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Did u see that Cole basically denied that twitter will have an impact in the show?

i did. i’m glad they don’t plan on catering to the loud, angry shippers that bully the cast and other fans on twitter. i think maybe people took what cami said too literally. i don’t think she meant they’re going to dictate their show based on our social media responses. i think she meant that they might check in on our reactions to certain decisions and story lines, and maybe tweak things accordingly. what i mean is: they might avoid doing more student-teacher relationships based on how much everybody hated the archie/grundy story line. or they might add cheryl into more group scenes because they see we like seeing her be a part of the group. or they might see that the vast majority is pleased they strayed away from the BAV triangle, so they may continue to stray away from it. there’s a difference between fan pandering and checking in with your audience. you should take note of how your audience is enjoying certain story lines and what they think of certain developments. that’s why i’m always telling people to spread their bughead love to twitter for the producers and writers to see. we want them to know that we really like the decisions they’ve made and we appreciate how beautifully betty and jughead’s relationship has been written so far, and we’d like to see that continue in season 2  

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What do you think of Susan returning? Love triangle? No wedding Olicity? They are very sad today. Not true positives for us

Who is “they”? LOL It almost sounds like you meant Olicity. I don’t think they’re sad today. I think they’re shopping for new linens at Bed Bath and Beyond today. But I don’t think that’s what you mean. I think maybe you meant fandom. Yes, I imagine some fans are upset. But most everyone I mingle with over on the Twitters is just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about the whole thing, as they should be.

Here’s what I’d like to know: why does the news that they’re not done with Susan (the phrase “Susan is returning” wasn’t used… just that they’re not entirely done with her yet) automatically mean bad things for Olicity fans? Bad things for people who felt she was mishandled on the show, perhaps. Bad things for people who are beyond tired of watching the show try to justify her existence, sure. But as an Olicity fan… bad things? 

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Pretty sure Susan and Oliver broke up in 5x19. Pretty sure Oliver and Felicity got back together in 5x22. Pretty sure what David said about that Olicity wedding didn’t magically change between yesterday and today. So you’ll have to forgive me for not understanding where this connection is being made. 

Does Oliver love Susan more than he loves Felicity? (Please don’t make me use the comparison pictures, but I will if I have to) Was Susan a consolation prize when Oliver thought he couldn’t have Felicity? Pretty sure yes. Can Oliver have Felicity now? Pretty sure yes. Why is there reason to worry here? 

There isn’t. Now, for everyone else who’s annoyed about Snoozan cuz they found her dull and terrible and all the other reasons I listed up above the gif… I think what Stephen meant in his FB Q&A vid is that we’re gonna see what the show set up with Snoozan play out in season 6. She knows about his Bratva membership. She knows he’s the Green Arrow. Those things were “””conveniently forgotten””” when they broke up (so abruptly… “my apologies… 😂 I still laugh when I think about it). So for those who were annoyed with how they were handled, perhaps this could be redemption on the show’s part. Maybe they’ll handle the resolution of all that in a way that makes us go “okay so she wasn’t a complete waste of time”. I mean, I have my fingers crossed. Then again, I tend to err on the side of giving the show a chance to do it’s thing before blasting it to the rafters but that’s just me. 

Personally I think this means Oliver will be outed as the Green Arrow at some point this season and I’m ready. 

But worried about Olicity? No, nope, negatory, nuh uh, never, don’t make me laugh. I wasn’t worried last year when they were broken up and dating other people. Why would I start worrying now? In our moment of triumph? (Wow, just gave myself Moff Tarkin feels… #StarWarsNerd)

I mean, if you wanna worry about her breaking up Olicity, be my guest. If you wanna complain about how the show handled her character in season 5 (well trod ground if you ask me but… you do you), go right ahead. If you wanna throw some things at the wall, well… I won’t tell. I’ve heard it’s cathartic. 

But it’s not even JULY yet (I still have a few days) and October is so very, very far away and you’ll have to pardon me for not wanting to throw my hands up in the air and run around panicking every time a bit of news drops about season 6. I’m on hiatus, I’m conserving my energy and I’m still adding wedding dresses to my Olicity wedding Pinterest board (meaning: I have better things to do). 

