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Jet Lagged (Lin/Reader)

Prompt: I’ve got 26 prompt requests and this isn’t one of them lol I’m the worst. Thanks so much to @hamimagines and @god-damn-it-miranda for reading it over and giving feedback. I think you’re the best.

Author’s Note: I know I haven’t posted anything in like two months and truthfully I’m in the middle of 25 things that are all on their way soon… but this came first. That was a sex joke.

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda/Reader

Summary: Lin has just returned home from 7 months in London and is due to present an award at the Tony’s that night. Exhaustion is hard to avoid, but you know exactly how to help.

Rating: M for explicit oral sex

Warnings: Yeah there’s a blowjob that’s about as explicit as it gets. Fair warning.

Words: 1304


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“Hey, Y/N,”

The faint sound of Lin’s voice pulled you out of a deep sleep. You groaned, barely opening your eyes to find him kneeling by your bedside, fully dressed.

“I’m leaving,” he whispered, planting a soft kiss on your forehead. “I’ll be back around three, okay?”

“Don’t go,” you protested, pulling him closer. “Stay in bed with me. You haven’t even been home for twenty-four hours.”

“I have to go to rehearsal.” he insisted, kissing your lips this time. “I’ll be home in a few hours. I promise.”

He kissed you one more time before leaving your bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Lin had returned from seven months in London the previous afternoon, a fact that had you nearly bouncing off the walls with excitement. You picked him up from the airport, had dinner, gone to see Waitress, and headed home only to pass out a few minutes later.

Today was the day of the Tony Awards. While he wasn’t up for any awards this year, he was expected to present the award for Best Musical. Rehearsal started at 7 am, which explained why the sun had barely risen when he kissed you goodbye.

As much as you wanted to stay home with him catch up on all of the physical activity missed while he was gone, you knew he had a responsibility to be there. Instead of hoping, it would be best, you figured, to be productive.

You got up, started the coffee maker and began rifling through his things in an attempt to put them back where they belonged. Clothing that had been washed before he flew home was promptly put away, the dirty clothes placed in the hamper to be washed later.

You managed to get a few loads of laundry done in the basement of your building and put some other household items back in their place. Things Lin could have (and would have) easily done himself, but you were feeling particularly generous due to his return.

When you glanced at the clock after getting a large amount of work done, you realized it was just after three. He was due home any minute.

As if on cue, the front door opened and he stepped in, looking visibly exhausted.

“You look more exhausted now than you did this morning.” you pointed out, greeting him with a brief kiss.

“I’m fine,” he insisted, though you could tell he was clearly lying.

“Why don’t you try to take a nap?” you suggested, slowly nudging him toward the bedroom. “You’re gonna be out late tonight, you could really afford the extra sleep.”

“I should help you.” he insisted, catching sight of the stacks of clean laundry waiting to be put away in the living room.

“I don’t need your help. I need you to take a nap.” you insisted. “I’ll wake you at five.”

Though he still didn’t seem to agree with you, he headed into the bedroom anyway.

When five rolled around, you made your way to the bedroom only to find him already awake, typing away on his phone.

“You didn’t even try to sleep?”

“I got maybe an hour,” he assured you. “I couldn’t go back to sleep so I just started responding to emails.”

“Well, it’s five,” you reminded him. “You should probably start getting ready to leave.”


You could hear the faint sound of the shower running from the bathroom as you relocated the clean clothes to your bedroom. You’d managed to put most of it away by the time he got out, instead focusing on your attention on watching him get dressed up. A fact that he found rather amusing.

“Am I distracting you?” he teased, staring in the mirror as he tied his bowtie.

“A little bit,” you confessed, a small smile on your face. “You clean up nicely.”

“Yeah?” He smirked at you.

“Your hair is a little flat though,” He turned to you as you stood up and adjusted his hair slightly so it rounded a bit more. “There. Better.”

“Is it good?” he asked, glancing at himself in the mirror again.

“Your hair looks fine. You still look really tired though,” you admitted.

He seems slightly defeated by your words. “I guess I can’t fight jet lag.”

“I can help.” you offered with a sly grin.

“Wait how can you—” he stopped mid-sentence as he watched you kneel in front of him. He stepped back, pressed against the wall, watching you reach up and unzip his dress pants.

You smiled up at Lin, meeting his eyes while you pulled him out of his briefs and took him in your hands. You cupped him in your hands, loving the feel of the soft skin, gently running your fingers along the base. You offered him a wicked smile before you licked the tip, swirled your tongue all over the head, and kitten licked up and down his length. You paid special attention to the bundle of nerves right below the head before swallowing him down.

He groaned, running his hands through your hair; not forcing you down, just holding you as you wrapped your tongue around his dick and sucked and licked and—

“Oh god,” he moaned, arching forward, fisting his hands in your hair. You took all of him, swallowed him down to the hilt. You chuckled with him still in your mouth. He breathed heavily, “Fuck, this is so go… good.”

As you bobbed your head back and forth, you could feel him tensing up. You moved your head slower, grazing your tongue slowly along the bottom of his dick.

“I’m close,” he managed through staggered breaths. You glanced up at him again, winking when your eyes met. That sent him over the edge.

With a long groan, you could feel him spill onto the back of your throat. You swallowed with ease, pulling him out of your mouth and licking him once more for good measure.

He was out of breath, wiping a few beads of sweat from his forehead as you stood up.

“Feel better?”

“I uh… I’m awake.”

“I know, you look it.” You tapped him on the shoulder once, kissing him on the cheek. “Alright, go get ‘em.”

