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look dear anons you don’t come into my inbox and talk to ME about a red riding hood au and not expect me to get both nasty and thirsty enough to stay up late to scribble a wolf!JJ before bed

Sadly, Keith doesn’t have any distinct features on his face like Shiro does, so I guess this could also be just a random portrait of… someone. Maybe I should make the background a little red or something. If I knew how to draw armor, I would’ve drawn him in his Paladin armor. >_< 

His rather soft looks and expression are actually intentional, though I hope he doesn’t look too soft (as in girlish soft). I re-watched Voltron and he does have a somewhat soft expression most of the time, something I had not noticed before. And I couldn’t bring myself to draw a mullet, so instead, have a ponytail.

Now I need to learn how to draw the other three. And maybe some Paladin armor.

I’m split right down in the middle because in terms of a long term relationship, Spike’s kind of your guy. You know, he actually went and get a soul because of her and he was evolve in a different way but Angel’s Romeo. You can’t argue with the one, you know, that it’s the first, that it’s the most important.
—  Joss Whedon, Entertainment Weekly Buffy The Vampire Slayer reunion

It’s no big surprise that my son said yesterday that he “definitely” wants to explore this new relationship with me.  But, when asked, he admitted the possibility that his hormones are driving his decision.  So he agreed with me that maybe we should take things slow and explore it carefully, and not just jump into it recklessly.

I made it clear that I would always be his mother, and that role would always have to be able to overrule anything else we do.  I promised him that if I ever had to pull that trump card, I would do my best to make it clear why I was doing so, to give him the parenting reason for it.  In return, I expect him to always treat me with the proper respect due to me as his mother.

The other thing that I made sure was perfectly clear between us was that at any point either of us felt uncomfortable with how things were going, or how it might be changing, that we both had the power to put the brakes on the relationship, either freezing it where it was or stopping it entirely.  I told him that I would never use my authority as his mother to force - or even just push - him into anything he didn’t want.

We also talked about proper consent, and the need for discretion and protecting our family.  And how that goes for both outside our family, but also at home, not letting this interfere with our relationships with my husband, his father.  I told him that this new development didn’t mean I didn’t love his father, or even that I was unhappy or dissatisfied, so he shouldn’t think that he is in any way replacing my husband in my life.

The whole discussion took way longer than it appears when written out, so we didn’t have much time left at the end of it before my husband was due home.  So all we had time to do was make out long enough to get each other’s shirts off, and then I reached down his pants and jerked him off again.  When he was finished, I licked his cum off my hand and wrist, Then I gave him a quick peck and said I should go clean up.  It’s a good thing I did, too, because my husband came home less than 15 minutes later!


“Although you do dress strangely well and have a certain, odd sexy style.”

Kras’ sassiest racer. You can’t spell sass without ass.

Ok I like this sassy arsehole a lot for some reason also like the fact he’s willing to throw a butterfly knife to strike fear into Daxter.

Also love the fact the quote is from Daxter, like this man almost killed you and yet you say that.

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Really makes me wondering: if you date Cayde-6, how does one smooch him. I understand hugs, snuggles and such but his lips. Dont get me started on his personality, its charming as hell and I can see that he might have a way with words.

Originally posted by lenasoxtons

“Well that’s depressing ‘cause we can’t ‘smooch’. Technically.” Cayde-6 states bluntly and his optics lower in an expression of disappointment. “But I mean, we can work around it. There’s no real substitute for a kiss, but maybe—” He leans forward, closer to your face and mindful of the protrusion on his forehead.

He hums as he tilts his head this way and tries to figure out what action would best mimic a kiss. In the end, Cayde-6 makes a disgruntled sound and gives up, pressing the flat of his mouth plates to your forehead before gently tapping his forehead where the ‘kiss’ was placed.

“Okay, bad idea. I don’t know where I was going with it—you mentioned cuddling? ‘Cause that I can do. I’m a cuddling machine so to speak—ha ha—that was bad. Sorry.” 

Silent Treatment (Jaebum)

length: 588

genre: fluff

13. You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?

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Your phone buzzed for maybe the twentieth time tonight, you’d stopped counting. But you also were a bit intoxicated and couldn’t remember how many times it was exactly that Jaebum had texted you. As you pulled out your phone to check it, your friends instantly stopped. “No, no, no. Girls night, remember. If he wanted to talk to you he should have kept you locked up at home like he does majority of the time.”