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eyes-lips-eyes triangle thing gets a giggle out of me nowadays. bc back in the day, ppl discussed if perhaps sterek were their plans all along bc it made absolute no sense why they would do the eyes-lips-eyes triangle thing, which is a clear sign of attraction, in such sexually charged scenes, and i rmbr one particular post that went, "if it's not their plans all along, maybe hoechs&dylan should probably think over some Things". 😂

Yup!  Some say that was all hobrien, ha!

FanFic: The Farkle Files- Unspoken Decisions

A/N: This update features Farkle’s thoughts during the Bay Window scene in “Girl Meets Upstate”

“I had to choose” Lucas says as he looks to me for confirmation
“Well, I’m a genius and you’re an idiot with a face” I reply with a smirk hoping he realizes that I am kidding… sort of…. maybe. Truth is there never really was a choice.
I can’t help but think, Yes, you did and it should have happened before now. Things never should have gotten this far. This whole “triangle” nonsense is just that…nonsense. There is something going on with Maya. I don’t think for a second she feels more than friendship for him and the reason is simple…. Riley. She would never do something like that to her sister. While part of me wants to say that to him, I keep it to myself. No sense in adding to his angst over it.
I can only hope for his sake that he hasn’t waited too long. I never had to choose because I promised to love them the same. He never made that promise…he never could make that promise. It’s always been Riley. This was not new information, at least not for me. I’ve known all along. Real friends listen even if the words aren’t said out loud.  
As I sit here in the Bay Window, I can’t help but wonder if all of this madness is finally coming to an end. The weeks of Riley not talking to me, the weeks of Lucas not talking to me and even more importantly, the months of Riley and Lucas not talking to each other. During all of this time, we all “chit-chatted” with each other but we never really talked to each other. Riley was upset with me for obvious reasons. Lucas was upset with me for keeping her secret and then revealing it in front of everyone. When I explained the whys and what-nots, he understood my reasons but I could tell he was still upset. He wasn’t upset with me anymore, rather with the situation. As tough as this “triangle” has been on all of us, it’s been the toughest on Lucas.
The last few months have been a rollercoaster of emotions for him and we have talked at length about everything that has transpired. He knows that the “unofficial” label on his relationship, with Riley, caused a lot of confusion. While they made the right decision not to be pressured into anything before they were ready, they never really discussed what they truly were.  Lucas isn’t sure what they are any more…the only thing he knows for sure is that they are not siblings. Never have been, never will be. He admitted that while possibly losing the chance to be a couple cut him to the quick, it was losing his best friend that has damn near destroyed him.
I can only imagine how that must feel. While Riley was upset with me, I knew she still loved me. Just like she knew I loved her. Knew that I loved her enough to be her voice when she felt that she had lost hers.  Siblings fight, siblings stop talking to each other but sibling love never really fades away. I knew she and I would eventually go back to how we always were. Lucas didn’t have that. He didn’t know if they would ever go back to what they had. All he knew was the here and now and it hurt. At this moment his relationship with his best friend was just an illusion. It was painful to chat with her instead of talking to her. With her help, he had found a reason to want to change, to want to survive and thrive in NY and suddenly it was gone. It was as if she became just someone he used to know and not someone who he considered his best friend. Physically she was still Riley but everything else changed. 
Lucas and Riley have always had, and likely always will have, a connection. They could sit and talk for hours. They could talk about any topic under the sun except for one…. Them. They seemed to be comfortable with everything but that…I think it’s because they were both afraid that if their feelings had changed and the words spoken, things would never be the same. I knew their feelings for each other had only strengthened but it wasn’t my place to say anything. Once she agreed to go out with Charlie, my stance regarding my place changed. I knew that I had to do something. Perhaps my announcement was ill-timed but it was not ill-received by Lucas and he was the only one I was worried about. I fully expected things to change immediately but I was mistaken. Nothing changed and we’ve all been in limbo since.
I know Lucas has to be more than ready to move past all of this. Ready to get back to being a citizen in Rileytown. Ready for his best friend to talk to him again, to get past all of the uncertainty that this situation has caused.
I was just about to ask him if he was ready to deal with Hambone chasing him out the window again when a paint covered head popped through the Bay Window. Maya and Riley both climbed in the window completely covered in paint.
I watched in utter fascination as Maya asked Lucas if he had made a decision and when he answered yes, she told him it didn’t matter. That she had “lost” herself and had “become” Riley. That no matter who he chose, he would in effect be choosing Riley. That she didn’t know if she liked him or if her inner Riley liked him.
The look on his face is one that will stay with me. Part confusion and part annoyance. After months of being caught in the middle of the 2 girls, months of wondering how things with Riley went so far off track, months of feeling like he lost his best friend, now he is being told that his choice doesn’t matter at this moment and that he still shouldn’t say anything. I could see him take a deep breath and call on his inner fortitude to once again be the guy who just goes along with everything.
I thought we were nearing the end of the madness. Thought that I was no longer going to be stranded on the side of the road between Texas and Rileytown that Lucas would finally be able to put an end to this so that we could all move forward.  Yet again I was wrong, proving the theory that while I may be a genius when it comes to most things, teenage girls and feelings are not topics I excel in.