He was gone within minutes, off to meet his parents downstairs before heading downtown. After finishing with laundry, you pulled your laptop out and sat in front of the TV, waiting for the awards to start.

It was a while before they started and even longer before he was on to present the final award.

When he did come on the stage you headed to Twitter, where there a large were a number of people discussing Lin and how good looking he was considering he’d flown in from London less than 48 hours before. Some mentioned how young he looked, another person added that he looked rather ‘bouncy’. Even you had to agree they were right, he looked much better on stage than he did after rehearsal a few hours ago.

You were at least partially responsible for that, you figured, which gave you a small sense of pride.

You pulled out your phone, typing a quick text to him knowing he would see it after the show.

Everyone says you look really hot… I guess I saved the finale 😏

I’m taking full credit. My blowjobs are magic

It was a few minutes before you received a response.

That’s probably true, but maybe we should try a few more times just to make sure? 😉

You smirked at your phone and quickly typed up a response.

I hope for your sake you get home before I get to bed


After a few minutes, he responded.

I have never wanted to leave the Tonys so quickly in my life.

CSBB: I Thee Wed (14/16)

Once upon a time, Princess Emma and Lieutenant Killian Jones stole away into the dark of the night to elope. In the morning light, however, they must face the repercussions of their actions before they can live their “happily ever after.” This is where their story begins…

M (Mild smut)

Other Pairings: Snowing

Author’s Note: 
Just two more chapters left! The theme of this chapter is “brotherly love”. Thank you for reading my contribution to the @captainswanbigbang This story wouldn’t be half as readable without the lovely beta work of @wexyuk . Special shoutout to my artists who also served as secondary readers, @piratesrumforswan , and @just-be-magnificent .

[Ch. 1][Ch. 2][Ch. 3][Ch. 4][Ch. 5][Ch. 6][Ch. 7][Ch. 8][Ch.9][Ch. 10][Ch. 11][Ch. 12][Ch.13]

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Chapter 14

“It’s going to be fine, Emma.”

“I know that,” she replied, pressing her lips together tightly. Her father and Killian’s conversation, whatever it was about, would go well. 

She hoped.

Her father and her husband hadn’t actually spent time alone one-on-one since the wedding. That was almost by design, a concerted effort on her part to prevent any situations resembling the moment she stumbled upon them at the castle, her father attempting to buy off Killian, encouraging him to leave her. Her actions may be cowardly on her part, but she believed them necessary to ensure her happiness through the wedding.

The whole situation was exhausting. Between secretly attempting to mend Liam’s relationship with Killian, skirting around her own father’s lack of approval, and planning the entire second wedding, Emma had little time to think.

“Isn’t this relaxing?” Leo had asked when they first took off on their ride, shortly after her father and Killian had disappeared from view. Relaxing had been one word for it, though she quickly came to believe that Leo had an ulterior motive for her keeping her away, no matter how much he denied it. “Father was making use of my plans. I am not a pawn!”


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You Still Need to Clean It {Jackson Wang}

Number 21 (when was the last time YOU cleaned the bathroom.) of the 150 drabble challenge with Jackson Wang.

Note: Ahh I loved this, I finally got to write about my bias of Got7! Please enjoy! ~ Fighting

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

Originally posted by jack777

You crossed your arms over your chest stubbornly, tapping the bottom of your foot against the tiles of the bathroom floor, an eyebrow raised at the sight it had been left in.

White toothpaste left to waste on the side of the sink with spilled toothbrushes and makeup brushes scattered. The main mirror was grubby and in desperate need of a clean from the make up stains and grimy dirt that had attached itself to the surface.

“Yeah, it is pretty messy isn’t it. Maybe we should clean it.” Jackson spoke tentatively, the obvious care in his tone to ensure he didn’t express the wrong words in your irritated state.

“Us? When was the last time that you cleaned the bathroom. It is all your mess after all.” you pointed out sharply, motioning your hand to present the disgusting sink. Not to mention the pile of dirty washing that Jackson had stripped himself of the night before and left to change into fresh pajamas.

“I- I have done it since we moved in!” Jackson defended himself.

You shook your head, “Time and date, please.”

“Well I-” he stumbled, “I can’t remember that far back, {y/n}!”

“Then I want this bathroom clean by the time I get back from work. Do you understand? You have a day off today, so no excuses. If I find even a spec of dirt in here, you aren’t getting laid for a month. Do I make myself clear?” You ordered him strictly.

“But-” He tried to protest.

“I said, do I make myself clear?” You interrupted him sternly.

For a moment, you thought he was going to try and protest again. But instead, he merely dropped his head in a child’s sulking motion before uttering a simple, “yes.”

“Good, I’ll see you later.” You smiled at him bittersweet before leaving him with his head hanging in the messy bathroom.

When you finally returned from work. Your spirits had been lowered, even more so than before you left that morning. As you stepped through the front door and took off your coat, you heard a loud cursing sound from the living room. You instantly knew something was wrong.

“Jackson, are you alright?”

“Yep! You’re home early, sweetheart” He called, a rush of panic evident in his voice.

“You didn’t clean it, did you?” You sighed, muttering under your breath as you walked into the hall, just to see him close the bathroom door behind him.

“It’s clean in there.” He told you adamantly.

“Do you promise?” You asked him, watching his smiling face drop in an instant.

“Okay, maybe it’s not clean but-”

“Did you even do anything in there?” You asked him, feeling as though you were about to explode in anger.

“I- no… but I did intend to! Mark came over and I didn’t get time-”

“Jackson!” You snapped, glaring at him as you pushed past him to enter the bathroom. As you had suspected, it didn’t look any different from when you had left it that very morning. He hadn’t even cleaned up the toothpaste, or rearranged the brushes. Nothing at all.

