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No Happy Endings | Wonho [M]

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Warnings: Strong language and implications of sex.

word count: 3,718

“Hey, what ya’ reading today?” The librarian asks with a smile.

Part 1: The Thing About Keeping Schedules

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The New Romantics ch. 3

Part 1 Here

Part 2 Here

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A few days had passed since the system override. The lions were in better condition, and the crew was lucky enough to go without an attack for the time they were in repair. Most of the nights that had passed were filled with Keith and Lance at one or the other’s room, kissing and providing hand jobs and blow jobs.

There was always something to make it a little different. Once, Keith had, against every instinct, allowed Lance to dominate while Keith remained on his knees. And he watched his fuck buddy unravel completely, holding on to the power and control he’d been given. He had taken more control at that moment than Keith had ever seen him take in battle, and frankly, it was a bit of a turn on to be dominated.

Of course, it wasn’t like that had become his favorite thing. Keith’s pride still kept him from letting that happen again, instead suggesting other new things they could do. Keith had discovered an interesting praise kink in Lance, noting the way his enthusiasm heightened any time Keith moaned his name or unashamedly called out encouragements and agreements.

Lance, on the other hand, had taken advantage of Keith’s hair pulling kink, and indulged in his own biting one because each time Lance marked his skin with a hard bite, Keith seemed to lose all inhibitions. Still, they were careful to keep any physical evidence hidden.

Outside of their rooms, it was almost comical how it seemed nothing had changed. They argued, they snapped at each other, Lance’s sarcastic comments and Keith’s condescending remarks continued. Never enough to truly upset the other, but enough to where it seemed normal enough.

It wasn’t hard to keep it up. Lance was still childish and annoying and frustrating. And Keith was still aggressive and impulsive and short-tempered. They were still completely incompatible as people.

During another grueling team building exercise, it didn’t take long for Keith and Lance to start bickering again.

“Can’t you stop being an idiot for two seconds?” Keith snapped after their focus had been disrupted by one of Lance’s signature mega-burps. “Don’t you take anything seriously?”

“Jeez, relax,” he muttered. “You know, maybe you’d stop being so uptight if you just stopped being such a freaking workaholic all the time!”

“This is not a time to be goofing off!” he shouted back.

“Alright that’s enough, you two,” Shiro said tiredly. “I thought you were past this.”

“We would be, if he stopped being so immature,” Keith spat, glaring at Lance. It still astonished him that he could fall apart at his hands in the late hours of the night, but feel such burning frustration with him in daylight.

“Yeah, we’re only friends in battle,” Lance added, crossing his arms.

“This isn’t getting us anywhere,” Hunk said. “I’m starving, and now I can’t concentrate. Can we just take a break?” Shiro sighed and nodded, waving a tired hand in defeat. Hunk and Shiro walked away, but Pidge kept staring at Lance and Keith.

They hadn’t noticed, Keith busy checking his dagger and Lance checking the beds of his nails. Until she said, “If only you two could agree with each other during training as much as you do at night.”

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we’ll make amends along the road

Summary: It’s when a guy and a girl like each other, says his voice again, and she knows that like is not enough but cannot think of another word to replace it and instead grins at him and tells him he needs a shower, that she won’t dance with him until he stops smelling like the ship.

Later, with the Zune playing on the table and Mantis and Groot playing the role of delighted audience to their dance practice, Peter’s face suddenly softens and he says, “Hey, my mom loved this song,” tossed easily out into the room.

And Gamora thinks, oh.

literally can y’all believe that i wrote this in three days!!! i actually cant believe i wrote this At All!!! that i typed it with my own two hands!! anyways it’s ironically a bit more serious and Emotional than my other guardians fics, despite being ridiculously tropey and indulgent. it also doesn’t contain nearly as much of the Gang as i would have liked, but really [ronswansonscreaming.gif] i’m happy with it ultimately. disclaimer: if you read this and think to yourself, “hey, that final scene sequence reads very much like once upon a time season three episode twenty one “snow drifts”’s most iconic scene sequence” then u are one hundred percent correct and i am offering a free admission right here without shame that i totally wrote this whole thing for the sole purpose of Doing That. its not entirely my fault; @taxicabsandcupcakes enabled me shamelessly. title’s from supertramp and bad back to the future scenarios for the purposes of characters falling in love is probably trademarked by abc. enjoy!

It is on a very ordinary day cycle that Gamora starts thinking about the word like. They are busy hauling building materials, synthetic pieces of Nova-built equipment, contracted to help with the rebuilding of a Xandarian peace outpost on N’ma Two. It’s a simple job, an easy job, a job for people who are still just barely holding together at the seams. Gamora takes a moment late in the afternoon to still, take a deep breath of the moon’s air, and be thankful. The air smells floral, fresh rather than cloying. It fills her lungs rapidly and eases out as swiftly as it came in.

She turns back to the Nova officers passing up energy packs to the people perched on the higher scaffolding and pauses, hand caught against the crates she was about to pick up, watching as Peter exchanges a warm, full-bodied grin with one of the officers he’s working alongside. It’s been a day filled with the simple labour of heavy lifting and fielding cargo and keeping a lazy eye out for unlikely signs of trouble, and she could see the goodness of it earlier, in Rocket’s laughter and Groot’s energy, Drax’s good humor and the way Mantis held her shoulders. Gamora watches, eyes skating over the dust prints on the hem of his shirt and the grease streaking through clumped locks of his hair where he’d inevitably ran a hand through it at some point during the day. Peter’s characteristic, casual affection is evident in the slope of his torso and the tilt of his head, and in the familiar offer of friendship in his laugh. The officer alongside him smiles, equally at ease, and grips his shoulder before moving on to help someone else with some other straightforward task.

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Written for Sterek Bingo 2017 Kids Theme, Rated Teen

Also on AO3

It’s only been two days since he brought her home and already he’s forgetting what the house smelled like, sounded like, without her. Derek steps back into the strip of moonlight that’s painting the nursery with a silver glow and looks down to the squirming little bundle in his arms.

She’s so tiny.

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My Favorite Performances of 2016

These are the 15 movie roles this year I most felt deserved highlighting. Man, there were some great roles this year, introduction, introduction, introduction, how many words does this have to be? You don’t care and I certainly don’t. On to the list!(Note: except for the top two, this list is in no particular order).