The Look

Day 4: prompt “And I don’t know why I can’t keep my eyes off of you.”

I’m the only one still by the fireplace after everyone left because of the couples game. I stand up when a folded piece of paper catches my eye on the floor. I bend down to pick it up, and I see Riley’s name scribbled on the front. I know I shouldn’t read it, but I do.

Dear Riley,

It’s been months since you and I have had a real conversation, and I miss that more than anything. That’s one thing you and I held special, we communicated well together. Sometimes I felt like we didn’t even have to use our words, but that’s all different now. I know it feels like I avoid, and maybe I do at times. It’s not because I want to. It’s because any moment I share with you, I have to even it up with Maya until we can solve this stupid triangle that should have never existed.

It’s not the same between any of us; you, me, and Maya. Will it ever be? I don’t know. To be honest, I don’t even know how we all managed to get into this situation. I would have never guessed this is how we would enter high school, but it is.

When I finally made a choice, I was told it didn’t matter because of things going on with Maya. We’d said that we put everything on hold to let Maya figure herself out, but how long will that be? So far it’s almost been a month, and I can’t wait much longer.

Right now are here in your father’s class, and I should be taking notes. Instead, I’m here staring at the back of your head and I don’t know why I can’t keep my eyes off of you. Actually that’s a lie, I know exactly why. It’s been clear from the beginning. Maya is sitting right behind you, I could easier stare at her too, but I don’t. I don’t even think to. Whenever you are around, everything around you are a blur and you become by main focus. I hope you can see what I’m trying to say.

This weekend the class is going to the ski lodge, and I know what I want to happen. I want this triangle to end. I want to have my moment with you that I promised you so long ago. The truth is that day at the bay window I chose you, Riley. It’s always been you since the subway, and I’m so so so incredibly sorry I made you think otherwise. When I tell you I choose you, I can only hope that you tell me the same.


I fold the letter back up and head out the door. I stand in the distance as I see Zay trying to calm a very furious Lucas. Now, I know why he was so upset with the idea of me and Riley up all night talking and why he walked out during the game. However, he wouldn’t be so mad that she spent majority of the time talking about him.

I wait back until I see Zay walk away before I cautiously approach him. I’m the reason his mad in the first place. His back is to me, so I clear my throat to let him know someone is behind him.

“Evan, right?” he says a little agitated

I nod, “I think you dropped this,” I say passing the note over to him.

His eyes go wide, “Did you read it?” I don’t say anything. He holds the letter up, “You can see why it bothered me so much. The whole you and Riley thing.”

I let out a small chuckle and he glares at you. “You serious are blind if you think she has eyes for anyone else. I’ve spent most of that night listening to her talk about everyone, but mainly you,” his eyes light up. “She is crazy about, and if what you said in that letter of yours is true then I’d suggest you do something about it before it’s too late. She’s a great girl.”

He smiles, “She really is.” He shoves the letter back in his pocket. “I think I’m going to talk to her right now.” He turns to walk away when we hear a voice shout.

“Huckleberry!” the blonde says as approaches us. Maya looks at the both of us, “Are you two done here? Because I really need to talk to you,” she points to Lucas, and we both nod. “Good,” is all she says before she grabs him by his shirt dragging him towards the door.