You turned to face him, but before you could say anything, his lips were on yours, a mixture of sorrow and regret filling through him.

“I’m sorry {y/n}, I really am. I promise to do it tomorrow, okay?”

You looked up at his large orbs, wide, soft and glistening with plead. He placed his hands on your hips, placing a gentle kiss on your cheek.

“Do you really promise?” You asked him.


You huffed, letting out a breath of forgiveness. “Fine, I’ll let you off, just this once. But just so you know, if Mark does decide to turn up tomorrow. He’ll be tidying up in here with you. Understand?”

Jackson grinned. “You have my word.”

You smiled, planting your lips on his for a quick kiss on the lips.

“So, how about I make it up to you now.” Jackson winked.

“Nope. didn’t I tell you this morning that if you didn’t clean up then you wouldn’t get laid for a month?” You smirked devilishly, your ego growing as you saw his face visibly fall.

“Oh crap, yeah…”

“Later, Jackson.” You winked at him, turning back to get ready for a much needed sleep.

In that moment, you really loved karma. 

Limerence - Chapter III

Limerence Masterlist

Characters: Sehun, Suho, and OC (Ursula)

Warnings: This series contains mentions of assault, sexual violence, and stalking.

Word Count: 2.7k

Limerence:  The state of being infatuated or obsessed with another person, typically experienced involuntarily and characterized by a strong desire for reciprocation of one’s feelings.

The past few days have been a little weird to be perfectly honest. Sehun has gotten me every time I’ve gone outside and has come over to talk to me. I was sitting outside on the porch this morning before I left for work and he walked up on the porch and sat next to me in the swing—completely unannounced. I didn’t even notice him until the swing moved from being sat on. I didn’t want to be rude and tell him to go away, but it was a little creepy. He kept talking to me for so long, I ended up being late to work. He always smiles at me and is very nice and polite, but something about his personality rubs me the wrong way.

“You’re just being paranoid. He seems like a really nice guy, he probably just thinks you’re attractive and it makes him nervous.” I went and visited my mom at the hospital later in the afternoon after my shift ended. I told her about what happened this morning, and she only tells me that I’m being paranoid. Maybe I am just being paranoid. I mean, he hasn’t really done anything to me other than just try and speak to me. I don’t see anything malicious about that.

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anonymous asked:

:O Ella enchanted prinxiety au during the scene where Ella has to try not to kill the prince?????

ELLA ENCHANTED IS MY FAVORITE <3 though the book is so much better than the movie, it’s so amazing. 

Still I wrote this thing for you and I hope you like it Anon, and seriously, go read the book.  For me.

Anxiety dragged his feet as he walked through the ballroom, hoping against all hopes that Prince Roman would miss him in the crowd.  After all, he was easily over looked normally.  The order echoed in his head, if only he had been able to stay away.  

This stupid curse, if only he had never been cursed. If Lucinda had stayed away from him and his family, but she had not and it wouldn’t do to wish things could be different.  

He could run away, Anxiety mused, but Roman would only come looking for him. He could write a note saying he had run off with some wealthy merchant and leave Frell, this time doing it properly so Roman wouldn’t pursue him. He could move to anywhere else, anywhere he could keep Roman safe.

“You made it.” A voice whispered behind him, Anxiety jumped a little. Turning he saw Roman with a huge grin.  He cleaned up remarkably well, but then, he was a prince.  

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Make Up Artist

“What in the world are you doing?” Jack asked after walking past the bathroom, eyes falling on Joe leaned in close to the mirror, blinking as he nearly poked himself in the eye.

“Uhm,” Joe glanced down at the item in his hand and the others scattered across the counter before he met Jack’s eyes once again. “Doing my make up?”

Leaning against the doorframe, Jack crossed his arms, smirking over at Joe, who shifted under the gaze of his boyfriend.

“Is it sad that that isn’t the weirdest thing you’ve ever said to me?”

“It’s not?”

“Nope. Now, why are you doing your make up?”

“It’s for a video,” Joe sighed, placing the eyeliner down on the counter, scanning the items he had gathered. “I’m doing a skit as my sister. But she’s always wearing bloody make up, so I have to do it.”

“Do you need some help?” Joe’s eyes snapped up to meet Jack’s again, widening slightly.

“You don’t have too.”

“It’s no different from the Stand Up To Cancer event we did,” Jack shrugged, pushing himself off of the frame to move into the bathroom. “Only this time, I get to hear your lovely voice.” He smiled, leaning over to kiss Joe quickly. “Now sit down.”

“Jack, really, you don’t have too…” Joe mumbled, but was quickly shushed and manhandled until he was sat on the closed toilet, his hands tucked under his legs.

“So we’re doing a look like your sister?” Jack muttered, half to himself as he scanned the products, picking up what he needed. “Where did you even get this?”

“I bought it.” Joe answered, blushing as Jack smiled over at him.

“That’s adorable. You probably confused the poor cashier so much!”

“Shut up.”

“Nah, it’s fun making you blush.” Jack laughed, “Now close your eyes, babe.”

Sighing, Joe did as asked, jumping when he felt the brush make contact with his eyelid. The touch was gentle and caring.

“Do you know what you’re doing?”

“Probably not.” Jack’s voice was low, his breath dancing across Joe’s lips, and the smaller man smiled. He could picture Jack’s look of concentration, and when he peaked open one eye, it was exactly as he imagined it.

Brows furrowed together, tongue poking out just slightly from between his lips, eyes focused.


