maybe i should fix them up ugh


I accomplished things on my to do list, so I went back to this piece of fan art for Athene Noctua (Hermann has owl wings, and even if that’s not your thing, it’s INCREDIBLY adorable) since oh man, I wanted to draw some wings, and if I can do that with Pacific Rim, hey, that’s pretty cool.

I wasn’t going to post until I was done, but I’m having a conundrum. I want to color it (after giving it some cleaner lineart and not this sketchy thing, as well as putting a not-quite-as-crap background) because little owls have such wonderful subtle wing patterning that I do not want to pass up. But, I was going between full color, or perhaps maybe a color that radiates out in to black and white (hmm, or maybe just his wings in color). I thought it was neat in the fic that Hermann doesn’t see color until he drifts with Newt, so having a splash of color seemed fitting (ugh, and now I think they should drift AGAIN so Hermann can see Newt’s memories of his wings in color).

Also took some artistic liberties, putting some smaller feathers up and down his back. I had them extend up in to his scalp cause why not (maybe he has to pluck those feathers extending up his neck).

This fandom is ruining my life with cute things I didn’t know I wanted.