You just laughed, putting your phone back down as you sipped your drink. “He doesn’t lock me up, I just choose to stay in. There’s a difference.”

An hour or two later with a lot more drinks in your system, you were pretty drunk. And you figured you could take a break from partying to finally check your phone.

[Missed Calls: Jaebum 30] 

[iMessage: Jaebum 12]

“Jaebum what the hell.” You unlocked your phone, scrolling through the texts.

Hey babe, having fun?

Okay, I’ll take that as a yes? Just be safe please.

Y/n, I just called to check in why didn’t you answer?

Babe? I just need a simple reply to ease my mind.



Y/n if you don’t text me back I’m gonna come up there to find out myself.

The texts went on and on, and you actually found it quite funny. Jaebum was never really like this. Probably because you spent majority of your time with him. Just as you were going to finally text him back, another text popped up.

If you read this, please just come out front so I know you’re okay.

Though you knew it was a bit much for him to come to the club to make sure you weren’t passed out drunk somewhere, you did like that he was concerned about you.

Stumbling outside, you saw Jaebum leaned against his car, a smile soon forming on his face as he laughed at you. “Stoooop, don’t laugh. You know, you’re ruining my girls night Jaebum.” He rested his hands on  your hips, helping to keep you balance as you were leaning on him for support. “Oh yeah? Well, you know that when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?”

You rolled your eyes as you sighed. “Yeah and you know that a girls night means, no distractions form boyfriends. Boyfriends means you, you’re not an exclusion.” Jaebum just laughed at your drunken state, letting you go on and on about how he was ruining your night with his texts and calls. But he was just wanting to make sure you were okay, and maybe being a little overprotective. Only because it was rare you went out without him.

“Okay, well I’m sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were having a good time and that you were safe. I just was worried when you didn’t give a simple reply to any of my messages. Or even answer one of my calls to say a quick hi and bye. Just to ease my mind a little bit.”

“Okay well, hi babe, I’m having a great time. Now bye, I’m gonna go back in and have some more fun.” You turned to head back into the club, almost tripping and falling flat on your face. Lucky for you Jaebum grabbed your waist, pulling you into his chest. The two of you dying of laughter while he helped you stand back up. “You know, I think you’ve had enough fun for one night. How about we head home, let you get some rest?”

ok nevermind im def not going out today :/ theres this huge pile of mud?? stuff?? in the way of the sidewalk and these two guys are shoveling it out of the way and at this point theres way too much obstacles for me to go out with and yeah…. ,im really sorry guys :‘0

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your klunk hcs were so good! can I have some Pidge and Lance friendship hcs?

one time pidge called lance “matt” on accident and he hugged her for three whole hours. pidge swears she didn’t cry. she did. she’s very insistent that she didn’t cry, lance lets her think he believes her

lance is the first to know about all of pidge’s crushes!!

“ok, i know she tied you to a tree but– i still have the hugest crush on nyma. i have no idea if we’ll ever see her again ever but? holy shit. i’m such a lesbian” “yea she’s really pretty but pidge u should maybe probably keep in mind that you’re like nine” “excuse you i am nine and a half

they’re each other’s wingpeople! they never really asked each other to be but it’s just a thing that happens. they wanna help each other out. lance admittedly does a better job of wingmanning but pidge just sucks at talking to girls so his wingmanning never really works in the long run. he won’t give up though. he is leading #OperationGetPidgeAGF

they mess with each other a lot. one time pidge crawled around in the castle vents and pretended to be a ghost, but only when she knew it was only lance that could hear.

“lance, you’re my favorite.” “you should stop drinking tobasco sauce straight from the bottle.” “i changed my mind. hunk is my favorite now” “….hunk thinks you should stop drinking tobasco sauce straight from the bottle, too.” “yea he’s right this is a really unhealthy thing for me to be doing” (she never stopped.)

pidge, when lance isn’t around: “lance is really great, y'know? he’s just a generally really supportive person, and he’s easy to talk to, and he’s really thoughtful and he’s like. he’s my space brother” pidge, when lance is around: [the same exact thing but with lance crying in the background]

pidge sighs sadly exactly one time. lance, immediately: “ok who do i need to destroy. with words. like i’m not gonna hit anyone or anything but. who made you feel this way?? do you just wanna talk about it? i don’t have to fight anyone if you don’t want me to. but if you want me to i will. but not physically”

lance sighs sadly exactly one time. pidge, immediately: “okay lance i don’t care what you say i’m punching whoever made you sad in the fucking. stomach.” “no pidge it’s fi–” “i’m going to punch them in the stomach” “pidge.” “fine. in the face.” “pidge–