Glen Powell (Everybody Wants Some!!)
The entire cast of Richard Linklater’s spiritual follow-up to “Dazed and Confused” is one riotous bundle of joy (and a cure for the usually cliche portrayal of college kids), but Glen Powell’s Finnegan is by far the standout. The scene that makes his character comes at a party for the “artsy fartsy” crowd when, after encouraging a freewheeling spirit of sex, booze, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll throughout the film, he actually gets for real hurt when his proteges crash his chances with a girl he happens to like. Finnegan is on the cusp of adulthood and leadership heading into one of the most tumultuous decades of American history, but he’s not quite there yet…and it’s the leftover, subtle vulnerabilities of the kid during his last days of youth that make him so unbelievably endearing. If there’s any justice in the world, EWS!! will do for him what Dazed and Confused did for…well, most of the cast.

Tilda Swinton (A Bigger Splash)
The (in my opinion, overblown) controversy over Swinton’s Doctor Strange role sadly overshadowed her performance in this Fellini-esque story of beautiful people behaving in decidedly un-beautiful ways. Playing a major, David Bowie-esque popstar who has gone near-mute from the stress of living in public, Swinton has few lines but somehow manages to steal the show from a simmering Matthias Schoenaerts and a manic Ralph Fiennes. Being mostly robbed of the ability to speak, Swinton has to convey a massive range of emotions largely with body language—a task she accomplishes with all the skill you’d expect from one of the world’s greatest actresses.

Natalie Portman (Jackie)
Frail and tough, honest and veiled, open and censoring—Portman’s portrayal of the most famous First Lady in American history is riddled with contradictions that, in her hands, become a coherent character. She can sink to the depths of unbearable anguish at a moment’s notice, and five minutes later it is as if nothing very bad had happened. Yet, there’s always something boiling under the surface…perhaps an understanding that history will forever place “JFK’s wife” next to her name, whatever else she may do with her life. At times, Portman seems to barely hold it all in, yet when we leave the theater she is still a mystery. Maybe that’s how it should be.

Joel Edgerton (Loving)
Rarely does more go unsaid or understood than passes behind the face of Joel Egderton as Richard Loving, one half of the married couple whose simple wish to live in their home state of Virginia dealt a death blow to laws banning interracial marriage in the United States. Edgerton says little, and when he does it is in as few words as possible…every one of which speaks his entire mind. Key to the performance, though, are scenes of him simply sharing intimate moments with wife Mildred. At a time when the stereotype of the traditonal American husband and father of yesteryear is often held up for all the wrong reasons, Edgerton’s performance is crucial.

Emma Stone (La La Land)
Until near the end, the music is the driving force of La La Land. Then someone asks the character of Mia to “tell a story”, and Emma Stone delivers one of the best scenes of her career. The strength of the “Audition” number redefines what has come before for the character, and solidifies her as both someone we can really root for, and the personification of dreamers, however hopeless they might be. The final look she gives Ryan Reynolds in the film speaks more than a page of dialogue ever could.

Viola Davis (Fences)
Before the era of feminism, there was an unspoken agreement between married couples in the U.S.: a wife was to put up with her husband’s shit, even when he was full to bursting with it. It was hard to pick one of the two main performances in “Fences” to single out, but ultimately Davis’s simmering cauldron is the heart of the story, enabling her to both survive and love life with her deeply, deeply flawed husband. Unlike Denzel Washington, who gets to vomit forth an endless stream of anger throughout the film, Davis is tasked with saving her one great outburst for when it is most needed and has the most impact, creating a scene the trailers should not have featured; it should have been allowed to burst on audiences like water from a broken dam, rolling over everything in its path. Five minutes later, she’s calm again, but she’s also a different woman…or maybe just another woman who was hiding behind the first all along.

Sunny Pawar (Lion)
The trailers all emphasize the adult Saroo’s search for his home, but the bulk of the movie is taken up with a young Saroo getting lost in the first place, and Dev Patel is overshadowed by 8-year-old Sunny Pawar…not an easy feat. Like Quvenzhane Wallis and Jacob Tremblay, Pawar takes a role that could easily have been phoned in (since we have natural sympathy for kids) and makes little Saroo into an enormously relatable character, a lost boy whose stomping ground is no Neverland. It isn’t any wonder the filmmakers keep coming back to him in flashbacks after his character is grown. He’s the heart of the film.

Hailee Steinfeld (Edge of Seventeen)
I swear, my generation moons over the era of John Hughes High School comedies so much they seem to forget that being awkward, out-of-place and unable to wait for the day after graduation day isn’t unique to them. Every year we get a handful of largely unheralded comedies about that very topic, and Hailee Steinfeld’s performance as a morbid, confused and, yes, aggressive (bad female! bad!) teen who openly discusses her sex life, alcohol habits and dark, dark, dark humor elevates “Edge of Seventeen” to the top of the pack. With acerbic wit, pinpoint aim, and unflinching pessimism, Nadine Franklin manages to skewer not just every aspect of High School life but many of life in general. The only target she routinely misses? Herself.

Kate Beckinsale (Love & Friendship)
It is exceedingly rare that a woman in the movies can be aggressive and acidic at the same time. Kate Beckinsale’s Lady Susan is such a character. It is impossible for all but the most ardent feminists to actually like her, and you’d never want to be drawn into her poisonous circle of rumor, manipulation, innuendo and life-destroying gossip, but you have to admire her for taking charge of her own life at a time when women were tasked with hosting guests, looking pretty and shutting up. These days, she’d almost certainly be described as a sociopath, wrecking lives for her whim and amusement, yet you can’t look away. She’s the year’s best villain…or is she?

Ben Foster (Hell or High Water)
Chris Pine’s well-meaning father is our anchor to this story of two desperate brothers in hard times, but Ben Foster is the anarchic, destructive force that keeps our eyes glued to the screen. Whereas Pine’s dad doesn’t think of himself as criminal and Jeff Bridges’s sheriff has spent far too much time watching old westerns, Foster knows exactly what he is: a violent criminal whose psycopathy he might be able to turn to his brother’s aid in one last blaze of glory. There’s never really a question of him surviving the story; he’s not a man, he’s a storm, and he’s here to rage harder than he ever has before blowing himself out.

Naomie Harris (Moonlight)
Talk about embodying multiple people in one role. Harris plays mother to a young, gay black man at three different stages of his life, but she’s not the kind of perfect mom the movies prefer. She’s a drug addict at a time when the War on Drugs refused to treat such people with any sort of humanity, and she’s got a temper to match the times; when she screams hurtful words at her own son, the decision to remove the audio from the scene makes her come off as near-demonic. Simplicity, though, isn’t really what Moonlight deals in, and there are layers and regrets to her revealed as the film goes on. Her final scene asks a rather important question: should any time be too late to be forgiven?

Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch)
For the most part, horror will forever be considered beneath the notice of those who hand out accolades, which means even if you turn in one of the most startling performances of the year, it doesn’t really count if it’s in this genre. That’s a shame, because unless you count a tiny, uncredited role from 2014, Taylor-Joy makes the most impressive film debut of any actress this year. Called upon to do things involving animal blood and demonic possession that a more image-concerned person might spurn, she handles the role of a teenage girl whose family is being assailed by the forces of hell by taking it all absolutely seriously, which is essential; any hint that she thinks anything she’s doing is silly, and the film falls apart. There’s reason to question whether anything supernatural is really happening in the New England wilderness of the late 1600’s, but no reason to doubt the strength of Taylor-Joy’s performance.

Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool)
Not everything has to be so serious, something Deadpool would probably remind you of right before delivering a kick straight to your kibbles and bits. As the star, producer and driving force behind the hilariously raunchy R-rated superhero flick, Reynolds is the most eminently watchable and entertaining a comic hero has been outside the suit since Robert Downey Jr. swaggered into the Iron Man armor. Mel Brooks once famously described his films as rising below vulgarity, and whether Reynolds is taking time out to break the fourth wall or making incredibly lewd comments at his blind, elderly, female roommate, he’s bringing the spirit of “Blazing Saddles” to a genre that sometimes really needs to get over itself. In a year where “Batman vs. Superman” took itself more seriously than a second heart attack, Reynolds’s Merc with a Mouth is the filthy, over-the-top cure the doctor ordered.

And my top two performances, starting with my choice for Best Actress:

Isabelle Huppert (Elle)

In arguably the most challenging role this year, which comes in certainly the most challenging film, Huppert plays a woman who, after being raped, plays a cat-and-mouse game with the rapist. Whether she is trying to catch him or get caught again is another question. The role was turned down by multiple more well-known actresses, before being taken by Huppert, who deserves to be more well-known outside her native France. Key to her performance is that her character is not altogether very likable, and if she were not a victim of a heinous crime, you’d have a real difficult time feeling empathy for her. That takes far more guts, I think, than playing out brutal scenes of assault, since we tend to demand our heroines be pure as the driven snow.

Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea)

He’s been turning in the best work he possibly can in every role he’s had, big or small, for two decades, always overshadowed in fame by his older brother, but this year is Casey’s. Angry, violent, adrift and bereft, Lee Chandler is a man with no purpose in a world that demands every man have one, not that he grasps himself on that level: he’s simply a man who has been struck over and over until nothing but armor remains. Forced to deal with the issue of custody for his nephew after his brother dies, he portrays a truth no man wants to face: not all of us are cut out for responsibility. Despite this, Affleck walks a fine line, making Lee simultaneously a jerk and someone you’d really like to see come out on top. Unfortunately, as Lee well knows, the world just isn’t that simple.

Honorable mentions: I limited my list to 15, and even after expanding from ten it was still difficult. There are lots of great roles that didn’t make the cut, and here are the ten that really gave the winners a run for their money, in one big list. If you don’t see your favorite, remember: it doesn’t necessarily mean they weren’t good, just that I can’t possibly list them all.

Kristen Stewart (Cafe Society)
The Cast of Don’t Think Twice
Royalty Hightower (The Fits)
Meryl Streep (Florence Foster Jenkins)
Lou de Laage (The Innocents)
Ruth Negga (Loving)
Lucas Hedges (Manchester by the Sea)
Jessica Chastain (Miss Sloane)
Pretty much everybody in Moonlight (Moonlight)
Katie Holmes (Touched With Fire)

Thank You (to Lokis like You)

A quick thing I need to say in regards to the MCU and its Loki.

Thank you.

To Taiki Waititi, of course, brilliant madman that he is. Ragnarok looks like it’s going to be a fun ride. In a more general sense I need to thank the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole for taking a pretty huge step forward for Marvel and its comics by shedding a bright new spotlight on these heroes and villains and their antics, drawing in fresh eyes and fans who might never have given the series a second thought otherwise. I was one of the latter.

I had only some hazy idea of who those spandex clad folks were from the X-Men films and the X-Men Evolution cartoon. (I was enamored with every version of Nightcrawler for a spell, got the action figure and everything.) But while I still kept Professor X’s gifted youngsters in a corner of my heart, I never really threw myself into any of the Marvel universes. They were just another cool thing to smile over, maybe record an episode, maybe pick up a back issue or two once in a while. No big deal.

Then the other kids started showing up. A number of Hulks and Spider-Men. Captain America and Bucky. Iron Man and Nick Fury. Thor and Loki.

I saw them all with my father, half from personal interest—Nolanverse Batman and some re-watchings of Blade had psyched me up for more superheroes—and half from just having something to share with Dad. It was fun.

But the one he liked the least was the one that held my attention the most, even months after it left the theater.


It wasn’t a masterpiece. It’d become obvious later in the franchise’s run that the MCU just didn’t see the need to put as much effort into it as they did with breadwinners like Stark and Rogers cavorting around with their human stories and conspiracies and intrigue. We all know that hours of additional footage were shaved off both Thor and Thor: the Dark World—supposedly for time reasons, though both films were rather stubby compared to their neighbors. As a result the movies offered to the public were missing key character moments only to be found when digging in the Blu-rays and the storylines seemed choppier for it.

Even so. I was interested.

Why? Because my oblivious ass had no idea these guys existed. Not as comic book characters, not as gods of Norse myth, nothing. This was all brand new territory, watered down as it was. I’d only had Greek myths in my head—because they are the Classic Mythology and therefore Most Important, say the public schools and community colleges—and these gods seemed more like deities I’d feel safer standing in a room with. For what little time and space they got, the Asgardians gave a glimpse of something unique. Yet even with this in mind, I might have set them on the same, ‘oh that’s nice,’ shelf as every other fandom if not for the dude with the horns.

Yes, Loki ‘Glassy-eyed, Shakespearian archetype, “TELL ME!!1!,” ‘Guys seriously we need to blur out the crotch give him a damn courtesy flap in the next costume,’ #DaddyIssues’ Odin/Laufeyson.

The character that Hiddleston put out there drew me most because, well, he was kind of a sore thumb. Here were all these big bombastic warrior gods and giants and comic book flotsam, there was him all dark and scheming, prepped and ready for a villainous cackling spell, and…

And he doesn’t cackle. Oh, he gets a proper ‘I’m so smart look at my plan coming to fruition fuck yeah’ smirk here and there, but there’s next to nothing of the original recipe asshole god I would come to know and hate-love in the comics. The Loki that Hiddleston put together in the MCU for that first film was interesting because he wasn’t just the clear cut, ‘Mwa ha ha,’ bad guy.

