maybe i should establish it as tradition

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Ok also Sydneysider Aussie here and just something I thought of - recorders, man. Those bloody things EVERYONE at school has to learn and stuff - what could recorders be bastardised into? Used to send secret messages a la 'hot crossed buns'? Hiding weapons or smth? 😂😂😂 Also, I am totally down for fairy bread codes - the sprinkles are a code, once you have it, eat to get rid of evidence. Also also, our version of glasses should probs be sunnies - all the better to hide stuff behind.

Oh my god, ALL OUR CODENAMES SHOULD BE ARNOTTS BISCUIT NAMES!!! (jk) (also I know Bushmen is pretty established by now but like… Highwaymen? Maybe some other subdivision???) But really Aboriginal names for gods/places might be a nice homage to the traditional elders, plus it has the added bonus of no one really understanding. - Didgeridoos are bazooka guns!!! - I really want Bushmen Nerd HQ to look like those old fashioned primary school computer labs - Scholastic is in, idk how tho

I’m digging the idea of recorders that can blow out poison darts? Secret messages via song is also Very Good. 

All these ideas are great!

- Isabella 

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Could u do a small close to the chest Drabble w karaoke I love how interesting and engaging ur writing is I read ur fic at least three times

Karaoke had been Watari’s idea. Training camp was rough, rougher than many that Yahaba remembered. Everyone was feeling the pressure of the upcoming tournament, pressure to prove that Aobajousai hadn’t just relied on Oikawa to be strong, that they could return better than before instead of weaker. The team held it together well, to their immense credit, but everyone seemed worn down by the end of the week and Yahaba knew they had to do something to raise morale.

Enter Watari.

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