“Sorry.” Joe laughed, closing his eye once again.

Except throughout the entire process, he kept sneaking looks at Jack. Because he had never seen his boyfriend so concentrated on a task, and it was sweet of him to be helping him, especially with such a weird task.

“Thank you. By the way.” Joe said softly as Jack did the last finishing touches.

“For what?” Jack asked, standing back to admire his work before he reached for the last item, the lip stick.

“For applying my make up, as odd as that sounds.”

“Anything for you, babe.” Jack winked, “Besides, this just reminds me of the event, and I’ll admit, you looked very pretty.” He commented, applying the lip stick with the same love and care as he had all those months ago. “Done.” He smiled, standing up straight again. “Maybe I should quit YouTube and become a make up artist.”

“You’ve done my make up twice.” Joe laughed, standing to look at himself in the mirror. “Oh, wow.”

“You look beautiful.” Jack told him, dropping a kiss on the top of Joe’s head.

“Remind me to never do the make up challenge against you.” Joe mumbled, turning his head from side to side, admiring Jack’s handiwork.

“Go finish getting ready for your video, I’ll clean up.” The younger man nudged him towards the door.

“This is going to be such a weird video…” Joe said to himself as he walked towards the other room.

“You’ve fucked a chair, Joe!” Jack’s voice followed him. “Nobody is going to question this!”

“Wait until you see the outfit!” Joe called back.

“There’s an outfit?!” Jack’s response was excited, and Joe laughed as he began to strip out of his clothes, glancing down at the items he had borrowed from his sister.

When he walked into the guest room, where Jack and his filming equipment was waiting, Joe was frowning down at the heels in his hand.

“I forgot that Zoe has smaller feet. I’ll have to shoot from an angle that doesn’t show my feet. Unless I just squeeze them in, although I won’t be able to walk…” He trailed off as he glanced at Jack’s face. “What?”

“Is it wrong to say you look really hot in a skirt?”

“Oh.” Joe felt himself flush.

“We need to film this video…like now.” Jack cleared his throat. “Because what I want to do with you will only mess up your make up. And I worked damn hard on that look.”

“I look odd, stop.”

“You look fucking hot, Joe. Wig, skirt, everything. And I’m sure the heels would make your legs look even better.”

“You don’t think this is weird?” Joe questioned, smiling at the look on Jack’s face.

“I don’t think this will be an every day thing, but right now…fuck.” His eyes traveled the length of Joe’s body. “Right now, this is doing it for me.”

“Well, thank you.” Joe moved forward, kissing Jack quickly, laughing at the colour left behind from his lipstick. “Let’s film this video.”

“Gods, yes.” Jack muttered, eyes following Joe’s hips as he walked away. “And you are not giving those back to your sister!”

Committed: Chapter Seven

A huge thanks to BK2U for editing this chapter for me. 

A/N: Thanks to everyone who has expressed their feelings on this story! I have to say I love the next three upcoming chapters. This story won’t be anywhere near as long as The Training, but the chapters are longer than I’d planned and Eric’s relationship starts to take off a bit amongst the maddness.

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Title: it’s my duty
Summary: Who knew something amazing could come out of being pulled over and running late for work?
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: Silver Lining
Rating: K
Warning(s): idk, probably some OOC on Sasuke’s part. It’s an AU with no massacre of any kind, though, so idk. Maybe he’s IC by those standards. WHY DON’T YOU JUDGE.
Comments: Inspired by hallous’s fanart of cop!Sasuke and doctor!Sakura.


“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Sakura muttered to herself as she heard the sirens go off in warning, and glanced at her rear-view mirror to expectedly find a cop car flashing his blue-red lights at her. Tightening her jaw, she let out a small sound of frustration before moving smoothly to the side of the curb, shifting her car in park and turning off the ignition, while she drummed her fingers against the opened window side, glancing at her watch with a stressed look.

“I’m already running late for work, and it’s Spring Break, one of the busiest times of the year—AKA, my boss is going to murder me.”

Running a hand over her face, Sakura glanced in her mirror and drummed her fingers some more, biting her lip at the cop’s apparent inactivity. She knew he was probably just writing down all the information about her car as part of the usual process, but she couldn’t help wanting for him to hurry up a bit.

She had patients to treat, for god’s sake! Fearless, stupidly injured and probably very intoxicated patients, but still patients regardless!

And it’s not like I ever really speed, she thought to herself, pinching the bridge of her nose. My record is clean! I’m usually a very careful driver!

Hearing the sound of an opening door, she glanced at her mirror again and bit the inside of her cheek, thinking of what she should do. Crap, he’s coming, she thought, as she glanced back a little and saw the man approaching her window. Maybe if I make a cute face I can get away…?

Grinning secretively to herself, Sakura took a quick look at herself in the mirror, before turning to greet her to-be-victim-of-her-charms and putting on the sharpest, cutest smile she could muster—only for it to drop instantly once her eyes set on his out-of-this-world attractive face.

Mouth running dry, and stomach flipping wildly, she stared at him in distress and shattered hope of escape.

Shit, she thought, swallowing the nervous lump in her throat. He’s hot…

“License and registration,” the young cop—who was probably not more than a year or two older, at most—finally spoke, his voice rumbling deep in his chest. It drove shivers down her spine.

Ino would know how to handle this… she said to herself, unable to muster the courage to even open her mouth at all. Her eyes widened as the cop’s gaze finally moved to her, likely wondering why she wasn’t saying or doing anything.

When their eyes met, her cheeks flushed madly. Ino-pig would know how to handle this—but I sure can’t!