When he looks away as Odin lavishes praise on Thor in the coronation, when he shuts down as Heimdall cuts into him on the Bifrost, when he goes bug-eyed at the sight of his blue skin in the giant fight, when he tells the Warriors Three that he let it slip to a guard and thus to Odin where they were going so they wouldn’t be lost/killed, when he confronts Odin about his origins, when he murders Laufey in a display of fealty, when he goes into a psychological meltdown as Thor—Thor, who should be K.O.’d on Midgard after the Destroyer, after he froze Heimdall to keep him from mucking with the Bifrost, who should not be there, in his way, always in his way, suddenly lecturing him for trying to wipe out the frost giants after only three measly days on the mortal dirt ball when Thor himself went there to wage war and swing his hammer—when he cries out to Odin Allfather that he’d done all of it for him, for all of them, look, look where his loyalty lies, he is not a monster like them, not like the frost giants, he is of Asgard, he is an Odinson, Father, look Father, all of this was for you

“No, Loki.”

And then he goes quiet again. Perfectly quiet.

His grip loosens.

“Loki, no.”

He lets go.

Thor screams and Loki is quiet, quiet, dropping into the Void, expecting death—I think he expected it later when the Dark World came around too, but that’s another ramble—not caring either way.

Then he shows up in the after credits scene, clearly mangled and burnt by something, with the first hints of the warped bastard from the comics showing in the smile.

That was a hell of a thing to see in what was otherwise a very hasty B+ movie. I cared more about his story than any of the thunderbolts and lightning and pseudo-romance flying around. So I put the name Loki in Google.

And holy shit have I gone far since.

Here were the comics, a sprawling evolution for the Villain, the Child, the Magpie, and the Storyteller, the last’s tale still unfolding, marching out of the mold labeled God of Evil by pioneer writers (and by the first Christians to slap the mantle of the Devil on him).

Here were the mythos, a vision of laughter and guile, myriad shapes and ultimate despair, strange children and legendary world-ending wrath.

Here were all these people who knew of all these Lokis, all these stories, all the stories they made from those stories, these excellent fans and friends.

Since first seeing that live action Loki—a character very much pruned down from his roots, made subtler, sadder, more prone to use blades than magic—I have come to put the comics’ God of Stories and the Norsemen’s God of Mischief both on the shelf reserved for Favorite Troublemaking Fucker(s). But I would be doing a disservice to the character and the god if I did not give thanks to the version that first opened the door to the Trickster and everything they’ve gotten their sneaky fingers into.

So, thank you to the Loki of the MCU.

Thank you to Tom Hiddleston for making the character more than the sneering cookie cutter villain put down in the script. Thank you for coddling the sour green meanie as you have, for being as much a geek for him as your own fans, for making him too marketable to kill off for good, as has not been the case for so many other MCU baddies. Thank you for being the gateway jerk god to all the other iterations of the jerk god.

Thank you.

(Now if you could just talk to the directors about getting a wig that doesn’t look like it’s not been washed in three days…)

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My little noodle son!  Yes, I will tell you my head cannons!  💖

Originally posted by gothamfox

So let me tell ya’ll about my boy Ed, here!    

  • This boy‘s IQ is off the charts!    
  • Brain teasers/puzzles (Like the really advanced ones that would take any ordinary person hours to do) bore the shit outta him so he actually makes his own      
  • Has a terrible balance - Not very coordinated either
  • Is hella awkward, but in a confident way if that makes any sense?      
  • Like you could be walking behind him and he’d trip and almost fall, and for a lot of people that might be super embarrassing but he doesn’t give a shit. He’d smile at himself (CAUSE HE’S ADORABLE) and be like, “Oops! Curse my two left feet!”  Then he’d look at the person behind him, whereas many people would be too embarrassed to even acknowledge the trip, he’d just smile that precious baby smile and say, “Haha, sorry about that!”
  • Loves to whistle and hum    
  • When Ed was still with the GPD and he was in the lab alone the baby would just be diligently at work and he’d whistle some dorky song like The X-Files theme    
  • LOVES MYSTERY/SYFY/CRIMINAL THRILLER MOVIES/TV SHOWS    Loves shit like Dexter, Criminal Minds, Twin Peaks, and ESPECIALLY X-FILES    
  • Total conspiracy theorist because they are the one puzzle he cannot crack (Hella believes in aliens)    
  • Favorite pet would be a rat because of how smart and fluffy they are
  • SUPER clean and hygienic, possibly has a minor obsessive compulsive disorder?
  • Washes his hands like 20 times a day    
  • Is actually really funny once you get to know him    
  • Once he is comfortable enough to let his guard down in front of you he is actually a puppy dog 

 What if he likes you, ya ask? What if he /LIKES YOU LIKES YOU/??     

  • Oh Ed, my awkward baby boy, has never exactly been successful in the love department
  • Once he has feelings for you he will become a bumbling baby until finally you do something so mind boggling perfect (Like, I dunno answer one of his really hard riddles correctly and manage to impress him on a higher level) and it gives his darker side the power to push through and handle the situation
  • Once the desire to have you in his arms and under his naked body has reached it’s peak then he can no longer control his more sinister half 
  • Once dark Ed is in the picture he will very actively pursue you
  • He’d just approach you one day and be like, “So I’m sure you’ve comprehended that my views towards you are very positive.  Truth is I am actually incredibly attracted to you and I think we’re two pieces-”  He’d smirk that subtle yet very cocky smirk of his, “of a puzzle destined to be solved.”
  • He’d probably do some elaborate puzzle-esk thing to officially ask you out
  • Like he’d break into your apartment when you weren’t home and set up a scavenger hunt in your house that led you all over town until finally you ended up somewhere sentimental, i dunno the first place you met maybe, with him standing there looking all dapper ready to ask you out, flowers in hand.
  • Once you are his he becomes one affectionate mother fucker
  • But in a very sweet an innocent way!
  • He loves to hold your hand!  
  • When you are walking through the city, going out to eat or shopping, he’ll just start swinging your hands and smiling because he has you and he couldn’t be happier!
  • When he pecks you on the lips he can never just do it once!  He will peck you three times all in a row, mwah mwah mwah!
  • Gives the most gentle yet intoxicating hugs in the world
  • And, honey, the look in his eyes when he looks at you gives you goose bumps because Edward loves with all his heart, and if you’re lucky enough to be that person, then you will never go a day wondering if he loves you.  He will make sure you know! 

How about the dirty stuff, huh?