Later that day I show Riley around outside since she kept herself inside because of her injury. When we get back, I take my spot behind the counter and she hobbles to the bay window. From what I hear, it’s a favorite place of hers. She isn’t sitting alone for long, when I hear footsteps practically race down the stairs.

I watch as Lucas walks over and sit in the open space next to her. I can’t hear what they are saying, but I can see what’s happening. Soon he moves closer and reaches for her hand. I can see the smile grow on her face. He pulls out a little red box, and a look of worry follow by confusion wash over Riley’s face. He must have explained what it is because soon she takes it and a beam of happiness takes over. I then watch as she pulls out something orange from her pocket, and she explains what it means using her hands. She hands it over and slightly shifts closer to him. I’m a fair distance away, but I can see the twinkle in her eyes. She has a look on her face that says anything is possible, and after reading the letter I know he does too.

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I don't think Lucas is religion vs feelings that's a very extreme thing to say that he thinks he should be with Riley because of religion. beliefs, maybe, but not religion. religion has nothing to do with who you should date.

That’s exactly the point though.

His beliefs about coincidences and the “universe” are very much so his religious beliefs. They showed that in GM the Truth AND in GM Belief—which according to the writers was sort of a sister episode to Truth.

Triangle makes it prettttty clear that Lucas thinks the universe (aka God) wants him to be with Riley because she “fell” in his lap. At the same time though, on some level he understands that the universe didn’t exactly put Riley in his lap, Maya did. He’s legit torn between what he thinks God wants him to do versus how he feels about Maya and who she is. Seeing his dilemma through this lens explains quite a bit of Lucas’s past behavior:

“It means he thinks highly of you. It also means he’s trying to get you out of the country.” (from a shadow character, but still).
“Wouldja get off my back?”
“Doesn’t good HAVE to win?”
“Maya, you can’t just jump on me.”

It’s supposed to vs want to, and Lucas has been fighting the want to for a VERY long time, I think. It was probably easier back when he thought he didn’t have a chance with Maya anyway, hence it being the “just about the scariest moment of his life” when he found out he actually did.

The whole Riley/Maya thing messes with Lucas on a SPIRITUAL level, I think. It makes him question his beliefs about the universe and what it wants from him—and that’s got to be downright terrifying and MASSIVELY confusing for Mr. Guiding Hand, ya know?

It’s very much so akin to Farkle’s science vs feelings issue, I think.

For reference:

If I responded to the actual post, I would be raided upon with anger and rage and disgust, and I probably still will be with this post.

So, the great gifset post of all the times Maya has been a horrible friend to Riley is getting pretty popular; full of praise and love, etc.

And you know what? I do agree with some of it; there were some moments that Maya has been very harsh and hurtful, even if unintentional:

GMHS: “How can I be in a triangle with that?“

Girl Meets Rah Rah: Saying Riley could never be able to be a cheerleader.

Girl Meets Bear: Caring more about the tacos than searching for Riley’s bear and calling the bear stupid.

Maya isn’t faultless. She has had cringe worthy moments that I can absolutely understand people’s anger at.

But the other moments mentioned? The context is completely ignored or are the tiniest things that if Riley did to Maya, would be seen as harmless.

STEM: Would it have been nice for Maya to have been more understanding? Sure, but this isn’t Maya attacking Riley. It’s just Maya not wanting to do any work! It has nothing to do with Maya not caring about Riley, rather, Maya just wants to get out of school as fast as she can. A great quality? No, but it’s not necessarily, “being a bad friend.”

“I don’t want to live in a world of purple cats!”: Maya’s a horrible person because she doesn’t want to live in a world exactly like Riley’s? Focus less on the “stupid” part, and more about the fact that Maya is trying to say that she wants to live in her own world instead of living in a happy, fairy-tale land where everything is sunshiney, because that’s how Maya associates, “purple cats.” And, I mean, how many times has Riley said Maya has a horrible life? Four? Five? But all of you would say Riley was just, “joking” or, “best friends say things like that all the time!” Why is it okay for Riley and not for Maya? Plus, many of you also think it’s Maya who always complains or bitches about her life, she maybe said 2 or 3 times throughout the entire series that she just doesn’t, “hope for things.”  There is not the bitching of, “Boo hoo, my life is horrible and I hate everything” like all of you keep saying. It’s everyone else who’s telling Maya how horrible her life is. 

