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You Still Need to Clean It {Jackson Wang}

Number 21 (when was the last time YOU cleaned the bathroom.) of the 150 drabble challenge with Jackson Wang.

Note: Ahh I loved this, I finally got to write about my bias of Got7! Please enjoy! ~ Fighting

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You crossed your arms over your chest stubbornly, tapping the bottom of your foot against the tiles of the bathroom floor, an eyebrow raised at the sight it had been left in.

White toothpaste left to waste on the side of the sink with spilled toothbrushes and makeup brushes scattered. The main mirror was grubby and in desperate need of a clean from the make up stains and grimy dirt that had attached itself to the surface.

“Yeah, it is pretty messy isn’t it. Maybe we should clean it.” Jackson spoke tentatively, the obvious care in his tone to ensure he didn’t express the wrong words in your irritated state.

“Us? When was the last time that you cleaned the bathroom. It is all your mess after all.” you pointed out sharply, motioning your hand to present the disgusting sink. Not to mention the pile of dirty washing that Jackson had stripped himself of the night before and left to change into fresh pajamas.

“I- I have done it since we moved in!” Jackson defended himself.

You shook your head, “Time and date, please.”

“Well I-” he stumbled, “I can’t remember that far back, {y/n}!”

“Then I want this bathroom clean by the time I get back from work. Do you understand? You have a day off today, so no excuses. If I find even a spec of dirt in here, you aren’t getting laid for a month. Do I make myself clear?” You ordered him strictly.

“But-” He tried to protest.

“I said, do I make myself clear?” You interrupted him sternly.

For a moment, you thought he was going to try and protest again. But instead, he merely dropped his head in a child’s sulking motion before uttering a simple, “yes.”

“Good, I’ll see you later.” You smiled at him bittersweet before leaving him with his head hanging in the messy bathroom.

When you finally returned from work. Your spirits had been lowered, even more so than before you left that morning. As you stepped through the front door and took off your coat, you heard a loud cursing sound from the living room. You instantly knew something was wrong.

“Jackson, are you alright?”

“Yep! You’re home early, sweetheart” He called, a rush of panic evident in his voice.

“You didn’t clean it, did you?” You sighed, muttering under your breath as you walked into the hall, just to see him close the bathroom door behind him.

“It’s clean in there.” He told you adamantly.

“Do you promise?” You asked him, watching his smiling face drop in an instant.

“Okay, maybe it’s not clean but-”

“Did you even do anything in there?” You asked him, feeling as though you were about to explode in anger.

“I- no… but I did intend to! Mark came over and I didn’t get time-”

“Jackson!” You snapped, glaring at him as you pushed past him to enter the bathroom. As you had suspected, it didn’t look any different from when you had left it that very morning. He hadn’t even cleaned up the toothpaste, or rearranged the brushes. Nothing at all.

You turned to face him, but before you could say anything, his lips were on yours, a mixture of sorrow and regret filling through him.

“I’m sorry {y/n}, I really am. I promise to do it tomorrow, okay?”

You looked up at his large orbs, wide, soft and glistening with plead. He placed his hands on your hips, placing a gentle kiss on your cheek.

“Do you really promise?” You asked him.


You huffed, letting out a breath of forgiveness. “Fine, I’ll let you off, just this once. But just so you know, if Mark does decide to turn up tomorrow. He’ll be tidying up in here with you. Understand?”

Jackson grinned. “You have my word.”

You smiled, planting your lips on his for a quick kiss on the lips.

“So, how about I make it up to you now.” Jackson winked.

“Nope. didn’t I tell you this morning that if you didn’t clean up then you wouldn’t get laid for a month?” You smirked devilishly, your ego growing as you saw his face visibly fall.

“Oh crap, yeah…”

“Later, Jackson.” You winked at him, turning back to get ready for a much needed sleep.

In that moment, you really loved karma. 


we should all act a little crazy once in a while right, like dancing to music only you can hear and making funny faces in the mirror 🎶🎵

But really, there’s something rewarding about doing something similar every once in a while, freeing? Maybe. I think so

Anyway happy sunday guys…for me today is study, study, clean a little, hopefully go for a walk if the weather is nice. 📚📖🌞

Fanfic: That Time

Arrow: Olicity fic

Rating T

Read on: A03 or

A/N - Thanks to the lovely Emily Bett at the Superheroes Con in Paris for this idea! I think we are in mutual agreement with how bad we both want a domesticated life for Felicity and Oliver - one of those being brushing teeth. So I kinda took that a little literally and I’m writing a couple of short one!shots where Oliver cleans Felicity’s teeth and vice versa.

That Time

So maybe she had should have stopped after her fourth glass of Pinot Noir, she thought as she tried to concentrate on her reflection in the mirror. Yes, that fourth glass was definitely too much. Her eyes glazed over attempting to focus on the tap as she awkwardly tried to grasp it but ended up knocking over the glass containing both her and Oliver’s toothbrushes with a loud clatter.

“Oh shit…” She muttered grasping a hold of the sink as her head continued to spin. Maybe she shouldn’t have downed those shots of tequila either…

Alcohol was bad. And being back in Vegas was equally as bad. She knew it was going to be an inevitable stop on their travels, Las Vegas. But that didn’t mean that she wanted to go back. Yes, she had wanted to see her mother, but Vegas brought back all those memories and the fact that her mother was plying her with alcohol meant that an incredibly drunk Felicity wasn’t exactly a surprise. At least it had started off as a fun night, they had had a lovely meal (where her first two glasses of wine were consumed) and then her mother had decided oh what a good idea it would be for them to visit her favourite casino (her being Donna, because casino and favourite were definitely not two words that Felicity would ever put together in the same sentence. Not ever.).

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