  • It’s hard to say because there are two sides of Edward to cover here
  • Once he is yours, and he is confident that you accept him, both sides of him would probably shown equally - totally extends to the bedroom
  • Some nights he’s gentle and sweet and would just be content watching you sleep - He’s still so amazed that you are in his bed!
  • But then there are the more ‘sinister’ nights where he’s feeling a little extra confident and will fuck the living daylights outta you
  • He will throw you onto your stomach and very calmly be like, “Don’t resist, baby, you’ll love this every bit as much as I do,” before ramming himself into you
  • One those nights get ready for a sore pelvic the next morning
  • Loves a woman’s breast, and will be very attentive to them!  Carefully massaging, nibbling, and suckling to hear those light moans that drive him mad (literally lol)
  • Is really good with pleasing someone with his hands, after all he has  these big long fingers perfect for foreplay
  • Isn’t really a sub or a dom and I feel his partner should be the same
  • Like, one night he’ll totally dominate his partner, tie them to the bed and rock their world, but then on other nights he’ll be his regular gentle self and will be fine with being tenderly kissed by his love while they take charge
  • Just depends on the events leading up to the lay I guess
  • Also, no matter how the sex went, afterwards Edward loves to snuggle
  • Panting heavily in one another arms, he’ll kiss you on the top of the head, inhaling your scent, and just truthfully tell you how important you are to him

Point blank, this psycho baby is also precious!  💖

Part 1 Here! Part 2 Here!

- You introducing Damian to fast food.

- “How can you stomach this stuff?”

- “Damian, I was practically raised on this food.”

- You eat so much fast food, that eventually Damian aquires a taste for it.

- “Ummi, can we go to Taco bell for dinner?”

- “Oh my god yes.”

- Fast food Wednesday becomes a thing in your house.

- “Dami what do you want for dinner tonight? Mcdonald’s or Pizza hut?”

- “Can we get Wendy’s? I’m craving their baked potatoes

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A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where the reader is in love with him (they are best friends). She feels he’ll never reciprocate those feelings, so she makes the decision to resign from the BAU. I changed the next part of the request a little bit, instead of writing a letter and giving it to him, she makes up an excuse for leaving, and then Spencer finds a letter of some sort in her empty desk, which leads to the real reason why she left. @coveofmemories


After three years of this, you realized you couldn’t do it anymore. When you first started at the BAU, you’d immediately become close with everyone, especially Spencer. For a year and a half or so, all you felt for Spencer was platonic love, and then one weekend, early last year, you’d come down with a horrible case of the flu; every day after work, Spencer came over and took care of you. He did your laundry and dishes, and even brought you your favorite chicken soup from the diner down the street. Since then, your feelings changed. 

You thought about him all the time. Running your fingers through his hair. Kissing his soft pink lips. Caressing his cheek. Thoughts of him wouldn’t leave your mind and you knew he’d never reciprocate those feelings. Originally, you tried to deal with them, push them away and hoping they disappeared, but they’d persisted, and you couldn’t take the pain of knowing he’d never feel the same way anymore - at least while you were around him every day. You needed a fresh start.

The department was always at risk of having their funds cut and you were the newest edition to the team. On top of that, with your Ph.D. in microbiology and immunology and your age, you were sought after to teach - specifically by George Washington University. For nearly a year, they had been asking you to head the microbiology and immunology department, as well as their Ph.D. program, but because you did love your job, and were holding out hope in regards to Spencer’s feelings, you hadn’t accepted the position.

Now you wanted to. After calling the department to ask if they still wanted to offer you that position, you strode into Hotch’s office to give him your letter of resignation. “What’s this?” Hotch asked, staring at the letter in confusion.

Doing your best to make it seem like this wasn’t killing you inside, you spoke. “It’s a letter of resignation, Hotch.”

“Is there something wrong?” he wondered. Hotch was normally not one to show emotion, but he seemed saddened by the thought of you leaving. You didn’t want to leave; you loved your job and the family you’d made, but you couldn’t be in the same room with Spencer anymore without your heart breaking. 

On the fly, you came up with a quick excuse for the letter. “Well, you know the department has been threatened with cutbacks for at least a year now, and for the last year I’ve been getting offered the position of Head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at George Washington University. My grandparents are getting sick now and my parents aren’t able to take care of everything by themselves, so I figured if I had more regulated hours, I would be able to help them out.” It seemed like a good reason for leaving. Hotch didn’t totally buy it, but he acquiesced. 

“You always have family here, Y/N,” he said, placing the letter on a stack of papers you know he’d been putting off looking at for ages. “I hope you know that.”

Before you turned to leave, you nodded, attempting to stifle the need to cry. This was not what you wanted, but right now, it’s what you needed. “I know, Hotch,” you replied. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to keep it between the two of us until the last possible moment. It’s not easy for me, but I need to do this right now.”

“Our little secret for the next two weeks,” he said sadly. With that, you left for the day. When you closed the door to your car, you sobbed uncontrollably, pulling out of the parking lot as quickly as possible so no one would see your despair.

Over the course of the next two weeks, you acted as if nothing had changed, using your skills of deception to put on a happy face, even though you were anything but. The day before you left, Hotch made the announcement. “Everyone,” he started, “Today is going to be Y/N’s last day. She’s been offered the role of Head of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at George Washington University.”

“You’re leaving?” Garcia asked with tears in her eyes. “Why?”

As your eyes scanned the room, your own tears started to form, so you made them work to your advantage. Everyone around you was tearing, and as your eyes turned toward Spencer you noticed his devastation. 

“I’ve been getting offers for this position for the last year and it has more steady hours. My grandparents are all getting sick and my parents aren’t able to handle all of their medical care themselves, so I figured a steadier job would allow me to help them.” That seemed to be enough for most everyone, although you could see that Rossi and Spencer weren’t exactly buying it.

This was the fresh start you needed. It hurt. But you’d get passed it - eventually. 


When Spencer walked into the bullpen the day after Y/N’s departure, he looked at her empty desk - standing in the middle of the room for nearly ten minutes in a stupor. “I can’t believe she’s gone,” Morgan said, clapping Spencer on the shoulder as he arrived for the morning. 

“Me either,” Spencer sighed, walking toward her desk and sitting in her chair. “She’s my best friend. I don’t know why she didn’t tell me.” He noticed his lips started to quiver as he thought about how much he’d miss seeing her every day. “Why wouldn’t she tell me?” he asked Morgan.

“You saw how she was yesterday. It seemed like a tough decision. But it also seemed like she needed to make it. You know Y/N, she’s no fuss,” he said. “She probably didn’t want all of the attention.”