“Maya glaring at Riley as she looks for the bird, or ‘being herself.”: Really? Really?  If you guys want to fine tooth comb through every little detail to see where Maya is a “bitch,” let’s look at the context of why Maya may be annoyed. Her best friend, who is 13 years old, is still falling for the, “look at the bird” trick when it’s clear that there’s no bird.  Yes, Maya’s apart of the Riley committee and wants to protect her, but maybe she also has a little hope that her best friend will realize the truth, and be able to grow out of it. You think this explanation is ridiculous? Then stop looking for every little thing to pin on Maya, you still have real stuff to call her out on.

Rileytown: Ohhhhhh. Let’s go to a very similar situation that switches the girls. In Triangle, Riley tells Maya, “I liked him first, he’s my boyfriend and I don’t think you should have anything to do with him. What are you going to do about that?” Riley was trying to get a reaction out of Maya, because she was worried about her. So, it’s not the same way in Rileytown? You all say Riley knows Maya better than Maya knows herself, but it can’t be the other way around? Even though Riley tried to reassure Maya she was fine, Maya knew that she wasn’t. She repeated the world, “Rileytown” to get Riley to open up, to get a reaction, just like Riley was trying to do with Maya. If you seriously think Maya was saying it because she wanted to poke fun at Riley or make Riley more upset, then….I don’t know what else to tell you.

“Triangle: ‘You’re going to protect me from her?”: “My voice is still my voice, Riley. It’s going to take a lot more than clothes and hair and a boy before I believe that it isn’t.”  I can never convince any of you that it’s possible that Maya was never really changing into Riley in the first place, based on everything that’s happened this season. But try, just try, to look at it somewhat. Not just Riley, but basically everyone is telling Maya, “You’re not you, you turned into Riley.” Of course Riley is full of good intentions and just is doing what she thinks is best for Maya. But when Maya tries to tell her in Triangle, and once again tries to tell her at the end of Upstate in the art room, it seems that Riley just isn’t listening. Riley is so convinced that Maya turned into her and believes the only way Maya will be, “happy again” is if she goes back to being the rebellious, fighting girl without a care in the world. When Maya says that, don’t you think she may be frustrated that everyone keeps on dictating how she feels and how she’s supposed to act and supposed to be? What if it was Maya dragging along Riley, telling Riley that, “Riley changed into her” and no matter how many times Riley tried to tell her otherwise, Maya didn’t believe it?

I Do: “Why can’t Maya be hopeful?”: Everyone has just convinced Maya that the good grades, that the clothes Shawn got her because he cared about her (”It’s not about the clothes, it’s the fact that someone would do this for me”), that liking a nice boy, isn’t Maya. And you all may be angry that Maya wasn’t listening to Riley, but what about in Girl Meets Upstate? Maya was desperately trying to tell Riley that she was angry with her, and she was getting to why. But instead, Riley talked about how she thought Maya’s life was so cool, which is ironic, with the number of times Riley has said Maya has a horrible life. But in the end, it seemed Maya never got to tell her real feelings, because no one was listening. Those feelings about wanting a normal, happy life. And that anger may have been swelling up with the fear of having Shawn as a father all falling apart. In Maya’s mind, no one listened before, everyone believes she’s supposed to be the tough girl who doesn’t care nor needs anyone. That anger that Maya had towards Riley and was trying to communicate in Upstate was very possibly rearing it’s head in I Do. Fear and anger at everyone telling her who she should be and knowing that the Maya who everyone said she is doesn’t get “hope.”

So, I’m sure I’ll have those come at me in anger. Some may read in disgust and call me a “salty Maya-stan.” But here’s the thing, there are things that I don’t excuse Maya for and things I do understand the anger towards her for. But for others? Think to yourselves when you see people try to call out Riley’s flaws. How many times do you defend everything Riley does, with either, “Riley is growing up” or “Riley was just joking” or change the subject to all the “horrible” things Maya has done or instead just send insults the poster?

If you want to use a fine toothed comb to criticize every little thing Maya does, you can’t be angry and call people, “salty, obnoxious Riley haters” if they talk about Riley’s flaws.