Raising a brow, the dark haired police officer called, “Ma’am.” He took his hand out of his pocket and gestured his hand out, as if waiting for something to be handed to him. “Your license and registration, if you would.”

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Calum Chambers - Sneaky

*WARNING: Extreme smut and foul language. If you find this context disturbing or offending please avoid reading.* 

 "I want to see you!“ Calum whined through the speaker of my iPhone and I could mentally imagine the childish pout he probably had on his face. "It’s well past 11, Cal,” I snickered, shaking my head humorously. “You know you’re not allowed on campus after 11.”

“This is bloody annoying. Happens every time, (Y/N), after every single game you say it’s past 11 and I barely have any time to see you in the morning because you’ve got classes. I just don’t understand why you won’t stay over at my house for at least a week! I miss you so much,” My boyfriend finished off his sentence with a loud huff, trying to get his point across.

“I’m sorry babe, but your house is too far away from uni. I just can’t,” I let out a loud sigh, flipping through my text book as I placed the phone down, making sure it was on speaker so I could continue my conversation with him.

“You could always sneak in, mate!” A familiar voice suggested in the back ground. “Is that Alex?” I cocked my eyebrows at his ridiculous statement, awaiting Calum’s reply. “Yeah,” Cal chuckled before another person spoke up. “Doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Midnight quickie in the dorm room,” I immediately recognized it as Theo. “Bugger off, Walcott! And keep your stupid suggestions to yourself, Oxlade, just for once.”

“Cal, mate… She definitely needs to get laid, listen to her, she’s so cranky its- Ouch! Alright, alright, no need to get aggressive!” A chorus of laughter erupted from the other end of the line as Calum and his friends bickered loudly, and I couldn’t help but join in with the laughs. A few minutes later, the noises faded out and only Calum’s voice was heard as he spoke up again. 

“Is your roommate still out of town?” His sudden question ticked my interest and I jolted up into a seated position before pressing the phone against my ear carefully. “Yeah, why?”

“Great,” The sound of a car engine echoed through the speakers. “See you soon, love. Bye.” Calum hung up before I had the chance to object, making my eyes widen in horror. He cannot be serious. 

“Oh my God,” I jumped out of bed, pacing back and forth nervously as I repeated the words ‘What Should I Do Now,’ over and over again. Maybe clean up a little? That didn’t seem like a bad idea. I pushed my text books onto the night stand and shoved my scattered clothing items into the drawer. As I approached my large desk where I’d usually get my studying done, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and almost chocked over my own saliva.

Just to be clear, I looked like a character from the walking dead and my boyfriend should be arriving very soon. God dammit. I hurried over to my nightstand, pulling one of the drawers open and randomly picking out an over-sized jumper and a pair of pajama shorts. As I was getting changed, two low knocks on the door sounded, startling me. “(Y/N)!” Calum hissed from behind the door.

I quickly swung it open and dragged him in before making sure no one had saw him coming, then I quietly closed the door. 

“You’re crazy,” Was the first thing I said as soon as I turned to face him, sternly crossing my arms over my chest. 

Calum grinned cheekily, taking long strides towards me before shoving me up against the wooden door with both arms pinned at either side of me. “I couldn’t help it,” He grumbled, pecking my lips lightly. “I just missed you so fucking much.” His face found its way into the croak of my neck, where he nuzzled his nose against the skin, planting soft kisses as he did so. 

“I missed you as well,” I sighed, my eyes falling shut at his soothing gesture.

He pulled away, dropping both hands before grabbing the hem of my jumper and pulling it over my head, revealing my naked chest. Calum licked his lips, his eyes filled with lust and he began trailing kisses along my breasts then down my stomach. A low moan escaped my lips as one of his hands pulled my shorts down along with my red panties while the other gripped my waist dominantly.

He got down on his knees, his tongue instantly making contact with my inner thigh and he dragged it up teasingly, stopping just below my sensitive area. 

“Dammit,” I hissed, my hands subconsciously tangling themselves within his overly-jelled hair. 

Calum grinned up at me mischievously, keeping eye contact as he raised his head, his tongue darting over my clit just once before he began circling it. “Oh shit,” I muttered under my breath, my eyes forcing themselves shut in absolute bliss. His expert hands massaged the back of my thighs, trailing up to my ass before he grabbed onto it aggressively, arousing me more than before and I could tell he was turned on as well, judging by the hardening boner that was evident through his pants. 

I arched my back in pleasure, tugging at Calum’s strawberry blonde locks as I felt myself nearing my edge. He dragged his tongue down to my slit, earning a loud, uncontrolled moan out of me. “S-shit, Calum,” I sighed, a mixture of ecstasy and adrenaline rushing through my veins, the pressure at the pit of my stomach growing harder to control before I released myself onto him, panting heavily. 

After licking me clean, Calum got back to his feet, a satisfied grin stretching across his face as he towered over me. “Maybe that makes up for lost time, eh?” I giggled at his words, ridding him of his top before pressing my chest up against his, my arms wrapping around his neck cheekily. “Now it’s my turn to make up for lost time, only if you promise to stay quiet.” I began leading him over to the bed. “My lips are sealed.”

Neighbors 2.5 / SH27DC: Day 24

AN: Murry Christmah Eve/Happy Holidays/Happy Humpday/Good Ol’ Wednesday


Neighbors 2.5

“Some of us are going to the gym after this, Hinata. Do you want to come?”

Hinata blinked three times slowly. “The what?”

The blonde teacher laughed. “The Gym as in where you work out?”

She packed up her things and closed her eyes as if she was really considering. “I a-actually have plans so…”

Ino was her name. She sighed softly and gave a dismissive wave. “I’m not forcing you or anything but you don’t really hang with the other TAs. It’s always good to have a circle.”