Spencer understood, but it still hurt. Over the last three years, they’d become incredibly close. She was without a doubt his best friend in the world. Morgan walked past her desk to his own, getting started for the morning, as Spencer sat there numbly, wondering what he was supposed to do. It was like he didn’t know how to function. 

Just yesterday, her desk was filled with papers, pictures of her family, pictures of the team, figurines and paperweights. There was even a picture of the two of them dressed up at last year’s local Comic Con. Now everything was gone. He rifled through the drawers, wondering - maybe hoping - that something would pop up; something that might explain why she’d quit so abruptly. If her excuse was truly the reason she left, he understood, but it seemed like she was hiding something. Most of his assumptions weren’t good.

Each of the drawers came up empty until the bottom left one. The only thing left was a notepad. Months ago, Y/N had confided in him that her therapist suggested writing letters to everyone she loved as a way to say things that she couldn’t say out loud. The exercise had started because of her somewhat strained relationship with her father, but when he looked down at the notepad, he saw that she’d written a letter to everyone. The two pages that had been ripped off were probably the letters she’d written to her parents, but when he flipped through the pages he saw everyone’s names - JJ, Emily, Penelope, Derek, Hotch, Rossi, and his name, what only she and JJ called him, Spence.

As he looked around the room, he wondered whether or not he should be reading this. It was something that was suggested by a therapist, but she had left it here and he desperately wanted to see if his suspicions of a deeper reason for leaving rang true. Almost 20 minutes had passed and the rest of the team was in, so he took the notepad and went to his desk, burying his head in the paper while he sipped at his coffee.


Have we really been friends for three years? It seems like we’ve known each other forever. I’ve never known anyone else that gets me like you do and I can’t even begin to tell you how much you mean to me. Well, my therapist’s instructions were to write down everything you felt about a person with no filter, so here it goes. I’ll probably never give you this letter because I’m too much of a chicken shit, but, remember when I was sick last year and you came over every day? Since then, something has changed in the way I feel about you. Where once it was going to a Comic Con or a foreign film on the weekends, I now find myself thinking about being with you. I don’t know why my feelings changed or how, but they did - and I don’t think I’ll ever have the courage to tell you, especially because I doubt you feel the same way…

That felt really good to write down.

Love Always,


At the bottom of the paper, she had written a note to tell her therapist how cleansing an activity the note had been. 

When Spencer looked up from the paper, he wondered. Did she leave because of him? He didn’t want to assume that, but given how recently she’d written the letter - about three weeks prior - he couldn’t help but feel like there was some connection. Why didn’t she tell him? What made her think that he had no feelings for her? The only reason he’d never said anything was because he assumed she didn’t like him like that and didn’t want to put the friendship at risk. 

If she left because of him, he needed her to know the truth. If she had actually left because of family troubles, he needed her to know anyway. He had to see her. 

anonymous asked:

4,7,8,10,13,29,32,31,14,20,27,28 Kentin and Armin uwu

(Sorry for lack of posts recently, I’m dealing with some pretty screwed up drama right now and I’ve been in such a bad mood the past four days omg. Anyway, I added a few numbers for Kentin because some other anons requested a few numbers that weren’t listed so why not kill two birds with one stone right?)


2: If they like reading, and if so their fave book

He doesn’t read often because it’s hard for him to find a book that he really likes. But he does have a favorite, and that would be Gregor the Overlander, the main character is inspiring to him. (guys seriously read the book it’s so amazing omg it’s got like 5 parts and I cried it’s by Suzanne Collins so if you liked the Hunger Games you’ll love this even more in my opinion)

4: Their favorite way to waste time

Kentin likes to either work out or bake. If he has absolutely nothing to do he goes for a run, and if that’s not possible he likes to bake cookies, brownies, cake, etc. He’s also fairly good at decorating cakes!

5: Their favorite type of music

He likes soft music like this, and sometimes he’ll am to the occasional pop song.

7: Their happiest memory

His favorite memory is from military school, he made a really good friend while he was there and they bonded like no other. They kept each other going through all of it and they were there for each other when no one else was. This is his happiest because he finally made a friend that he didn’t feel like was only there because they pitied him or anything.

8: Their most embarrassing moment

In the game it’s mentioned that he got bullied before, so back in middle school or something he got his pants pulled down in front of everybody by this jerk that was constantly pestering him. He’s still planning his revenge.

10: Their best childhood memory

When he was little his dad used to carry him around on his shoulders all the time and run around the house. His dad would also let him put on his military clothes, and he would teach him some cool fighting moves.

13: Their biggest regret

His biggest regret is letting other people take advantage of him and taking what others say too seriously. He still has problems with this but it was really bad before and he just wants to let people know they can just run him over anymore

14. Their biggest fear

The boy is afraid of heights y’all.

16. Their calming techniques

When he’s really nervous about something he likes to isolate himself from everyone else and sit down, taking really deep breaths. He counts to 3 in between every intake. When he’s really pissed off this doesn’t work well so he goes to a gym and finds a punching bag, or he goes for a really long run.

17. How they cope with nightmares

He doesn’t really do anything to make himself feel better, he just kind of lays there and stares at the ceiling until sleep takes over again but if it was that bad then if he can he might just go for a walk, even though it’s like 3 AM

20. If they collect things, if so what

I don’t see Kentin being a collector of anything but if he did he might have been one of those kids that try to collect all the boy scout badges (he was in boy scouts you can’t tell me otherwise)

27. How they sleep

He’s a very touchy person if that makes sense, so he needs to be holding on to something. If you’re with him then he likes to hold you in his arms and spoon, or lay his head on your chest like he’s a little kid. If he’s alone he has a pillow next to him and holds onto that with one arm, while his legs are sprawled out.

28. How they hug

His hugs a very warm and affectionate, no matter who you are. He doesn’t just hug anyone so when he does, it’s the nicest, cuddliest hug ever. He wraps you up in his arms and hold you tight, with his chin at the top of your head. If you’re just a friend, he does the same thing but he doesn’t do the chin thing and he doesn’t hug you as tightly.

29. How they express love

Did this in a previous post~ here.

31: If they found out they only had one day to live

He would spend it with Candy, and his family. And just try his best to keep them in high spirits. Later he’d like make an announcement to anyone who bullied him and tell them off like he’s always wanted to do, letting them know that he’s better than all of them. (I really dislike this number it’s so hard to come up with things for it omg)

32. If they were faced with a genie what they’d use their three wishes for and why

Wish 1. To become more confident in himself, because he hates how insecure he is

Wish 2. To be successful, all he wants to do is live a happy and stable life, and he wants his dad to be proud of him no matter what he chooses to become.