“hey pidge do you wanna see how many space gummy bears i can fit into my mouth at one time” “no” “i’m doing it anyway” “ok” (it was 41.)

depression is so weird because like you can be a normal functioning human being in one moment and then the next it’s like nope don’t have the energy to move, stuck in a rut, you want to die, nothing can hold attention

ashe: i’m gonna step on all the buttons!
gregor, sounding amused: what are you, markus?

markus: ashe…maybe you should stop doing that
ashe, you can hear her big dumb smile: what are you, me?

listen it is absolutely adorable how much fun ashe is having. she’s almost tripping over herself to be involved with all their dumb goofs. completely low-stakes puzzles and fighting (until the trollides but w/e) and as soon as she got her shuriken she was just gone, responsibility who? never heard of her. she was loosening up during harpy’s nest but ashe is just genuinely having a good time for the first time and i don’t think her friends quite know how to deal with this much Excitable Ashe, she usually goes back to being more reserved. ashe without her inhibitions is an experience, i can’t believe thog’s missing this

I want to make a post about this because it’s relevant to a good friend of mine right now, and it’s important.

Maybe not all the time, but at least most of the time, your partner should be a source of happiness and comfort. If you’re spending every day walking on eggshells trying to avoid upsetting them, or if they’re consistently getting upset with your or guilt-tripping you over minor things, there is a problem. Everyone makes mistakes, and they have a right to be upset if you really mess up, but you shouldn’t have to feel like you need to go out of your way to avoid upsetting them. Furthermore, the degree to which they are upset with you should be appropriate: if you do something little, they should be a little upset, especially if it was an accident or out of your control.

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You have no idea how glad I am to have found your blog. I'm in an extremely similar situation, except it's with my live in 19 year old nephew rather than my son. I walked in on him jerking off in his bedroom once, and ever since then things have been escalating fast.. I feel so wrong for wanting him, but reading your story makes me feel like I'm not the only one going through a situation like this. Maybe I should write it down too. I'm so excited for you and your son.

Thank you! I hope things turn out well for you!

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Ahh when are the hanzo and mccree funko coming out?? I've been honestly waiting for them.

Previous anon about the funko, sorry I meant hanzo only lol.

I wish we knew! However, I do know that they’ll for-sure have Mercy for wave three, since they hinted as much on the official Funko Pop Twitter. I’m really hoping Hanzo is coming soon, especially because we have at least one Defense character per wave (we got Widowmaker in wave one and Mei in wave two). I mean, by process of elimination, we should get either Bastion, Junkrat, or Hanzo next wave – here’s to hoping it’s Hanzo, or maybe all three!


You were perfect. In every sense of the word. You two were made for each other, truly a match made in heaven. 

So why?

He had prepared this for months, going all out for his grand finale and pulling everything he and he knew about you to make you his. 

He had spent countless days researching on you until he was sure that he had the perfect scenario for you. 

You would say yes, he knew it. 

But you didn’t. You claimed that he was just a stalker, and creepy and that he should leave you alone. 

Everything in him screamed at you and maybe he was willing to let you go, try it again some other time until you dropped that one sentence that changed your fate.

I already have a boyfriend anyway, you said, looking at him like he was some monster, and in that moment he decided you needed a little harder push. 

You’ll be his. If not willingly than by using force. 

And you couldn’t blame him. You had brought this upon yourself.

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Yeah honestly if Emma still has all her Dreamcatchers of Doom, she should maybe be spending more time on the Redemption Arc and less time scolding people who are already on it. Not that what Hook was doing wasn't awful! But the fact that he had the MEANS to do it is bizarre. The only possibility I can think of is Gideon. Giving Hook the dream catcher would have suited his purposes. The writers surely would have shown that though...well there's only one possibility now. Emma is Cora. #confirmed

Wish!Cora is now a real possibility since Wish! characters can make it into Storybrooke … I’m kidding, I’m kidding! 

But yes, it was a weird story beat for a now non-magical Hook to use a dreamcatcher. Except if you go along with my theory that all the OUAT characters relive their greatest traumas, trying to fix them this time. In which case, Hook this season is doing to Emma what Emma did to him in S5.

(FYI, CS followers will probably want to miss this one, unless you don’t mind a deep dive into some of Emma’s post-Dark Swan issues.)

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