Hinata was actually a segment type girl. She smiled softly, “I’ll see Yamanaka-san…”

Ino stood. The woman was unfairly beautiful. “Well, here’s my number,” she wrote down a number. “Geesh, and just call me Ino. Invite a friend if you’ll be more comfortable.”

“Y-yes.” Hinata nodded.

“Later Hinata.”


“You should go.”

Hinata watched Sasuke give a girl a back tattoo of a rose for her twenty-first birthday. The Hyuuga couldn’t believe she had gotten over fainting from looking at this. “I…I don’t k-know them.”

“You don’t trust them,” corrected Sasuke. “She said you could bring a friend. Get Temari to go.”

The blonde peeped in. “Nah, I don’t do sweat.”

Hinata pointed a hand as if showing him example A. Sasuke looked at the girl lying on her back. “You want to go to the gym with my girlfriend?”

“S-Sasuke!” Hinata blushed.

The girl simply laughed at the couple. Sasuke huffed and continued making thorns on her tattoo. “Would you like for me to go with you?”

“Would you?”

Sasuke sat in his chair and sighed. “I supposed,” he turned to the girl. “Gaara is going to color you in.”

She nodded. “Can I take a look so far?”

He waved his hand. “Don’t keep him waiting.” She scurried out of the room. Hinata watched the younger woman before looking at Sasuke rubbing his neck. “Bending is killing me. The Gym is perfect.”

Hinata smiled until Gaara walked in. Their relationship was full of whimpers and glares. “Sunshine.”


The red head looked at Sasuke and motioned him to the door. The dark haired couple took the hint. “He’s really warming up to you.”

Hinata grumbled under her breath.


“Hinata, you made it!” Ino smiled brightly. “Great!” Turquoise eyes landed on the tattooed male behind her. “Uh…”

Hinata turned to Sasuke. “This is Ino. She’s a fellow TA,” she turned back to Ino. “This is Sasuke. He’s my b-boyfriend.”

“Whoa,” Ino crossed her arms. They contrasted painfully. Hinata was wearing a lavender shirt and simple grey sweatpants with matching shoes. It was looked new. Truth was, she had no work-out clothes so they had to go shopping.

Then there was Sasuke. He stood a bit more of a head over her, covered in tattoos. Ebony tresses were pulled into a messy ponytail. His face was sharp against her cotton one. He wore a black tank-top and shorts with sneakers.

“I’m going to lift.” Sasuke announced. He didn’t quite like being openly stared at. “Look, Ino, right?”


“When she faints I’m three on SpeedDial.” Hinata pouted but didn’t deny the fact that she could and would probably faint. “Remember to drink water, okay?”

Both women nodded as he walked away. Ino threw her arm around the shorter woman. “Now I see why you don’t hang out with us. He’s every dad’s nightmare.”

Hinata blushed darkly and tried to laugh it off. She never realized until someone pointed it out.

“Well, let’s run!”



Gym had three letters, well so did Die. Hinata clutched her heart after jogging the first lap with the other Teacher Assistants. She waved them on. “H-heart attack…” The Hyuuga cupped her knees and wheezed. She was so out of shape. “Ima die…”

Of course, she left her water at the resting area. Ino lapped her. “Hey!” She ran up to the crumbling woman. “H-Hinata? Are you okay? Should I call Sas-“

“No!” She swallowed dry air. This was it. This is how she was going to leave the world. “He’s going to y-yell at…me.” She fell to her knees.

Well Ino did call him and he was pissed but he didn’t yell. He squatted in front of the lightheaded woman with his bottled water. “Drink.” He lifted the bottle. “Didn’t I say stay hydrated?”

She nodded, greedily drinking his water. “V-vaguely.”

“And here we are.”

Hinata closed her eyes. Didn’t Sasuke know saying ‘I told you so’ was counterproductive. “None of the other TAs c-carried their water.”

“You’re not them, idiot.” He put a towel over her head. Hinata peered at him. He was already sweating. Everything on the man was glistening. Black strands of hair stuck to his jawline. Hinata blushed at her pseudo-supermodel boyfriend.

Ino walked up to them. “Is she okay?”

“Barely,” Sasuke rolled his eyes. “She had fun. I’m taking her with me.”

“W-what? I was h-having fun with m-my friends.”

Ino watched the couple bicker. It was cute and full of care. She was already seeing that Sasuke was only gentle when it came to her. “You guys are so cute.”

Hinata blinked and blushed. Sasuke just took her hand. “She needs to start at the basic next time.”

Hinata stood. “What’s more basic than a track?”


Hinata was really in her element on the treadmill. Earphones in and watching the subtitled sitcoms on the TVs in the front. Sasuke was beside her running.

If he wasn’t sweating before, now his clothes were sticking to his body. Very…very nicely built body. Why hadn’t she ever noticed how fit he was? The Uchiha lifted his shirt to wipe his forehead. Hinata felt her body burn at the sight of his dripping…

Hinata shook her head. “Focus,” she coached herself. She chugged down majority of her water. How does one Thirst-Trap their own boyfriend? Hinata picked the pace up. No, no, these thoughts weren’t good. She made a promise to herself.


She looked over to see Sasuke panting lightly. He stopped his machine and pulled the shirt over his head. “E-eh!” She pulled out an earphone. The Uchiha dried his face and neck off.

“Are you-”

Hinata lost her rhythm and almost fell off the treadmill. Luckily she didn’t fall. “S-sorry!”

He removed hair from his cheek. “You ready?”