Wish 3. The formula for Nutella, he loves that stuff man.

(I just don’t see him wishing for materialistic things tbh)


4. Their favourite way to waste time

If he’s not playing video games of course, he really finds joy in taking those stupid Quotev quizzes, like “Which character are you?” and he likes making quizzes for the games he plays.

7. Happiest memory

You know what I have no freaking idea man…. I would say when he was adopted but we don’t even know the full story behind that sooo. And that’s also pretty basic… I’ll edit this part later if I think of something

8. Most embarrassing moment

Okay you know what, I didn’t intend for this to be NSFW so sorry if this isn’t what you wanted to read but I whole-heartedly believe that he has been caught more than once jacking it off to some porn site by his mother or brother. His dad just knows to knock from now on but the other two don’t listen.

10. Their best childhood memory

When he was younger he and his brother used to pull pranks on people and switch places. I headcanon Alexy has naturally black hair so this was before he decided dye it, and no one really paid attention to their eye color until their mom found out what they were doing and called them out on their bullshit.

13. Their biggest regret

Hmm, well I don’t really know honestly. Maybe he regrets not going out as much as he should have. They never really spoke about their school before they arrived to Sweet Amoris (or did they, I can’t remember) so maybe he didn’t really have a lot of close friends since he’s like, low-key an introvert? So he just wishes he go out there more I guess.

14. Biggest fear

Low-key afraid of bugs but would never admit it. Also really afraid of losing his twin, I feel like they had separation anxiety when they were younger (me and my younger sis had that too omfg I used to cry whenever she wasn’t with me)

20. If they collect things, if so what?

He likes to collect figurines of characters for his games and shows. He’s probably a walking dead fan so he has all the figures of almost every character.

27. How they sleep

He’s always sprawled out all over his bed, lying on his stomach but occasionally his back. Don’t expect him to cuddle with you all night because he gets extremely hot while he’s sleeping so the most he’ll do is putting his leg on top of yours. He also cannot sleep without a blanket, so if it’s hot he’s the “one leg out” kind of guy.

28. How they hug

His hugs are very tight and welcoming, they make you feel comfortable because it’s just so nice. He kind of lifts you off your feet a little bit just because. They are also unexpected sometimes, like he’ll just run up on you screaming your name and tackle you with a bear hug

29. did this already for all guys~

31.If they only had one day to live how would they spend it?

 He would spend the day with his family and really close friends and wouldn’t complain one bit if they forced him to go outside. He’d actually want to go out somewhere this time, to make them happy. He wants to let them know how much he loves them all. “Alexy, I know you hate my clothes but I’m leaving my wardrobe to you, you’ll make good use out of it.” He’d probably try to drag everyone to a comic con if he could.

32. Genie, what would they wish for and why.

Wish 1. To be a professional game tester, because that’s what he does all day anyway so why not make money off of it?

Wish 2. For his brother to become whatever the heck it is he wants to be, he wants his bro to be happy y’all. 

Wish 3. For all other kids who are currently in foster care or anything to find really amazing parents who love them no matter what, so they can be happy

Issues- Part Thirty Two


Negan x You

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Swearing- as always, talk of death.

Word count- 1,361

Read previous parts- HERE

Part Thirty Two

Negan and I lingered after Daryl fled to the meeting that was about to be held in the main hall.

“I knew you were smart” I smiled linking my hand into his awaiting one.

He snort-laughed at me “Come on lets get this shit done, we’ve got a some packing to do”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” About leaving. I asked as we started to walk.

“It was only just decided two minutes before we walked in here” he sounded sorry that he hadn’t told me about it. He had promised to tell me everything, as long as I wanted to know. It made me love him even more, if that was possible.

“When you were talking to Simon?” I guessed. Him and Simon and walked ahead of me, at Negan’s request, when we had started walking to the room we had met Daryl in.

“Yeah, look I was against it but he won me around and now I’d say it was the perfect fucking time to, I won’t risk him hurting you to get to me” Rick.  He wasn’t looking at me as he spoke. In fact it felt like he was looking everywhere but. Why?

“Can’t we just run now, leave and never look back” please “just me and you, Daryl and Simon?”

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Imagine: Spence overhearing that you want to attend Comic Con, and taking the opportunity to ask you out on a date.

Talk Nerdy to Me//

Familiar faces encompass you in a sea of chatter and controlled commotion. Footsteps, both heavy and soft, rush around you, just itching to finish up for the day so that they can go home, lie down and catch up on whatever is good on Netflix. Okay, so maybe not everyone does that. Maybe the infamous Aaron Hotchner, your boss and an avid workaholic who works late hours and insists on getting the job done, goes home to his son Jack,  only to begin his second full-time job as a single father. David Rossi, on the other hand, will go home and write the night away. You smile at JJ, who is just about the closest friend you have here ever since you began working as a criminal profiler. She bids you a warm good night before she disappears down the long narrow hallway, her long blonde hair swaying behind her as she walks. She will go home to a loving family, her husband Will and her little bundle of joy, her son Henry. Your hand begins to cramp as you furiously write away at the papers in front of you, following up about the case you have just solved. Several bodies had been found scattered around Ohio with signs of rape and electrocution marks covering their skin, all young women around the same age with an appearance far too similar to yours. As always, the team had done their job and arrested the man responsible without firing a single bullet. Another fellow co-worker, Dr. Spencer Reid, had been acting strange around you all day. Usually, all he would do was ramble on and on, countless facts about serial killers that relate to the unsub, but today, he was oddly quiet. You turn your head, peering across the room at him. HIs actions mirror yours. His eyes are squinted, focused on the report in front of him. You worry about the good doctor sometimes, wondering what he does when finally goes home. You have heard many stories, terrible stories, about how a little over a year ago, he did have a life outside of work. A wonderful woman named Maeve who he truly loved with all of his heart. She was killed, murdered in cold blood, right in front of him. He never speaks of the incident, and you don’t blame him. After all, why is it that terrible things always happen to extraordinary people? You shake your head of the many thoughts coiling inside of your brain, realizing that you have been staring at him. Luckily, his eyes have yet to meet yours. You take a deep breath, blinking to readjust your eyes back on the report in front of you. You scribble down a few more words, finally finished and ready to go home. You gather your papers together, standing up and making your way towards Hotch’s office.

“Finished?” Hotch asks you with the faintest hint of a smile. It was rare for him to smile so he must be in a good mood tonight.

“Yeah.” you confirm, “I can’t wait to get home and crash.”  Laughing, you hand him the completed follow up report, “There’s a warm bed at home with my name on it.” Examining his face with a shocking amount of precision, you squint your eyes at him, softening your voice, “You should do the same. Don’t worry, I’m sure there will be more bad guys tomorrow.”        

