and usually YouTube doesn't have the complete things ur to copyright...where would one usually go?

YES OK I GOT YOU! I actually answered a someone about this same thing- maybe i should put a page on my blog (?) who knows- here goes. This was the anon, and in my answer i included bootlegs (illegally filmed video) to Rent, Spring Awakening, and proshot Sondheim musicals.   I also talk about ways to watch proshots and find other bootlegs. 

In the Heights 
Next to Normal (also I forgot to put on the powerpoint- trigger warning for mental illness and mentions of suicide) 
(for 1776 I’d watch the movie, it’s actually wonderful, it and West Side Story are prob the best-made movie adaptations out there.)
Kiss of the Spider Woman (part 1 part 2) this is a college production, and the best i could find. 
Ragtime (This is the original broadway cast from 1998. so really not good quality, but there is other versions from colleges and such on youtube just type it in.) 

Les Miserables has so many options, tbh, and i can’t recommend one in particular. there’s the 25th anniversary concert, the 10th anniversary concert (tho there isnt any staging, the actors are in front of microphones) the movie, and there are bootlegs, i just can’t find a good one rn.
Bare (part one from nyc, part 2 from nyc) (part 1 from la, part 2 from la
Fun Home (password is funhome) 
South Pacific- now there WAS a proshot broadway version (thnx Lincoln Center) but it’s been taken down from youtube. You can buy it though! 

Master post of other bootlegs:

Also, look for theaters around you! check out what they’re doing, a lot of regional theatre isn’t that expensive, there’s a wonderful playhouse near me that does AMAZING work and it’s only $15 for a front row seat! PLUS there are national tours (a bit more expensive but it’s basically the same as the broadway productions. Fun Home, Rent, and Spring Awakening have tours that are opening soon, unless you’re not in North America, i’m sorry i didn’t check to see where you’re from)  And don’t be intimidated by the fact that there are SO MANY shows. Take it a step at a time. To find even more shows outside my list, i suggest this- find a show or a performer you really liked. From there, internet stalk. If you loved the music, look at what else the composer has done. If you like the book, look up what else the book writer has written, if you like an actor or actress, look up what other shows they have done. (for example, i got into theatre by accidentally finding the Wicked cast album on youtube. watched a bootleg with Idina Menzel and looked up her other stuff. Found Rent, watched it, found Adam Pascal, googled him, found Aida) Also, if you see a show playing near you and you have no idea what it’s about, google it! If you like how it sounds, check it out! the best thing about theatre is that it’s so diverse with every topic and music type under the sun! 

Anyways, I hope this helped you! Have fun, and let me know if you have any other questions, or you just want to tell me you watched one of the shows and loved it etc,etc.       

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Hi, I've been so busy reading through your analysis of everything and the Art/Banners which are really good. I tried to look to see if you have answered this question. What Design program do you use to make your art,Banners and posters? I would like to give it a go! have you got any advice for a newbie who cannot draw amazing designs but tries to be artistic? (maybe I should start simple)

I have answered this question a few times on private, so I’ll publish this one. I actually don’t use a ‘design program’ I mainly use PowerPoint 2010. I do use GIMP (a crappy free version of Photoshop) to remove some background on images. However, probably 95% of all the posters I made were made was using PowerPoint. So, I’m probably not the best person to ask about such things lol. But, I am proof that you don’t need to buy an extra $200 piece of software to make stuff. Now, the reason why I use PowerPoint is because you can ctrl+A and then right click and “save as picture” in PowerPoint. You can’t do that in word. I use the ‘Picture tools’ in PowerPoint to brighten things or change contrast. I also “shapes’ with varying transparencies it to create shadows on images….to make things look more “realistic” idk how to explain my weird process. Here are a few screen grabs from my the Gun poster i made 

You see I started out with just a ‘image’ of the ground and i found an image of a gun and added stuff to it; added stuff to make it less ‘shiny’ and more worn. Then ALL i did was google image search pictures of dirt and lay them across the image and then used ‘shapes’ to give it a ‘depth effect’ – to make the hole. I have NO graphic design or art training so it was really difficult. However, I am extremely happy with the final product :D  


So…it is a weird process. I sometimes save images multiple times then add to them on the next slide. I have A LOT of slides lol.