All she could do was nod.


They battled over the shower first. Sasuke won on account of- “I just got a new piercing, I can’t afford for that to get infected.”

After Hinata was finished, Sasuke was reading a book. “Are those r-reading glasses?” She pointed to the thin frames on his face.

“Sensitive eyes,” he told her.

Hinata crawled towards him. “I t-think I want to cut my hair.”

He peered over his glasses like an old man. “Why?”

“I t-tried cleaning the drain…it’s so troublesome.” She took her navy ponytail. “I could give it to charity.”

“Do what you want.”

Hinata smiled. “H-how would I look with a bob,” she jumped off the bed and into the mirror. “M-maybe shorter?” She tilted her head. “My bangs are much too long.”

“I should probably cut mine,” he moved his bangs away. “I should just go bald and get my head tat-”

Hinata jumped back on the bed, a habit Sasuke deemed childish, and took his hands. “No.”

Sasuke almost laughed. “No? You said that about my tongue ring. But you like it now.”

Hinata wrinkled her nose. “I d-don’t see any point in it.”

He lied back against the headboard with a smirk. Sasuke kept her hands in his. “There are plenty points. Mostly decoration.” He continued before she fainted.

Hinata smiled weakly in he brought her closer. “S-Sasuke…” She muttered seeing onyx eyes fall to her lips. Her own eyes fluttered when they closed off the space between them. Hinata tried to focus on kissing him and not the hands gliding at her waist.

“I…” Sasuke started when he pulled away first as he normally did. Hinata covered her face after plopping down by his side.

“W-what?” Hinata watched him fight himself on something.

“I think…” He, the great Uchiha, stumbled to get his words out. “What I mean to say is that I think…that a short haircut would be nice on you.” They both deflated. Sasuke looked away in shame. “Do you have the slightest clue what I’m trying to say.”

Hinata looked at her lap. “I t-think so.”

Sasuke sighed. “Then there.”

“No, n-not ‘then there’ it…”

“Do you feel the same way?” He asked suddenly. Hinata was silent. She… She…

The petite young woman nodded weakly. Sasuke visibly sighed. Hinata mumbled, “There then.”

Well yeah, then there.

It got awkward until Storm came into the room. He easily jumped on the bed and curled up in between them. Hinata rubbed his chin. “Um, goodnight.” He grunted and turned the opposite direction. “…there then.”

“Then there,” he replied.

Hinata covered her face in embarrassment. Odd, they both knew exactly what it meant and yet refused to say the real thing.


“And how much do you want gone?”

Sasuke sat in the opposite chair getting months of hair chopped off. Hinata licked her lips and hummed. “J-just something manageable.”

Then years of hair growth fell to the floor. Opal eyes widened horribly. She hadn’t had short hair since she was twelve and now almost twenty-four… She made a almost thirteen year decision in one night!

“Why are you crying?” Sasuke asked.

“My h-hair!” She wept and looked down at the many inches that fell into her lap now.

“You said you wanted to cut it.”

“I know…I know…” Her chest heaved. “I-”

“Hey,” he called her attention. “Then there.”

Hinata swallowed her heart and took a deep breath. “…mm, there then.” The Hyuuga quietly let the woman do her job.

Hinata touched her neck freely. It was a bit shorter that she imagined but she liked it. Pixie cut. Sasuke kept the bangs he complained about and got a tampered cut, or under cut or whatever the hipsters were calling.

“You’re becoming more impulsive, Princess.” Sasuke led her out of the shop.

She touched her hair and smiled towards the chilling sun. “It…it feels good.” They were rubbing off on each other.


The next morning, Sasuke was woken up by a short scream and a cry. He and Storm bounded for the bathroom. Hinata sat on the floor with a hand mirror face down. “What the hell?”

“I thought,” she rubbed her short tresses down. “I t-thought that was a dream!”

Sasuke rolled his eyes and went back to bed. Storm stared at his weird female servant. He waited until she looked up at him to go back to sleep. The cat jumped on the bed. “Just ignore her,” the male servant yawned and went back to sleep.

As if he needed to be told.


Author Note: See blog for Sasuke’s Hair Cut reference

Pricefield AU: In which Max is a waitress at Two Whales (Part 2)

Part 1 [X]

A/N: YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. Thanks so much for reading my fic! I didn’t think anyone was going to read haha  and thanks for the comments & messages you guys made my day <3

So here’s part 2! It was a bit harder to do Chloe’s POV because I’m more like Max in real life, and not like Chloe at all, so coming up with her thoughts and reactions was a bit harder, but i had a lot of fun nontheless. Comments & recommendations are appreciated :)

Chloe’s POV 

“Okay that girl was hella cute,” I said as I looked at myself in the mirror of the bathroom and dabbed the orange juice on my skinny jeans with a bunch of napkins. 

What was her name again? Lacy? Nat? MAX. Okay, okay, gotta keep your cool Chloe, maybe I should tell her to join me in the table? 

When I finished cleaning the juice off of me, I went back to my table and sat down, impatiently waiting for the cute waitress to arrive. 

“Hey um here’s your orange juice. Seriously, I’m so sorry…” Max said while avoiding eye contact with me & placing the OJ on the table. 

Aw she’s shy. 

“Don’t sweat it.” - I said as I took a sip of my orange juice - “But if you really want to make up for fucking up my jeans, you could join me for breakfast…” I said, with a smirk on my face.

“Um sure! Let me ask Joyce if she’s alright with it-“ 

“Oh, I’m alright with it hun.” Joyce said from the counter. 

How did she hear us from that far? Mom’s are hardcore.