“I will.” he sighs, his eyes never leaving the stack of papers in front of him, “Thank you for your concern. Have a good night.”

“You too, Sir.” you smile warmly at him, tearing your eyes from the stressed workaholic. You turn, spinning on your heel to face away from him, gripping the door handle firmly with your right hand and pulling it open. You take a few steps through the lengthy hallway, lost in your own thoughts. Suddenly, as if in slow motion, your body comes to a forced hault. Snapping out of your daze, your eyes widen in realization of what just happened. Spencer of course, being polite and gentle, apologizes for bumping into you.

“No no, it’s completely my fault. I should’ve been watching where I was going.” you smile up at him, running a nervous hand through your hair. You bend down, beginning to gather the mess of documents, all once neatly filed, that you practically knocked from his hands.

“Don’t worry about it.” he assures you with a cute, boyish smile, kneeling down to your level and gently taking the documents from your hands.

“Oh look at this mess.” you sigh shaking your head, still frantically gathering stray sheets of paper from the carpeted floor of the Behaviour Analysis Unit, “My mind must have been somewhere else, I’m so sorry.” you mutter on.

“Wow, and they say I like to ramble.” Spencer teases, “Don’t worry about it, seriously.” Completely synchronized, the two of you stand up to your feet, your eyes meeting for the first time since you practically knocked him over. He analyzes your face, paying close attention to the dark circles under your eyes worsening with every passing night. “When is the last time you slept?” he asks curiously, his mouth slightly parted in careful speculation.

“You mean for over three hours?” you chuckle, “What day did we first leave for Ohio again..?” Your voice trails off and your mouth settles into what can be best described as a mix between a tight smile and a cringe. “I just have trouble getting my full eight hours when we are miles and miles away from home.” you further explain. The genius nods, the worried expression on his face slightly fading.

“Hey so uh..” he starts, “I overheard you talking to JJ the other day about how you wanted to go to Comic Con…” he awkwardly fixes his short, curly, brown hair, licking his lips before continuing, “I actually have an extra ticket and was wondering if you wanted to go with me..?” Your eyes light up with anticipation, the corners of your mouth tilting upwards into a wide smile, flashing your white teeth at him.

“Are you serious?” you breathe in joy. Spence nods, his own expression quickly turning from nervous to surprised as he studies your broad smile and bright, ecstatic eyes.“Oh my God, I would love that! You’re the best, Spence!” Practically jumping forward, you pull him into a tight hug. His heart pounds in his chest as you engulf him. He raises his arms, softly wrapping them around your slim body.

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i love your comics! And I'm a stony shipper! Have been since 2004, really. I just want to ask one thing, seeing your recent tags on a post, do you really think mcu!tony means something to mcu!steve and vice versa? can you talk about it, if so? Because although I love their relationship in the comics I've always been pissed because marvel did absolutely nothing with it in the mcu. The fics are cool though, love me some fandom verse.

Hey! First of all, thanks for reading my comics, I’m glad you like them. Second… this got long. This got very very long. This became Unimaginably Lengthy good god. Help. I clearly have too many Stony feels.

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- Probably being Bruce’s biological child.

- Damian liking you a little bit more because you’re like him.

- Damian also being super jealous because it means he has to share attention with you.

- Eventually when you show him over and over again that you want to be his friend, he get’s really frustrated and blows up in your face.


- “You’re my family Damian, I’m always going to love you. Even if you don’t love me back.”

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Here it is, my entry from the @winterironholidayexchange for Ehiel. This fic was supposed to be around 3k. Naturally I ended up writing another 7k in the last three days before the deadline *facepalm* I really hope you like it because, not to pressure anyone, but I might break down crying if you don’t. (Kidding. Well, mostly.) And don’t forget to check out the other works in the exchange!

Turning into a mindless killing machine isn’t what one might call a conventional reaction to a panic attack. It’s a good thing for Bucky then that Tony has never cared much for conventions anyways.

You can also read this on AO3.

The first time Tony Stark meets Bucky Barnes he is decidedly unimpressed.

Granted, Tony isn’t as caught up on the Hydra business as he’d like to be. But what little he’s read up on is more than the general public will ever know and the amount of time he’s spent revisiting security footage is bordering on obsessive.

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August @jilychallenge

@prongsfoots (prev. pdfcct) vs. @roxanncweasley

Prompt: The First Wizarding War + Lily gets kidnapped and James goes in on the Death Eater base because it just got pERSONAL you bastards

Title: i think i wanna marry you

Read on Ao3

A/N: I’d liked to say that I at least tried to write a serious prompt, but to be honest my wacky brain saw the prompt and immediately thought: this needs to be crack. And here we are. Hope y’all enjoy it :) And many thanks to Abigail for being my beta <33

Whatever happens, especially if it’s some bout of misfortune that no one could have predicted, James has learned that Death Eaters are probably to blame. It’s practically fact at this point, no matter how Lily insists that it isn’t. Death Eaters exist and James is going to blame them for anything and everything, especially everything that goes wrong in his life.

Your soon-to-be-wife disappears hours before the wedding, for example? Death Eaters. Definitely Death Eaters. No doubt about it.

James grabs his wand and summons every single drop of righteous anger that he has, which is a lot. His soon-to-be-wife has just disappeared. He thinks that he’s justified in having a lot of righteous anger. “I’m going to kill them,” he promises. “I’m going to kill them all and destroy all the evidence.”

He had woken up all alone in his living room, mugs of hot chocolate littering the coffee table, and the muggle television playing static. The first three minutes are spent wondering just what the hell happened last night because James can’t even remember falling asleep on the couch. Then he decides that it probably has something to do with his friends and it’s better left to the imagination.

It had taken him two minutes to remember that it was his wedding day and another three for it to sink in that holy shit, it’s his wedding day.

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Supernatural/ Avengers Crossover Pt. 1 (reworked)

A/N: How I had promised it, here is the first reworked part of this crossover. Please, tell me what you think about it ^^ feedback is always appreciated

I also have linked two texts of the ‘Previous on Supernatural…’ series if you want to know more about their beginning

Characters: Y/N (your name), Dean and Sam Winchester, Steve ‘Captain America’ Rogers, Tony Stark

Warnings: none, I think, maybe some swearing

Words: 3.180

~~italics are a dream~~

You spent five years with Dean and Sam Winchester.

Five years of blood, mostly from demons, vampires, wendigos…, sweat, mostly from Sam and Dean and tears mostly, from you … tears of laughing and joy.

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