“Oh, okay then, thanks Joyce…” Max said as she sat down next to me bashfully.

Her arm brushed against mine and my heart skipped a beat. 

What is going on Chloe? YOU ARE PUNK ROCK. …Right?

She had short, kinda messy brown hair, and was wearing a weird pink graphic tee I didn’t get. It said “Jane” with a drawing of a deer next to it, whateva the fuck that means. She’s fidgeting with her hands… they look very dainty. It makes me want to hold them, you know, in a punk rock way. Her eyes are stunning, even though she’s having a difficult time looking directly at me. 

Aw she has freckles, I wonder how many are they… 1, 2, 3 , 4- Wait why is she blushing so much? HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN STARING AT HER SHIT

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i don’t know if all of you have heard, but recently, an author named TsumireKuroha stole my fic, forget yesterday, and plagiarized it into a seokjin-centric fic named Backspace.

that user is gone now, her works and account deleted (out of her own accord) but i still have a copy of her fic, straight from the download button on ao3. i have screenshots of comments, other people’s as well as my own, as evidence. 

but i want to tell you all what it did to me. if you don’t know, forget yesterday is a heavy fic. it has to do with sexual assault, self-hatred, starvation, and suicide. things that i had to go through in my life. things i had to face; unwanted touches, bad memories, sleepless nights, looking in the mirror and wanting to disappear, looking over the edge and wanting to jump. i would never have posted that fic if it didn’t help someone i knew who was going through something awful and so i decided, hey, maybe i should post this - maybe it’ll help someone else. the use of word is healing, even when that healing is pushing open your wounds to clean them out to reclose. 

when TsumireKuroha stole my fic, they wrote this at the author’s note: “ This topic should be given more attention, seriously. The reason why there isn’t a smut scene is because I don’t feel comfortable writing it, besides it’s rape we’re talking about here. I’d rather not go into detail.

you mean: didn’t write out the rape because it was traumatizing and i felt a panic attack coming on at the thought of it. i wrote this story as a way to help, as a way to - to say something, to show meaning, and when this user took my story, they didn’t just rip off my words, they took something that i ripped out of my heart. out of all the fics i had, it had to be that one. out of all of the fics i had…

plagiarism is not nice. you think you’re just ripping off a couple of words, no big deal? no. you’re taking someone’s work, someone’s emotions, someone’s feelings and defiling them. you’re taking what they have crafted out of their body and twisting it to be a pretty showcase for your own self indulgence and ego. my story is here for you to take from emotionally, not through copy and paste. i wrote this for you so you could feel what i feel, just for a moment, just for a glimpse. 

i won’t stop writing but honestly, i’m just upset right now. i don’t even want to look at my works at the moment. sorry, everyone. thank you to all to told me about it and who went on that work and called out the author for it. i’m forever grateful to you guys. thank you all for holding me while i cried and shook and spurred myself into a cold rage only to help me cool down (@squad, you guys are lit). i love you guys. ;;

I gaze into the mirror. I am not meant to be in this position. The child that once looked into this mirror was supposed to be something by now. He had it all figured out. Now it is as if the mirror itself has dirtied the way my life has. Smudges left on the mirror around where I should see the left side of my chest. I attempt to clean it daily but my own hands dirty it again reaching out for my younger heart. I know the mirror will stay dirty, but I can still see my reflection. The mirror will not stop working unless I break it. Still, maybe I’ll buy a better mirror.

Prompt: I gaze into the mirror…

Fanfic: That Time

Arrow: Olicity fic

Rating T

Read on: A03 or

A/N - Thanks to the lovely Emily Bett at the Superheroes Con in Paris for this idea! I think we are in mutual agreement with how bad we both want a domesticated life for Felicity and Oliver - one of those being brushing teeth. So I kinda took that a little literally and I’m writing a couple of short one!shots where Oliver cleans Felicity’s teeth and vice versa.

That Time

So maybe she had should have stopped after her fourth glass of Pinot Noir, she thought as she tried to concentrate on her reflection in the mirror. Yes, that fourth glass was definitely too much. Her eyes glazed over attempting to focus on the tap as she awkwardly tried to grasp it but ended up knocking over the glass containing both her and Oliver’s toothbrushes with a loud clatter.

“Oh shit…” She muttered grasping a hold of the sink as her head continued to spin. Maybe she shouldn’t have downed those shots of tequila either…

Alcohol was bad. And being back in Vegas was equally as bad. She knew it was going to be an inevitable stop on their travels, Las Vegas. But that didn’t mean that she wanted to go back. Yes, she had wanted to see her mother, but Vegas brought back all those memories and the fact that her mother was plying her with alcohol meant that an incredibly drunk Felicity wasn’t exactly a surprise. At least it had started off as a fun night, they had had a lovely meal (where her first two glasses of wine were consumed) and then her mother had decided oh what a good idea it would be for them to visit her favourite casino (her being Donna, because casino and favourite were definitely not two words that Felicity would ever put together in the same sentence. Not ever.).

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do as I say, etc

Has everybody drunk a big glass of water? Taken her pills? Eaten something that is not candy or despair? Go do that.

Now wash your face, brush your hair, clean your teeth. Look at yourself in the mirror and think, my God my eyes are pretty. You’re right. You have very pretty eyes. Get into your cute jammies you don’t like to wear every night because they’re gonna wear out too soon. Maybe you should pour out another glass of water and bring it in to your room.

Now cuddle up in bed with whatever or whoever you like to cuddle up with, and take a deep breath in. Let it out. Just keep doing that for a while, even if you feel stupid. It will help. Close your eyes. Tomorrow will be okay.